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The Adventures
TJ and Cody

These stories were written by, and are the property of Cody Taronto. You may post them and link to them but you may not edit them or change them in any way.

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!


As the door swung open, Cody jumped behind the curtain. He peeped through the gap.

TJ stared at the thing that walked into the room. He stifled a scream. He struggled but his hands and feet were too securely tied.

Cody's eyes grew huge as he looked at the hideous hag that came into the room. She was naked. Her face was totally scarred. There was almost no nose on the face and the mouth was deformed. One eye was just an empty socket and the other eye was huge and staring. The bod was scarred as well and her tits hung like deflated footballs from her chest.

Emma walked across to TJ. She might have started to smile because her face turned into a hideous snarl. Frightening sounds came from her mouth. Her tentacle like fingers traced a line across TJ’s chest and then down his stomach.

Cody watched as TJ pulled his stomach in tight to try and get away from the gnarled fingers. He watched as Emma's hand moved down and then cradled TJ's nuts. TJ's cock just lay there - he was too terrified to get hard. Then Emma went down and opened the hole where her mouth should have been.

TJ felt as his cock went into Emma's mouth and she started sucking. The feeling was totally weird, but not all that bad. He felt himself getting hard but wished that he wouldn't.

Cody watched as TJ's boner started sliding in and out of Emma's mouth and he felt himself going hard.

The string of precum hung between TJ's cock and Emma's mouth. Then TJ got the fright of his life when her tongue came out to lick it up. It was more like the tongue of a snake and it kind of slithered out to lick up the precum. Then the tongue went down and wound itself around TJ's now hard boner and started pulling. TJ felt the burning pain like someone had kicked him in his crotch as the tongue wrapped around his nuts and pulled even more.

TJ screamed.

Cody charged out from behind the curtain and dived at Emma. She and Cody went sprawling over the bed. She fell against the wall, knocking her head.

Cody jumped up and started untying TJ.

"Move yer ass Cody, mama and her fuckin circus freak son are gonna get in here any minute."

TJ's hands were loose and Cody had undone one of his feet. Cody felt himself being lifted and he went flying across the room as Butch picked him up and threw him against the wall.

TJ jumped off of the bed and looked as Butch bent down over Cody. Without thinking, TJ broke the curtain rail of and charged towards Butch.

Butch had Cody by his throat and was choking him. Already Cody's eyes felt like they were popping out of his head.

TJ went full force and the curtain rail went into Butch's crack and disappeared. Butch's scream was stopped as the rail disintegrated his insides with the force that TJ used to ram it. There was no struggling; Butch just died where he was, on top of Cody.

"Get up Codman, this is no time to be relaxing."

"Yeah right. Hey you look pretty cute." Cody slapped TJ’s sagging boner and smiled.

Both TJ and Cody turned as a groan came from the other side of the room.

"Oh fuck, Emma." TJ grabbed Cody and they dived through the window. As they hit the ground, TJ felt the whistle as the bullet flew passed his head.

"You boys stop right there." It was mama.

There was an open piece of ground between the house and the motel, where the truck was parked. "There's no way we're going to make it down there." said TJ. Another shot rang out.

"Here Cody, follow me - quick." TJ opened a double door leading into the basement of the house.

It was dark and musty.

They both looked as the shadow of mama with the gun passed by the door.

TJ grabbed Cody's arm, "Quick, this way."

They moved quickly and carefully across the basement and TJ found a smaller door. He opened it and they went inside.

"Look for a light or something Cody."

They felt around for a light switch.

"TJ, here's a candle and some matches."

"Cool, light the candle."

Cody carefully lit the candle and held it up. TJ had to put his hand over Cody's mouth to stop his screaming.

All around them, tied to the walls of the room were bodies. They must have been injected with something to preserve them but they were all definitely dead. Most of them were young teenage boys. A couple were older guys. All of them were naked, their eyes staring out in front of them.

The door was flung open and a shot immediately rang out. One of the bodies almost disintegrated as the bullet hit it.

Cody threw the candle at ma and the flame licked at her dress. She moved inside the room, gun at the ready and her dress on fire.

TJ grabbed one of the bodies and swung it towards her and she fired. It was the chance he wanted - he charged past her, dragging Cody with him.

As they left, TJ closed the door behind him and bolted it. A shot went off and a huge hole appeared right next to where he was standing.

They ran across the basement and dived out. They ran across the open lot to the truck. As they got to the truck they turned and looked as the flames started moving through the old house. Flames were already in the bedroom where TJ was tied up. In the window they could see a figure trying to reach out at something, they didn't know what. Then the flames engulfed Emma. It didn't take long for the whole house to be engulfed in flames.

Cody looked at TJ, who was still naked. The firelight played on his body and Cody grabbed him and held him tightly. He could feel TJ's boner waking up against him - he's own was also stirring.

"Back to the room?" TJ asked Cody

"Notafuck, let's get outta here."

TJ was still naked as they drove down the road. Cody put his head on TJ’s lap and played with his boner.

"So, Cody - How're you enjoying America?"

"Hehehe - so what comes after adventureland?"

They both laughed.