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The Adventures of
TJ and Cody


Cody Taronto

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!



The girls came into the house and Brad poured them drinks. "Hi ladies, this is my friend TJ."

The girls smiled at TJ.

"I want you to give him the real special treatment tonight."

TJ looked at Brad, not knowing what he was up to. Brad walked across from the bar and handed the girls each a drink. He gave TJ a beer and then grabbed one for himself.

"So, should we go into the spa pool?" He smiled.

TJ watched as Brad got undressed and then stepped into the hot spa pool. The girls came up to him and slowly took his shirt off, their hands moving across his muscled chest and back. His nipples responded and became like stones on his pecs. Experienced hands then slowly undid his belt and then the buttons on his Levi's.

One of the girls slowly massaged his boner through his briefs. Then she went down and put her mouth over his briefs, where his cockhead was. Her tongue licked his cockhead through the cotton material. He closed his eyes.

The other girl had gone behind him. She wrapped her arms around him and slowly slipped his briefs off. The girl in front took his boner in her mouth.

Brad sat in the spa bath. TJ could see that he was stroking himself. He had a mischievous smile on his face and his eyes were sparkling.

The girl behind TJ stood right up against his back and slid the palms of her hands down over his buns. The hands moved like feathers down between his legs. It felt fantastic when he felt her pull his balls back with her hands and played with them. This made his cock ever harder and he looked down as it slid in and out of the other girl's mouth. The skin was stretched tight. Some veins were showing.

"Hey girls, that's enough for TJ, for the moment," Brad smiled, "Come in here and give me the treatment."

TJ's cock was standing, pointing almost straight up, as the girl let it come out of her mouth and the other one let his nuts go. He put his hand around it and held it tight. He felt rightly proud of it. He slowly slid his hand up and down.

He watched as the first girl in the spa pool immediately straddled Brad. TJ watched as she carefully manoeuvred Brad's rock hard monster into her pussy. She slowly slid down on to it. Her head went forward and they kissed.

The other girl was in the pool. "Hey TJ, come on in and sit here by me."

TJ got into the pool and felt the girl's hand on his boner before he even sat down. He looked across at Brad and saw that Brad was lifting his hips to push his cock deeper into the girl's pussy. She was riding up and down on his hard muscle, groaning all the time.

The girl next to TJ stood up and then put her one leg over him. He pushed his boner forward and he felt her manoeuvre her pussy hole over his cockhead.

She slowly slid down on to him. He felt jolts of electricity go through him as his thick cock slowly slid into her. When she was all the way in he asked her to stay like that for a while. He felt his cock pulsing inside of her.

"Oh fuck!" Brad groaned and it was obvious that he was shooting his load. His body was shaking as he offloaded into the girl. She grabbed his head and pulled it into her tits. After a short while Brad just seemed to relax. Him and the girl were still kissing and he was still buried inside of her.

The girl that TJ was buried in started to slowly lift and fall on his cock. He could feel the jet of water from the spa inlet up against his nuts and it drove him crazy as the girl rode his boner. TJ closed his eyes. He felt the sensation rise from his nuts. His juice rose and exploded. The sensation of the jet of water against his nuts and the explosion of juice inside the girl was too much. He screamed as he offloaded. He pulled the girl closer to him. He tried to bury himself deeper inside of her. The explosions continued as one shot after another, of warm boy juice entered her.

He felt her contracting as she started to climax. The tightening of her pussy around his cock drove him wild. He felt himself staying hard inside of her.

"Georgie, this kid is fantastic." The big man sitting opposite George was looking through the photographs of Cody. "What are our chances of getting him to do a video and photograph series?"

"Well, his eyes bulged when I gave him 500 bucks for his stint this morning?"

"500 bucks?"

"I was fishing."

"Is he gay?"

"I don't know, he doesn't look it. Why?"

"Well, I think a photo shoot with him and Bruce could make us a fortune. Maybe even a video as well."

"I don't think he'd do it. He balked at the thought of jacking off for the camera."

The big man went into deep thought, "Where does he come from?"

"I don't think he's American, he has a weird accent."

"Can we get him on to something?"

George smiled, "I like your mind."

The girls had gone. TJ sat in a pair of shorts and T-shirt. Brad sat opposite him, dressed in his jeans and an unbuttoned shirt.

TJ watched as Brad's eyes glazed over and the empty whisky glass fell out of his hand. His eyes closed and he went into a deep sleep.

TJ looked as his chest rose and fell with his breathing. The shirt hung off to one side, exposing the nipple. TJ rubbed his crotch. He still couldn't believe that he was in the same room as this superstar.

TJ looked at the bulge in Brad's jeans. He felt himself going hard. Then he had an idea.

He walked across to where Brad was sitting. He shook him. "Hey Brad, Brad, wake up dude."

There was no response. TJ leaned down and lifted Brad into a straight sitting position. He put his shoulder into Brad's gut and grabbed his one hand. Then he lifted him on to his shoulder and stood up.

He felt the bulge pressing against the top of his chest.

Brad was heavy but he managed him up the stairs okay. He got to Brad's bedroom and lowered him down on to the bed, on his back.

He looked down at Brad. His stomach had pulled flat because his arms were up over his head. TJ looked at the thin line of hair from his belly button into his jeans. He traced the line with his finger.

He gently undid the top button of the jeans and then the others. Brad had not put any boxers on and his cock was lying across the bottom of his stomach, above his leg.

TJ managed to pull his shirt off and then gently pulled the jeans off of him. He lay there naked, his arms in a spread-eagled position.

TJ gently went down on his nipples. He felt them go hard as he stroked them with his tongue.

He gently stroked his flat hand across the smooth chest and down into the indentation of the stomach.

His hand moved to the sleeping cock and he closed his hand around it. It was thick and long, even in its limp state. He felt it harden.

He looked at the cock and studied it. There was a thick ridge of muscle, which went from the nuts up the back of it, to the head. The skin was white and smooth. The head was pink and round, only slightly thicker than the shift. The nuts hung low but TJ watched as they lifted. Brad's cock and balls were smooth, the only hair was a brown patch above his cock, with a thin line to his belly button.

TJ put his lips around the cock head. It tasted musky. His tongue played around the ridge. He felt it harden in his hand.

Cody was fast asleep in the spare bunk in Bruce's small apartment. He felt the sensation of the covers being pulled off of him.

He didn't want to open his eyes. He could hear the nervous breathing. Fingers gently and nervously caressed his nuts. He felt his cock start to get hard. Fingers ran up and down it. A hand closed around his boner and he felt it gently slide up and down. His cock was pulsating in the person's hand.

He slowly opened his eyes and saw Bruce leaning over him. Bruce was stroking his own cock with his other hand.

Bruce saw Cody's eyes open and he let the cock go. "Oh fuck, I thought you were fast asleep?" he whispered.

Cody sat up on his elbows, "I was, what the fuck are you doin?"

"Oh shit, Cody. I'm sorry dude, I never meant anything by it. Nothing."

Bruce stood up. Cody looked at him. It was the first time Cody had seen him naked. His body looked fantastic in the bit of light that filtered in from the street. Cody could see that he had a long boner, which was starting to deflate.

Cody sat up and Bruce took a step back. "I'm going to bed, oh fuck Cody, I'm sorry. I never meant anything, I promise."

"Hey Bruce, come here dude."

Bruce came back and stood in front of Cody. Cody put his hands around Bruce's buns and brought him closer. He buried his face in Bruce's pubes and felt his friend's cock responding against his cheek.

"Cody, you don't need to do this."

"I wanted to do this on the plane already."

"Oh fuck, really? I wanted to do you on the plane as well." Bruce gave a nervous giggle. His eyes closed as he felt Cody's tongue ride up the back of his boner, to the ridge.

"Bruce, you wanna do me?"

"Yeah, I do."

Bruce lay down next to Cody. They lay head to toe on their sides. They each grabbed each other's boner and their mouths absorbed them. Cody felt Bruce's body tremble as he sucked him in. He felt his nuts against Bruce's chin. "Fuck, this dude must have a train tunnel for a throat." Thought Cody. He tried to suck Bruce all the way in but couldn't, so he let his tongue do the rest of it.

After a few minutes Cody turned and lay on his back and Bruce straddled him. Cody got a good look at Bruce's nuts. His hands played with Bruce's stomach. He felt the muscles ripple as his hand slid down his abs.

Bruce used his one hand to play with Cody's balls. Each time he went down on Cody, he would take the whole length down his throat. He wrapped his finger around the base of Cody's cock and felt the muscle thicken. Cody's balls were like hard silken balls in his hand. He felt them bounce as he stroked them.

Cody felt the pressure of Bruce sucking hard and he couldn't control himself anymore. He erupted in a huge jet of boy juice. Bruce went down all the way on Cody's cock and the juice went right down his throat as it shot out. Bruce closed his fist around Cody's boner to squeeze out the last drops. He took these off of Cody's cockhead with his tongue.

Cody felt as Bruce thickened and lifted. He wasn't expecting Bruce to erupt in one long thick juice stream. He just felt the cock jerk in his mouth for a while, each time an extra length of the continuous juice would fly into his mouth. He swallowed but it was all in one piece. The taste was fantastic, salty and musky.

Cody's hands were on Bruce's stomach as he arched and he felt the hard tight muscles ripple under them as more juice shot into his mouth.

TJ's juice left his cockhead and it flew all over Brad's stomach and chest. TJ took some in his hand and wiped it all over Brad's cock and balls as well, making sure his pubes were well coated.

JC and Bruce were arguing in the bathroom. They were showering together. Cody heard his name mentioned a few times, but he couldn't hear the details.

JC came into the room wearing a towel. Bruce came up behind him and smacked him on the side of the head. "You're being fuckin childish JC."

Cody could see that JC was upset and crying.

"You made love to him last night. I thought you loved me." JC screamed at Bruce.

Cody felt uncomfortable about the scene taking place.

Bruce grabbed JC and turned him around and hugged him. JC cried into his neck. Bruce patted his back, "JC, I do loveya. I don't know what happened okay. I loveya more than anything. Believe me, okay."

Cody got up out of bed. He pulled on his briefs. He saw Bruce staring at his piss boner. "Hey Bruce, maybe I should leave. I didn't want you guys to get into this mess."

Bruce was still hugging JC. He just nodded.

Cody felt depressed as he went through to the bathroom.

TJ felt a huge weight land on him. Brad had taken a flying jump on to him and tried to pin him down. He felt Brad's fingers on his ribs as he tried to tickle him. He started to laugh and swear, "hehehe Fuck off offa me. Shit, you're fulla cum." TJ laughed.

"I know, I musta had a wet dream but I don't know why, after the girls last night."

Brad's pubes were coated hard from the dried cum. His cock was resting on the hill up to TJ's chest, from his gut.

TJ shot up and grabbed him around the waist and wrestled him to the ground. TJ's piss boner waved around.

The two of them rolled across the floor, laughing and wrestling. TJ managed to get Brad pinned with his arms over his head. TJ started to slide his boner backwards and forwards on Brad's stomach. They were both laughing their heads off.

Eventually TJ just collapsed on top of him. They were both out of breath.

"I've gotta get down to the studio this mornin, want to come with me?"

"Yeah for sure." TJ smiled.

Cody was packing his tog bag. There was a knock on the door.

JC went to answer it.

"You look like shit JC." It was George.

George came into the room and saw Cody packing.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"I'm leaving."

George grabbed Cody's arm, "You're fuckin going nowhere kid. I paid you to do a series of photo shoots. You're gonna do them."

Cody took the money out of his pocket and held it out to George. George hit it out of his hand and then pushed Cody up against the wall.

"I don't want your fuckin money. I want your body. In the studio, this morning."

Bruce came up and tried to pull George's hand away from Cody. George turned around and smacked him.

"Bruce, you make sure that you and Cody are in the van in five minutes. JC, you get your ass movin as well."

As George left, Bruce said to Cody, "You shouldn't have fuckin come here."

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