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The Adventures of
TJ and Cody


Cody Taronto

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!



"You sure this is gonna work?" Brat asked Ryan.

"Fuck, can you think of anything else? You're also the smallest guy here and you have the best chance."

"What about the cameras?"

"We'll take care of those, you must just be ready to go as soon as I tell you. One mistake and we could all be dead."

Brat looked up behind Ryan, "There's an easier way." He smiled as his brain worked overtime.

The hot water faucet in the shower was wide open, as well as the one in the bath. The Jacuzzi was billowing steam.

Ryan turned the lock nuts on the ventilator. Brat had put on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. Ryan looked at him, "Shit John, you're gonna freeze your nuts off in there."

"Well, then you can cuddle them in your mouth till they thaw out," Brat giggled. "More clothes will feel too uncomfortable up there. I'll take a chance."

Brat grabbed the bottom of the ventilator opening and pulled himself up. Ryan pushed his feet up.

The ventilator was narrow but he could move in it. Brat slowly moved himself forward, inch by inch. He had no idea which way to go. He would have to search every damn inch and he only had till daylight.

Ryan closed the opening. "Teddy get into Brat's bed so long. You know what to do."

Teddy climbed into Brat's bed and while he was there, he started to mould the pillows and covers to make it look like someone was in the bed. When he was done, he waited for Ryan to come out of the bathroom.

Ryan walked out of the bathroom to his own bed and lay down. Teddy then got up and went to the bathroom. He waited a few minutes and then went to his own bed.

The security guard looked at the monitor, "Fuck don't those kids ever fucking sleep?"

Instead of feeling cold, Brat was perspiring. The effort of moving along the ventilator shaft and the confined space was making him hot. He saw a light up ahead and crawled slowly towards it.

JTT stopped running. He was breathing hard. All of them were.

"How fucking far still?"

Paul looked at his watch. "We're running out of time. I'm hoping that the timing I heard about is wrong."

TJ had his hands on his knees, "Yeah, but wrong which way?"

Brad made the rucksack more comfortable on his back, "Let's get goin, we're wasting time here." He started running. The others followed.

TJ felt like his legs were on fire. "Fuckin hell Cody," he thought, "why do you always end up getting into shit. If I lay my fucking hands on you - damn."

Brat got to the light coming into the shaft. It was another ventilator. He looked down into a room, not unlike the one that he and the others were in. Two boys were lying next to each other on a bed. Brat could see that they were Orientals. They were busy stroking each other. Brat felt himself going hard. They were both well built and muscular and they looked powerful. Not like bodybuilders though, more athletic.

"Damn I would love to jack off right here," he thought, "But duty calls."

He edged passed the ventilator, careful not to make any noise.

"Come Sarkis, I will pay you five million dollars. Besides, the heat has been off for years now."

Sarkis stared hard at Asato, "I cannot afford for the FBI to get that close to me again Asato, please try and see my point of view."

"I think you have got soft Sarkis. All I want is for my boy to be left to finish just one of the American boys. It would earn millions in the underground market."

The idea appealed to Sarkis. Watching one of the boys shooting his load in his death throes would make a lot of money. But three years ago, the authorities came too close to finding out about Ranch. Even the fights, if they were out, could send them to jail for a long time. The only thing that saved them was the money they paid the boys afterwards.

"I'm sorry Asato, I can't do it."

Asato got angry. "Have it your way, but I can't help it if there are any accidents." He stormed out of the office.

Ryan lay awake on the bed. He was worried. If Brat got caught, their whole game would be over.

Brat found another ventilator. There was a dull light coming through it. He let his eyes get accustomed to the dark room below.

He could see two boys in one bed. They were asleep. On another bed, there was another boy. It looked like he was awake, staring at the ceiling.

Brat couldn't make out the faces. He could see that the boy on his own had a good body. His hands were behind his head, his cock was laying at an angle across his stomach.

"Fuck I wish I could see his face," thought Brat.

Cody thought that he could see a movement in the ventilator shaft. He lay dead still and stared, to make sure his eyes weren't playing tricks on him. There, the movement was again. He stretched over and switched on the bedside light.

Brat recognised Cody as soon as the light went on. His pic was on his web page.

"Cody, switch the fucking light off." Brat whispered, "Go to the bathroom, turn on the faucet."

Cody almost shat himself when the voice came out of the ventilator. He switched the light off. Slowly he got up and walked to the bathroom.

"Hmmm, cute butt," Brat watched as Cody went into the bathroom.

The security guard monitoring Cody's room thought he had heard something. A muffled voice maybe? He watched the naked teen walk across the room. He switched cameras to monitor the bathroom. Cody was standing at the toilet having a piss. Why was the water running?

The one instructor laughed at the man lying in the bed. "That little kid only fucked up your lights huh."

The instructor on the bed tried to smile but his whole body was in pain. His balls were black, they were so bruised. "I'll get that fucker, watch me."

"Yep, and get yourself killed too."

The man on the bed gently stroked his cock. It was also a bit swollen from the foot landing in his crotch. The other man sat on the bed next to him. He gently grabbed the injured cock and went down on it with his mouth. He felt it stiffen as he sucked. The instructors enjoyed each other. They were handpicked, blonde, athletic, and muscular. They were there for the pleasure of Sarkis as well as for instructing competitors.

The man in the bed lifted on to his elbows. The other one was watching him as he sucked on the hard cock, letting the head just leave his mouth before taking it in again. He felt the cock stiffen and jump in his hand. A rush of man juice erupted down his throat.

When he had finished, the injured man rolled over on to his stomach. He put a pillow under his crotch and lifted his ass. The other one got between his legs and spread them wider, using his own legs. He went down to the pink hole with his tongue. He used his hands to spread the buns. His tongue went in as deep as it could. He took some precum from his own cock and rubbed it into the crack.

He got up and pushed his hard cock down with one hand. He rested the head in the crack. He grabbed the hips and slowly pushed his own hips forward. He looked down as his thick, cut muscle slowly entered his friend. He felt the ass tighten around his hard muscle. Then he felt his balls hit the crotch. He came out slowly and then went in again. He gently built up a rhythm and started to fuck his friend.

"Cody, you don't know me. My name's John. My friends call me Bratman, Brat for short. I'm a friend of TJ."

"TJ? Is he here?" Cody looked up at the ventilator.

"No, he's in LA. Ecosys put word out on the net for some help. There are three of us here. There is supposed to be some fight competition. The guys get paid to fight and then they send them back to where they came from."

"Where are you from?"

"Minneapolis. Hmmm nice cock."

Cody laughed, "You can have some if you can get us outta here. What's the plan?"

The security guard was watching the screen. Was the boy singing to himself while pissing?

"That's the problem, we don't have a plan yet. We're gonna play it by ear."

Cody's smile faded. "By ear? Do you know how fuckin far we are away here. From everything?"

The guard looked hard at the screen. The boy wasn't singing, he was talking. But to who? The other two boys were still asleep. He couldn't hear what the boy was saying because of the running water. The guard reached down at pressed the emergency button to George's apartment.

"There must be about two hundred horses." TJ was peering through the binoculars. "Any of you guys ever do horse-riding?"

Both Brad and JTT said that they had. Stian had done some, not much.

"Well, I've never been on a horse before." said TJ.

Paul was sitting with his back against the rock. If they have horse corrals here, then we can't be too far. We still have about an hour and a half of darkness. We better get moving.

The boys were all tired. They had been on a running trot since coming down the mountain.

George stared at the monitor. "How long does it take someone to piss? You fucking idiot get some men to that room."

"Cody, I can hear some noises coming up the ventilator shaft. I'm going to get back. Just so you know that we're here. At least I know where your room is."

"Cool, seeya later."

Brat started to move back towards his room. He could hear noises of people running. It could be coming from the passages.

Cody was coming out of the bathroom when the door opened. Two security guards pushed him against the wall. They woke Bruce and JC up and made them stand next to Cody. Cody stared at JC's piss boner.

George walked into the room, up to Cody. "Who were you talking to just now?"

Cody felt a sinking feeling in his stomach. He looked across at Bruce.

"To me." Bruce said

"You sure?" George stood in front of Bruce.

Brat was moving quickly down the shaft. He got above his room and knocked slightly. Ryan looked up and saw his shadow. He threw a pillow at the other boy who was fast asleep. They knew the drill. The other boy got up and walked to the bathroom. All the boys were naked. The hot faucets were turned on and the bathroom started to fill with steam. Ryan walked into the bathroom and the other boy walked back. He sat on Bruce's bed. He undid the mock-up under the covers. He walked back to the bathroom. Ryan had opened the shaft cover. The boy walked back and sat on Ryan's bed. Then he walked back to the bathroom.

Brat quickly stripped off the shorts and T-shirt while Ryan closed the cover. Then he walked into the room and climbed into his own bed. Ryan and the other boy walked into the room and got into their beds.

Ryan sat up as their room door opened. "What's going on?"

"Just a check," said George

The guards pulled the covers off of all the beds.

George walked over to Brat. "Hot night huh. You're perspiring."

"Yeah, pretty hot." said Brat.

George looked over to one of the guards, "Bring this one." The guard grabbed Brat.

Brat shook himself loose, "Can I get dressed first?"

"Not necessary." said George.

They left the room. Ryan's mind was starting to work overtime.

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