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Author's Note:

If you are offended by material involving sex between a man and an adolescent boy or between teen boys then read no further. If you are under eighteen then also, please read no further. This story is purely fictional and exists only in the mind of the author.

AUTHOR: (TeenTales)

It was this story of Cody that first gave me the idea to write "The Adventures of Cody and TJ".   It has everythin that you want in a story and I hope thatya enjoy it.

The story is printed with permission of TeenTales.

You can write to him at:

Chapter Nine

Christmas came quickly and Cody was off for almost three weeks. This was a busy time for the company so I had to work up until Christmas Eve. As I suspected, both of us fell into a routine of life together and the frequency of sexual activity diminished. Cody would sleep with me a couple nights a week and when his young body pressed against mine, I could not help but become aroused. The boy was always willing to participate in whatever sport I could devise but the intensity of our passion wasn't as it had been during November. It now was a comfortable sort of togetherness, one where either of us could initiate the sequence of events. I had moved on from being ‘in love' with him to just plain loving him. As my feelings grew stronger, I shared with him how important he was to me. The young boy would always smile and confirm how much he cared for me too.

Cody's friend Tommy had become a regular visitor to Vista. The wetsuit was an instant turn-on for me when I saw Cody packed into it. His perfect body sculpted it into a masterpiece. Tommy was no slouch in the looks department either. I could see why Cody liked him and I found myself wondering how this blond surfer would taste. I had no way of knowing whether or not there was anything more going on between the two of them other than surfing but they seemed inseparable. Little did I know that I was soon to find out.

Since it was Christmas Eve, I decided to take off early and surprise Cody with a lunch at the Old Mexico Cafe in Old Town. I drove up the drive at about 11:30 and walked into the house. I shouted for Cody but there was no response. As I began my search, I noticed that the doors to the pool were open and I headed that direction. Before I reached them I was stopped dead in my tracks. I stared intently, my stomach lurching as I saw Cody and Tommy by the pool. I was going to say something but I didn't know what it would be so I just watched in a catatonic state.

Both boys were stark naked and sported huge erections that betrayed the fact that this activity was just beginning. I grew hard as I studied the new boymeat that was sprouting in my yard. Tommy's body was rock solid from his constant surfing. He was taller than Cody by about two inches but he was about three months older than Cody too. He had an incredible tan which left him with the telltale white skin at his loins. From what I could see his cock was also a thing of beauty. I guessed that it was at least seven inches, nestled in a small sandy blond patch of pubic hair. The boys were lying on chaise lounges side by side with Tommy being closest to me from my vantage point. Each of them started beating off. I could hear them talking.

"You sure your uncle won't be coming home?" Tommy asked, stroking his long hard meat.

"Naw, he works until at least five," Cody assured him.

"Cool dude!" Tommy said with teenage intonation. "This is really rad, dude. You got your own private spot here. How'd you hook up with your uncle anyway?"

I was surprised that the boys were talking while jacking off. It was obvious that they had done this before somewhere else and that the activity could take place while they talked of other things.

Cody was silent for a moment. "Oh he just picked me up after my folks died. He's pretty cool!"

"Cool place too," Tommy said. "Want me to do you?"

"Yeah, sure," Cody agreed.

Tommy rolled off his lounge and knelt down beside my boy. He reached out and grabbed Cody's hard cock and began stroking it. Cody closed his eyes.

"That feels good, dude," he said. "Why don't you suck it?"

"Yeah right!" Tommy quipped.

"You ever had one?" Cody asked.

"One what?" Tommy responded.

"A blowjob!"

"Shit no," Tommy answered. "Have you?"

"Well yeah," Cody admitted.

"Who did you?" Tommy asked stopping his motion on the fourteen year old's shaft.

Cody was caught now. He hemmed for a moment then said, "Oh, a guy I met in Montana."

Tommy was now more interested in hearing about Cody's blowjob than beating him off and he sat back on his lounge looking at his friend. "What guy?"

"Hey man, I thought we were gonna beat off!" Cody exclaimed trying to change the subject.

"Not ‘till you tell me about your blowjob, dude!"

Cody was pinned down. I was hard as rock as I stood motionless waiting to hear how the kid got out of this one.

"Okay, okay you asshole. I ran away from home and hitched my way to Montana. This guy picked me up and when he saw I didn't have a place to stay he put me up in his motel room."

"So you go to a motel with some guy and he just pulls your pants down and sucks your dick?" Tommy asked.

"Fuck you!" Cody exclaimed becoming irritated with the direction of this conversation. "He told me he liked boys and asked if I'd ever been sucked off. I told him I hadn't and he asked me if I'd like to try it. What would you have done?"

Tommy grinned but then looked puzzled. "How old was this dude?"

"What difference does that make?" Cody countered. "He was probably in his late twenties I guess."

"Man he was an old guy!" Tommy remarked seriously.

I marveled at how Cody managed to tell the truth which made it easier for him to explain without giving away the whole scenario. It stung when the other boy pronounced that I was old.

"I guess I'd let him do it," Tommy finally agreed. "So what happened?"

"So he sucked my dick, stupid!" Cody said obviously.

"Did you cum?"

"No, shithead! I sang a song and read a book!"

"Really dude, did you cum in his mouth?"

Cody was totally irritated now. "Yeah I came in his mouth!"

"Wow! Awesome!" Tommy said, his cock as hard as a rock now, pressing solidly against his navel.

Cody relaxed. "Yeah it really was awesome. Best thing I ever felt."

I smiled to myself remembering his beautiful boyhood between my lips in that dumpy motel. I could feel his first shot of cum slamming into my mouth all over again. What a journey we've had so far.

Tommy brushed his long blond hair back from his bright blue eyes and looked seriously over at Cody.

"I'll try it if you will," he said.

"Try what?" Cody said knowing full well what his friend had suggested.

"Cocksucking, asshole!" Tommy exclaimed.

"Well, okay I guess," Cody responded after a respectable period of time for consideration.

I loved the way he seemed undecided and innocent. The little shit was the best cocksucker I'd ever encountered.

"Who goes first?" Tommy asked nervously but excitedly.

"Flip a coin," Cody suggested. "Heads I do you first, tails you do me."

Tommy fished around in his jeans until he found a coin. "Okay, here goes!" The coin flew into the air, was caught and slapped onto the back of Tommy's hand. "Yeeeesss!" Tommy shouted.

I was so hard I could barely keep from hauling my own dick out and prancing into the backyard. This wasn't the internet, this was the real thing about to happen in my own place - two awesomely beautiful teenage boys about to go down on one another.

Tommy lay back on the chaise, his huge boner as stiff as steel. "There it is Cody. Enjoy yourself."

Cody didn't respond. I knew he really wanted to suck Tommy's cock but he couldn't be obvious. Actually this was his first attempt with a boy his own age. Gawd he was beautiful. I massaged my own manhood through my slacks as I watched my boy's head lower over the virgin meat of his best friend.

"Oh fuck, dude that feels awesome!" Tommy described as Cody began sucking and tonguing the seven inches of fourteen year old boymeat. "Man I never knew anything could feel this good!"

Cody continued to suck. I knew what he was doing to that boy's cock, sucking lightly, swirling his tongue around the head, sucking more strongly and taking more of the meat into his mouth. Tommy was getting the best and the poor kid didn't know it.

Typical of a virgin teenager, Tommy didn't last long. He began telling Cody that he was getting close.

"Ah fuck dude, I'm getting real close, man!" he announced.

Cody kept sucking. I was curious if he was going to take Tommy's wad or pull away. Since this was supposed to be his first time sucking, it seemed likely to me that he'd finish his friend off by hand.

"Oh shit, man!" Tommy moaned, "I'm not kidding. I'm gonna cum, dude!" The boy's voice was now sounding alarm.

Cody sucked further down getting more of the throbbing cock in his mouth. "Dammit Cody, get off man! I'm gonna cum! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh shit!!!!!!"

Cody just stopped as Tommy emptied his young virgin boyjuice into the sucking mouth. I could tell that Cody was getting shot after shot of the teenager's milk and watched as he swallowed two or three times while Tommy finished his orgasm.

"Oh fuck, dude," Tommy sighed, "I can't believe you did that!"

Cody slowly slid up the shaft and for some reason looked my direction.

"Oh shit!" he shouted, cum dripping down his chin. "Jeff!"

I was startled out of my trance as I watched a flurry of arms and legs scramble through a blizzard of clothing, yanking on shirts and pants with abandon. In an instant, Tommy raced by me with a parting, "Sorry, Mr. Hastings!" and slammed out the front door.

Cody, with like haste, sped past me and slammed the door to his room.

I gathered my wits and followed him The door was locked.

"Cody?" I knocked.

"Go away Jeff!" the boy screamed.

Cody, we've got to talk!" I pleaded.

"Go away!" he shouted again.

The phone rang. ‘Shit,' I said to myself as I went into the family room to answer it. It was the office. A major problem had come up and there was no way to put off the call. It took a solid twenty minutes to resolve the issue and as soon as I hung up I raced back to Cody's room. The door was open but he wasn't there.

"Cody?" I shouted. I searched the house. In his room, his backpack was missing. "Oh no!" I moaned. I raced out the front door and looked down the drive. He wasn't there. I jumped in the car and sped down the hill. Traffic on the coast highway was heavy as usual but there were no fourteen year old boys with their thumbs out. I drove through Del Mar and retraced the road all the way to Encinitas but there was no sign of my boy. Cody was gone.

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