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Chapter Fifteen

TJ felt his cock slowly soften inside Chance's mouth. The perspiration was soaking both of their bodies. Then they heard the truck come into the camp.

"Want to get some fresh air?" Chance asked, "That's probably Cal and Jed. They can tell us about the wild night they had in that one horse town."

The air was warm so they didn't bother to get dressed. They walked outside to where Cal and Jed were getting out of the truck. Cal's shirt was torn and his clearly defined chest and abs made him look like the Incredible Hulk.

"What happened to you?" Chance asked.

Cal was swaying and laughing, "Well, the town was rocking tonight. A whole lotta new guys around. I forget what happened exactly but I remember giving Jed a kiss and this dude and his buddies start calling us faggots."

Jed laughed in the background, "You shoulda seen this dudes face when Cal hit him over the pool table. Hehehehe it took all his buddies to pull Cal off. I don't remember but I think Cal took three of them out before we left. Actually ... I think we were asked to leave."

Chance just shook his head, "Better not let Butch find out or he'll be really pissed." 

Hey guys, check this out. TJ was standing at Cal's motorhome, looking through the open window. The others went over to where he was standing and peered through the window. Casey was sleeping on his back and Cody was in his arms. Cody's left arm and leg were draped across the blonde teen. Both of them had erections.

Cal stared at the scene and said to himself, "Good for you bro." Then he turned to Jed, "Looks like I'm gonna have to share your bed tonight."

Jed beamed, "Oh fuck yeah. I'm as horny as the third trombone in an orchestra."

TJ and Chance laughed.

After Jed and Cal had disappeared into Jed's motorhome, Chance put his arm around TJ, "You still got some energy left?"

"Fuck yeah." TJ smiled. The two of them walked towards Chance's motorhome.

Cody was the first to wake up. He realised where he was and immediately remembered the fantastic night him and Casey had had together. He looked down from Casey's chest as it sloped down to his flat gut. Casey's boner was straight and hard as it stretched out over his pubes. Cody put his fist around it and gently massaged it. He felt it pulsate in his hand and then Casey's eyes opened.

"Hi Code, that feels awesome man."

Cody bent over Casey and kissed him on the lips. "Want me to blow you awake?"

"Oh fuck yeah."

Casey lifted his arms up over his head, his stomach stretching out flat, with a deep groove running down the middle of his sixpack. He felt Cody's lips close around his aching cock and he was in heaven. He arched his back as Cody sucked him in.

Mark looked across at Matt as he lay sleeping. "Fuck dude, they did one on you," he thought to himself.

Matt had a plaster over his nose. His lip was swollen and his right eye was swollen closed. Almost his whole face was covered in a blue bruise, and his ribs showed a big black bruise where it looked like possible a cracked rib. He was moaning in his sleep.

"Matt was right," Mark continued with his own thoughts, "they're gonna kill us. We need to get out of this place but how the fuck do we do that?" He looked around the shed. He stood up and poked his finger through one of the holes in the roof. The wood was pretty solid and thick, they weren't likely to break through it. Then he heard voices and quickly lay down and pretended to be asleep.

The shed door opened. It was two of Sarkis' men. One of them shook Matt's shoulder to wake him up. Matt turned to face the men, his one eye completely closed.

"What?" he asked.

"They want you outside," one of the men said. He reached down and grabbed Matt under the shoulder and pulled him to his feet.

"Ouch, fuck," Matt said and held the bruise on his ribs.

Matt followed the first man out of the shed, the second man followed him and closed and locked the door. They walked to the sandpit where Asato was standing. He was shirtless and Matt couldn't help admiring his muscular Asian body which seemed to belong to a person at least ten years younger. Matt stood facing him.

"I need to ask you some questions Matt," Asato said, smiling.

"Yeah sure, shoot." Matt looked at him out of his good eye, with his face slightly turned.

"Andy tells me that you were with two boys when he was following you. What were their names?"

"Oh fuck," Matt thought.

"Er, I'm not sure cos they just gave me a lift and we didn't talk much. The one was er .... John I think and I'm sure the other guy said his name was Bill."

Asato's smile disappeared, "John and Bill. Mmmm you spent a night with them and couldn't get their names down?"

"Yeah I got their names. I'm sure now, they were John and Bill."

Asato's backhand caught Matt on his left cheek, snapping his head sideways. "We could do this easily, or the hard way. Was one of the boy's not perhaps called Cody?"

Matt wiped some blood from his mouth, "Fuck you. They were John and Bill. I told you."

Again the flat hand and this time Matt was sent sprawling into the sand. While he was standing up, Asato pulled the ropes down from the ceiling. He signalled for one of the men to tie Matt's hands to each rope. Matt was in too much pain to offer any resistance.

As someone pulled the ropes, Matt felt his whole body being stretched. His ribs were on fire and he started to scream. The pulling stopped when he felt his feet leave the ground.

"What are the names of the boys who you were with?"

"Bill and John," Matt mumbled through clenched teeth. He thought his arms were coming out of their sockets.

Asato's fists rammed into Matt's stomach, first the left and then the right. Matt screamed out in pain. Then he felt his shorts being removed. Asato looked down at the boy's low-hanging balls and gently put his hand around the sack.

"What are their names?"

"Bill," Matt coughed up some blood, "and John." Then he screamed as he felt his balls being crushed in Asato's hand. His scream could be heard all around the farm. Sarkis sat up in his bed and thought that he had had some sort of nightmare.

Matt was crying in pain, "TJ and Cody. Their names were TJ and Cody. Oh fuck, please let me down."

Asato turned to one of the men, "Get Andy for me now." The man left the barn, running. Asato turned to Matt.

"Now, where were they going?"

"Kentucky," Matt cried.

"Actually," Asato smiled, "I think they might be stupid enough to come and rescue you."

"They didn't see Andy take me," Matt cried, his whole body screaming in pain.

Asato left the barn with Matt still hanging by the ropes. Blood from his bleeding wrists ran down his arms. He gave instructions to the two guards to make sure that Matt stayed hanging until he said he could be cut down. One of the guards, Jensen, said that he was going to the farmhouse. The other guard, Patrick, checked the rope around Matt's wrists. He ran his fingers down Matt's stomach and felt his cock harden at the feel of the teen's satin-smooth skin. He looked around to make sure the barn was empty and then undid the belt of his pants. He started stroking himself and went down on his one knee. He took Matt's limp cock in his mouth and started to suck it, with no response. Matt was in too much pain to enjoy any pleasure. Then Patrick stood up and went behind Matt. He spread Matt's cheeks apart and then spat on his hand and rubbed the spit into his cock. He pushed his huge manmeat down and aimed it at Matt's crack. He slowly pushed his cock inside of Matt. Matt cried out as he felt the invasion. Patrick leaned back and pushed his hips forward. He held Matt's hips as he thrust his huge cock in and out of Matt's crack. He threw his head back as he felt the surge inside of him and pushed as deep as he could. 

From the shed, the boys were peeping through the cracks. They could see Patrick's back as he fucked Matt. They had watched the whole episode since Matt's first scream.

Patrick pulled his length out and buttoned himself up. He walked around to the front of Matt, "You're a good fuck boy, I hope they leave you to me afterwards. Even when you're dead I'm gonna have me some fun with that cute ass of yours." Patrick let his fist fly into Matt's gut, up under the ribcage. Matt let out a quick scream and then passed out. Then Patrick left the barn.

"Come on," Mark said, "We have to break out of here and get Matt down. There's nobody in the barn."

"Then what?" Chris asked, "Matt is fucked up, he wont be able to move quickly enough."

"Okay then, you stay here and get killed." Mark rammed his shoulder into the door. He felt the lock give a little. He turned to face the two boys, "You going to fucking help me or what?"

The three boys rammed the door together and the lock gave some more. They charged the door and the lock broke out of the wood. They went sprawling into the barn. 

"Quickly," Mark whispered, "untie the ropes and let Matt down."

Chris ran to where the ropes were tied and untied them. He forgot about Matt's weight and Matt fell hard on to the sand. Michael untied his wrists.

"He's out cold," Michael whispered.

"Put his shorts back on," Mark said. He leaned down and lifted Matt up by his armpits. He knelt down and let the body fall over his shoulder. "Fuck, this dude is heavy."

He stood up and walked towards the door of the barn. They all looked out and saw nobody. Chris ran to the corner of the barn and then back.

"The house is over there," he said pointing in the direction that he had just been, "We can run the other way, towards those bushes."

Mark felt like his legs were going to collapse under him as they ran in the direction away from the farmhouse. Chris followed him to make sure they were in the clean while Michael led the way.

Asato nodded to the younger boy, "Now it will be your pleasure to go in there and finish him."

The young boy smiled. He was wearing a leather thong, which covered his cock and nads, and his body had been oiled, highlighting each and every muscle in his young body. The killing was going to be filmed and he had some ideas of his own that he would like to throw in. He was excited about using an American teen as a punchbag.

All of them left the farmhouse, even Sarkis accompanied them. For all the resistance he was showing, he always got erotically excited by the ceremonial killing of a young teen. He also wanted to make sure that nothing went wrong.

They entered the barn. The ropes swung gently with the breeze that swept through the empty space. The guard who had left the barn last ran to the shed. He saw the broken lock and pulled the door open.

He turned to face the group, "He's gone, they're all gone."

Asato was furious. "You were supposed to make sure that they were secure."

Jensen turned to Asato, "I left Patrick here to make sure he was secure."

Patrick stammered, "I did Mr. Asato, and the boy was half dead, he could not have walked away from here."

Asato tapped his chin. "Never mind, they can not get far. But, the show must go on. Come here."

Patrick walked to the middle of the sandpit and stood in front of Asato. Asato smiled a terrifying smile, "You will take the boys place."

Patrick looked across at Sarkis, "Mr. Sarkis, please."

Sarkis walked away and left the barn.




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