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The Adventures of
TJ and Cody


Cody Taronto

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!



"I need to call someone Bruce. Where's the phone?"

"Down the passage. Who are you gonna call?"


"Hey Code? Howzit going?"

Cody felt relief as he heard TJ's voice on the other end of the line.

"TJ, I might need some help here. Canya come and fetch me huh?"

TJ laughed, "Come on Cody, twenty four hours and you're in crap already?"

"TJ, I'm bein serious. I need.."

The hand pushed the cradle down and took the phone away from Cody. "Get to the fuckin van now. If you don't I am gonna shoot you dead, right here where you're standing." George pointed the gun at Cody's stomach.

"Cody?" TJ shook the cellphone as if to wake it up. "Cody?" He screamed at the phone.

Brad walked into the room, "Whatsup?"

TJ stared at the cellphone, "I think Cody's in some sorta trouble."

"Like what?"

"He didn't say." TJ felt cold shivers up his back. He looked up at Brad, "I don't even know where he went."

"Yeah, but you got the dude's number right?"

TJ shook his head.

The van arrived at the warehouse. The driver unlocked the door and made sure the boys went inside. George followed the group.

The lights went on.

"Bruce, I want a double with you and JC. You guys go and get changed."

Bruce walked over to George. "George, let Cody go huh. He's not that fuckin good anyway. Just let him walk outta here. Else there might be trouble."

George laughed, "I'll tellya what Bruce - do the double with Cody. Video and pics - then I'll let him go - how's that for a deal?"

Bruce looked at him, "You serious? Vid and pics and then he goes?"

George waved his hand, "Sure, what the hell, we won't need him after that."

JC did the first shoot. He was dressed in nothing but a pouch that covered his cock and balls. His small bush of pubes stuck out of the top. He went through a series of poses. The lights were hot and he was perspiring. When it came to the part where he jacked off, he couldn't get it hard.

"Jackie?" The driver walked over the George.


"Take JC, and get that fuckin thing hard okay."

Bruce shook George's arm, "Hey George, not that stuff huh."

George looked down at the hand on his arm. "Take your fuckin hand offa me before I break your arm kid."

Jackie and JC were away for about twenty minutes. Cody could see that something was wrong when they came back. JC was just staring into space and not seeing anything. His cock was rock hard and pointed up. It looked like the skin was going to split it was so hard. Every muscle in his body seemed to be more defined and bulging.

"Okay, JC. Get on the bed and start jackin it."

JC didn't say a word. He sat on the bed, his rock hard cock now in his hand. All of a sudden his whole body convulsed and his back arched. He started to puke. Cody ran up to him and turned him on to his side to stop him from choking. Cody felt his boner - it was like a piece of steel. JC puked, continuously, retching. Then his boner starting to shake and a thick jet of cum shot out of it, on to the floor, then another.

JC started to cry and scream as his boy juice left his cock, puking at the same time.

Cody looked at George, "What's the matter with him?"

"He'll be okay in a short while, just leave him."


George called to Jackie, "Hey Jackie, take the kid to the dressing room huh."

JC was crying as Jackie lifted him up by his one arm. His cock was still totally hard. The veins were standing out on it. His balls were pulled up tight into his crotch.

"That is like the fucking fourth cab company I've phoned now. Which cab company did Cody phone?" TJ was paging through the yellow pages.

"Hey TJ, stop worryin, we'll find him okay. I'm fuckin sorry that I asked for him to leave."

"No, it's okay, he wanted to meet this one dude anyway. Hey, did you manage to get rid of all the crusty cum stuck to you?" TJ laughed at Brad.

"Yeah sure, look." Brad pulled his shorts down. His cock hung down, thick and muscular - draped over his balls. They were big and hung low.

TJ put his nose in Brad's pubes. "Hmmm, at least it smells cleaner." He lifted Brad's cock and kissed the head.

"So what about your friend?"

TJ picked up the phone, "Keep on calling the cab companies."

"Yeah? And then what about you and JC? Bruce - this whole fuckin thing sucks. You guys needta leave with me."

Bruce shook his head, "You don't know what's goin on here Cody. Just leave it. Do the shoot with me and you can go. If you don't do it, they are gonna make life hell for you. I've seen guys like us disappear outta here - and you never see them again."

Cody shook his head, "So why the fuck don't you call the police or somethin?"

"You don't fuckin see it do you? Cody do the shoot and get outta here okay. Don't worry about me and JC - we'll be okay."

"How's JC?" George whispered to Jackie.

"He's gettin better," Jackie laughed, "His cock is gonna be in pain for a week. It's still as hard as a railroad track."

George frowned at him, "You gave the kid too much of that stuff."

Jackie just shrugged, "He'll be okay."

Cody and Bruce were dressed in boxer shorts. They were both sweating under the lights.

"Okay, now I want you guys to kiss, like you're really in love okay. Then Bruce, you push Cody gently back on to the bed. I want your ass crack to ride his cock through the boxers."

As Cody felt Bruce's tongue go inside his mouth, his cock started to get hard. He could feel Bruce's erection against his as well. The feeling of Bruce's hard sweaty bod against him and the sweet smell of boy sweat was driving him crazy.

Bruce gently pushed Cody down on his back on the bed. He straddled Cody. Cody could feel the cloth of the boxes sliding up and down his boner as Bruce crack rested over it.

A wet patch of precum showed in the front of Bruce's boxers. He moved his cock up to the top of Cody's stomach and Cody could feel his tight nuts.


TJ put the phone down. "Okay, I have the address where the driver dropped Cody. Can we get down there?"

"Yeah, let's move now. I've told the studio that I'm going to be late. They're pissed as anythin cos it's gonna cost them about a million bucks if I don't get there today." Brad laughed.

Cody and Bruce sat taking a break when they heard the warehouse door open. A big man walked into the studio, followed by two guys who could have been bodyguards. They were big bodybuilder types and wore sunglasses.

George jumped up. "Mr. Sarkis. Didn't expect you here."

Sarkis smiled, "I just wanted to meet this good looking young man I've heard about." He walked up to Cody.

Cody stood up. Sarkis held out his hand, "Cody, is it?"

Cody took his hand, "Yes sir." Then he felt Sarkis' hand grab his still-hard cock.

"Nice," Sarkis smiled. "How's it going with young Bruce?" He turned his attention to Bruce.

Bruce stood up but was pretty nervous, "It's going okay Mr. Sarkis. Little JC is sick though."

Sarkis frowned, "Sick?" He turned to George.

George shrugged, "It's okay Mr. Sarkis - a minor setback - he'll be fine in a little while."

Brad moved his hand up TJ's leg, right up against his crotch, "So, didya enjoy last night?"

The car was racing through LA.

TJ smiled, "Yeah, it was pretty wild. You're pretty wild."

Brad laughed.

"No, seriously," continued TJ, "I knew from your movies that you looked kinda wild but to actually see it is so damn cool. To be here with you is so damn cool - fucking hell it is WAY DAMN COOL, as Cody would say."

"You and him are good friends huh."

"Cody and me? Yeah - pretty-good friends, " TJ smiled. Cody was the best friend he'd ever met.

"I'm sorry for asking you do to what you did TJ. I was doing my big movie star act. I shoulda seen that you guys were close."

TJ stared out of the car window, "Yeah, we're pretty damn close."

Sarkis watched as Bruce and Cody went through the routine for the video camera. Cody lay back on the bed with Bruce leaning over him. He felt as Bruce's tongue licked his nipples. His boxers were soaked from all the precum and his cock was hard inside of them, pushing the cotton away from him.

Bruce went down and opened his mouth and took in Cody's cock through his boxers. The warm breath and moisture through the cotton drove him crazy. He felt the sucking through the cotton. Bruce tasted Cody's precum and mixed it with his spit and swallowed.

Sarkis was watching the act with a growing boner. His two bodyguards also had huge hardons showing through their suit trousers.

Bruce let Cody's boner go and he moved himself up so that he was straddling Cody, his own boner showing through his boxers, above Cody's mouth.

Cody's boxers were soaking wet in front, from Bruce's spit and his precum. The wet boxers hugged his boner and the shape was clear through the cotton.

Cody's stomach and chest muscles stretched as he reached up to Bruce's waistband. He pulled it down away from Bruce's hard cock. Precum dripped into Cody's mouth as he did this.

George smiled as he saw the impression this was creating on Sarkis. Sarkis was squirming in his chair with excitement as he saw Cody's muscled, tanned body interact with Bruce. Cody's lats were taut as he ran his hands across Bruce's hard stomach and pulled his boner down towards his mouth. As Cody's head leaned forward to take in Bruce's cock, his stomach muscles pulled tight and his boner lifted more.

Sarkis gasped under his breath. His own trousers were soaked from the display. "Georgie," he leaned over to George.

"Yes Mr. Sarkis," George smiled.

"Georgie, I need that kid. I want him."

"Well, Mr.Sarkis, it could be awkward. And expensive."

"Five hundred thousand George. But..."

"Yes Mr. Sarkis?"

"Then I want them both. Bruce and Cody."

"What about JC, Mr. Sarkis?"

"Bring JC as well, I have plans for him. I don't want them going back to Bruce's apartment today. I want them to be taken from here directly to the ranch."

Bruce was fucking Cody's face. Everyone watched as his thick hard cock went in and out of Cody's mouth. Bruce's eyes were closed. He had never had anyone like Cody do him before. Cody could teach JC a few tricks.

Bruce's one hand was stroking Cody's cock. The camera was perfectly placed as the first jet of juice left Cody's cockhead and flew against Bruce's crack. The lens went in for a close up as the juice ran down Bruce's crack.

TJ knocked for the third time. Still there was no answer at the door. He was worried. Why had Cody phoned him and what sort of trouble was Cody in?

Brad stood behind him. "Kick the fuckin thing down TJ."

Brad and TJ stood back and they both kicked the door together and it flew open. They walked inside.

Bruce arched back as he felt his juice rise inside of him. Cody got ready. Bruce pulled Cody's head right into his crotch and he exploded. Cody swallowed as fast as he could. The long thick stream of cum kept on coming out until eventually Bruce was finished.

"George, you see that cum in Bruce's crack? Let's see it put to some good use."

"Yes, Mr. Sarkis. CODY! Come here."

Cody walked over to George. Sarkis thought he was going to shoot his load as the muscled teen, with cum still hanging from his cockhead, walked towards them.

"This is Cody's bag, here on the bed." said TJ, holding up Cody's tog bag. "It looks like he was packing."

Brad came over to him, "Who lived here anyway? It looks like a young dude."

TJ shook his head, "I can't even remember the fucking name. But something is wrong, why would Cody pack half his stuff and leave it here."

"Can't do that George. Jeez I've just shot a load. It's gonna take a while before I get a boner again."

George looked across at Sarkis. Sarkis nodded at him. George took a small pill out of his pocket and gave it to Cody, "Here, take this with some water. It should help you a bit."

Cody looked at the small pill, "What is it?"

"Just like a vitamin pill. Gives you loads of energy and you should be able to get a cockstand in no time."

Cody walked over to the kitchen area and poured a glass of water. He put the pill in his mouth and swallowed it.

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