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The Adventures
TJ and Cody

These stories were written by, and are the property of Cody Taronto. You may post them and link to them but you may not edit them or change them in any way.

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!


Cody looked at TJ, "Uh oh. You shoudnta done that Jay boy."

Before Jay realized it TJ's fist connected with his jaw and he felt a tooth dislodge into his mouth.

TJ grabbed his hand, "Oh fuck, this fuckin hand, always this fuckin hand."

The other two jumped on top of him. Jay was sitting next to the car in a daze.

Cody grabbed the 15-year-old and swung him around. The fucker hit Cody with a solid punch in the stomach that sent Cody on to his knees. Cody grabbed his foot and he went sprawling down on his back. Cody jumped on top of him and held him down. Then he lifted his head and headbutted Cody on the mouth. Cody tasted the salty blood taste as his lip cracked and he fisted him.

In the meantime TJ had kicked the other 16-year-old karate style and sent him sprawling on to the road, holding his stomach and moaning in agony.

He grabbed Cody's right hand to stop him from hitting the other boy.

"Hey Cody, I think his lights are out." Cody calmed down and looked. The boy’s eyes were closed and his nose and mouth were covered in blood. He got up and stood next to TJ.

TJ looked down at Jay; "I'm driving my truck through here now. If your car is in the way I'm going through the fuckin thing."

TJ started his truck and revved. There was a scurry as the three boys pushed the car out of his way. The truck kicked up a storm of dust and stones as it passed them.

"Fuckin hell. Is this what Wild America is all about?" Cody put his head back.

TJ started giggling and then Cody started. Before long they were both laughing their butts off as the truck went up the mountain road.

As they passed the spot where they had eaten the night before they saw a police tow truck hitching up the pickup that belonged to the two men.

"How much fuckin longer TJ?"

"About six hours drive. We'll get to Bowling Green at about 5pm."

They stopped about an hour later and Cody took over the driving. TJ lifted Cody's T out of his jeans and then undid Cody's belt and then the top button and zipper of his jeans. By the time he got Cody's boner out he was already rock hard.

"You must be the randiest person I know." TJ smiled at his friend.

TJ sat there just holding Cody's six in his hand, feeling it pulsate. He stroked it gently and stroked under Cody's nuts. Cody lifted his crotch so TJ could get to it easier.

TJ went down and put his lips around Cody's head. The truck did a little swerve in the road.

"Hey Cody, you gonna concentrate on the fuckin road?"

"Hehehe OK."

TJ went down on his friend again. Cody felt TJ's tongue engulf his cockhead and he stiffened as the electricity shot through his body.

"Oh fuck TJ that is fantastic."

"Gmmmmffff" said TJ

As TJ was sucking, his hand was stroking the bottom of Cody's boner and massaging his nuts at the same time.

"Aaaggghhhh" Cody screamed as he felt his hot juice erupting up his shaft.

As TJ got the first hot mouthful he felt himself being thrown off the seat. The truck careened off the road. TJ lifted himself and looked over the dash. He saw the tree getting closer and closer.


Cody turned and hit the brake at the same time. The truck skidded sideways as it went into a turn. TJ grabbed Cody's foot and took if off the brake. The truck leveled and slowed down.

TJ opened the passenger door and crawled out, dropping on to the ground. He slowly stood up and looked at the tree that they had almost hit. Then he looked at Cody. Cody sat behind the wheel, his crotch covered with juice and his cock laying across the bottom of the zip. He smiled.

TJ put his hands on his head and walked away, shouting "REMIND ME NEVER TO FUCKIN BLOW YOU WHILE YOURE DRIVIN AGAIN."

An hour later they came to the hardtop.

Cody stopped the truck and TJ took over. They turned on to the I-75 interstate to Tennessee. "Home state of Elvis Presley Cody."

"Hey TJ, I think we needta stop somewhere just to clean up. I don't wantya mom thinkin I'm some sorta dirty Safrican."

TJ laughed, "My folks are cool - they're looking forward to meeting ya."

TJ turned off of the highway and they drove into a small town. "Hey Cody, I just want to get myself another pair of jeans. I only had this pair with me and it's a fuckin mess."

TJ parked and they walked into a clothing store.

The shop assistant, a guy with a wavy hairstyle minced his way across to them. "Hiiiiii, my name is Cyril, can I help you?" He smiled and held his limp wrist out in front of him. His eyes moved up and down the two teens, giving their crotches extra attention.

"I need to buy a pair of Levi 501s." said TJ.

"Oh OK, let's just take your waist measurement then." He took a tape measure out of his pocket and could hardly wait to get his hands around TJ's waist.

TJ took a step back "Hey, it's cool I know my waist size, where are the jeans."

Cody was giggling at the goings on between Cyril and TJ. TJ glared at him and whispered "Any more outta you and I'm gonna stick a broomstick up your ass."

"Oh jeez TJ, stop makin me hard" Cody was almost in hysterics.

Cyril showed TJ where the 501s were and TJ found his size. "Hey Cyril where's the changeroom? Can I try these on?"

Cody watched Cyril's knees go weak.

"The changeroom is just this way." Cyril led the way and then said hopefully, "Can I help you?"

"Yeah", said TJ, "Close the door on the way out, my friend can help me if I need help."

As the door closed Cyril must have heard Cody collapse laughing.

Cody mimicked Cyril's female voice; "Can I help you sir?"

TJ dropped his jeans, "Yeah, would you please pump this up for me." His cock was semi, pointing out at an angle.

Cody knelt down and grabbed TJ's boner put his lips around the head. TJ leaned back as he felt his boner being sucked into Cody's mouth and he felt the warm wet tongue move down the underside of it.

"Oh fuck Cody that feels so fuckin good."

In no time TJ offloaded his boyjuice down Cody's throat. After cleaning it up Cody stood, "Will that be all sir?"

TJ moved closer to Cody and started undoing his jeans, "Stand up on this stood Cody, my back's fucked."

Cody stood on the stood putting his cock at the same height as TJ's mouth. He groaned as TJ started working his magic. He felt TJ's hand go around his buns and the finger search for his crack. As he offloaded his first shot of boyjuice there was a knock on the door. It was Cyril, "Is everything okay in there?"

Cody's voice came out as a squeak because he was in the middle of an eruption, "Yeaaaaahhhh, fiiiiiiinne."

TJ gagged and coughed as he started laughing and Cody's juice started hitting him in the face and in his hair and he was coughing some of it back on to Cody's crotch. They both cracked laughing.

A voice from other side the door, "I don't see what's so funny."

That made them laugh even more. TJ took off his T and cleaned his face and hair with it. He wore the new Levi’s out of the changeroom. Cody carried his old jeans over his arm and admired his butt in the new jeans and the neat package in front. TJ's narrow waist went up to his wide shoulders, his muscular back having a great 'v' shape. He was carrying his T-shirt in his hand.

"Do you need a T-shirt as well?" Cody watched as Cyril couldn't control his boner and his chino trousers started bulging. Cody saw the wet spot.

"Nah, it's okay but you can have this one, I've got another in the truck." TJ gave Cyril his cummy T-shirt, making sure that Cyril grabbed a juicy bit of it.

Cyril almost collapsed when he realized what he was holding and the wet spot on his trousers spread.

Cody tried his best to stifle his laughter.

As they drove off TJ looked in his rear view mirror and saw Cyril standing outside the store, still holding the T, his other hand rubbing his crotch.

"Bet he's gonna use that T to jack off"

They both collapsed laughing.

"There's a time for us, somewhere, a time for us. Time together and time to share....." TJ started singing their favorite song from "West Side Story"

Cody joined in. In a short while they got back on to interstate I-75.

After a half-hour TJ noticed a blue light in his rearview mirror and heard the siren. He pulled over to the kerb.

The police officer came up next to the car with his pistol drawn. "I don't want any trouble from you son, will the two of you get out of the vehicle please."

"What's this about officer?" TJ passed over his driver's license and registration.

"I've had a report that you shoplifted a pair of jeans." The officer gave TJ's jeans a hard look and then scrutinized his driver’s license.

"Look, I've got the receipt right here." TJ took the receipt out of his pocket.

"I don't want any trouble from either of you. Please get into your vehicle and follow me back to town."

They drove back to the town behind the police car. "What the fuck is going on TJ, I don't like the look of this."

"Neither do I Cody, neither do I."