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The Adventures of
TJ and Cody

Cody Taronto

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!


The old man turned around to face Cody. Blood was pouring out of his mouth an nose. His one hand was on his stomach, blood pouring between the fingers. He fell forward.

Cody ran up to Mark, who was lifting himself off of the floor.

The grabbed hold of TJ and carried him outside. He was slowly getting some muscle use in his arms and legs but not enough to support himself. They placed him in a sitting position, leaning against the wall of the house. Ethan and Stian were with Timmy and Pesa. Footballer was tied up to the outside fence.

Ross looked at Cody, "This is a total fuck up. Pesa needs to get to a doctor as soon as possible, to get that stomach stitched up. TJ and Timmy both need to have a doctor look at them. We need to get the cops out here and we're going to have some explaining to do."

Mark came up to Cody and Ross. "Want me to get back to the house and call the police and a doctor?"

"Yeah. How quickly can you get down there?"

"I still fee pretty strong."

"Okay then, get moving."

Cody watched as Mark started to run up the mountainside. He was still going strong near the top.

Mark grabbed TJ's bike and kicked it into life. He roared down the mountain road.

TJ lay on top of the bed. His body was bruised all over but at least he had complete control of his muscles again. Cody sat down next to him, holding a bowl of soup.

"Hey Cody, what the fuck is that?"

Cody smiled, "Chicken soup. Maria made it and said I should make sure you eat it all."

"Chicken fuckin soup? What is it when someone doesn't feel so well, they get fuckin chicken soup?"

Cody held the spoon to TJ's lips and TJ slurped some in. He grabbed the bowl and spoon from Cody. "Give that to me, I'm not a fuckin cripple."

Maria was fussing around Timmy in his bedroom. He was enjoying the attention.

"Hey Maria!"

Maria turned around to face Timmy. He pulled the covers off and he had a boner, all 4.5 inches of it. But it looked really strong and Maria couldn't help admiring it. She laughed, "Timmy, I think you should put that thing away."

"C'mon don'tya think it's cute huh?"

She sat down next to him and wrapped her hand around it. "I think it is magnificent, you are quickly becoming a man, just like your brother." She took her hand away and pulled the covers over it. The covers had a tent where Timmy's boner lifted them. Timmy cuddled down into the bed and closed his eyes.

Maria smiled at him. She admired Timmy, for all his 13 years old - he had a finely honed muscled body, his brothers good looks, but a better nature than his older brother. She closed the door as she walked out.

TJ had fallen asleep. Cody sat on the bed looking at him. "Fuck TJ, I loveya so damn much," he said to himself. He gently rubbed his hand over TJ's chest and stomach. TJ's cock was lying across his stomach. Cody picked it up. Even in it's limp state, Cody admired it - it was long and smooth, the skin felt like silk. His balls hung below them. Cody lifted them in his hand and gently rolled the two balls in his fingers. Cody smiled as TJ's cock started to go hard.

He pulled the covers over TJ and then went downstairs.

"The police have taken all the statements they need. They had a hard time believing the whole story. They're pissed that we never told them when we tied those guys around the tree. They reckon that this would have stopped right then." He turned to Cody, "Hey alien, want to give me a massage again?"

"Tellya what Ross, when TJ is well, I want to challenge you again in the swim. I'm gonna win this time."

"Okay, if you win, you can have anything you like."



Cody smiled. He walked over to Ross and whispered in his ear. Everyone watched as Ross' eyes got bigger.

Ross was blushing, "Okay, that's cool cos you're not going to win anyway - not by a long shot."

The next few days were spent riding and swimming. TJ spent a lot of time in the gym, getting his body back into shape. His bruises started to disappear and he was feeling on top of the world.

Pesa's mom told Ross that their sexual interludes would have to come to an end. Ross was disappointed but then, he could have any girl he wanted anyway.

Stian and Mark were going on extended hikes up into the mountains.

In general everyone was just getting healthier and fitter - the retreat at the Ross mansion was doing everyone the world of good.

Cody walked into Timmy's room. Timmy was sitting at his PC chatting to a friend.

Cody looked at the name on the screen, "JagMX"

"Hey Timmy, who is that?"

Timmy looked up, "His name is Damian. He lives in California. He is a totally neat guy."

Cody ran down to the pool area where TJ was lying, wearing a pair of Ross' speedos. Cody had never seen TJ in speedos before - it drove him wild.

"Hey TJ." Cody was out of breath, "Guess what?"


"Damian. Timmy was chatting to Damian on his comp."

"Who? Jag?"


TJ got as excited as Cody. "Fuckin hell - Earthboy Damian?"

"Yes - yes! Hey Teej, I've got an idea. Why don't we go to California for a while."

TJ looked at Cody and smiled, "That's not a bad idea. We could take a long drive over there and take Stian home as well."

"No TJ, not a drive, it will take too long - you're always gettin us into shit. Let's fly. We can buy Stian a ticket as well."

TJ thought about it for a while, "Okay, let's do it. Are we going to let Damian know that we're coming?"

"No way - I want to see his face when he sees us."

Cody, TJ and Damian had been friends on the net for a long time. They formed a group which was known as The Earthboys. They had the most amazing friendship on the net.

At lunch, TJ told Ross that they needed to get back to Bowling Green. They told him that they wanted to go to California. They didn't say why because they didn't want Timmy to warn Damian that they were coming.

"Okay, let's head back tomorrow. But first, Cody you owe me a challenge."

"This afternoon." Cody smiled.

Even Maria turned out to watch the swim between Cody and Ross. They were wearing speedos this time. TJ gave the signal to start and they both dived into the water, hitting it at the same time.

Everyone watched as the two sets of muscles ploughed through the water. They touched the wall at the same time and turned. Ross came out of the turn a few feet ahead of Cody. TJ watched as Cody kicked in and started to pass Ross. Cody touched the wall two seconds ahead of Ross. Ross looked up and saw that he had been beaten.

Cody whispered in his ear and Ross flushed bright red.

Timmy gave his brother a big hug and then gave Cody one too.

"Ross and I are going to shower in the gym." said Cody. He and Ross walked towards the gym.

"Hey Cody, I'm not sure about this." Ross was nervous, something he wasn't used to. He was always sure of himself and didn't enjoy the feeling of being in someone else's control.

Cody stood in front of him and put his hands on the waistband of Ross' speedos. "Hey, calm down, it's gonna be cool."

Cody watched Ross' cock as he took the speedos off. It was laying, draped over his balls. Cody admired the thickness and the length, with the perfect round head.

He put his hands under Ross' balls and gently stroked from his balls along the length of his cock. He felt it get harder as he stroked it.

"Fuck Cody, this is ridiculous. It's not fucking right, you know?"

Cody went down and gently dug his face into Ross' pubes. It smelt fantastic. His one hand glided over Ross' sixpack, he felt every muscle contract as he moved across them.

He opened his mouth and put the head of Ross' now hard cock inside his mouth. He felt Ross shudder as his tongue gently moved around the head. He sucked and, slowly, his mouth absorbed Ross' steel hard boner. He couldn't get it all in and his tongue rode the rest of the way. He heard Ross breathing hard.

"Oh shit, that feels so fucking good." Ross breathed.

Cody moved his one hand around Ross' buns and started to rub them. His finger poised at Ross' crack.

"I'm gonna shoot" Ross whined.

Just then, Cody put his finger into Ross' crack, as deep as it would go. Ross gasped as he felt it. His cock thickened and lifted and Cody felt the rush up the shaft and then the powerful rush into his mouth. It came out in a long thick stream. Cody swallowed and then sucked more. His tongue worked on Ross' tender cockhead. Ross grabbed Cody's head and pulled it into his crotch. He wanted every last drop of his boy juice to go into Cody's mouth.

Then he relaxed and let Cody's head go.

Slowly Cody let the softening cock slide out of his mouth, cleaning it with his tongue as it came out.

"Oh my fuck, oh my fuck. I have never felt anything like that in my whole fucking life."

Cody looked at him, "Look, you don't have to do me. It's okay. I don't think you're gonna like havin my dick in your mouth. I must tellya tho, that cock of yours is super fuckin divine and you tasted fantastic."

Ross grabbed Cody's boner which was running with precum. He went down and nervously put his lips around Cody's cockhead. Cody closed his eyes as he felt the nervous fingers on his boner. Slowly he felt his boner go into Ross' mouth. Ross was sucking gently but it still felt good. He had both his hands on Cody's buns. His head moved backwards and forwards and slowly he got into the right idea of what was required.

It didn't take long for Cody to shoot his load. He wanted to drag Ross' head into his crotch but he didnt want to scare Ross.

Ross had difficult swallowing the rush of juice from Cody's boner. Some of it ran out of his mouth and dripped off of his chin.

Ross and Cody showered together when they were through.

"Hey Cody." Ross looked at the water running down Cody's body.


"Hey, I just need to tell you. You're pretty cool. I enjoyed that." he laughed, "I don't think I'll take it up as a personal hobby, but it was an experience that I will remember forever. Thanks."

"You're not so bad yourself you know. I think Timmy is pretty lucky. You must just stop acting like such a jerk when things don't go your own way."

Ross laughed. He pulled Cody closer to him and gave him a tight hug. They could feel each other's boners getting hard between them.

Ethan decided that he would stay with Ross and Timmy at the mansion. TJ warned him to lay off of Timmy and warned Timmy to leave him alone. Timmy just laughed.

"TJ." Timmy walked up to TJ and hugged him. "Thanks a lot for everythin. You were prepared to let me go while those guys almost killed ya. You're my superman."

TJ hugged him back. "Hey little dude, take care huh."

Ross and TJ sat in the front of the truck. Stian and Mark in the back.

There was a lot of waving and shouting as the truck drove down the driveway towards the gate.

The truck had just turned out of the gate and Stian and Mark got undressed, they lay naked at the back. Mark laid on top of Stian with his cock in Stian's face. "EAT!!" he shouted, at the top of his voice.

Mark grabbed Stian's hard cock in his one hand and aimed it for his mouth. He slowly started to blow the viking - he wanted it to last all the way to Bowling Green. He felt as Stian slowly sucked him in. He felt the fingers playing with his nuts and his crack.

TJ looked in his rearview mirror and started to laugh like crazy. All he could see was Mark's white ass going up and down in the mirror. Cody looked out the back and started laughing as well.

Then TJ felt his zip being lowered.

TJ went deep in thought as he felt his cock disappear down Cody's throat, "Fuckin hell, California is gonna wish they'd rather have an earthquake than this South African there." He laughed.




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