Cody News Number 11 - March 2000

A Cody graphic!

One of my fav net dudes - Chance.

Come near me with that camera and I'll nail you Cody.

I don't care if you are patriotic, I'm not giving you my damn shirt.

Do you mind - I'm trying to take a damn leak.

Yeah - I guess I do look good without speedos. Why do you ask?

This has been quite a first term at school with all its ups and downs. The swim tour went okay for the team but I bombed out badly. A lotta the guys on the team and in the other teams are taking Creatine to give them the extra energy bursts that they need. I've tossed the idea around and spoken to a few people and just decided against it. It just means I've gotta work a lot harder to improve my performance - simple - or is it? The good news of the swim tour is that both Mark and Wingnut got medals - so I was pretty stoked about that.

The sea ground swell has come in and the surf has been pretty good so I've managed to get quite a few sessions in. Just got to find ways to work around all the damn school assignments I'm gettin - but hey - I'm managin okay.

Had another run in with the school bully just a few days ago and the asshole cut my lip - it'll heal. Some of the probs I had with friends have all been sorted and things have settled down to a mild panic - hehehe.

A week before the end of March we are breakin for the Autumn (or Fall for my American buds) school break. Goin away on holiday with the family and it's gonna be cool - haven't been away on a family holiday in ages. It may be possible for Mark and Wingnut to come along. Steve is goin away with some school friends for the hols. They're goin surfin in Durban up on the East coast - that is pretty cool cos the water is warm and you dont need a wettie - so its boardies all the way.

As I'm writin this the sky has become cloudy. The temperatures in Cape Town have dropped over the last coupla days and I hope it doesn't mean we're in for an early and long Winter - altho we have our best surfin conditions durin Winter when the North wind pushes up the swell.

I'm sure most of ya will be pleased to know that the fine indigenous plants are startin to spring up through the burnt out soil on the mountains and there's a bit of greenery around. It will take a while but the mountains will heal - it's just nature's way.

Most of the pics on this page are thumbs, so you just needta click on them to get the larger, clearer pic.

Got this one from Jace:

Throughout your life - Friends may come and go, but special friends will leave footprints in your heart.

I have received a helluva lotta jokes from friends and I wanta get them all together and put a joke page up of the ones that I really enjoyed. Thanks to Feracer and Jace for sendin quite a stack.

This dude has got the cutest lines from his hips, pointing to the more important stuff :)

I've been playin around with Photoshop again. I get asked a lot about the loin cloths that I put on guys and with Photoshop it's pretty easy. Hey - I know you'd prefer them without - BUT ...... hehehehe

Enjoy the graphics! And enjoy the dude below - damn he's FINE !

So thereya have it.

Cya L8er

Swap drugs for sport!

Give me that - I want to throw it at the dude with the damn camera.

Yep, the tat does go further down - want to see it?

To be honest, it was more comfortable before you put these speedos on me.

OK Cody - I'll take me T off - BUT THE BOARDIES STAY!

Well, to be honest, I'm feeling the same. Want to move on over here?

What do you mean, I know how to making hiking fun?

How the hell did you get yours off so fast?

If you come near me - my arms will come down and strangle you.

Shit - it's you - I put my jeans on when I heard someone coming.

You sure you're UP to this hike Code?

OH! I thought it was THIS fruit you were wanting.



Bareback riding? Sure - want to come along :)

'til next time - CYA!


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