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Author's Note:

If you are offended by material involving sex between a man and an adolescent boy or between teen boys then read no further. If you are under eighteen then also, please read no further. This story is purely fictional and exists only in the mind of the author.

AUTHOR: (TeenTales)

It was this story of Cody that first gave me the idea to write "The Adventures of Cody and TJ".   It has everythin that you want in a story and I hope thatya enjoy it.

The story is printed with permission of TeenTales.

You can write to him at:

Chapter Four

I had to leave for work but I was still upset about the incident between Cody and Tyler last night. I wasn't really comfortable with leaving them alone considering the anger that had been displayed. I quietly opened Cody's door and entered He was sound asleep, face up, his soft hair swirling around his angelic face. The sheet was lying diagonally across his chest from his left shoulder to his hip, revealing one beautiful nipple and his firm adolescent chest. I could have stood there staring at him all day, but work called and I had to assure myself that he and Tyler wouldn't kill each other while I was away. I sat down on the edge of the bed and kissed his nipple. He knew it was me and slowly opened his eyes, yawning widely.

"Lower," he said in a husky sleep filled voice.

"Don't tempt me, kid," I said quietly rubbing my hand over his smooth abdomen.

"What's up?" he asked.

"That thing with Tyler last night - that was pretty serious," I said.

"Yeah but it's okay dad," he answered.

"Tyler's a lot bigger than you are, Cody. I don't want you to get hurt," I said in concern.

"Tyler's okay, dad. I just caught him off guard. We're gonna talk about it today. I can't tell you what's going on right now but trust me please!" Cody pleaded.

"I always trust you Cody. You know that. Except when we're in public places and you're horny!" I smiled.

Cody smiled too and stretched. His long arms raised over his head and pulled all the muscles in his chest tight. I could see a small patch of fur forming in each armpit. He was growing fast.

"Don't worry dad, it'll be okay. As a matter of fact I think it will be better than okay," Cody assured me.

I ran my fingers through his hair over his forehead. "Okay then but if anything goes wrong you call me, promise?"

"I promise," he replied.

"Okay kid. I love you Cody," I said giving him a kiss on the lips.

"Love you too, dad," he said.

"Go back to sleep!"

"Good idea, just as soon as I take a leak," he said throwing back the sheet and revealing his piss hard-on.

I grabbed the hard meat and gave it a few gentle strokes. "Feels good, boy," I said.

"Yeah it does," Cody agreed sitting up.

"See ya," I said and left the room.

Cody slept for another two hours but was awakened by the phone. It was Tommy wanting him to go surfing. Cody told his friend that he had a problem with Tyler and that he thought it would be better if he stayed around to try and work it out. He promised to call Tommy just as soon as things were okay.

Cody wandered out to the kitchen. He only bothered to pull on a pair of jockey briefs - very brief, actually. The cloth hugged the center of his boyhood. Tyler was already there. He at least had managed to put on a pair of shorts. Cody noticed that Tyler's eyes took a careful survey of his loins.

"Morning," Cody said.

"Morning," Tyler responded.

Cody rummaged through the refrigerator and located the milk which he drank right from the carton.

"You okay?" Tyler asked.

"Yeah, you/" Cody answered.

"Yeah, I guess," Tyler said. "I'm really sorry about last night. You were totally cool."

"Thanks. No problem," Cody smiled through a milk mustache.

"Cody, did you mean what you said last night when I was in your room?" Tyler asked.

"About what?" Cody answered knowing full well what the seventeen year old was talking about but wanting him to bring up the subject.

"About boys," Tyler said somewhat embarrassed.

"Yeah," Cody said.

"You ever done anything with a boy?" Tyler asked.

"Yeah," Cody responded.

"Like with Tommy?"

"Listen Tyler," Cody said with some force, "I'm not sure what I do with Tommy is any of your business!"

"Yeah, right man. I'm sorry, okay? I'm not doing too well here am I?"

"It's okay. You could do better. You ever done anything with a guy?" Cody asked.

"No," Tyler sighed.

"Not even jacked off with a friend?" the fourteen year old questioned.

"Never done anything with anybody," Tyler confessed.

"Shit, no wonder you're fucked up!" Cody announced.

"Thanks a lot!" Tyler exclaimed.

"Sorry, no offense," Cody apologized. "Want to look at some of Jeff's stuff?"


"Yeah, guys. Man are you retarded?" Cody quipped with a smile.

"Fuck you," Tyler retorted.

The two boys strolled into the den and Cody fired up the computer. He pulled out a 100 meg disk from the box on the shelf and inserted it into the Zip drive.

"Jeff doesn't mind you watching these," Tyler asked nervously.

"No," Cody answered.

"How'd you meet him," Tyler asked.

"Oh, he helped me out of a jam and brought me down here. We really got along well and since I didn't have any parents, he adopted me. Pretty cool, huh?"

"Yeah, I guess. Jeff seems like a neat guy," Tyler commented.

"Jeff is more than a neat guy, Tyler. He's my best friend and my dad now. I've never had anybody take care of me the way he does. If there's anything I can tell you about being here, don't ever get between Jeff and me. I'd do anything for him."

"Why would I get between you?" Tyler asked a little insulted.

"I don't think you would," Cody said, "I just thought you should know how important Jeff and I are to one another."

"That's cool," Tyler said.

Cody selected a graphic application and ordered it to do a slide show.

The pictures began to flash on the screen, one after another of boys solo, boys flaccid, boys hard, boys jacking off, boys cumming, boys sucking and boys fucking. None of the boys was over twenty and there were a bunch that Tyler was sure were under 18. Cody's cock was hard as a rock and he noticed the swelling under Tyler's shorts too.

"Well, these have got me going," Cody grinned. "You wanna jack off?"

"What?" Tyler said with a little shock.

"This is getting a little old, man. I gotta ask you everything twice?"

"No, no," I've just have never done it with anybody else.

"Always a first time," Cody grinned. "Whip that puppy out and let's see what you were trying to hide last night!"

Tyler was still tentative.

"Here," Cody said, "I'll show you mine then you show me yours!"

In an instant, Cody was out of his briefs, his perfect six inches of boyhood at full attention. Once relieved of the restraining cloth, a glistening clear drop of precum formed on its head.

Tyler laughed nervously but slipped out of his shorts and then lowered his boxers. His proud boyhood was at attention as well even though he was obviously nervous.

"Wow!" Cody exclaimed. "You got a nice one!"

Tyler blushed looking down and his seven and a half inches of hard penis.

The pictures continued to flash on the screen and Cody began stroking his meat as he watched the screen. He glanced over at Tyler occasionally to see that the older boy was doing the same. Cody pulled his chair next to Tyler. The seventeen year old smiled at him weakly, still not comfortable with this first sexual activity with another boy. Cody didn't say a word but reached over and pushed Tyler's hand out of the way and grasped the thick hard shaft of this virgin boy.

"I don't think..." Tyler started to say.

"Right!" Cody ordered, "Don't think!"

"Oh fuck, what the shit," Tyler said.

"Right!" Cody agreed and began stroking his house guest's large cock.

Tyler tried to focus on the slides but as Cody's experienced hands continued to work on the center of his manhood, he closed his eyes and just let himself drift into the Nirvana of sensual delight.

Cody noticed Tyler's flat stomach begin to heave and smiled, aware that this boy, three years his senior, was about to shoot his first wad at the hands of another.

"Oh fuck, Cody," Tyler said, "I'm just about there. You'd better stop!"

"Why," Cody asked never even slowing his pace on the older boy's swollen dick. "You don't want to cum?"

"Uh, yeah but it'll get all over you!"

"No it won't," Cody laughed, "Just fire away!"

"Okay," Tyler said and then instantly shot a huge wad of white boymilk straight into the air, landing on his chest. Cody aimed the pulsing meat further toward Tyler's stomach. The second wave was even more volatile than the first, splashing directly between his hard nipples and rolling down to his stomach. Four more volleys answered the first two and finally the cumming boy stopped producing, Cody holding the hot flesh motionless in his hand.

Tyler just sat there breathing heavily, not even opening his eyes for thirty seconds.

"How was that," Cody asked.

"Awesome," Tyler said in a breathy whisper.

"Okay then, you're turn," Cody announced.

Tyler looked down at Cody's still erect boyhood, grinned and wrapped his fingers around the young boy's cock. He began stroking the meat and Cody provided instruction through the process to improve Tyler's technique, at least as far as he was concerned. Tyler accepted the direction without comment and focused his brown eyes on the hard penis that was sliding up and down his grasping right hand. Cody didn't announce anything but just exploded when he was ready, his cum flowed freely over Tyler's still pumping hand. "Just hold still," he gasped as he continued to fire his love potion from the eye of his cock.

When he was done, Cody noticed Tyler looking for something to wipe his hand on. "Wipe it on your chest, Tyler. You're already covered with it anyway!"

Tyler smiled and did as he was told. "Thanks, Cody," he said, "That was great!"

"Yeah, thank you too!" Cody agreed. "Let's get showered and then call Tommy. Surf's supposed to be pretty good today."

Neither Cody nor Tyler said anything about their morning's first foray into Tyler's education. Tommy was by far the most skilled surfer of the bunch and the waves were perfect. Three beautiful adolescents sliding down the smooth green curls of the northern San Diego coast, it was a sight that many of the girls on the beach admired but they would have no luck with these three. The afternoon was warm and not a worry entered the thoughts of the boys. When they were tired surfing they all went up to Vista and emptied the refrigerator. Tyler was beginning to be comfortable with the two boys and he certainly was closer to Cody than he thought he might have been. He had thought about the mutual jacking off session all day and couldn't wait to try it again. He hoped that Tommy would leave so that he could suggest it but as luck would have it, the young blond stayed around until well after Jeff got home.

"So what did you guys do today," I asked after Tommy left.

"Ah we slept in and then went surfing," Cody said.

" Sounds like fun. Did you two get your differences ironed out?" I asked.

"Yeah we did," Tyler answered first. "I'm really sorry about last night Jeff. I shouldn't have done that."

I tousled Tyler's soft brown hair. "Hey as long as you guys are okay now, it's no problem. That stuff happens," I said with a forgiving smile.

"We got everything straight," Cody smiled in accord.

Tyler grimaced and glanced over at Cody with a cautionary look.

"Great, well I've got to be up early again tomorrow so I guess I'll turn in," I said.

"Night dad," Cody said.

"Night Jeff," Tyler echoed.

"See ya guys." I wandered down the hall to my room wishing that I could have Cody by my side again. It had been over two weeks and the closest I'd gotten to him was that quick stroke this morning. Shit, I shouldn't be thinking about these things anyway. It was time to let Cody do his own thing. I had to control my urges and my jealousy. He belonged with the Tommy's of the world not the Jeff's. The melancholy of the thought overwhelmed me and I rolled over, hugging my pillow remembering that last morning with my boy. I fell asleep envisioning his young body snuggled up against mine in absolute trust. It might never happen again.

"Want to look at the pictures again?" Tyler suggested hoping he might get something going.

"Naw," Cody said. "I've seen ‘em a million times. You can though."

"Ah it's okay," Tyler said disappointedly.

Cody studied the older boy. Tyler really was good looking. Everything about him was long, his face, his torso, his legs, his cock. The seventeen year old was so different from Jeff or Tommy. He was tentative about things, reserved and yet Cody knew that the boy desperately wanted to experience things. He felt a sadness for Tyler. No one could have been as lucky as he had been that cold misty morning last fall. He and Tommy had fun together with everything they did but Cody didn't love Tommy. Tommy was his friend and they liked fooling around together. Cody suspected that there weren't many kids - gay kids- who could have been introduced to their longings the way he was. He thought about the two lonely guys that came together on a barren stretch of road and ended up exploring their hidden sexuality with each other for the first time. Cody had loved Jeff from that very first night and he knew it was mutual. He flopped himself down next to Tyler on the couch and stared at the TV, still caught up in his thoughts but knowing how Tyler must be feeling.

Cody reached out and put his hand on Tyler's knee. "Hey man, are you all right?"

"Yeah, I guess," Tyler said not moving Cody's hand.

"C'mon Tyler! Why don't you just spill it?"

Cody could see pools of tears welling up in Tyler's eyes.

"I don't know Cody. I feel so lost man! Here I am three thousand miles from home. I get caught looking at guys on the computer and the next thing I know, I'm jacking off with you. I'm having a hard time dealing with all this. I've never shared it with anyone. I don't even want to believe it myself. Shit, why can't I be normal?"

Cody ran his hand up and down Tyler's leg in a comforting way. "I know man, I know. If it hadn't been for Jeff, I don't know where I'd be."

"How'd Jeff help you?" Tyler sniffled.

"Jeff accepted me as being the way I am. He accepted himself too at the same time. It was kind of special for both of us. He showed me love like I've never experienced from a guy. I don't remember my father very well. I know he loved me but he wasn't around very long." Cody was crying a little too. "Then Jeff comes out of nowhere and wraps me up in his love. That's the way I feel here -shit I've only been here nine months - surrounded by the love of a guy that would give his life for me. I couldn't ask for a better dad."

"Jeff was the first person you told you were gay?" Tyler asked staring intently at the young boy.

"Yeah and I was the first person he told."

"I like Jeff," Tyler said.

"Yeah, well if you need someone to lean on you couldn't do better!" Cody said with love.

Tyler grasped Cody's hand and squeezed. "I don't know, Cody. You're pretty good yourself for being a little kid!"

Cody smiled and returned the pressure. "Yeah, well, I'll never be as good as Jeff but you've come to a pretty special place if you want to learn to live with yourself."

"Will you teach me Cody?" Tyler asked still holding his hand, his deep brown eyes focused on Cody's.

"Tyler, you don't need a teacher, you just need to let go. Be one of us around here. Have fun and enjoy being part of the family. Shit, if you want to get your dick out and pound it, do it. But that's not all there is to it. Being here is about all of us liking one another and letting each other be who we are. Jeff's the center of all that. He understands and he let's it happen. We're all safe here thanks to him."

"Jeff said you were a great kid," Tyler remembered. "I guess I see what he meant. Thanks Cody."

Cody shook his head violently. "Wow, that's enough of this heavy shit. I'm going to bed."

"Yeah, I guess I will too," Tyler agreed.

The two boys closed down the house and walked off to their bedrooms. In the silence and dark, Tyler thought about what the young boy had said. Maybe this was the place for him. He'd never had anybody talk to him like that but he was sure it was true. Whatever was going on right now it was special and he didn't want to fuck it up. He heard his door open.

"You want company?" Cody asked.

"Sure," Tyler said feeling Cody slide in beside him. "What's up?"

"Sleep, Tyler. Just sleep," Cody said with a sigh and rolled over putting his arm around the older boy's chest.

Tyler felt the warmth of the boy's body next to him. He studied it and the feeling of having Cody's arm around him. It felt right. Within minutes, they were both sound asleep.

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