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The Adventures of
TJ and Cody


Cody Taronto

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!



JT laid back and was totally out of breath. His stomach was heaving up and down, the muscles stretched. His cock lay across the top of his leg, still dripping cum.

Brad reached down and took some on his finger and put it in his mouth.

"So," Brad said, "What did I tellya about TJ huh?"

JT smiled at the ceiling. "That was so damn awesome."

"Yeah, I know it musta been. So you goin to do TJ or me?"

JT sat up, "Hey TJ, lay down here on your back, before Brad tries to steal you."

TJ smiled, no one in the whole damn world was going to believe him, if he ever told anyone. He closed his eyes. He felt gentle fingers wrap around the base of his boner and another hand rested on his stomach.

He felt the lips wrap around the head of his boner. A tongue circled his ridge. He arched back as the feeling went through his body. The tongue slid down to the base of his rock hard muscle and then caressed his nuts. He lifted his crotch to make it easier. The tongue glided along his crotch.

He felt JT's warm breath as his mouth closed over his cock. It felt like he was in heaven as the sucking started.

His stomach muscles rippled under JT's hand. He felt the build up inside his stomach. JT's hand left his stomach and moved gently around his buns. He lifted his crotch slightly. JT was sucking harder and faster now. TJ's cock jumped inside his mouth. TJ felt the finger as it found his crack. He bent his knees slightly to allow the finger in easier. As the finger went into his crack, he exploded. JT swallowed hard as he felt TJ erupt inside his mouth.

The van had turned on an almost disused road. The van bumped along. Cody and the two boys looked around at the scenery. They entered a box canyon. High mountains dwarfed them as they drove through the canyon.

Cody and JC were still naked but at least they felt cleaner. JC's boner had started to subside. Cody's was still fully erect. Bruce looked worried as they drove on.

Stian's bug made a helluva noise as it drove up to the gate of Brad's house. A bodyguard came up to the car and glared and it. "What do you want here?"

Stian smiled at him, "I've come to see Mr. Renfro. He's expecting me."

The burly guy walked away. Stian made a face at him but quickly smiled as the guy turned around.

TJ gave Stian a hug as he got out of the car. "Heard anything more?"

Stian looked worried, "I think we need to get inside and talk. When is Paul arriving?"

"We're just about to leave for the airport now."

"Okay, well. When he gets here we can go through the whole thing."

The van stopped at the back of the main house. George turned to the boys, "Stay here." He got out and went into the house.

It was hot and the sweat was running off of Cody and JC. Bruce's T-shirt was sticking to him.

George came back and threw some shorts into the back of the van, at the boys. "Put these on."

He climbed back into the van and they drove away from the house. They stopped outside a door at the bullring. George opened the door and the boys got out. They followed him through the door. The heat was stifling and immediately their bodies were even more soaked with sweat.

They walked down a narrow passage and eventually came to what looked like an hotel entrance lobby. There were various rooms leading off of it.

George opened one of the doors, "Okay, you boys are in here."

They walked into the room and it was like a five-star hotel. There were six beds in a dormitory style. The room was well lit. There was a huge entertainment center to one side, with a massive TV screen. The bathroom was massive and had a bath, a shower and a Jacuzzi spa bath.

Bruce opened a cupboard. It was empty except for satin bathrobes. "None of us have got spare clothes here George."

"Don't worry about it Brucie. Most of the people here just wear those robes."

Cody walked over to George. "So what happens now? Why are we here?"

George smiled, "Just get a good night's sleep. You will find out in the morning. Dinner will be brought to you guys in a little while."

George left the room. They heard the key turn in the lock. JC went to the door and gently tried to open it. "Locked in."

"Yep," Bruce said, "and no windows that I can see."

Paul hugged TJ like he was never going to let go. "Damn TJ, I thought we would never meet."

TJ smiled at the British accent. "It is way cool to see you too. I wish it was for another reason though."

Paul went grim, "Yes, I actually don't know what we are going to accomplish." He looked at Stian and then gave him a big hug as well, "Did you get the names Stian?"

Stian smiled at the blonde teen, "Yep. All of it. The message has gone out to various mailing groups as well."

TJ looked confused. Paul enlightened him. "TJ, we have got a huge group of friends on the net who are totally aware of what is going on. We have three days to get Cody out of there. One of the guys has been there and has given me all the info we need. We need to move quickly though. Cody is in one huge mess of trouble."

TJ saw Paul looking around. "Paul stop looking. They would've been mobbed if they came in here. They're waiting in a car outside."

The three boys moved quickly to get Paul's bag. The walked out to the waiting car.

TJ wished that he had a camera to capture Paul's expression when he saw Brad Renfro and Jonathan Taylor Thomas sitting in the back of the car.

Cody lay on his side on the bed. In the bed opposite him, he watched as JC and Bruce made love to each other. His own cock stiffened again as he watched Bruce's body arch back and his boner sliding in and out of JC's mouth. Cody sat up against the headrest. He spat into his hand and massaged it into his boner.

JC was lying on his back with Bruce at his head. His hands were behind Bruce's legs. Bruce went down and took JC's boner into his mouth. The two of them were in heaven.

Cody stroked faster as the sixty-nine in front of him got more energetic. The mouths sucking on the boners. The precum hanging like spider's webs from the lips as the came up and then went down again.

Cody felt his stomach tighten. His grip tightened. He arched his back. His juice erupted over his chest.

"I want that boy against my star." said Asato, looking at the infra red imagine of the boys on the TV screen. His erection pushed out at his trousers.

"Not him, you can have the other boy. Bruce." said Sarkis, whose own cock had already messed his trousers.

Asato desperately wanted to see Cody's body being mangled by his star fighter and was disappointed.

"If my fighter beats your boy, then I want that one. I will pay you an extra million. And you can have the video rights to the fight as well."

Sarkis thought about it. A video of Cody and the oriental kid would bring in millions of dollars in the underground. "Okay," he said.

They carried on looking at the teens in the room. JC and Bruce were like bucking broncos as they ate each other. Cody lay on his back with his still-hard cock in his hand. His chest and stomach were covered in boy juice.

Stian took out the printouts. "Okay here are the map co-ordinates." He pulled out a rolled up government map that he had bought. They all looked at it. "Here," pointed JTT, "This must be where it is."

Brad stared at it, "There's only one entrance into the damn valley. Through that box canyon."

Paul looked at them. "You guys ever done any abseiling?"

He saw their questioning looks. "We can't get in through the box canyon. We have to climb the mountain and go in on the other side."

The van stopped at the bullring. A driver got out and opened the door. The three teens got out and stared around. They were all pretty muscular. Their ages were between 15, 16 and 18. The one boy looked around, "So, this is it then."

Another boy said, "Yep, doesn't look too bad. So we fight and beat the shit outta each other, take our money and go home. Fuck if that's how these people get their kicks, suits me."

The boys were led to their room. The room was next door to where Cody and the others were, and just as fancy.

As the door was locked behind them, the 18-year-old turned to the other two. "Okay, we don't have a lotta time. We need to try and find out where they're keeping Cody and the others."

"Ryan, just in case you didn't hear it. They've locked the door."

"OK, so what do we do now?"

The 16-year-old smiled, "Let's practice wrestling naked."

"Shit - why didn't I think of that?" Ryan smiled. He dropped his bag and charged at the 16-year-old, sending him flying on to the bed.

Asato stared at the video of the new boys that had arrived. He was swearing, "Why is the sound not working in this room?"

Sarkis looked at him and frowned, "I'm not sure. I will get the security people to check it immediately."

The other two boys had Ryan pinned down and were taking his clothes off. He was powerfully built and his muscles seemed to explode as he struggled against the two teens.

"Hey," Ryan said, staring at the ceiling.

The other boys stopped fighting with him but didn't release their grip.

Ryan whispered, "There is a camera right above the bed, in the ceiling. They've got this room wired."

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