His loincloth waved against him as he jumped from the tree down to the ground.

The humidity in the jungle was high and the perspiration was running off of his smooth, lithe body. Steam erupted from the ground as it gave up it's moisture.

He heard a human sound and had to find out where it was coming from. He ran as fast as his strong muscular legs would carry him, towards the direction of the sound.

Every muscle in his body clearly defined as he ran across the jungle floor, his leg muscles bulging with each step.

When he got to the river he saw a young boy swimming for all his might, to get to the side of the river and not far behind him he saw it - a huge African crocodile gliding towards the swimming boy.

Without thinking he dived into the water and swam towards the boy and then passed him to intercept the crocodile. The croc saw him and changed course towards his new target.

The boy made it to the bank and just sat there exhausted, his chest and stomach heaving from exhaustion. He watched as the croc got to the stranger and then both disappeared.

The Jaguar, as he was known, had wrapped himself around the croc and was almost riding it like a horse - he put both hands on to the crocs eyes and using every ounce of strengh he pushed his hands into them. The croc twisted and turned and when Jaguar let go, the croc swam away back to where it had come from.

The Jaguar swam to the river bank to where the boy was now standin. When he emerged from the water he looked at the boy and they stared at each other. Both of them were muscular and both were from the jungle. The boys loincloth was dark, made from the hide of the African wildebees and the Jags was made from the skin of a leopard. The boy looked up at Jaguar, at the long black curly locks, flowing down on to strong, muscular shoulders. His chest rose and fell with his breathing, giving way to a flat, well-defined stomach. The loin cloth sat snugly on his hips, with just a smatter of black pubic hair searching for escape.

Jag told the boy to follow him and, in spite of how tired they were, they ran along the jungle floor for miles, before coming to a huge tree with high foliage. The boy watched as Jag climbed the tree, fast, like a jungle cat. He followed, the muscles in his arms flexing as he pulled himself higher into the tree.

At the top of a tree was a treehouse and the boy went inside. As soon as he entered, the Jaguar embraced him, his tongue finding the boys mouth and forcing his lips apart. As his tongue entered the boy's mouth, the boy responded, his hands resting on muscular arms. The Jag moved his hands down to the side of the boy and untied his loincloth. He moved a bit away admired the boys growing manhood with the dark tuft of pubic hair above it.

The boy then untied the Jags loincloth to reveal his beautiful muscled length standing straight up and looking at the sky.

The boy bent down and enclosed the Jag's manhood in his fist and then stroked its length. He pulled the foreskin open and over his tongue. His tongue rolled around under the foreskin and over the Jags silky cock head.

The Jag's body re-acted with each slice of the boy's tongue. Bolts of lightning shot through his body and he felt the mouth enclose around his manhood, a hand under his seed sack.

The Jag then lifted the boy under the arms and the boy wrapped his legs around the narrow waist as he held around the strong shoulders.

Slowly Jag let the boy down on to his steel-hard cock and the boy gasped slightly as he felt the penetration in his crack. He felt it grow as he slid on to it, his own erect boner crushed between them. The Jag moved across to his sleeping mat and slowly went down and put the boy on his back without exiting him. Then he started to move in and out of the boy. With one hand he grabbed the boys precum-covered boner and started movin it up and down, rubbin the precum into the full length. He started goin faster and faster in and out of the boy. He started to roar like a wild jungle cat and the boy felt a huge explosion inside of him as the Jag's hot molten lava shoot inside him. It seemed never ending, one load after the other. The Jag arched back as he continued to shoot his magic into the boy and the boy wanted to grab that muscled body and hold it against him forever.

Then the Jag sat astride the boy and held the boys boner and he slipped his crack on to it. He rode the boy and the boy screamed with delight at the beautiful feeling inside of him. The boy arched back as he started to release his load into his rescuer and he screamed out louder. The birds left their high tree perches and the jungle came alive with the sound of their screeching.

"Cody, Cody wake up - it's time for school" my mom shouted thru the door.

"Oh fuck" I got up and went to the shower to jerk off, what a fantastic dream.

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