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The Adventures of
TJ and Cody


Cody Taronto

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!



TJ felt the cock thicken in his throat. Brad grabbed his head and pulled it into his crotch. TJ gagged as he felt the boner in his throat. Brad's nuts were tight up against his chin. He grabbed Brad's hands and tried to pull them away. Then he felt the eruption of Brad's juice down his throat. It was thick and it came in buckets. It tasted fantastic. TJ swallowed as fast as he could.

Brad still kept TJ's head up at his crotch. TJ was gasping for air as the cock started to slacken in his mouth. He grabbed hold of Brad's arms and pulled them off of him. As Brad got off of him, he stood up and gasped for air, taking in big gulps.

"You, almost killed me." gasped TJ

Brad laughed, "Hey I woulda letya go soon enough. That was fuckin awesome. The best fuckin BJ I've ever had."

Cody, Bruce and CJ sat in the back of the van. George sat in the front next to the driver.

"So, Cody, where are you from?"

"South Africa, I'm just here visitin with a friend."

"Ever had pics taken of you, or videos or stuff?"

"Hell no, never."

"Want to get some pics taken of you? Can earn some cash."

"Yeah, sure, why not."

Bruce wanted to say something to Cody but George was watching him like a hawk.

They pulled into a narrow alley, in front of a warehouse.

"Right, let's go and do a day's work then." George got out of the van and opened up the door for the three boys.

The driver of the van opened a small door and they went inside.

TJ grabbed a beer and sat down again on the lounger. He didn't enjoy what had happened. He liked to be in control of things. He looked over at Brad, who was now lying on his back, with his eyes closed.

TJ walked over to him. "So, want to taste this one?" He held his cock over Brad's face.

Brad kept his eyes closed, "Er, not right now TJ, that BJ you gave me has fuckin exhausted me. Maybe later huh?"

TJ put his leg over Brad and sat down on his chest. "I reckon you want to taste this thing so bad, but you're too shy to ask."

Brad pulled his sunglasses off, "Get the fuck offa me."

TJ wondered if he was doing the right thing. Maybe this was going to fuck up everything.

"Nope, you're gonna suck this mother before I do anything."

Brad laughed, "You're crazy man. Who the fuck is in control here anyway?"


Brad laughed again. TJ was waiting for it. He pushed his boner down and then forced it into Brad's laughing mouth. He tried to push TJ away, but TJ grabbed his arms and pinned them above his head. TJ started moving his boner in and out of Brad's mouth.

"Get changed and get into the studio," George told JC.

They walked into a dark studio. George put on the lights and half of the studio was bathed in floodlight. There were three video cameras set up and two still cameras were on a ladder nearby. The lit area had a rug on the floor and, to one side, there was a double bed.

"Coffee?" George asked Cody and Bruce.

"Yeah," said Bruce.

"No thanks." Cody responded.

The driver came into the studio. He went across to the coffee machine and grabbed a cup.

Bruce hugged his cup of coffee and sipped it. He had hardly said anything to Cody.

"So, what sort of modelling do you guys do?" asked Cody.

"Look Cody," he whispered, "I didn't want you here okay. It's just when you called you sounded desperate. After the shoot today, let's go out somewhere and we can talk. Okay?"

"Yeah, sure."

TJ arched his back. He slowly pulled his hard, throbbing boner out of Brad's mouth. As it came out, he shot his load. It went all over Brad's face and his hair. Brad shook his head and struggled to get up.

TJ let him go and stood up.

"Fuck you man, fuck you. What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

TJ got mad, "I'll tell you. I'm not here to be your fucking sex slave. I don't give a fuck who you are. You are not going to use me."

Brad stared at him for a while and then burst out laughing.

TJ stared, he expected to get thrown out.

"TJ, you are too fucking much man. I can see why that Cody dude likes ya. Hey, it's cool, I probably looked for that."

Cum was hanging off of his hair. TJ joined him laughing. Then Brad pushed him into the pool and dived in himself.

He swam up to TJ and hugged him tightly. "You're fantastic TJ. I dig you man." TJ felt as Brad rubbed his cock up against his own semi. TJ hugged Brad back, feeling the muscles in his shoulders and back as he squeezed.

JC came into the studio. He was wearing a pair of CK boxers with an open front.

"Okay JC, a few shots of just posing. Do your thing and make sure you push your hips forward. I want the girls to get wet looking at that bulge of yours."

JC stepped on to the carpet. Cody watched as he started to pose for the camera. He was pretty good. The studio lights threw shadows where the indents of his muscles were. The CKs showed off his hidden boy meat.

"Okay, JC, fingers in the band, like you're gonna take the things off. Slide them down a bit. Look sexy at the camera."

He put his fingers in the waistband of the CKs and angled himself at the camera. He pulled the CKs down just enough for his blonde pubes to flow over the top.

Cody felt himself getting hard. He looked across at Bruce and saw that Bruce already had a raging boner.

"Right JC, on the bed, pull them off slowly while the camera's going."

JC went through the routine of pulling his CKs off. His cock was totally slack and lay across his stomach. It was thick and smooth. His balls hung like deflated footballs between his crotch.

"Fuck JC, can't you try and pump some air into that thing of yours?"

JC looked at George, "Toldya George, I'm fucked man. I'm not into this today okay."

"Let's break." shouted George to no one in particular.

JC put the CKs back on and went for a cup of coffee. Then he lit up a smoke.

"Hey Bruce, how old is JC?"

"About fourteen, why?"

"Fourteen? Fuck, and he lives with you?"

"You're asking too many questions Cody. Drop it."

George was standing at the coffee machine with JC. Cody could see his hand stroking JC's crotch and his cock was responding.

TJ and Brad had gone into the gym at the house. TJ was lying on the massage table. A guy, about twenty years old, blonde and tanned, was giving him a massage. Another guy, who looked almost identical, was busy with Brad. The two masseurs were Swedes who worked for Brad as his fitness trainers. It was obvious that he ignored all their instruction or his body would have been tighter.

"It must be cool to have this much cash," said TJ

"Not really," Brad looked across at him, "I'm like a prisoner in this place. I can't go out without a horde of fuckin bodyguards, led by 'Rambo' Cason."

TJ laughed, "Rambo?"

"Just a nickname."

TJ felt two hands behind his legs, massaging his hamstrings. One hand was right up against his buns, squeezing and kneading the muscle. His cock was going hard again.

Brad turned over on his back. TJ could see that he was hard as well. When he was on his back, his stomach went flat. His legs were quite muscular. The towel just covered his butt and his cock and balls. The masseur went to work on his chest.

"So what happens at night?" Asked TJ

"Wait and see." Brad smiled, with his eyes closed.

JC was lying on the bed, naked. He had a firm fist wrapped around his cock and he was jacking off, while the camera clicked away. He arched his back and Cody watched, his own cock now rock hard, as a jet of juice flew up and landed on JC's chest, then another, and another.

"Leave it, hands over your head JC."

JC put his hands up over his head. His cock was still jumping round, the last bits of juice dripping from his cockhead.

"That's it JC. Go shower."

George turned to Cody, "Hey Cody, want us to take a few pics of you?"

"What? Jackin off? No fuckin way."

George lifted his hand as if to smack Cody. He realised what he was doing and lowered his hand. "Nope, just a few without your shirt on and some close ups of your face. Reckon you could do that?"

"Yeah, I suppose."

Cody went through the routine of taking his shirt off in front of the camera. The studio lights highlighted his muscles and his flat stomach.

Bruce was watching him and getting rock hard. JC came up behind him, he had got dressed. "Good, now they can leave me alone."

"Don't be fucking crazy JC, we can't let Cody get involved with this."

George came up to Cody. With his hands he brushed some of Cody's hair into his face. "Okay Cody, can you do me a favour. Just stick your thumbs in the waistband of your jeans and pull them down a bit. I want you to lean back slightly and tighten your abs and look angry. Okay?"

Cody was enjoying himself, "Yeah, sure."

George couldn't believe what he was seeing when Cody followed his instructions. He was going to be a millionaire with this kid. Cody's ab muscles were clearly defined under the lights. A tease of black pubes just stuck out on top of his jeans. He looked angrily at the camera.

"Two hundred bucks? He gave you two hundred bucks? For five minutes fuckin work?" JC was pissed.

Cody shrugged, "Fuckin hell, I didn't think I was gonna get anythin. I was just havin fun out there. You musta got more than me anyway, for what you did."

"Fifty fuckin bucks. That's what I got. Well, fuck him, next time he can go fuck himself."

Bruce spoke up, "Shut up JC, you know what'll happen. They'll beat the shit outta ya, like last time. Hey Cody, I reckon you need to fuck off outta here while the goings good."

Cody looked down at his feet, "I don't have anywhere to go right now. Not until TJ calls me anyway." Cody thought of TJ and he felt a pain in his gut - damn he missed him so much.

TJ watched as the taxi arrived. Two beautiful girls got out of the back. They must have been about sixteen.

He wondered if Cody was enjoying himself right now.

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