Cody News Number 1 - June 1999

This was the image that I used to use as the background on my pics pages and a lotta guys asked me for the original. Well - hereya are - click on the image.

Hi to all my friends.

This is the first of my news pages so there's not a helluva lot on it.

I need you guys to tell me what you want in here. Also, if you find any decent cartoons that can go in here or if you have a nice pic of yourself to go up here - or maybe you have a pic and want it altered before goin up then let me have it.

If you have any cool stories then let me have those as well.

All the pics on this page are thumbnails - unless they are not clickable. Some of the pics have mouseover captions.

Are any of you guys good artists, then let me have your art as well.

I want to bring this news page out at least once a month, dependin on how much stuff I've got to put into it.

Do you have news about a page you've updated or any cool links that you have come across - then let me have them.

So thereya have it.

Cya L8er


Coming out - Cody? Nope !

We learn about intolerance at school. Intolerance experienced during World War II has been made into all sorta films and tv shows. In South Africa we experienced intolerance by one race for another. We can say thanks that Nelson Mandela came out of prison after 27 years with not one stitch of hate in his heart.

BUT intolerance continues and we have seen this towards anybody who is different to what is dicated by so called 'normal' society. The death of Matthew Sheppard is a perfect example of the stupidity that prevails.

The worst thing is, is that intolerance is everywhere. I am strongly convinced that a lotta guys who have web pages get them trashed, not because of the pics, but because the guys are gay. How stupid can it get.



Boxer boy

Alien Boy
Enemy of the teen warriors.

Aaaaggghhhh - DAMN!


Lukas Ridgestone.

I have always been a fan of Lukas - this was a nudie pic that I changed. Hopeya like it.



This site has some awesome art.

This was another nudie pic that I altered.


Steve and me are hopin to get to Jeffrey's Bay to see this comp. :)


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