foreignttl.jpg (15316 bytes) The Adventures of Cody and TJ

By Cody Taronto


WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!


TJ was laughing so much that he almost drove the truck off of the road. He thought of Mark hanging in the barn and he started getting a boner. He could feel his jeans being soaked with precum. "mmm Someone is gonna get it tonight." he thought to himself.

When TJ arrived at home he found both Cody and Stian fast asleep. "Fuck, they must have been tired. They're sleeping in their own beds." TJ smiled as he got undressed.

He stood naked in front of the mirror and spent a while looking at himself. He posed like a body builder and admired his biceps which were perfectly round when pumped up. His pecs were well developed and smooth. He ran his fingers from his chest down his stomach - he could feel and see the six-pack under his lightly tanned skin. His fingertip found his belly button and then he traced the two lines from his hips to his pubes. He lifted his boner right up, the tip of the head almost reached his belly button. He lightly stroked the underside of it, down over his nuts. He squatted slightly and watched his muscular legs tense. He moved closer to the mirror and looked at his face - not a zit in sight - a smile creased his lips - it was his eyes, like a clear blue sky or the deep blue ocean - like clear blue glass - depending on the mood he was in, or the colour he was wearing.

Kathy saw that the barn was in darkness. She took the torch out of the car and walked slowly towards the barn door. Mark heard someone outside the barn - his wrists were sore and his stomach was aching like crazy where TJ had hit him.

Slowly he saw the barn door open and the torchlight. The light shone on him and then he heard the laugh.

"Kathy! What are you doing here?" Mark tried desperately to cross his legs to cover his dick but the ties around his ankles wouldn't allow him to move his legs that far.

"What happened to you?" Kathy couldn't stop laughing.

Mark's face was red as a beet, "I don't know, I was jumped at school and then blindfolded and brought here."

Kathy took a finger full of cum from Marks' leg and tasted it.

"mmm Looks like whoever it was had a good time."

"Yeah right! Look Kath, just get me down from here okay."

"Not yet,"

Kathy put the torch down on the ground so that it shone up at Mark. She came up close to him and then grabbed his head and kissed him. Their tongues danced inside their mouths. She could feel Mark's dick get hard against her. She went down and grabbed it with her hand and then put her lips around it and sucked him in. Mark groaned because it felt so damn good.

"So, who phoned you?" he said in between his heavy breathing.

Kathy didn't answer - she kept on sucking that huge meat of his until he shot his load down her throat.

TJ brushed his teeth and then walked across to his bed. He lay on top of it and put his hands behind his head. He saw a shadow move over to his bed.


Stian sat down on the edge of TJ's bed. His hand rested on TJ's stomach and he moved it down - he felt the tip of TJ's rock hard boner and he started stroking it.



"Can I fuck you?"

TJ giggled, he knew he was safe, "You got a condom?" He knew that Stian wouldn't have.

Stian looked down at his face, "Yep!"

Stian passed the condom over to TJ, "You put it on."

Stian climbed and straddled TJ's chest. TJ watched as Stian stroked his boner. It was thick and muscular and white. The foreskin was pulled right back. TJ pulled the condom out of his wrapping and pinched the end as he put it over Stian's throbbing cockhead. He slowly rolled it down and he could feel the cock vibrating under his touch as the condom rolled down.

"Hey Stian, you ever fuck anybody?"

"My girlfriend. Many times."

"Well, you just make sure that my ass is lubed before you shove that monster in there."

TJ turned over and kneeled in front of Stian. He closed his eyes, waiting for the pain. He felt Stian's fingers rubbing his balls and then one finger in his crack and then he felt the tip of Stian's tongue on his pink hole.

Oh fuck, it was the most incredible feeling he had ever had. Stian held the two buns apart as his tongue explored as deep as possible up TJ's prize. Then his put one finger, then two inside - working his spit in as deep as possible.

Then he knelt behind TJ and held his one hand one TJ's hips while his other aimed his boner for TJ's crack. He slowly put the head in. TJ's breathing was getting faster as he felt Stian's cockhead enter his crack.

His other hand he placed on TJ's hips and then he slowly pushed his hips forward and felt himself slide into TJ.

There was a gasp of air as TJ felt the monster go inside of him. It felt huge and it was painful. Stian fucked TJ's ass slowly at first until he felt TJ relax slightly and then he bent forward and wrapped his arms around TJ placing his flat hands on TJ's abs. He gripped TJ tightly and then the movement went faster. TJ's back arched as he felt the monster cock inside of him - it felt much bigger than the five and a half he had eaten.

Stian was puffing like a steam train when he felt the build up inside of him. TJ could feel the cock thicken and he tightened his ass muscles, locking Stian inside of him as he offloaded.

"aaaaggghhhhhh", Stian cried as he erupted.

TJ collapsed on to the bed with Stian on top of him. They lay like that for an hour, not saying anything. Eventually Stian pulled his limp cock slowly out of TJ. TJ rolled over and smiled at him, "That was so fucking incredible."

"You're a much better fuck than my girl", Stian smiled.

TJ pulled the condom off of Stian and held it up.

"Pity to waste this." said TJ. With that he looked over at Cody who was sleeping on his back.

TJ stood over Cody and slowly let the cum drip from the condom. He made a pattern all over Cody's chest and stomach. He pulled the covers down and covered Cody's cock and pubes with the rest.

TJ waited until he heard snoring coming from Stian's bed and he wrapped his fist around his dynamite, rock-hard six and a half. He slowly moved his hand up and down. He knew that he could have got Stian to blow him earlier but he wanted to lay and think about his two friends. He lifted up his left leg and butt and moved his hand underneath him and found his crack with his finger. It was still tender from Stian fucking him.

He stroked his boner, long slow strokes - spreading his precum around his perfect round head and under the ridge. His cock was covered in white foam from his precum. As he felt himself reaching a climax, he pushed his finger hard into his crack - he felt the pain but it felt good. He arched his back and held his boner down as tight as possible. The juice flew in an arc from the head and landed on his chest and stomach, some landed on his chin. He relaxed.

The sun was starting to show itself through the bedroom window. TJ woke up when he heard Cody.

"What the fuck, damn it to hell."

"Hey Code, whatsup dude?"

"I can't fuckin believe this," Cody was pissed, "I've had a fuckin wet dream, just look at this."

Cody sat up on his bed. He showed TJ where the cum had dried on his chest and stomach. He pushed his morning piss boner down.

"Just look at this, I musta cum a fuckin bucket, my pubes are like fuckin steel wool."

TJ had to try and control himself from laughing. He lay back in his bed and put his pillow over his face. Cody watched as TJ's stomach lurched as he was laughing under his pillow.

"I don't think it's fuckin funny TJ."

That was too much for TJ and he had to run to the bathroom to piss before he wet himself.

At break, Cody avoided the cafeteria. His stomach still hurt like hell and he was determined to avoid Mark at all costs. He sat under a tree eating his burger. Stian had gone to the school library. He looked over to the school steps and he saw a group of guys standing talking. One of them was Mark.

Mark was going to the secretary's office when another boy stepped in front of him. "Ross wants to speak toya."

Mark looked at the boy. It was Daniel, he was a senior in school and on the football team. He was built like a brick shithouse.


"Dunno, ask him yourself."

Mark turned around to face Ross. His normal group was following him. Guys from the swim team and some of the senior football players. One of them was Zack. Mark hated him because he was the biggest bully in school. Him and Ross made an evil team.

Ross looked at Mark, "Hey Mark, what's this I hear about your cousin inviting some foreign punks to swim in the county champs?"

Ross had the same build as Mark and strength for strength they were probably equal. Ross had blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. He always wore tight T-shirts to show off his well-developed body to anyone who cared to look - and a lot did.

"Know nothing about it, ask him yourself." Mark turned away and started walking.

Zack grabbed Mark by the shoulder and turned him around. "Hey don't walk away when Ross talks to you man."

Cody had moved closer to see and hear what was happening. So that was Ross - fuck no wonder he was the school hero, just his looks would've done that without his swimming trophies.

Mark glared at Ross, "Hey Ross, call off your fucking goons. I don't know anything okay." He turned to Zack.. "Take your fucking hands offa me."

"Make me."

Ross pushed Zack closer, "Yeah Zack, make him."

There were a couple of things that Mark hated, one of them was being called Marky. He grabbed Zack and the two of them went falling across the steps. Daniel went down and separated them and grabbed Mark under his arms, holding them up over his head.

Zack came forward and started to hit him in the gut. He was about to hit him again when he felt himself flying sideways. Cody had come from nowhere.

Cody and Zack went down the steps in a heap. The other boy with Ross kicked and managed to kick Cody in his crotch.

"Ooh fuck," Cody grabbed his crotch and went down in pain and tears. He just lay there groaning.

Daniel turned Mark around and hit him once in the gut and he almost lifted off his feet. He collapsed in a heap next to Cody.

There was a crowd of students standing, watching the fight.

Ross moved away, followed by his goons. They were laughing. "Hey Daniel, you need to take TJ Elliott out like that. He's too fuckin big for his boots."

The nurse had finished looking at Mark and he left the first aid room. Cody was sitting outside, Stian was with him. They didn't look up as he came out.

"Hey Cody," Mark walked over to where they were sitting.

They looked up at him.

"Listen, I've been a kinda jerk. Well I've been a huge jerk, I'm sorry." He held out his hand. Cody shook it and stood up. Then Mark and Stian shook hands.

"Thanks for trying to help. You okay?"

"Hey I'm fine. But it wouldn't have happened if Stian and me weren't around."

Mark smiled at them, "Hey, Ross would've found some other reason to set his goons on me. He doesn't have much time for the Elliotts in this town."

Old man Kennedy gave Stian and Cody each a strange pair of baggies to put on over their Speedo's. It had pockets everywhere.

"OK, listen up. As you swim, those pockets collect water and cause drag and you end up pulling an extra fifty percent of your body weight through the water."

They pulled on the shorts and tied the tie as tight as possible, as instructed by Kennedy. At the signal they dived into the pool. Both boys felt like someone had thrown an anchor out for them as they dragged through the water. It didn't take long and their arms felt like lead.

Old man Kennedy kept on at them, shouting at them and promising them the wrath of every leper in the world if they stop. This kept up for an hour.

The next hour was spent doing tumble turns, one after the other. Then diving, entering the water.

"Okay, that's a day's worth. You guys stink, it's no wonder we whipya ass at every olympics," Kennedy shouted.

"Oh fuck, I feel like I'm dyin." Cody leaned back in the cab of the truck.

"My arms feel like they are going to fall off," Stian moaned

TJ laughed, "Don't forget you guys have got homework assignments."

"Oh no!" They both groaned together.

TJ's mom was fussing over her guests at suppertime. "So, how are you boys enjoying Bowling Green?"

"Its amazing Mrs. Elliott. This is a real hard hitting town." Cody rubbed his stomach and the other boys cracked laughing.