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Author's Note:

If you are offended by material involving sex between a man and an adolescent boy or between teen boys then read no further. If you are under eighteen then also, please read no further. This story is purely fictional and exists only in the mind of the author.

AUTHOR: (TeenTales)

It was this story of Cody that first gave me the idea to write "The Adventures of Cody and TJ".   It has everythin that you want in a story and I hope thatya enjoy it.

The story is printed with permission of TeenTales.

You can write to him at:

Chapter Two

Tommy arrived fairly early. It had been a couple of weeks since Cody and I had our early morning romp. As much as I wanted to have the boy pressed against me constantly, I could feel he was growing comfortable with himself and that he preferred to spend time with Tommy. From an objective point of view, I agreed that Tommy was a wonderful example of adolescence and of course Cody would rather hang with a boy his own age rather than an "old" guy like me. Selfishly though, I envied Tommy his friendship with my boy. They shared so much together, school, surfing, standard teenage concerns, in short they were best friends. I wasn't sure they shared anything else but knowing Cody's sex drive, I suspected that they found places and times to enjoy each other.

Cody and Tommy quickly changed into their wetsuits, two dazzling examples of California youth, and headed for the beach. I wouldn't see them until late afternoon. It was okay. I had shopping to do along with some clean up work around the house. I was in a totally different role now that Cody was here. I had to not only provide for my own needs but had to consider his as well. I had never paid much attention to groceries and the like but now I was playing mother and father. I wouldn't have traded it for the world.

At about 3:00 the two boys bounded back into the house. They each acknowledged I existed and they wandered off to separate bathrooms to shower and change. I loved to watch their exuberance. The constant interplay in their conversation punctuated with the ever-present "dude." They destroyed the kitchen in a matter of seconds - it was a particular talent they both had! Chips, Cokes, cold pizza from the Pizza Port, paper plates, paper towels for napkins. The young eating machines managed to cradle their load out to the patio where they laughed and talked through mouths full of food. Then as quickly as they had fueled up, they were off to Cody's room to play video games. Wicked laughter could be heard from both of them as they won battles against each other. "You're history, dude!" "You die, man!"

At about 5:00 Cody came into the family room where I was watching a baseball game.

"What's up kid?" I said smiling at the dark haired Adonis.

"Can Tommy spend the night?" he asked, I thought a little nervously.

"Yeah sure, if it's okay with his mom," I answered. "I think one of the other bedrooms is made up."

"Yeah, well okay," Cody said looking a little disconcerted.

Cody gamboled back to his room and Tommy called his mother. It was settled that I would have a house guest for the night. I made sure a bedroom was set up for Tommy. As I think back on it, I realize now that this activity was stupid but I didn't think of the purpose for an overnight stay. At the very least, the guys would want to be in the same room. At any rate I missed it. I showed Tommy to his room.

"Thanks, Jeff," he said with his beaming smile and glistening blue eyes.

By about ten o'clock, I was ready to hit the sack. Tommy and Cody were still fooling with the computer in his room so I peaked in to say good night.

"Night guys," I said.

"Night Jeff," Tommy said.

"Night Dad," Cody said.

I was still not used to hearing Cody call me Dad, it was foreign and wonderful at the same time.

"Don't be staying up all night, okay?" I admonished.

"We won't," they said in unison.

I closed the door and went to my room, dressed down to my shorts and climbed into bed. The cool ocean breeze wafted through the screen and I soon drifted off to sleep.

It was about 1:00 a.m. when I got up to take a leak. I wasn't really awake but as I was heading back to bed, I could hear the boys still up.

Like the Christmas Eve incident, as much as I should have gone back to bed, I succumbed to temptation and listened by the door.

"Shit that's good." It was Cody's whisper.

"I'm the best, dude!" Tommy whispered back.

"Don't talk, man. Put it back in your mouth," Cody ordered. "Oh yeah!"

I could here heavy breathing and some intermittent slurping sounds. My cock was hard as a rock now, my mind reeling with pictures of what was going on behind the closed door.

"Mmmmmmm," Cody moaned. "Get ready man, you're about to wash down this bedtime snack!"

"Prick!" Tommy muttered.

"That's what it s dude!" Cody quipped. "A really delicious one too!"

Boy did I agreed with that. I was rubbing my cock through my jockeys. I had already produced a wet spot on them.

"Oh shit man, get ready," Cody warned.

I thought I heard the slurping intensify.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck!" Cody's breathless voice moaned.

I knew that pronouncement by heart. My fourteen year old was pouring his youthful essence into the luscious sucking lips of a striking blond surfer.

A few moments later, a heavy breathing Cody simply said, "Rad, man!"

Tommy whispered, "Okay we're even. We jacked each other off, sucked each other off. I don't know if I can do another one."

I could tell by Cody's voice that he was still wallowing in his orgasm. "Why don't we get a little sleep and then maybe we can crack slide each other later?"

"Yeah, that's cool," Tommy answered softly through a yawn. "I'd better go back to the other room, I guess."

"Naw man, we'll wake up before Dad. You can sneak back in there later," Cody suggested.

"You ever do it with him anymore?" Tommy asked.

"Not very often," Cody said matter of factly.

"Jeff's cool," Tommy said.

"Yeah," Cody agreed not elaborating.

I silently went back to my room closing my door without a sound. In the dark, I replayed the scenario I had just heard. My hand was stroking steadily on my huge hard-on and I exploded all over myself as I hadn't done in a long time. My mind kept going back to the boys and as I thought about it, a deep sadness began to invade my body. I was losing him a little to Tommy. Shit, I was losing him a lot to Tommy. The beautiful tanned surfer had come into Cody's life and taken my place in his bed. ‘You stupid fuck!' I thought to myself. ‘Your place was never supposed to be in Cody's bed! Cody's doing what he's supposed to be doing, it's you that's fucked up! You're the dad now, Cody's the kid.' I started crying a little as I continued my self discourse. ‘God how I wish I was 14 again and could be with Cody. Shit I wish I was Tommy!' Things were changing and as much as I didn't want them to, they had to happen. I tried to cheer myself with the fact that if somehow I had been Cody's real father, I never would have had the intimate relationship that I had enjoyed for the past eight months. Eight months, shit! My life was completely overhauled in eight months! I fell asleep, my cheeks still wet from thinking about Cody and Tommy.

I got up early. My sleep had been troubled and there was no sense in just lying there. I showered and dressed quietly. Cody's door was still closed. Noiselessly, I opened the door a crack to check on him. Cody was sound asleep with that beautiful peaceful expression on his face. The covers were tossed back and I studied two gorgeous boys lying on their stomachs side by side. Tommy's arm was wrapped around Cody and he too was angelically asleep. The perfect globes of young teenage butts shown in the early morning light. The room smelled sensuously of boys and cum. I closed the door silently, my stomach tying up again as I thought about this natural turn of events. I was wracked with jealousy, love, sadness and logic. Those emotions don't mix very well. My soul was weeping. Cody was sort of running away again but he was here. I had him and I didn't. In the end there was nothing I could do about any of this or my melancholy.

About an hour later, Tommy wandered into the family room, stretching and yawning. I let him play out the scene.

"Morning, Jeff," he said sleepily.

"Hey Tommy," I said, "Sleep well?"

"Great," he said yawning again.

"Is Cody up?" I asked.

"I don't know," Tommy pretended. "I'll go look."

Soon both boys were ransacking the kitchen again as usual but as I watched them, I saw them differently. They were friends and lovers, happy to be with each other. I used to be that to Cody. I tried to shake my thoughts.

Tommy left later that morning and Cody was basically just hanging around the house. I have to admit I wasn't too friendly. I would answer his questions and carry on brief conversations with him but I just felt different. I was reading the paper on the couch in the family room when he came in.

"Hey Jeff," he said seriously. "What's bugging you?"

He seemed to revert to calling me Jeff when he wanted to talk about something important. Here it was again, the boy being sensitive to the man.

"Nothing, Cody. I just didn't sleep too well last night."

"That's not it," Cody contradicted with authority. He sat on the coffee table in front of me. He was wearing shorts and his legs were spread wide revealing the beautiful pouch between them, his legs were deeply tanned and his face was a picture of concerned perfection.

"Then you tell me!" I reacted somewhat irritatedly.

"Fuck Jeff, I don't know. Have I done something wrong?"

"No!" I shouted then softened realizing what I was doing. "No Cody you haven't done anything wrong." I leaned forward and reached across stroking his soft shining hair.

He sort of leaned into my hand, I was wilting to him again. "Hey man we haven't got any secrets, do we?" he asked.

"I don't know," I said taking my hand away, "Do we?"

"Shit, Jeff spill it will you?" he said pleadingly.

"Ah Cody, it's my own fucking fault. I did it again!" I confessed.

"Did what?"

I sighed deeply. "I'm sorry man. I got up to take a leak and came to your door to check on you last night."

Cody paled a little and was silent for a moment. "So you heard me and Tommy?"

"Yeah," I admitted.

Cody stood up and began to pace in a very adult sort of way, running his fingers through his hair.

"I shouldn't have done it," I said. "But it's natural for me to check on you. I do every night. You know that."

"Yeah, I should have thought of that," Cody said with resignation. "So now what?"

Another sigh from me. "So now nothing I guess."

"You don't want me to see Tommy anymore?" the young boy asked looking me painfully in the eye.

That got to me. My eyes were brimming. I got up and walked over to him, wrapping my arms around him and hugging him tightly. I felt his arms return the pressure.

"No Cody, Tommy's your best friend. Hell he may be your only friend but I doubt that. You collect friends like others collect stamps. I want you and Tommy to be together - and - I don't want you to be together," I admitted. "You guys didn't do anything wrong! It's just me, Cody. I'm fuckin' mixed up. I love you so much! I love you like a dad always, but I've loved you as a lover too. It shouldn't have but it happened. I told you eight months ago in that sleezebag motel in Montana that it wasn't right but you made it right. You've made everything right!. You got a jealous Pop here, kid. I'm so sorry. I want to be 14 again, I want to be Tommy!" I was crying like baby now, slow rolling tears. There was no stopping them. "This isn't your problem, Cody, it's mine and I shouldn't have laid this on you. I'll figure it out. The way you were last night was how it should be."

Cody was crying too. "I'm sorry Jeff. I won't let it happen again."

We sat back on the couch and Cody curled up under my arm, I buried my nose in his hair and drank his youthful aroma.

"It has to happen again," I said quietly. "You're 14 for shit's sake. Fourteen year olds are supposed to be exploring their sexuality. You have decided your gay! God to have been able to admit that when I was your age! You've found a friend who shares your interests and your sexual inclination - what luck. I want a promise from you though if you'll give it."

"What?" Cody sniffed looking up at me.

"Promise me that you and Tommy or you and anybody for that matter will - well, - enjoy each other here at Vista. This is your home and it's safe. I know who you are and I accept what you do. And if you are exploring be sure you know how to safely. Sex isn't a thing to be taken without precautions."

"That's okay Jeff and I've had the condom lecture at school," Cody agreed, "It's a little embarrassing to think of fooling around when you're here though. I'm embarrassed about last night." He smiled weakly.

I tussled his hair. "At least you didn't run off to fucking Indio!" I said with a laugh.

The adolescent melodious laugh came back and the wave of tension swept away in a feast of hugging. "You're the best," I said.

"You too, man," Cody returned.

"You and Tommy want to go to a movie tonight?" I suggested. "I'll even spring for burgers at Johnny Rocket's"

"That'd be great," Cody smiled and walked off to phone his friend.

Damn I loved this kid. I just pray I don't fuck it up. It's so important for me to have him around.

Cody took quite awhile talking to Tommy but eventually came back and said Tommy would come over about 5:00. I wondered if he told Tommy about our talk. I guess that was his prerogative.

So, there I was with two beautiful teenagers, sitting in the back row of the theater watching some violent, no content movie that they chose in the early evening. I was just happy to be with them and to share a little of their time.

I glanced over in the dark when I heard Tommy and Cody whispering. There was a sort of giggle but I guessed that it was something between them and focused my attention on the screen.

About a minute later, Tommy leaned over to me. "Want some popcorn, Jeff?"

"Sure," I said absently and reached over to grab a handful from the tub on his lap.

"Shit!" I said loudly enough to draw some stares, withdrawing my hand like it had been burned. "Jeezus Tommy what the fuck are you doing?" I whispered with alarm looking over at two teenage boys who were smothering their mouths with their hands and laughing as quietly through their noses as they could.

Tommy grabbed my hand and put it back in the popcorn tub. "Cody thought you might like a hot dog instead?" he whispered stifling his amusement.

"You little shits!" I whispered but I didn't remove my hand. I was instantly afraid but erect. "This isn't Nordstrom's!"

I could barely see Cody grinning from the other side of his friend. I had my hand around seven inches of hot boymeat protruding through the bottom of the popcorn tub. I remembered a movie where a guy did this to win a bet that he could get a girl to touch his dick on the first date but I didn't think these guys would have seen it.

"I think the dog needs a little sauce," Tommy whispered.

I got the message and began stroking the surfer boy's hard cock, trying to look at the screen to keep down any suspicion from the audience. I had to wrap my fingers over the top of Tommy's penis and stroke with my fingertips because there wasn't room to get my hand around it in the tub. As I wallowed in the rapture of playing with Tommy's throbbing boyhood, I knew Cody had cooked up the plan. It was the sort of thing that I had grown to enjoy, his strange penchant for tricks like this. But for Tommy to be involved was totally new. I knew I shouldn't be doing this but there were a lot of things Cody had gotten me into I shouldn't have been doing. I continued to stroke the young meat, my fingertips memorizing the feel and contours of Tommy's hot cock. In less than three minutes, I heard Tommy take a deep breath and then I felt his molten load of boymilk explode against my palm sending the warm cum cascading back down into the tub. His must have fired a shot at my hand eight times before he finally untensed. Cody handed him a napkin and then handed me one. Tommy did some cleaning up in the popcorn tub and with the napkin wrapped securely around his deflated boyhood under the bottom of the bucket, he slowly eased himself out preventing the juice of his loins from escaping the container.

I was hard as a rock still and wiped my hand free of Tommy's cum. The boy took the napkin from me, threw it in the bucket and then crumpled up the whole thing and putting it under the seat. I hoped the cleanup crew didn't know who had been sitting here.

Tommy reached over and gave my dick a squeeze through my Dockers. "Cody says I should see what this is someday," he whispered.

"Cody should spend his time working on his homework and not thinking up these pranks!" I whispered back. "But for what it's worth, I enjoyed that, even if you both are little pricks!"

"You didn't enjoy it as much as I did," Tommy quipped. "And I don't think we're really such ‘little' pricks."

"I give up," I responded.

We left the theater, all of us glancing around to see if we were getting any incriminating looks but all was well. We dropped Tommy off at home and drove back to Vista Del.

"That was a dirty trick," I said to Cody.

"I just wanted you to know that you aren't left out, Pop," Cody laughed.

"Yeah right," I said but I felt that deep care in the pit of my stomach again. This was one special boy who always managed to figure out how to make things turn out right for everybody.

"You wouldn't want to do that again when we get home?" he asked. "I got kinda horny watching you go for the popcorn."

"You'll have to help me out a little too if I do," I retorted.

" I suppose that can be arranged," he laughed.

The next morning, I woke up feeling normal and comfortable. My boy was asleep and all was right with the world. I even thought that perhaps I was going to get a chance to be a part of Cody's and Tommy's adventures once in awhile.

We had a cold breakfast then the phone rang. Cody sprang for it but soon handed me the receiver.

"Who is it?" I asked taking the handset.

"Some guy says he's your cousin," he answered.

"Hey Randy, how's it going?" I spoke into the mouthpiece.

For the next few minutes, the conversation from my end was basically uh huhs, sures, yeahs and okays. At last I hung up.

"What's up?" Cody asked.

I looked a little distant. "My cousin's kid is coming out for a visit."

"Oh yeah, how come?"

"Randy's gotten a two month assignment overseas and Tyler can't go," I answered. "He asked if I could put him up. I can't refuse."

"That's his name, Tyler?" Cody asked.


"How old is he?"

"I think he's seventeen. I haven't seen him since he was twelve," I answered recalling the cute looking little kid I had seen last.

"Wow!" Cody said with a funny look. "That could fuck up things around here, huh?"

I came back to my senses realizing what Cody was referring to. "Yeah I guess it could make things a little difficult. Tyler's a good kid though or at least he was. I think you'll like him. At any rate we'll have to make the best of it. It's time you met some of your new relatives anyway. I've still got to take you to England to see my dad too."

"When's he coming?" Cody asked.

"Wednesday," I said realizing it was only a few days away.

Cody shrugged and said the right thing as always. "Well if you like, I'm sure I will."

"If he's half as great as you are, we're in for a treat," I said with a smile.

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