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The Adventures of
TJ and Cody


Cody Taronto

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!



It was still early. The sun was just starting to show it's early morning rays over the horizon. The town of Bowling Green was starting to stir.

As the first rays came into the bedroom, TJ opened his eyes. He had an incredible pain in his crotch. He looked down. Cody was laying right up against him, his one arm over TJ's chest and his knee buried solidly in TJ's balls, crushing them to death. Stian, who had decided to sleep in the same bed was half off of the thing with only the top part of his body actually on the mattress.

"Cody," whispered TJ, "hey Cody, wake up."

Cody opened his eyes, "huh, whatsup?"

"Do me a favour, get your fucking knee outta my nuts huh."

Cody looked down and slowly lifted his leg off of TJ. His hand glided over TJ's chest and then down across his stomach, down to his piss boner. "Good mornin, Mr. Boner." Cody smiled.

Stian started waking up and promptly slid off of the bed, waking up with a helluva fright.

Cody and TJ laughed like hell when they saw it happen. Stian sat up on the floor and wiped the sleep from his eyes. He also had a piss boner that looked like it was reaching for his chest.

The three teens had arrived in Bowling Green the night before, after having spent a few days out in the country. They had been at the home of Ross Maguire, the county's top swimmer, and his brother Timmy. All of the boys had shared the most amazing, dangerous adventures in a very short time.

Cody had discovered, while they were there, that Timmy had been chatting to a friend of his and TJ's on the internet, Damian - who was well known as JagMX. They had decided that they would travel to California and surprise Damian. At the same time they would escort Stian back to his home on Balboa Island, off Newport.

Cody had come over to TJ for a holiday, from South Africa. They had been friends on the net for about a year. He was 15 years old, with a bush of black hair and a solid, muscular build, he had hazel eyes. He was about six inches shorter than TJ.

TJ was 16 years old, almost 6 feet tall, with a strong muscular frame, mousy coloured hair and the most piercing blue eyes.

On the trip from Miami airport to Bowling Green, they had met up with Stian, a Norwegian, who had been living with his family in California for about seven years. He had blonde hair, was 16 years old but looked more like 14. He had a good athletic body on him.

Stian finished his shower. He got out and stood in front of the mirror with the towel in his hand. He looked at his body and how it seemed to have changed in the last few weeks. His blonde hair and piercing blue eyes were now complimented by a really cool tan. His pecs were more developed and his six-pack was starting to become his pride and joy. He looked at his cock with the flash of blonde pubes. Since meeting TJ and Cody he had started to keep his foreskin pulled back, so he looked cut. His cock was perfect white, the head was a pinkish colour. His balls hung well and looked great with his cock draped over them. TJ came up behind him and put his arms around Stian.

TJ watched in the mirror as Stian's stomach muscles contracted as his flat hands gently glided over them. He felt Stian's nipples and they were hard, like small stones.

Stian felt TJ's cock harden against his crack. His own breathing got faster. TJ smiled as he saw Stian's boner develop. Stian arched back and put his head back.

TJ saw his stomach muscles stretch and tighten. Stian felt the drip of precum against his back from TJ's boner.

"Before we leave you at home, we are going to have to give you something to remember us by." TJ whispered.

"That is gonna be so damn cool, I almost can't wait. I'm gonna miss you guys so damn much."

"And we're gonna miss you as well."

Cody walked into the bathroom and looked between them. "Talking about missin. TJ, looks like you missed, Stian's back is fulla cum." He giggled.

TJ looked down. There was a mass of precum running down Stian's crack.

TJ laughed as well, "Damn and we don't have any time. We're gonna have to get to the airport as soon as possible."

"Hey Stian, what's California like?" Cody asked, "Is it really like in the movies?"

Stian had a mouth full of toothpaste, which sprayed, as he spoke, "Hell, no - it's a lot better than that Southern California, where I stay is fantastic. You guys must stay over tonight, then go to LA tomorrow."

"Do a lotta guys surf there?"

"Hell yeah. The surf is better at Newport though."

"Where the hell is that?"

"Across the bridge from Balboa Island." Stian smiled.

Mark, TJ's cousin, went with them to the airport. He would bring TJ's truck back home. They would fly from Bowling Green to Miami and get a connecting flight to LA. The flight from Miami to LA would be six hours long.

"Seeya Cody." Mark said as he held out his hand. He had hated Cody, the first time they met.

Cody walked close up to him and put his hand on Mark's crotch. He could feel Mark's cock bounce as he touched it. "Seeya! And seeya too Mark." Cody smiled.

Mark shook his head and smiled, "Fuck Cody, you've got cum for brains."

Miami airport was chaos with planes arriving from all over and taking off continuously. The three boys made their way to the American Airlines terminal building, for their flight to LA. They made it just in time to board the flight.

They sat in a three-seater at the very back of the plane. "Fuckin hell TJ, why didn't ya just put us in the toilet?" Cody moaned.

"I like the back, you'll see why."

"Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts," the airhostesses voice droned through the take-off routine and safety procedures.

The boys all looked out of the window as the plane took off and made its way west.

"Fuck, I love America," Cody whispered.

A young stewardess leaned over TJ, her tits in his face. She spoke to Stian, "Hi, can I get you something to drink?"

TJ opened his mouth around her tit but she didn't see him. Stian and Cody cracked.

"And you young man?" she asked TJ

TJ noticed that her eyes were on his crotch and he immediately felt his boner coming to life. He put his hand down there and rubbed it.

"Yeah, could I have some Pepsi?"

"Of course, I'll bring it right away."

Within a few seconds she was back, Pepsi in hand and a fruit juice for Stian and Cody.

TJ took the Pepsi from her and held her hand a little longer than necessary. By now his jeans were showing a huge bulge, which she couldn't keep her eyes off of.

She leaned down next to TJ and whispered to him, "If there is anything else I can do for you, please come to the back and ask."

"Yeah sure." TJ smiled.

"Yeah, just come to the back and you can take my temperature." Cody laughed, mimicking the hostess.

TJ slapped him in the nuts and the doubled over, still laughing, "Hey, fuck TJ, that was sore. Damn."

"Want me to suck it better?"

"Yeah right?"

Cody went through to the small lounge in the middle of the plane. There was a young guy sitting there, he must have been around Cody's age. He was pretty good-looking. He had a slight, but well-defined build, short jet-black hair and dark brown eyes. His skin was quite pale but looked neat under the white open-neck T, which hung over his jeans.

He looked up as Cody sat down, "Hi."

"Hiya." Said Cody

"Hey," the boy said, "You're not American."

"South African," replied Cody.

"Whoa! Neato. Where are you going?"

Cody found out that the boy's name was Bruce, and he was in fact 18 years old, although he was only Cody's height. They sat chatting for ages. Bruce wanted to know everything there was about South Africa, and Cody was asking him about California.

TJ was at the back of the plane, chatting to the airhostess. She didn't have a boyfriend because of her flying all the time. She moved around the small plane galley and her hand rubbed against TJ's crotch. His cock was struggling for air in the confined space of his CKs and jeans.

TJ turned to give her some room to work and made sure that his hand brushed against her tits. He saw her blush and smile.

Stian had made his way through to the cockpit and sat with the pilots, chatting about planes and everything technical.

Bruce got up. "Look, I'm just going to get a drink from the stewardess, you want one?"

"Sure," said Cody.

He watched as Bruce walked away from him. His black Levi's were hugging a pair of well-muscled, although not big, legs and they were creeping up his crack, showing off a neat pair of buns. His whole body was in perfect proportion, from his narrow hips to his wide shoulders. Cody felt a stirring in his groin as Bruce walked away.

TJ and the young hostess were crammed into the rear toilet of the plane. Aeroplane toilets are not the greatest places for fucking. They were designed for pissing and crapping and moving your ass outta there.

TJ and the girl were doing a little tango in there with her trying to remove his jeans and him trying to remove her blouse.

She eventually managed to get her two hands around TJ's rock hard cock. "Oh jeez," she sighed, "Your cock is huge and hard and thick. I need you to fuck me TJ."

Bruce came back with the fruit juice and sat down next to Cody. Cody noticed that he had a neat bulge in his jeans. "Here Cody."

"Cool, thanks." Cody took the juice from Bruce. He couldn't believe that he'd made such a good friend in the short time on the flight so far.

TJ and the hostess were still standing facing each other. They were both naked, their clothes piled on the wash basin. TJ had put his back against the cabin wall and was trying to bend his knees to get his cock into her oyster.

She was desperately trying to get his muscle inside of her but the space was turning it into a joke.

She was breathing like a steam train in his ear. "Fuck me TJ, fuck me - please."

"I'm trying to fuck you, lift your damn leg some."

She lifted her leg and TJ managed to get his boner up into her pussy. She was so damn wet that the thing just slide right in. TJ felt like his cock was on a waterslide.

He felt her tighten around his boner. Her one hand went down and played with his hard nuts.

TJ wasn't sure who was fucking who. She was lifting up and down like she was on a pogo stick. Every time she came down he went up and rammed into her.

She was screaming in his ear. The two of them were crashing against the wall of the cabin.

TJ felt his load eject from his cock and fire into her. He screamed as her pussy tightened around him and he felt her start cumming too.

She was strangling him with her arms.

TJ was still firing his load when the plane hit an air pocket and his cock came out and went like an out of control fire hose. His cum shot all over her as they lost their balance. She ended up on her ass in the wash basin and he ended up with his ass in the toilet.

She looked at TJ and smiled, "That was totally wild."

TJ just shook his head, "Yeah!"

Now they would have to clean the toilet out before they left - TJ had spray painted the walls with his cum.

"Hey Cody, why don't we meet while you're in LA?"

"That would be neat. What do you do anyway?"

Bruce blushed. "I'm a model. I'm going to be busy with a photo shoot while you're there but I'm sure that I can make some time to meet with you."

"That would be totally neat, especially seein you modellin."

The plane landed at LA International Airport. All the boys were excited. None of them, including TJ, had ever been to LA before.

They made their way excitedly through the arrivals hall.

"Hey fuckin hell." screamed Cody

TJ and Stian turned to him, "Whatsup?"

"There's Brad Renfro." shouted Cody.

"Hey Brad!" TJ screamed.

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