foreignttl.jpg (15316 bytes) The Adventures of Cody and TJ

By Cody Taronto


WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!


All the guys from the school were crowded around the school notice board. Their main interest was to see who was selected for the school's swim relay teams.

"Hey Cody, you guys are on every single relay." TJ screamed at the top of his voice.

There was a buzz from the crowding students. The talk was about the two foreign kids who had made it on to the prestige team events.

"There's gonna be a big event at the school the night before the champs. All the guys get presented with their school colors, track suits, Speedo's, towels - a whole damn kit bag full of stuff." TJ was beside himself he was so excited.

Cody and Stian were too stunned.

Old man Kennedy slapped them both on the back. "OK, so now we know, go and get changed - we've got work to do."

Cody and Stian groaned. They went to the change rooms and got into the training gear.

The next few days were spent training hard, in and out of the pool. Mrs. Elliot made pasta dishes almost every night for the boys.

"Mom, do I have to eat this Italian stuff as well? I'm not swimmin." TJ moaned

"You got them into this, you will join them in their suffering." she smiled.

"Hey, this is good Mrs. Elliott" Cody said with a mouth stuffed full of pasta. And it was good.

It was late afternoon. It had been one of the hottest days recorded in Bowling Green and the air was still and stifling hot. TJ, Mark, Stian and Cody were alone at the house.

"Hey, I want to get into the pool." Cody got up off of the bed.

"Thought you might be tired after all the swimmin you guys have been doing." said TJ who was lying on his bed with only his CKs on.

"Well, I'm tired as anything but I'm hot as hell and needta cool off."

All the boys hit the water at the same time, four pairs of naked asses flying through the air. The water sprayed up as they bomb dropped into the middle of the pool. Even the pool water wasn't as cold as it could have been but at least it was wet. After swimming a few laps, Stian jumped up on to the side of the pool and sat with his feet in the water.

Mark swam up to him. "Hey Stian, do you taste as good as Cody?" he whispered up to Stian.

Stian just smiled at him, "Hey guys I'm going to shower."

Mark jumped out of the pool as well, "Me too."

Cody and TJ stayed in the pool.

As they got into the bedroom, Mark tackled Stian down on to the bed and pinned him down with his arms above his head. Stian's cock was resting against his stomach. Mark laid down on him and immediately could feel Stian start getting hard. Mark felt his own cock rising and poking Stian in the crotch.

Marks tongue started to work on Stian's nipples. Stian arched back and Mark felt his boner as it rode up against his stomach, the precum wet and sticky. Mark moved up and sat across Stian's chest. Stian looked at Mark's boner, which was straight up, hard and glistening with precum. He could feel Mark's nuts resting on his chest. Mark pushed his boner down and Stian moved his head forward to get it into his mouth. His tongue started working around and around Mark's tender cockhead. Mark groaned as he felt the tongue caressing his cock.

He reached back and grabbed Stian's boner and started stroking it. Stian's fingers reached behind him and found his crack. Slowly he pushed his one finger into Mark's pink hole, it was tight as anything. Then he put a second finger in, as Mark started to relax.

Mark maneuvered Stian's cock into a position for him to slide on to it. He lifted his butt and straddled Stian's hard cock, he held it in his one hand.

Stian looked up at him, "Are you not going to use a condom?"

Mark shook his head, he didn't want to spoil anything by talking right now.

He made sure that Stian's cockhead was positioned at his pink hole and slowly he moved his butt down on to it. His ass was still tight and it was a bit painful but the feeling was fantastic. He started getting a rush to the head as he moved further and further down on to Stian's hard muscle. When he had moved down all the way and he could feel Stian's nuts up against him, he spread his legs a bit more so his ass could relax. He stayed like that for a while before lifting himself. He felt Stian's cock ride out of him. Just before the head came out, he slid back down. He continued until he was moving up and down in a fluid motion. His eyes were closed as he rode Stian like a bucking bronco.

Stian had hold of Mark's boner with both hands and was stroking it. He felt Mark's ass tighten with each stroke - it was driving him crazy. He was arching back and trying to push his cock deeper and deeper into Mark - he had never in his life felt anything as incredible as this. He felt the build up inside of him. He stroked Mark's boner faster and faster.

"Aaaggghhhh", Stian screamed as he started to offload his warm juice right inside of Mark. Mark gasped as he felt the rush of warmth inside of him and then he shot his own load. It went flying across into Stian's face and on his chest and stomach.

When they were both spent, Mark lay down on Stian's chest. They lay like that for a while.

Down in the pool, Cody was laying back while sitting on the steps. TJ was going down on his hard boner and he was in seventh heaven. Just minutes before, TJ had shot a load of juice down his throat and now he was getting his own oil change. TJ slurped as he went up and down on Cody's boner, his tongue riding up and down the shaft. Cody arched back and TJ felt the warm lava hit the back of his throat at high speed. He swallowed, and then he swallowed again, as another load of boy juice erupted from Cody's swollen boner.

The next morning all the swimmers from the school met in the school gym. Training times were sorted out. The relay teams would all train with the school seniors swim coach. TJ and Stian would continue to do their individual training with old man Kennedy.

The change rooms were quite busy with guys getting ready for the day of hard work. Cody sat down on the bench and looked across the change room. Ross was standing at his locker. He took his Speedo's from his bag and then took off his shorts. Cody stared at his strong muscular back. As he turned around, Cody could see the firm muscled pecs and his six-pack and the two lines that shot like arrows from his hips to his pubes. His cock, even limp, looked thick and solid as it rested across his nuts, which hung low. The head of his cock was pink while the rest of it was pale and smooth. Cody watched as he pulled on his Speedo's - they were the American flag Speedo's. As he pulled them up he arranged his cock and balls comfortably. A perfect bulge formed in the front.

"What the fuck you staring at?" Ross' voice woke Cody up out of his trance.

"Nothin." Cody said and he got up and changed into his own Speedo's. He noticed Ross staring at him while he was changing and he felt himself start getting hard. He speeded up the process of getting dressed and tucked his cock in to keep it down.

As Cody left the change room to go to the pool area Ross bumped into him and Cody felt Ross' hand glide across the crotch of his Speedo's.

Throughout the training session, Cody felt Ross staring at him.

"Cody, I've got to go to an extra maths class this afternoon." Stian was pulling his tracksuit on over his Speedo's. "TJ said that he would meet us here in a half hour, will you just tell him. I will phone him when the class is finished."

"OK, cool. I'll seeya later." Cody grabbed his tog bag and headed towards the change room.

When he got there Ross was sitting, still in his Speedo's, at his locker, appearing to be looking for something in his tog bag.

Cody threw his tog bag down and went towards the shower.

"Hey Cody!" Ross got up and walked towards him. Cody turned around to face him.

Ross was about six inches taller than Cody.

"Listen, can I ask you something?"

"Sure." Cody wasn't sure what Ross was up to but he was being turned on standing so close to Ross. He could smell him and he had an eyeful off Ross' nipples in front of his nose almost.

"Well, what I wanted to ask you was this. You guys wanted to get me on my own, so here I am. What are you going to do about it?"

"Oh shit." thought Cody, this is not what he had in mind.

"Look, Ross, I don't want any problems okay." Cody stepped away.

"What problems? Here I am, come on, take me out. Isn't that what TJ said, huh?"

"I'm not gonna fight ya Ross, just leave me okay."

Ross' right hand flew out and caught Cody with a flat hand across his left cheek. Cody's cheek felt like it was on fire. He stepped back.

"Just fuck off and leave me alone."

Ross pushed Cody against the chest and he stumbled backwards. Then the right hand flew out and then the left.

"Come one alien, I think you're a chicken shit. Tell you what, I'll just stand here, you can fucking hit me as hard as you like, that's fair isn't it?" Ross hit Cody again.

Cody's face was flushing and he was getting angry.

"Come on you little cunt fairy, hit me." Ross lifted his arms up.

Cody's fist flew through the air and connected Ross in the stomach. Cody felt like he had hit a steel wall. Ross just stood there and smiled.

"My turn," he smiled at Cody.

Cody was too late to cover up and Ross' right fist hit him like a sledgehammer in his stomach.

"Ooooooohh," Cody's knees buckled under him and he fell, the wind knocked out of him.

"Get up you little cunt, your turn."

Cody swung at Ross but his fight flow over his head as Ross ducked. The upper cut caught Cody in the stomach, under his rib cage. Everything went dark.

Ross pulled his cock out of his Speedo's and pissed on Cody, as he lay there unconscious. He laughed as he walked away.

TJ's cock was buried deep inside of Debbie. He had just shot a mother load.

"Oh TJ, that was incredible. I doubt there's any other guy in town as good as you."

TJ just smiled at her, "Hey, you're pretty damn good yourself."

TJ stood up and she stood next to him and kissed him, her hands running down his chest and his stomach. She kneeled down in front of him and pulled off the condom. She took his thick cock in her hand and started cleaning it inside her mouth. TJ felt himself growing hard again.

"Hey TJ?" There was a shout from downstairs.

TJ and Debbie got dressed and went down. It was Stian.

"Hey, thought you were still at school, what's up?"

Stian looked worried, "It's Cody, he's just been taken to hospital."