foreignttl.jpg (15316 bytes) The Adventures of Cody and TJ

By Cody Taronto


WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!


Cody tossed and turned on the hospital bed.

The Colosseum was filled to capacity. All the citizens of Rome had come out to witness the annual event.

Once a year they have an event where boys between the ages of 15 and 18 years old compete in fights to the death, exactly as their older counterparts, the gladiators do. One hundred of the fittest and strongest teenage boys are taken from their homes and given one weeks combat hand to hand training before being thrown into the death circus.

Cody, TJ and Stian had been captured near the town of Salerno and brought to Rome to compete in this event. The boys who lived would become sex slaves to their masters - sometimes it would be better to die in the arena.

Cody stared out of the grate at the fight currently underway. Two blonde boys, perfectly muscled and oiled were fighting each other. They had no weapons. It was a fight to the death. They were naked, except for a leather thong around their muscled arms, which gave details about their names, and the towns they had come from. Muscles strained as they grabbed each other. Perspiration ran off of their bodies.

One of the boys managed to get behind the other. He had his one arm around the other boy's neck and the other arm was on the side of the head. He knew that he had his opponent now. He turned him around and faced the platform where the royal wives were sitting. He waited for the signal. The wives, in unison, held the thumbs down.

The boy who was being held was desperately trying to escape the death grip. He felt the arm tighten around his throat. The spectators watched in fascination as the boy about to die got an erection and his juice started spilling on to the dusty arena floor.

A crack filled the air and the boy fell to the ground, on his back. His cock exploded and his juices erupted all over his stomach as his body twitched. He was still alive, taking his final breaths. One of the centurions gave the victor a castration knife. It was customary that the victor castrates his victim and present the loser's cock and balls on a silver tray to the royal wives.

The boy grabbed his victim's balls in his one hand and lifted them and pushed the castration knife in hard. The victim screamed - a blood-curdling scream as the knife dug deep. Then in a flash the victor was holding his cock and balls above his head, the blood running down his arms. The boy on the ground twitched a couple of times as the blood spurted from his groin and he died. A couple of slaves ran into the arena and dragged the boy's body out. It would be fed to the lions.

TJ, Cody and Stian looked as the next group was brought on. This time, there were four boys. They looked like they were about eighteen years old. They each carried a weapon. One of the boys carried a net and a trident, another carried a spiked ball on a chain and a short stabbing knife, another carried a javelin and a knife and the last one carried two short spears.

The royal wives got excited when they saw these strong muscular teens enter the arena. This was going to be a good contest with lots of blood. Again, the boys were naked, except for the armbands. The perfect bodies were oiled to show off each ripple of their muscles.

The signal was given and the fight started. The boy carrying the trident was quick and it wasn't long before the three points of the trident were protruding from the back of the boy who had been carrying the two short spears. His cock got hard and his juice started spilling from it as he started dying. The spears dropped from his hands and he died on his feet, blood spurting from his mouth. Trident boy ripped the trident back and his victim's body sagged to the ground. One of the Centurions came into the arena, took his castration knife and removed the cock and balls of the dead boy - his blood soaking the ground around him. The contest continued until only one boy was left standing. The other three were all castrated and removed from the arena.

Now it was the turn of TJ, Stian and Cody. They were up against Ross and two of his bully boy friends. The crowd erupted as the six boy gods entered the arena. Shining muscled, naked, each carrying only a castration knife. This contest was going to be quick and the only rules were to castrate your opponent as quickly as possible and let him die. The fight started. Almost immediately TJ was face to face with an opponent but he remembered what he had been taught. His castration knife shot out and up under his opponents crotch and he lifted it - all in a fleeting second. His opponent's cock and balls fells to the ground and his eyes glazed over, unbelievingly. TJ felt the warm rush of blood as it pumped from his victim's crotch on to his legs.

Cody and Ross were fighting and Ross had managed to knock Cody to the ground. He pinned Cody with his one foot. Cody felt his cock and balls being lifted by Ross - he knew that knife was going to be into him in any second - and he screamed.

"Cody, what the fuck's going on?"

Cody woke up in a sweat and saw TJ smiling at him. He looked down. TJ had his hands up the hospital blankets and Cody could feel his hands on his cock. "Fuck TJ, I had such a crazy dream."

"Hmmm Sounds more like you had a crazy nightmare. So - hey - what happened?"

Cody wanted to tell TJ but he also didn't want TJ to think he was a wimp. "I don't know, I must have slipped in the shower and knocked my head or something."

TJ looked at him. "Yeah, those bruises on your stomach? Happen at the same time?"

Cody pulled the covers up over his stomach, "Yeah."

"So, when are you able to get outta here Cody?"

"The doctor said that I can go whenever I feel up to it."

TJ smiled "Oh?"

Cody felt as TJ's hands went in under the covers. He felt TJ's hand tighten around his boner and start stroking him. Faster and faster - Cody laid back and closed his eyes as he felt TJ's hand tighten even more around his boner. He arched back as he felt his juice rising inside of him. TJ knew the signal. He put his head under the blankets and swallowed Cody's boner just as his juice erupted.

"OK, I think you're up to it," TJ smiled, "tell the doc you want to go."

The swimming facilities at Western Kentucky University were excellent. The swimmers from Bowling Green had been given permission to train here before the County Championships. It was here that the Championships would be held.

Old man Kennedy met them under the grandstand at the end of the pool.

"Right, now's your chance, get used to the feel. This is not the high school pool, it's different."

"A pool is a pool," Stian said.

"No, not for this competition. You kids ever been in a competition this big before?"

They both shook their head.

"Well, take my word for it. You are going to need every bit of concentration you've got to even get into the finals. Get into the water. All I want you guys to do is swim lengths. You've got two hours in lanes 9 and 10 - make the most of it."

Cody and Stian got changed and were just about to enter the water when Ross and his group arrived.

"Hey, they Alien Nation. Hey Cody, I heard you had a stomach problem, is that true?" Everyone in his group laughed.

"What is he talking about Cody?"


Cody felt a hand grab his hair and he was pulled up on to his feet, "Ross is speaking to you."

Cody's eyes were watering. Daniel turned him around so he was facing Ross.

Ross stood right up against Cody. Their chests were touching. Ross whispered at him, "I'm surprised you never ran to your friends and told them what happened."

Stian came up to them, "What's the problem Cody?"

"No problem, none that I can't handle myself anyway."

Ross giggled, "You are a little cunt, I just want you to know that it wasn't my choice to have you in the school relay teams."

Cody smiled at him, "Well Stian and me are on the team. And I don't care whether you like it or not."

Ross shoved Cody and he lost his footing and went falling backwards into the water. They all laughed as the walked away, leaving Stian to help Cody out of the water.

"You want what?"

"I want a pair of USA flag Speedo's, size 28."

TJ looked at Cody, "But, you always told me you take size 32."

Cody smiled, "It's not for me, it's a gift for a friend."

Mark walked around the counter, holding the Speedo's in his hand. The blonde bird with the big tits came over to him. "You sure those are the right size?"

"Fuck TJ, I hate you for sending me to buy these things," he was thinking, while going blood red, "I would never buy fucking Speedo's."

Mark looked over at her and smiled, "Yeah the size should be great, thanks."

The girl couldn't believe it. When Mark smiled at her she felt the wet patch down in her crotch. "Look, I really think you need to try them on." She grabbed Mark and led him to a changing booth.

She walked in with him and locked the door. She turned on Mark like a tiger. She quickly lifted his T-shirt over his head. She looked at his pecs and his shoulders and his six-pack abs. "Oh my," she sighed.

Mark just smiled as she got to work loosening his jeans and sliding them off. His own briefs showed the outline of his boner, which was fighting for air. She pulled these down quickly and then wrapped both hands around it as she kissed him.

Mark went down and explored her pussy with his tongue, using his finger to lube her up at the same time.

Then he lay down in the cubicle and she straddled him. Mark watched as his hard boner disappeared into her wet pussy. She rode him with her eyes closed. She was moaning and he was enjoying watching as his length disappeared and re-appeared. It was shining with the mix of his and her juices. He felt himself stiffen some more and then he moaned slightly as he felt her pussy muscles tighten around his boner. He erupted inside of her and he tried to push himself deeper into her. They were both covered in sweat. She climbed off of him and then took his boner in her mouth. Her tongue cleaned every inch of him.

"Cum again," she waved, as Mark left the store with the Speedo's. He just smiled.

"Hey Cody, what're you doing with the new Speedo's?"

"Well, you soak them in this powdery stuff and it makes them more slick and waterproof."

TJ looked down at the powder mixture that the Speedo's were being soaked in. "Why are you going to so much trouble it it's just a gift? Is it for Stian?"

Cody smiled, "Nope, this is for someone really special."

That evening, Cody went to the movies with Mark. Stian and TJ stayed at home. TJ was lying naked, on his stomach on his bed. Stian, also naked, was straddling him and massaging his shoulders.

"Fuck Stian, that feels so damn good."

"It's a Scandinavian massage, supposed to relax you."

TJ rolled over on to his back. His cock was as hard as a rock and hugging his gut, "Well, it's not relaxing me all that well." he smiled.

Stian turned around and his balls were hanging in TJ's face. TJ opened his mouth and let Stian's balls just sink down into the cavity and his tongue started rolling them around in his mouth. TJ could feel each perfect ball as he rolled them around on his tongue.

He gasped as he felt Stian's mouth tug on his boner and he felt as it was sucked in.

Stian's tongue rode the length of TJ's boner. He forced TJ's boner almost all the way into his mouth, until he started gagging.

TJ played with Stian's boner, which was thumping in his hands. Then Stian changed position so that he could fuck TJ's face. TJ took his boner into his mouth and sucked it in. He felt as Stian started moving his hips and the boner slid in and out of his mouth - the precum mixing with his sweat.

He arched as he felt the juice rising inside of him. He could hear Stian gagging as he tried his best to swallow. TJ felt some of his juice mixed with spit running on to his balls and into his pubes. Then he felt Stian's tongue cleaning his balls and he shot another load, this time into Stian's face.

He felt Stian's boner get thicker in his mouth. It lifted and then erupted. The rush down his throat as he swallowed - then more - and more. TJ sucked and swallowed for all he was worth.

After a while Stian collapsed on top of him and they lay there for a long time.

Mark told Cody about the girl in the department store and Cody cracked laughing, wishing he was the girl. As Mark was talking, Cody's hand was working his boner. They were in a row of seats on their own. They weren't even sure of what movie was playing.

Soon, they each had a boner in each other's hand and they jacked each other off. Their hands exploring each other's bodies at the same time.

The next day, all the boys were up early. Cody took the new Speedos and carefully placed them in a separate towel in his tog bag.

This was the last day available for training. Tonight was the big initiation for all the new swimmers (there was only one other new guy besides Cody and Stian - he was 13).

Tomorrow night there would be a big hype at the high school and the competition would start the following day, Friday.

Because of it being the last training day, the stands were full of students from the high school.

Cody looked up at the crowded stands. "Perfect!", he said.