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The Adventures
TJ and Cody

These stories were written by, and are the property of Cody Taronto. You may post them and link to them but you may not edit them or change them in any way.

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!


The two men dived into their blue Chevy truck, which was standing close to them. TJ aimed his pistol at the cab and fired. The back window of the cab disintegrated as the driver accelerated and the truck sped off.

TJ ran across to where Cody was lying. He was holding his arm. The blood was seeping through the sleeve of his T-shirt and running through his fingers.

"This must be frontierland huh." Cody said to his friend.

TJ laughed but he was worried. He lifted Cody's sleeve.

"You're lucky. It looks like the bullet just grazed ya arm Cody. But I gotta do something to stop the bleeding."

TJ tore a strip off of Cody's T and wrapped it around the wound on his arm quite tight.

"Oh fuck that hurts."

"Yeah well, we have to stop that bleeding. I'm gonna need to get you to a doc Cody. He might need to amputate." TJ laughed.

Cody giggled at his friend, "You really are fuckin funny, know that?

The doctor cleaned up Cody's arm and bandaged it.

"You're lucky it was only a skin graze."

"Yeah, I can't believe my fuckin luck. First the house of horrors and now this lot. Lovely country this US of A."

TJ giggled, "Didn't ya ever see it in the movies huh?"

"So now how long still?"

They were driving through magnificent countryside.

"Well, we really lost a lotta fucking time with you being robbed and shot so we're gonna have to spend the night somewhere again."

"Hey Teej, let's spend the night campin'. I always wanted to camp with ya."

"Mmm OK - but you need to do me a favour first." TJ smiled his wicked grin at Cody.

Cody leaned against his friend and he undid TJ's jeans. TJ's CKs were bulging with his growing hardon.

"Seeing you lying on the road looking all helpless was quite a turnon." TJ giggled.

Cody pulled the elastic of TJ's CKs down and TJ's boner shot out, straight up. Cody went down and played with TJ's cock head, using the tip of his tongue to tease his friend.

"Fuckin hell Cody. You are so fuckin good with that tongue of yours."

"Gmmmffff" said Cody with a mouthful of TJ's meat as he sucked his friend in.

TJ sank down in the seat of the truck to give Cody and easier time getting to his meat. He steered with his left hand and with his right he lifted up Cody's T and stroked his friends back. Cody's back was well defined, strong and muscular - from all the surfing that he had been doing in South Africa. The feel of Cody's skin under his fingers made him even harder.

Cody was going on him now - up and down, sending electricity through TJ.

"Aaaagghhh", TJ’s boner stiffened against the roof of Cody's mouth and he erupted. This time Cody swallowed every drop of TJ's boy juice, not wanting to waste a drop.

Cody pushed his hands down the pants leg of TJ's jeans - he loved the feel of TJ's legs and TJ tensed his leg muscles for his benefit.

"Hey Cody, that feels good."

They drove for a few hours. Cody was sleeping on TJ's lap.

"Hey Cody, wake up bud." TJ smacked Cody on the back.

Cody lifted his head and looked around in a daze. "Whatsup?"

"I'm hungry. We're gonna stop at the diner up the road."

"Hey, how hungry areya? " Cody pulled the zipper of his jeans down and pulled out his dick.

TJ laughed, "You are fuckin bad buddy."

They got to the diner and TJ indicated to turn off the highway. As he negotiated his turn he accelerated and turned back on to the blacktop and sped away from the diner.

Cody was knocked to the other side of the cab. "What the fuck?"

TJ looked in his rear view mirror, "Those fuckers that shot you. Their pickup is at the diner."

TJ stopped the Ram on the verge and stared straight ahead of him. Then he pulled out his pistol and looked in the chamber.

"What the fuck you thinkin TJ?"

"We owe those fuckers big time." TJ accelerated and turned hard on the wheel and went back towards the diner.

"Hey TJ, I don’t think this is a good idea."

"Want me to drop you here and pick you up later?"

Cody looked at TJ - he was being serious, "No fuckin way - you're gonna need me to look after the holes their bullets make in ya."

TJ drove into the diner parking lot and parked next to their pickup. Glass was lying on the seat in the cab.

TJ jumped out of the cab, "Hungry? Let's go eat, it's on the house."

Cody followed TJ as they went into the diner. The only people inside were the two roughnecks and an old man sitting on the opposite side.

TJ went up to the roughneck's table and sat down. "Hi guys, wantya to meet a friend of mine. Hey Cody, come take a seat here by these nice gents."

"What the fuck do you want?"

TJ looked at the face of the roughneck opposite him. "I want the fuckin 100 you took from my friend here."

They both laughed, "You can suck ma fuckin dick 'fore you get any money from me boy."

TJ looked hard at the man, "Really?"

They both stopped laughing when they heard the hammer being pulled back on TJ's pistol.

"I need you to give my friend the money you took from him." The men could hear by the sound of TJ's voice that he was serious.

"He's not gonna use that thing in here." The other roughneck laughed.

"Try me." TJ looked at the other guy "My .45 is aimed at your friend's dick."

The man opposite TJ went pale "Well we spent some of that money on lunch boy."

"I'm not your fuckin boy. How much you got left?"

"About 70 dollars."

"From a hundred, what the fuck you guys eat? A whole fuckin steer? Give me the money, NOW!!"

The man's hand shot across the table and he dropped the money in front of TJ.

"Cody, pick up the money and go back to the pickup."

Cody was staring bug-eyed at his friend, the hero. He grabbed the money and walked out of the diner.

TJ put his pistol in his belt and walked out of the diner, keeping his eye on the two roughnecks.

As they accelerated out of the parking lot, TJ saw the two running out of the diner. The one had his pistol out. TJ shot at the tire of their pickup and was relieved that it was a hit.

He could only hear the shots as they drove away.

"That's not gonna stop them." Cody stared out of the back of the cab.

"Nope, but it'll give us time to get off this road and take one of the off-road mountain passes. They'll never know which way we went."

"Want me to drive?"

TJ looked across at Cody, "hehe you ever drive before?"

"Nope, but there's always a first time. And you must be buggered."

TJ stared ahead of him, a smile crossing his lips, "OK - let me get us off this road first."

The turn-off was about 10 miles from the diner. TJ turned the truck on to the dirt road and they headed towards the mountains.