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The Adventures of
TJ and Cody

Cody Taronto

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!


Timmy was sitting on the bench in the change room. He was leaning against the wall and had his boner in his hand. He was jacking off. His eyes were closed. TJ felt himself getting hard as he watched Timmy's shiny, wet boner sliding as his hand went up and down over it. His stomach muscles contracted and he gave a little scream.

TJ watched as Timmy's boy juice shot out of his cock head, on to his stomach.

TJ walked into the changeroom as Timmy was in the middle of shooting his load.

"Hiya Timmy," he said casually and walked to the urinal.

Timmy's hand left his boner but the juice kept on shooting out. TJ could have cracked laughing as he watched Timmy start blushing - he went blood red from his neck and it spread up to his face. His ears lit up like beacons. He didn't know what to say. He just sat there.

TJ finished pissing and turned to him. "Hey Timmy, reckon you better clean yourself up huh."

"Er, yeah." whispered Timmy, as he stared down at his cock and stomach, covered in juice.

"Hey Timmy, all the guys do it. Don't feel bad. Even your big brother jerks off."


"Yeah, he does, ask him."

Timmy used the toilet paper that was lying next to him and he wiped the cum off of his stomach and his cock and pubes.

"Maybe you should take a shower Timmy."

Timmy nodded his head and turned on the shower and climbed in.

"Want me to come in there and soap you?"

Timmy nodded and TJ climbed in. Timmy handed TJ the soap. TJ soaped up his hands and slowly soaped up the little ball of muscle standing int he shower with him. He soaped up Timmy's cock and felt it get hard in his hand. As he soaped up the buns, his little finger moved into Timmy's crack. Timmy arched back as he felt it.

"Hey TJ, Can I soap you up?"

"Yeah, why not?"

TJ watched as Timmy soaped up his hands. He put his hands on the top of his head as Timmy, gently started to rub the soap into TJ's chest and his stomach.

TJ could feel that Timmy was nervous. He was being very gentle and his hands were shaking a bit. TJ closed his eyes as he felt Timmy's fist close around his cock and start soaping it up, and his balls. He felt his cock get hard and start lifting.

Timmy giggled, "You're enjoying that huh."

TJ felt as Timmy soaped up his buns. A soapy finger went deep into his crack. "Hey Timmy, gently, gently."

When they were dried, TJ turned to Timmy. "Timmy, I don't think that you must tell anyone about us soaping each other huh. Especially Ross - I don't want them to start thinking the wrong things."

Timmy looked up at TJ, "You mean, like maybe think we're gay or somethin?"

TJ sighed, "Yeah, something like that."

Cody walked into the bedroom. TJ was lying down on his stomach on the bed, deep in thought. Cody admired the cute butt and saw the well developed hamstrings behind his legs. He stripped and lay down on top of TJ, his cock resting in TJ's crack.

"This is so fuckin cool," he said.

TJ sort of grunted something.

"Hey Teej, what's up?"

"Just something that happened with Timmy this afternoon."

"What was that."

TJ told Cody about Timmy jacking off and him and Timmy soaping each other up in the showers.

"And you feel bad about that?"

"In a way. It just doesn't seem right you know. Timmy is a total little straight and I don't want to upset Ross either."

"Hey, if it bothers ya that much, don't let it happen again, that's all."

"Yeah, you're right."

TJ lifted himself and rolled over on to his back. Cody laid on him, his now erect cock resting on TJ's stomach.

TJ put his hands on his stomach, around Cody's boner. He rubbed the precum into it and on to his stomach. Cody started to fuck his gut, moving slowly backwards and forwards. Cody felt as TJ lifted his legs and wrapped them around the back of his legs. They felt strong and powerful. Cody felt TJ's stomach muscles contracting under him as he moved.

Cody felt the juice rising inside of him and he stopped and controlled it. The precum ran out of his cock head. He felt TJ's boner in his crack.

"Hey TJ."


"Can I make love to ya, like for real."

Cody slid off of TJ. TJ lifted his legs. Cody got off of the bed. He moved TJ's buns apart and exposed TJ's pink hole. He tasted it with his tongue. It tasted strong, but clean and excellent. It sent electrical shivers through him. He opened the hole with his fingers and pushed his tongue as deep as it would go. He heard TJ groan. With his one hand he rubbed the precum into his boner, he took some and rubbed it into TJ's crack. He used his other hand to push his spit deep into TJ's crack.

Cody's head was spinning. He had never done this before but had been wanting to for so long.

He moved up and put his hands next to TJ's waist. He bent down so that his cockhead lined up with TJ's pink hole and slowly put it in.

"Oh fuck TJ, this is the most incredible thing."

"Push it in deeper Cody, slowly."

Slowly Cody felt his cock get thicker as he slid it slowly into TJ's hole. He felt TJ's ass tightening around his cock and this sent more electrical shivers through his body. He pushed it until he felt his balls up against TJ's crotch.

He bent down and kissed TJ. He felt TJ's boner against his stomach. He slowly moved his cock out again and then slowly slid it back in. He had never in his life felt anything like this. He wanted it to last forever. He kept up the gentle rythm of going in and out of TJ's crack.

"That feels good Cody."

"It feels fuckin fantastic TJ."

Cody started to speed up, his balls slapping TJ's crotch with every entry. He felt the juice rise inside him and he stopped to control it, but he couldn't. TJ felt the explosion of warm boy juice inside of him. His ass tightened and loosened around Cody's cock, driving Cody crazy. Cody screamed as he let his insides erupt into TJ. His balls were aching with pleasure as wave after wave of juice left him.

When his balls were empty, he left his cock buried deep in his friend and he just lay down on him. He felt TJ's hands on his shoulder blades.

"I love you TJ." Cody whispered.

"I love you too Cody. I've never ever met anyone like you."

Ross walked into the breakfast room. He was wearing a pair of tight shorts, a loose open silk shirt hung loose over his muscular frame. The white shirt accented his tan and his muscular pecs and abs. Ethan's eyes seemed to trace a line down the front of Ross. TJ was watching Ethan and wondered if Ethan was as straight as he was making out he was.

Pesa brought the breakfast, wearing his jeans and T-shirt.

"Hey Pesa, want to come ridin again this mornin?" Cody smiled at him.

"You mean you're actually going to ride this time?" Pesa asked

Everyone laughed.

"Hell yeah! I've got that thing taped."

Timmy sat next to TJ. TJ felt Timmy's hand on his leg. He leaned over to Timmy and whispered to him, "Hey Timmy, you need to get your hand off before someone thinks you like me or something."

Timmy moved his hand away. He looked down at the breakfast that Pesa placed in front of him.

"Hey Cody," Ross looked across at Cody.


"I think you got lucky at the swim comp. Want to swim a few lengths racing?"

Cody looked around the table and at TJ. TJ was shaking his head.

"Er - hey Ross, I'm not sure. I don't want to do anythin that is gonna spoil this time we're havin - you know what I mean?"

Ross laughed, "You're a chicken shit. You're scared I'm going to whip your ass."

"Hey Ross, what Cody is trying to say is, he doesn't want to beat you and then this little vacation turns into a fuck up."

Ross looked at TJ, the smile disappearing from his face, "He's not going to beat me."

Cody stood up ,"You're on. I'll need some speedos."

"Let's do it naked." Ross smiled

"OK, let's go."

The whole group moved to the pool area. TJ looked miserable. He was having a real good time and he felt that this stupid competition was going to spoil it big time.

Ross stripped off his shirt and shorts. Cody did the same. The whole group stared at the two of them. Ross was much taller than Cody and his body much more muscular and defined. Their cocks were laying down over their balls.

"Hey TJ, you can start us off." Ross shouted

Cody and Ross moved to the end of the wall and took up the stance for their dive. TJ looked at the two cracks facing him - he felt his cock growing in his shorts.

"Ready - GO!" he shouted

The two bodies hit the water at the same time. Muscles worked as the two boys glided through the water. Cody started to move slightly ahead of Ross. "No Cody." TJ whispered to himself.

As they hit the turn Cody pulled ahead of Ross even further. Then halfway through the second length Ross started to catch up. Ross touched the wall a half body length ahead of Cody.

He slapped the wall and smiled, "You're not bad Cody, in fact you're bloody fast."

TJ smiled to himelf, "Attaboy Cody."

Cody climbed out of the water and took the towel from Pesa. TJ walked up to him. "I'm glad you did that."

Cody walked away from him, "Fuck you - why do I have to lose just cos he's got a fuckin inflated ego and you're havin a good time here."

Timmy was giving Ross a hug for winning. Ross' cock was being crushed against Timmy's stomach.

TJ went up to the bedroom. Cody was lying on his back on the bed. TJ sat down next to him. "Hey, what you did was good. Aren't you enjoying yourself here?"

Cody glared at him, tears were welling up in his eyes. "I want to get outta here." Cody got up off of the bed. TJ grabbed his arm to pull him back. Without thinking, Cody turned around and pushed TJ away roughly.

TJ got up and Cody flew back and fell on his back with the force of TJ's smack. He got up and dived at TJ, both of them falling on to the bed. Cody started to smack him. TJ pushed Cody back off of him. "Cody, are you fucking mad? What are you doing?"

The tears were running down Cody's cheeks. He lashed out at TJ. TJ ducked and his fist rammed into Cody's stomach.

Cody collapsed in a heap, "Oooooohhh!"

TJ jumped on him and pinned him to the ground, "Cody, what the fuck is up. What is wrong with you?"

"I'll fuckin tell you. I'm fuckin useless at almost everythin. Swimmin is about the only thing I'm good at. Somethin where I can prove that I'm as good as anybody else. Why did I have to lose that fuckin challenge huh? Just so Ross doesn't kick us out if I crack his fuckin' big head?"

"Hey, I know that you could have won that race. I know that. And I'll tell you something. I think Ross knows that as well."

Cody tried to get up but TJ pinned him down. "Stop it Cody, stop it now!"

Cody, eyes full of tears looked up at TJ, "Know what I think? I think that you've got a thing going for Ross. I think you can't keep your eyes off of that bod and his good looks."

"You're fuckin mad if you think that."

Cody struggled harder. He got his one hand loose and let it fly. I caught TJ on the side of his face. TJ's cheek was on fire from the smack.

TJ smacked Cody back, "Stop that. Cody, I love you. So damn much. Do you think I would just forget everything that has happened since you got here, for Ross? Huh? Is that what you think?"

Cody sniffed, "Oh jeez TJ, I dunno. I just got so mad that I had to lose to him."

"Hey, when the time is right you are gonna whip that rich kid's ass Code. Ross and I have always been enemies at school but it seems to be better now. When you go back to South Africa and Stian goes back to California, I still have to go to school with him. Do you know what I mean?"

Cody relaxed. He lifted TJ's T-shirt. TJ closed his eyes as he felt Cody's hands moving up and around his chest. His nipples went hard under Cody's fingers.

"Hey Code, don't you think we should join the guys downstairs. They're gonna be wondering about us."