foreignttl.jpg (15316 bytes) The Adventures of Cody and TJ

By Cody Taronto


WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!


The annual county swimming championships were a huge event in Bowling Green. All the schools in the county were represented and the town put on its best carnival atmosphere.

The run up to the champs was just as exciting. Underground bookies were taking bets on winners and as usual the odds were on Ross Maguire. Ross, for all his bullshit, was the best swimmer the county had seen and he was headed for the US Olympic team if he kept his current trend up. Since the age of 8 years old Ross had won every county championships event held in his age group. Nothing was going to change that this year.

The night before the trials, TJ's folks organised a barbecue. A lot of TJ's friends were there, Mark and his friends were there, TJ's brothers were there. Stian and Cody were the center of attraction.

Everyone wanted to know how they felt about their chances.

Old man Kennedy and Mr. Elliott were standing at the barbecue, "So Joss, what are their chances."

Old man Kennedy giggled, "TJ picked them well. Ross Maguire is the only kid that is gonna outswim them. They don't know it though. I've bullshitted them all the damn way. Else they get too cocky."

Mr. Elliott laughed.

Debbie and TJ had disappeared up to his room. They had been friends for about three years now. Although they were going steady, they never put any pressure on each other. They still saw their own friends.

TJ was furiously undressing Debbie on his bed and she was battling with his jeans. Their tongues were playing tonsil hockey. TJ's finger moved down her stomach until he came to her pubes. Then he found the wet spot and his finger slowly slid into her. She gasped and her knees buckled at the sensation.

Her hands went down on TJ's boner and she started stroking him.

"You got it," TJ asked in between the kissing.


Debbie pulled the condom out of her purse and gave it to TJ. He quickly sat on the bed and unwrapped it. He squeezed the end as he rolled it down on to his boner.

Debbie lay on her back with her knees bent. TJ lay over her, his arms next to her head. Debbie guided him in with her one hand. TJ felt her muscles contract around his cock as it went into her.

He started slowly and then speeded up. Debbie was arching back making it easier for him to get into her pussy.

"Jeez TJ you should've been a rattlesnake."

TJ just arched his back and continued his thrusting motion deep inside of her. His nuts were hitting her crotch with each inward thrust. He felt her contract as she started to cum and then he shot his load. He arched his back and pushed his boner in as deep as he could, he felt her tighten around him.

Everyone ate till they couldn't stuff any more food down their throats.

Mr. Elliot came up to where TJ, Mark, Debbie, Kathy, Stian and Cody were sitting. "TJ, I think Cody and Stian need to get an early night, it's going to be a big day tomorrow."

Every student was at the school pool to watch the trials. The diehards would be sitting with the pads and old records and their stop watches, timing every lap.

Cody and Stian were in the change rooms with old man Kennedy. Stian was pulling his arms back over his head, stretching. Cody as shaking his legs and arms.

"There's time enough for that later. Okay, you know your events. Cody you're in the 100 and 200 freestyle and the 100 and 200 fly. There will be three heats and then a final. You have to come in the first three to make the final. The first three in the final go through to the county champs. Stian, you are in the 100 and 200 back and breaststroke. There is a chance that you are going to be selected for the school relay teams but I'll be honest with you. Ross will dictate who gets selected for the school teams."

Cody was too nervous to say anything. He just listened.

TJ was up in the bleachers, sitting with Mark and his folks. They were as nervous as anything.

The first event was the 100 freestyle heats. All eyes were on the swimmers as they came up to the blocks. Cody was in the third heat. His main interest was the first heat, in which Ross was swimming.

As the buzzer went, he watched as Ross made a clean entry into the water and was way ahead of the pack before the last swimmer even hit the water. The distance increased between Ross and the pack as he hit the 50-yard turn. He was a half pool length ahead when he touched the wall at the end of the race.

Cody couldn't believe what he had just seen. He had never seen anyone swim that fast.

Before long it was Cody's heat. He stepped up to the blocks. He could feel the eyes on him. He didn't dare look around.

TJ sat with his hands together, his knuckles were white.

Cody didn't see Ross standing at the door of the change rooms - he had a special interest in seeing how Cody would do against the other guys.

The buzzer sounded. The swimmers hit the water simultaneously. Cody felt like he was swimming in molasses as he stroked through the water. All he could see around him was white water. He got to the turn and his timing was out and he kicked the wall too early. He came out of the turn in 7th place out of the ten swimmers.

Ross smiled as he realized the mistake Cody had made - he was out of it. He looked up to where TJ was sitting. TJ had his head down, shaking it.

Cody knew that he would have to put everything he had into his finish and he kicked.

TJ lifted his head and watched in fascination as he saw Cody start overtaking the pack. 6th place, then 5th, 4th. Cody just managed to touch the wall in 3rd place.

Ross didn't believe what he had just seen happen in the water. It was impossible to come from 7th place to 3rd in one pool length.

TJ and Mark were screaming at the top of their voices as they jumped up and down.

Cody got out of the water and looked up at the two of them and giggled, "Maniacs."

Stian came second in the 100-breaststroke heat, a third of a pool length behind Ross. The crowd was going wild. Where on earth did these two swimmers come from?

Cody and Stian maintained their momentum for the remainder of the day, finishing in the finals of all their events.

During the supper break they were sitting with TJ and his folks, and Mark and old man Kennedy.

"So, how do you guys feel?" old man Kennedy asked.

"Excellent", said Cody

"With my hands," said Stian and everyone laughed.

"Just remember, the finals tonight, you've got Ross in all of them."

The crowd had swollen since the supper break. People had come to the school from the office. Word had spread that two new swimmers were knocking out some of the top swimmers.

The crowd went wild as Ross won the 100 freestyle, closely followed by Cody. Ross won the 200 freestyle with Cody in third place. Cody also followed him in closely in the 100m butterfly and the 200m butterfly. Stian's record was just as successful, coming in the first three, in all his events. TJ, Mark and his folks were going crazy on the bleachers. They couldn't believe it.

Old man Kennedy had watery eyes at the end of the evening. "You've still got something to give these kids you old fart." he said to himself.

TJ sat on his bed with a towel around himself. He had just showered and his skin was still wet. "Hey, I want you guys to lay down here."

Cody and Stian smiled, they guessed what TJ might be up to. They lay down on his bed. They were both naked. TJ kneeled between the two of them and slowly stroked his fingers down their stomachs, feeling their stomach muscles jump as he moved down to their pubes. Two boners suddenly stood up. TJ grabbed one in each hand and started stroking them.

He went down on his knees and took them in his mouth, one by one. They sat up and then asked TJ to lay down. They straddled on either side of his face, offering their boners to his mouth. He got two cockheads in his mouth and his tongue worked its magic on them. Cody had his fist around TJ's boner while Stian played with his nuts. Cody was the first to gasp and TJ started swallowing. Some of Cody's cum shot out on to Stian's boner and TJ licked that off. When they had both shot their loads, they went down on TJ and two mouths, tongues like snakes around his boner.

Cody was taking long strokes up the length of his cock while Stian's tongue worked on his head, paying particular attention to the ridge. As TJ started to shoot his load Cody held his boner like a fire hose. He aimed it at his mouth and then at Stian's so they each got an equal mouthful.

They fell asleep in a tangle of legs and arms, as close to each other as they could get.