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Chapter Thirteen

He gently undid the knot of the sarong and pulled it away. Cody's cock was lying like a sleeping snake across his stomach. Casey let his hand go down between Cody's legs. His nads were hanging down between them, almost touching the bunk. They felt full and heavy. He lifted them slightly and then saw Cody's cock twitch and start to straighten up towards his belly button. Casey smiled and then stroked the underside of the nads. Cody's cock stiffened and lifted away from his stomach. 

"Neat job," Casey thought, as he traced his finger around Cody's cut line. He slowly let his hand close around the thick muscle. It pulsated in his hand. A drop of precum appeared at the piss hole. He lifted it off with his finger and tasted it. "Deeeelicious."

The door opened and Casey almost shat himself. He hurriedly pulled the sarong over Cody's stiff cock and stood up. It was Cal.

"You okay?"

"Er ... yeah ... sure."

Casey looked down at Cody and saw the stiff cock through his sarong.

Cal smiled, "He's having himself a good dream."

"Yeah .. um .. I guess. I need a piss." Casey walked and half fell out of the motorhome. His head felt like it had an axe buried in the centre of it. Cal followed him.

"Hey, Case?"

Casey didn't look around, "Yeah?"

"I'm going into town with Jed tonight." Jed was one of the set electricians and the same age as Casey.


"Well, I just wanted to say that you could ask Cody to sleep in my bunk. If you want that is."


"Casey. Stop for a fucking minute will you."

Casey stopped and turned around.

Cal looked at him, "Hey, it's no fucking big deal okay. I've seen you get a fucking hardon with the guys around. And I saw you staring at Cody in the shower this morning."

Tears welled up in Casey's eyes.

Cal put his hand around the muscled shoulders of his young brother. "Look, I would've preferred you had a million girls chasing you. What am I saying? You do have a million girls chasing you. It's just hard being gay. I wanted to spare you that. I've suspected for a while that you like guys. Fuck, I've had a few boyfriends in my life."

Casey started sobbing and turned and buried his face against his brother's chest, "I didn't wanta disappoint you Cal, I know you wanted big things from me."

"Disappoint me? Fuck Case, I'm the proudest person on this planet. I love you guy. Nothing's changed. You haven't changed. You didn't go down on your knees one night and pray to be gay or bi. It's you .... it's the way you are. It doesn't suddenly turn you into a bad person."

"I didn't wantya to find out."

"Had to, didn't I? Sooner or later," Cal took his brothers face in his two hands, "you been with any guys before?"

Casey looked down and nodded, "Sean, at school on the surfing team. We loved each other."

"Well, we couldn't see that mom and dad were gonna get killed in that motor wreck. Guess that changed both our lives. I guess it brought us closer as well. You were always a pain in the ass before then," Cal laughed.

Casey giggled in between his sobs.

"Hey, go wash you face huh. I don't want anyone to think I've got a wussy bro."

Casey gave his older brother a hug, "Thanks. I love you."

Butch took a light reading and then stepped back behind the camera and looked through the lens. TJ stood at an angle to the camera and Chance was kneeling behind him.

"OK, I'm shooting," Butch said. 

At first he had doubts about Chance's suggestion to use TJ. But he liked the idea of cutting the face. TJ had a beautiful body for the camera and the shadows highlighted the muscled chest and stomach. His lats emphasized the V-shape of his upper torso. He had a strong, yet beautiful face which Butch would love to publish, but promised not to. Butch watched as Chance, like a total pro slowly let his hands slide up the inside of TJ's legs. 

"Hold it," Butch said. He walked over to the two boys.

"TJ, you need to relax. Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yeah, I'm just nervous, that's all."

Butch grabbed TJ's semi in his right hand. "Well, don't be shy. You've got everything to show off son, everything. Laugh a bit, enjoy it. Behave as you feel, forget the camera's even there. Forget my ugly face is there watching you."

TJ smiled. Butch was far from ugly. Behind the beard was a mature, yet friendly, good-looking face. He made TJ feel at ease.

"OK, I'm rolling."

Again Butch watched as Chance's hands slowly slid up the inside of TJ's legs. He watched as TJ's body language showed how much he was enjoying the sensations. Chance's face moved into TJ's butt, his tongue riding up his crack. TJ spread his legs further apart and Chance's mouth moved in between his legs and he licked the firm muscle of TJ's crotch. Slowly but surely TJ's cock reacted and soon stood at full mast. It was beautiful. Long and thick and pink. His cockhead was reddish with the blood that was running into it and his cutline was clearly defined.

Lukas stood next to Butch and watched the session. His own cock was fully erect and he was stroking it. He smiled as he saw the virgin model under Chance's expert guidance.

Matt spat the blood out of his mouth, into the sand. He shook his head and tried to push himself up on his hands. Then he felt like his ribs were on fire as the oriental teen kicked him with the roof of his foot. He collapsed in a heap. He was fighting back the urge to cry and scream. He coughed and a spray of blood came out of his mouth. 

The teen turned around to Asato and shrugged his shoulders. Asato held his hand up, giving the signal to give Matt a chance to stand. This competition had been useless. As soon as Matt and the teen had got into the centre of the sandpit, Matt had tried to kick the boy using a karate kick. The oriental boy had seen it coming and he grabbed Matt's foot and then came down hard on Matt's thigh muscle, making it go totally lame. Then he lifted his elbow into Matt's face, connecting him fully in the mouth. Matt had gone down like a sack of potatoes.

Matt stood up slowly, limping on his injured leg. The oriental boy had a full erection. He obviously got highly excited by hurting people. Matt's own cock lay flacid, hanging over his nads. He was hurting too much to be excited about anything.

The boy looked at Asato again. Asato made a circle with the finger and thumb of one hand and then stuck his finger through the circle with the index finger of his other hand. He felt himself get excited just at the thought of what was to come.

The boy moved towards Matt. Matt took up a karate stance. As the boy got close Matt let his fist fly, but the boy blocked it and then sent his own fist, full force into Matt's stomach, up under his ribcage. A cough of blood left Matt's mouth and he collapsed, crying and holding his stomach.

The oriental boy came down on top of him and quickly rolled Matt on to his stomach. He grabbed Matt's left arm and twisted it behind his back. Then he put his other arm up between Matt's legs, his hand on Matt's gut. He forced Matt's legs into a kneeling position, with his face and shoulders pressed against the ground.

Matt felt as if his arm was being twisted off. Then he felt the other boy's fingers go into his crack. His screams echoed around the barn.

The oriental boy smiled as his two fingers went in and out of Matt's tight crack. Then he jacked himself to get his precum massaged all over his thick cock. He pushed his cock down and put the head slightly into Matt's crack. Then he shoved his hips forward with all his force. His nads slapped into Matt's crotch. He felt the ass muscles tighten around the base of his cock and the felt he skin tear.

Matt sobbed and screamed at the same time, "Oh fuck, help me, please help me."

The boy fucked Matt using all his force. Asato stood in the shadows with his hand in his pocket,  masturbating. Sarkis had a worried look on his face.

The oriental boy screamed at the top of his voice as he felt the surge in his groin. He pushed his cock into Matt as deep as it would go. He grabbed Matt's upper thighs and pulled Matt towards him. 

Matt felt the already huge cock thicken and jump inside of him. His body felt like it had been invaded by a light pole. Then he felt the jets of warm liquid rush into him. The oriental boy had let Matt go and kept his cock inside the tight hole, still offloading his juice into the teen. Slowly the jets subsided. He waited until his cock started to go soft and then he slowly pulled it out. He looked down as his proud member seemed to take forever to come out of the boy's crack. Then he stood up and started to walk towards the shadows. As he started walking, he twisted around on his left foot and swung his right foot into Matt's face. Matt felt his nose break as the instep of the boy's foot connected his face. A spew of blood left his face and then he felt no more.

Sarkis' face went red with rage, "What the fuck was that for?"

A thin smile spread across Asato's face, "That my dear friend was just the beginning. It has come to my attention that this young runaway was with two other boys. From your man Andy's description it sounded like my champion's previous adversary at the Ranch."

"That Cody kid?"

"Precisely. Him and one of his rescuers. By the time I have finished with this one we will know exactly where to find them and then I will have great pleasure in watching my champion kill this one so he can be fed to the vultures.  And this time the young Cody will not live to run away again."




Lukas Ridgestone



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