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The Adventures of
TJ and Cody

Cody Taronto

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!


Timmy moved closer and opened his mouth. Ross gasped as he felt his cockhead go into his little brother's mouth - fuck that felt so damn awesome, even with all the pain he was having.

Timmy started crying and sniffing as he sucked his brother's boner. The precum and spit was dribbling out of the sides of his mouth. The tears were streaming down his face. He managed to get almost half of Ross' boner in his mouth and he sucked as hard as he could, to get it over with.

Cody, TJ and Mark watched in fascination as they saw Ross' huge, smooth, muscular cock going in and out of Timmy's mouth.

Ross gasped, "Hey Timmy - I'm going to cum little bro."

Just then Zack put three fingers up Ross' crack. Ross screamed because of the pain and then his juice exploded out of his cockhead. It happened with such force that his cock left Timmy's mouth and his juice landed all over Timmy's face, his body and on the platform.

"Hey Timmy, you messed." Daniel walked up to Timmy. "You're gonna have to be punished boy."

Daniel grabbed Timmy and Zack came up behind him. They forced Timmy on to the ground in a kneeling position. He screamed and tried to fight them off but he was no match for them. He felt Zack's cock head in his crack and knew that he was going to die.

"Fucking stop that - you fucking chicken wussies." TJ screamed at them.

They both stopped and stood up. They looked across at TJ. They walked towards him.

Daniel's father got up from the chair where he had been sitting, watching the whole event. "Leave him for the moment - till last. I want to see those other boys first." He pointed to Cody and Mark.

"Hehehehe - Okay." said Daniel.

Daniel, Zack and the other football player went and untied Cody and Mark. They were led to the center of the sand ring.

Daniel's father walked behind them, touching their buns and putting his hand up between their legs and stroking their nuts. "One of you is gonna die. You are gonna fight until one of you get his cock inside the other's crack. The loser will be put on the rack over there and you will be stretched until your body tears apart. The winner - hehe - he lives to fight again."

Cody and Mark stared at each other, not wanting to fight.

"Tellya what, if you boys don't start fighting now, I'm gonna let Zack rape little Timmy."

Mark was the first to jump. He grabbed Cody around the waist and tried to twist him to the ground. Cody felt his monster boner in his back. Cody dug his feet in and bent down to try and twist Mark over his back but Mark was too strong for him and pulled him backwards.

The two of them went falling backwards, Cody landing on Mark. Two naked bodies writhing on the ground, each one trying to survive. Mark pushed Cody forward and kneeled behind him. He aimed his cock for Cody's crack. Cody threw himself backwards and threw Mark off balance. The two naked balls of muscle went rolling across the sand. Cody managed to keep Mark on his stomach. He put his legs between Marks and forced his legs open. He slid down and lay on top of Mark. He now had to push himself up so that his boner could go into Mark's crack and he could win.

Cody bent forward and whispered, "Hey Mark - fuck dude, I'm sorry. I am so fuckin sorry."

Then Cody started to push himself forward across Mark's body. Mark was spitting sand out of his mouth because Cody was forcing his face into the sand. He felt Cody's cockhead at his crack. He knew that he was dead. He pushed up with all his force and forced Cody to roll sideways, on to his back.

Mark quickly jumped on to Cody and lifted his legs. He forced Cody's legs back with his chest while holding Cody down on his back. He felt Cody's crack and pushed his head in.

Cody looked up at Mark and saw that he had tears welling up in his eyes. "Do it." whispered Cody. He felt as Mark's thick hard six and a half forced its way into him and he closed his eyes.

Mark and Cody stayed like that. Everything in the room had gone quiet.

"Aaagghhh" It was Daniel, he fell forward in a heap. TJ stood over him, with a log of wood in his hand. A patch of blood started spreading from Daniel's hair down into his neck.

Footballer number 3 came running up behind him. TJ heard him and swung the log around and hit him across the bridge of his nose. His nose disintegrated in a mass of bone and pulp. His hands went up to his face and TJ hit him again as he went forward. He collapsed across Daniel.

TJ moved towards Daniel's father. He screamed at TJ, "Stay back." TJ kept on coming towards him.

"STAY WHERE YOU ARE!" It was Zack. He held Timmy by the neck. "If you take one more step, I'm gonna break this little fucker's neck."

Zack collapsed on to his knees and Timmy fell forward, off of the platform. Stian stood over Zack with a pick handle.

Daniel's father stepped backwards, "It was a joke, okay. We would have let all of you go."

TJ dropped the log and stepped forward. He swung his arm back and the old man didn't see the fist - he just felt his jaw break, as TJ connected him.

TJ grabbed his hand, "Fuck, why always this hand."

Cody looked up at Mark, "mmm Well, seeing that you're here I don't mind if you finish the job." Mark smiled at him and started fucking his ass. It took a few seconds before Cody felt the rush of warm cum inside of him.

Stian untied Ross and then went down to help Timmy. He was all bruised but appeared to be okay.

The 16-year-old would need to get to hospital. He was still unconscious. The 14-year-old would also need some urgent medical attention - he was still struggling to breathe.

Ross came up to TJ, "Fuck TJ, I owe you, really big. I reckon they would have killed all of us."

TJ smiled at him and then grimaced. His hand reached down to his still swollen balls and rubbed them, "Fuck that hurts."

Stian found their clothes and they got dressed, all except TJ. His balls were still swollen like melons and he was having trouble walking.

"Hey TJ, how are we going to explain this to the cops?"

"We're not." TJ smiled.

Daniel, his dad, Zack and footballer 3 were tied to a tree close to the side of the road. They had all been stripped naked and Cody had rubbed generous helpings of Zack's cream on all their dicks. "That will keep them hard for a month." said Cody.

The boys looked at their crotches and saw they all still had their boners as well.

Timmy and Ross sat together at the back of TJ's truck. Cody looked at the two of them and thought to himself, "What a fucking waste - two blonde gods and they're both straight as pins."

Stian walked up to TJ, standing next to the truck, talking to Ross. "Who says they won't try the same thing again?"

TJ shook his head. "My bet is that they're gonna leave town. The word will spread that they were found naked, with boners - how are they going to explain that to anyone?"

"Hey TJ," Ross said, "Listen, my folks have a resort house up in the mountains, near Crystal Lake. I really think we need to get there and clean up. The place is fully staffed and I can get a doctor to fly in there in my dad's chopper. It will be cool."

They all agreed that they couldn't go into town looking like they did.

"What about these two?" TJ looked at the other two boys.

Ross looked down at them, "Ethan and Jody? Ethan is the older dude. They're in the school swimming team. They must come with us - I can get a doctor up there - a friend of the family who lives nearby."

It was decided then. TJ turned the truck out on to the road and drove towards the mountain.

Cody moved closer to TJ and put his head on his shoulder and dropped off to sleep.

After an hour and a half of driving, TJ turned off the road at a small roadside diner. They looked like something out of a Mad Max movie. All of the boys were bruised, dirty and limping. TJ was only wearing a pair of boxers because the jeans put too much pressure on his still tender nuts.

Ross went to the pay phone and dialed.

The boys went into the diner and bought cold drinks. The young girl behind the counter was all too willing to help the boys. Even in their damaged state they still looked like Greek gods. She must have noticed that all their jeans had definite boners inside of them. Zack's cream had not worn off yet.

"Okay, I've contacted my folks. They said it's cool for everyone to stay up at the house. The staff are all there. I told dad that two of the guys had a cycling accident, so he's sending a doctor. I told him we'd be there in about three hours." Ross gave TJ the rundown.

TJ took a huge gulp of Pepsi. "That's cool."

"Hey TJ," Ross looked at him, "How come we were always hating each other and fighting. Why did something like this have to happen for things to be alright?"

"Tell you the truth Ross - you were a big cunt - super little rich boy - always surrounded by your bully boys - could never stand up for yourself. And your folks spoilt you shitless - you must be the only fucking teen with a brand new Corvette."

Ross smiled, "Hey you're still reasonably new in town anyway. Your cousin Mark and I - well we've always fought."

"Whoops! Heard my name, heard my name." It was Mark.

"Yeah," said TJ, "We were talking about you, not to you."

Mark put his hands under TJ's nuts, "Still painful down there Cous?" he laughed.

TJ winced, "Careful with the furniture."

Ross looked at the two of them, "How do you guys just allow each other to touch your cock and balls and stuff?"

TJ smiled at him, "Hey, if you've got it then show it off. I've got no hang-ups about guys - I've blown guys before, guys have blown me before."

Ross' eyes grew big in his head. "You guys gay or something?"

TJ laughed, "Well, we enjoy fucking girls but you haven't had anything until a guy gives you head. And hey, I saw your face when Timmy was blowing you. Don't tell me you didn't enjoy that. To answer your question, no we're not gay - we might be bi - but for now, we're just normal teens having a good time."

Ross looked up, "I've jacked off quite a bit, but I've always been pretty embarrassed about it. You guys just seem to make it all sound normal."

Mark laughed, "Hey, wait till my cous gets going. Fuckin hell - it's much better than normal."

"I just worry about Timmy, you know."

"Hey Ross, now you're acting like your folks. Timmy, no matter what happens, is going to grow up to be a pretty special person."

TJ turned and smiled at Ross, "I think all the guys know that Timmy is a special person. I know that Cody loves him like a little brother."

"Well, as long as Cody keeps his hands off of him it will be cool."

TJ laughed.

They drove for a further three hours before Ross eventually told TJ to turn off the road, through a massive gate. A long driveway wound its way through a thick forest of trees. After a few minutes the trees cleared and a huge, modern mansion was in front of them.