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Chapter Three

  Cody hadn't said anything. His face was bleeding from a cut on his lip and his eye was swelling up. He stood up and walked to the bathroom. Matt looked up at him.

"Cody, I'm sorry."

"Yeah, right."

Cody went into the bathroom.

Matt got up from the bed. He rummaged through his bag and pulled out a pair of jeans and started to pull them on.

TJ grabbed his arm, "Hey, don't do that. This has all been a big fuck-up, we can sort it out."

Matt turned to TJ, "Look, I'm going to end up being more trouble than you need. What I just did to Cody was totally fuckin over the top. I lost it. It can happen again."

TJ tried to stop Matt, but he finished dressing and picked up his bag. As he opened the door, he turned to TJ.

"Hey TJ, tell Cody I'm sorry. You guys have been pretty good to pack me as extra baggage."

TJ laughed, "You packed yourself remember?"

Matt smiled, "Yeah, I did too." He walked out and closed the door.

Cody came into the room. "Where's Matt?"

"He's left."

"Left? What for?"

TJ glared at Cody, "Cos you can't keep your fuckin hands to yourself Cody. You're like a fuckin slut sometimes. Why couldn't you just lay off huh? Just this fuckin once."

Cody didn't say anything. His face looked like he'd run into a truck. "Fuck, he packs a punch and a half."

"Yeah, whatever," TJ sat down on the bed.

"You mad at me Teej?"

"I dunno Cody. Sometimes you say that you're my best friend and we have such good times together. I just worry that some hunky guy, like Matt, comes along and you're into his pants like a rabbit on heat. I just sorta wonder just what sort of friendship you're looking for."

"Yeah, but you get it off with guys and girls all the fuckin time too."

"That's different Cody, we both do. We know about it, like in LA with the guys. It's not like we were hiding anything from each other. And we still had such a damn good time with each other too."

"Did you tell Matt about us?"


"Maybe you shoulda."

TJ giggled sarcastically, "Yeah, fuckin right. You can see how he went off when he thought you were gay."

"I'm gonna go and fetch him back. Where is he?" Cody walked towards the door and opened it.

"He's probably on the road. Er... Cody?"

Cody was almost out the door, "Yeah?"

"You gonna put some fuckin clothes on?"

Cody had forgotten that he was still naked. He quickly shut the door. TJ fell on the bed laughing.

Cody pulled on a track pants and T-shirt. As he opened the door he turned to TJ. "Hey Teej, Matt's pretty hunky huh."

TJ laughed and threw a sneaker at Cody, "Cody, you are totally fuckin unreal. Do you know that?"

Cody ducked the sneaker and giggled as he closed the door.

The air was warm. Cody ran across to the road. He looked but couldn't see anything. He ran in the direction that they were travelling. After five minutes he saw Matt walking down the road.

"Hey Matt, wait up."

Matt stopped and Cody ran up to him, out of breath.

"Your face looks like shit."

Cody felt his eye, which was swelling up badly. "Feels like shit too. So - where you headed?"

"Home I guess."

"So why not travel with us?"

Matt laughed, "Fuck man, you just saw me overreact. I'm a lunatic. You guys don't need me around."

"If you leave, you're gonna make me feel like shit. Can I be honest with ya without you beating me up again?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"Well, my hand kinda went on to you while I was sleepin. I woke up and realized it and didn't move it, cos it felt cool."

"What? My dick in your hand felt cool? You're fuckin crazy."

"No, seriously, it did."

Matt smiled and looked at his feet, "You know, the really wierd thing is that I kinda liked it too. I guess that's why I freaked."

"Well I guess you like the feel of my bod too huh," Cody laughed, "That's why you beat the crap outta me."

Matt put his arm around Cody, "Hey, let's get back. TJ is going to worry about us."

Cody put his arm around Matt's waist. He enjoyed the feeling of the hard muscle as they walked.

TJ was sitting on the bed when Matt and Cody came in. He smiled when he saw Matt, "You guys kiss and make up?"

Matt just laughed.

Cody sat on TJ's bed. "Guess I'll just sleep on the floor huh?"

Matt shook his head, "Cody, put on some damn shorts or something and you can sleep in my bed. If you get another woody I'm going to thrash you."

The early morning heat woke TJ up. His boner was driving him crazy. He wished now that he and Cody were alone so he could shove it down Cody's throat or something. He got up and walked to the shower. His shorts were pushing out in front of him as he walked.

He turned on the shower tap. He started to brush his teeth. His other hand stroked his thundering hardon. He put his hands inside his shorts and grabbed it. There was no precum. Fuck, he thought. He took off his shorts and then took some liquid soap in his hands. He slowly massaged it into his hard muscle. The soap was lathering in his pubes. Fuck that feels so damn good. He finished brushing his teeth. The soap on his cock had gone almost dry.

He got into the shower and stood with his back to the spray. He wet his hand and stroked his boner. His hand slid over it as the soap became slippery with the water. As he stroked he used his other hand to tickle under his balls, which were pulled tight into his crotch. The water ran in little rivers down his chest and his flat stomach.

He stroked faster and felt the rush at the bottom of his gut. He let it go and he saw it erupt from his cockhead, on to the tiles. His body went into a spasm as his juice left him. Fuck that felt so damn good.

He finished showering and climbed out. He didn't both to dry himself. The morning heat would do that quick enough.

Cody and Matt were still sleeping. The covers were off of them. Matt's one leg was laying over Cody's stomach. The head of Cody's boner was pushing out of the waistband of his shorts. TJ wished he could take a pic to show Matt.

Cody woke up first and managed to crawl out from under Matt's leg without waking him. He didn't want any more shit like the night before.

After the three of them had got dressed they walked out of the room, towards the diner.

"Holy shit," said Matt and ducked behind the corner of the building.

"Whatsup?" said TJ

"It's that dude I was with, that's his car."

TJ and Cody recognized the car.

TJ looked around, "He's probably in the diner."

"Fuck fuck fuck!" said Matt.

"Look," said TJ, "Let Cody and me go in and have breakfast. We'll bring something for you. We can also see if he's just having breakfast or if he's suspicious."

"Okay, I'm going to wait back in the room".

Cody and TJ walked into the diner. They immediately recognized the man, sitting at a booth table. They sat down and a woman came to take their order.

They stared out of the window. "Hi," the voice was next to them.

They both looked up, it was the man.

"Listen, I heard that there were three of you that checked in here last night. Where's the third one?"

"Three of us? No way, it's just Cody and me." said TJ.

"Oh, that's strange. The manager said he could swear that three of you checked in. You two plus another teenager with dark hair, good-looking, well-built."

TJ shook his head, "Nope, he must be mistaken. It was just us."

He looked at Cody, "What happened to you son? Slip on a bar of soap?"

Cody's face looked like shit. The one eye was swollen badly and he had a bruise on his cheek.

The man smiled, "Okay, thanks. If you do happen to see him along the road, please tell him that Andy is looking for him."

"Yeah, sure. Of course." TJ smiled back.

"Yeah, fuckin right." said Cody as Andy walked away.

TJ looked glum, "Now what? How do we get outta here? He is going to be watching us like a fuckin hawk. He knows we're lying."

"Well, let's just immobilise his damn car. If we can get outta here then he can't follow us right?"

"Yeah, but we'll have to get off the main road. Damn Cody, why do we keep getting into this shit?"

Cody smiled, "Lucky, I guess."

TJ managed to pop the hood of Andy's car while Cody kept an eye out for him. He threw the distributor cap into the nearby bushes.

TJ got the Ram out of the lockup and the three of them got in. TJ drove off as quietly as possible.

"Next stop Las Vegas," TJ shouted.

"Way fuckin cool. Always wanted to see it," said Cody.




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