Cody News Number 2 - July 1999

Hi - and welcome to my tree house. There's a new story on the Adventures of Cody and TJ page called Jungle Heat. Well, it's not that new. I wrote that for my friend JagMX, Damian. Give it a read - it's pretty short.

Oh and click on the pic to get a larger one.


Sorry for gettin back to you all so damn late this month, but I have just come back from a cooker holiday. Me and my friend Steve went to the Billabong Pro Surf Classic in Jeffrey's Bay. You can read about it soon cos I kept a diary. I just needta move my ass and get it typed up and put on the page. I'll letya know when.

All the pics on this page are thumbs, so you just needta click on them to get the larger, clearer pic. Some of the pics have mouseover captions.

Someone wrote to me and asked me why it was such an important thing for some teens to 'come out'. Since then I've wondered about it and what he says makes a lotta sense and I know that Mr. B and me have talked about it a lot. Gay is just a label, so why go and label yourself. I think that your relationships with your friends, boys and girls, should be pretty damn natural. Hey - sooner or later you are gonna find out which one you prefer as a love partner. Gay or Straight? Does it really matter. Well - I guess it does to a lotta folks. It's just that I don't see why teens must make targets of themselves and get themselves all suicidal. This guy, a married, older person, says that he still fantasises about guys but enjoys his wife and loves his kids. I think that is so awesome. His philosophy is that it is totally natural.

For me, the big thing I think is the physical contact between me and my friends - maybe that is why I get into so many fights at school - no not violent fights with weapons, but fisties.

I hope that my American and Northern hemisphere friends are all enjoyin the Summer. Winter in Cape Town has been pretty good, but a lotta folks are worried cos we haven't had a lotta rain. As for the surf, it's been mediocre to shit, so I guess it's a Winter drought.

Sorry for not sendin a 4th July greetin card to my USA buddies - so here's someone I'm sendin to each of you to wish you personally :) Just return his vest.

So thereya have it.

Cya L8er


Swap drugs for sport!

I guess all of us try smokin dope, or even more, at least once. The problem I have with the drug scene is that it always seems to happen in dark dingy places. I guess I'm lucky that I don't have enuf time for the shit cos I'm so involved in sport and enjoyin the outdoors. That's a better option anyway.

Never been a sporty person? Well it's never too late to learn somethin new. If you've got no damn sense of balance, try bodyboardin - you will rave outta your skull. No sea nearya? Try hikin or campin - you wont be sorry.

Reckon smokin cigarettes is cool? Well ifya wanta keep your dick behavin, you should give it up. Saw a thing on telly the other nite about guys who smoke and now they can't get the damn thing up. I'll have to have a word with Steve. He smokes ciggies and grass - the idiot.

Oh well thats enuf lecturin for now. Hopeya enjoy this news page. Loveya.

Chris Atkins - Awesome bod and good looks.

Lukas Ridgestone
Another movie star but his movies are definitely different.

Marcus - Oh WOW! Now I know why I took upbladin. aaaggghhhh - DAMN!

I've seen this dude around, wearin a lot less - now if I can only find the damn rock again.

Surfin in speedos can be hazardous to your furniture. But I guess this dude won't have his speedos on for too long.

Now this dude is pretty cute. Wonder what's under those shorts.

Another one of my fav sports is cyclin. I haven't got a bigger pic of this dude - but I'd sure as hell like to share his saddle.

Noah Hathaway - a neverendin .......

Smooth skin RULZ!

Double Troube with the Brewer boys.




(This link is no longer working)

I wonder if this cowboy would let me smell his saddle.

'til next time - CYA!


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