Hi. Steve here. It's amazing what you find when you look around. This is a news page that Cody obviously prepared before his accident. I think it's appropriate that it goes up now on the anniversary of his 20th birthday - 1 July. It was the very last news he worked on.  I am thinking of putting up a few more news pages edited by me to tell you more about the greatest friend that I ever had. And also to put up some of the graphics that Cody and me never put on his news pages but that we worked on together. So where did I find this page? I found three disks in Cody's drawer in his room. He kept everything he did on disk and there must be more lying around his room somewhere.  To all his 'net' friends, thanks for always being there for him. He really loved you all. Steve.  So here it is:

The Last Cody News by Cody

Hey dudes and howzit goin'.  So first off I must say how sorry I am for this totally late news page. Hey I toldya so! hehehehe.  So I thought I'd post this pic of myself (YEAH RIGHT CODE!) SHUDDUP! Yeah well this was taken with my future camera and this is what Im gonna look like when Im 30, 'Cept Im gonna have bigger furniture :)

Cody News Number 22 - January 2002

It's best to view this page full screen 600x800 or the tables don't line up properly

My graphic gift to all ofya is near the bottom of the page. Peace and Love for 2002!

Cody Sprouts Off
Okay so here we go. I toldya that the news was gonna be irregular so dont blame me that this one is so totally late. I have had a stacka mail askin if this news page was still goin on so the answer is yes but its not gonna be regular like a monthly period or anythin (YUCK I cant believe I wrote that). So the big surprise is that Im going into varsity to study ....... yep! Ive been keepin my acceptance as a surprise from everyone. The only person that knows is my dad cos he had to sign the damn papers or it woulda been a surprise for him as well. I think my mom is gonna be pretty stoked about it. Her little baby goin out into the big wide world. So am I ravin on or what? Hehehehe so Im a little excited. Live with it. Im gonna try and get this news up before Christmas but if I dont please have a really good one with your folks and friends. Have a cool 2002 cos I know I am.

Anyway so I was walkin on the beach mindin my own business when I cam across this dude. I whipped out my camera and said "Hey bud, I'm a photographer for National Geographic. Want to pose for me?" He said, "Yeah, what project are you taking photos for?" "Snakes!" The pic where he was layin on his back I just kinda warmed his snake up a bit and it came to life. "Hey, this snake needs to be milked. Its fulla damn venom. Want me to suck the poison right outta there?" He was totally outasight cool layin on my bed while my hands just kinda caressed EVERYTHIN! Enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed him :)

Friendships and 2002

Heres a job for you to do for New Years and you need to prepare for it a bit. Check back in your mind and try and remember all your friends. Both of them hehehehe. Just kiddin. Okay now find their numbers and on New Years give them a ring and say "Hey bud I was thinking of you and thought Id just give you a call." Easy huh? Chances are theyre gonna remember that phone call the whole damn year. Remember that "bud" that screwed your chick? Give him a call as well and tell him you love him and that all is forgiven.

Friends are so incredibly special. Its the little things that make it like that. Like hearing them tell a joke and the sound of them laughin. Being close to them on a cold night and sharing the warmth of your bodies. A kiss. Just sitting quietly around a campfire. Watching the stars. Sitting in the surf and not a wave in sight. Sharing an email. Find somethin special in your friend and you will find someone totally fantastic and new. 

Heres somethin for all my friends around the world *kiss* *codyhug* Loveya!

Hot or what? This dude is standing in the water waitin for me to come along and just rip his speedos off and then show off his package. Take your time and check out his bod. Take in every little inch and then close you eyes and imagine the feel of those bumps as you run your flat hand over his pecs and abs. You listenin G? 

Share a special moment with your bud. 

Well I reckon it probably depends on what gift youre gonna get. BUT if my Christmas wish list comes true then the wrappngs Ive selected here will definitely "fit the package". Can I take a peek? Can I have a taste? Just remember to remove the wrapping slowly cos it may just jump out atya hehehehe. Click on the thumbs to see the gift attachments.

Kostik and his buds have got their page up and running with webcams.
Click on the graphic to get there.

My Christmas Gift
I couldnt resist showing you what my buds bought me for Christmas - and he was all nicely labelled as well.  Well I could describe what the two of us did but I know that you guys really arent that interested. 

And my New Year gift is below. Brian has got more and more hunky as he's got older. Check out his pecs and his biceps and his shoulders and his stomach and his legs and his belly button and his .... damn!

There's one really special friend that I'm gonna miss this Christmas and New Year and I'll almost stand still for him to beat me up just to have him around with me.  Yeah - Mark! He said he's gonna try and make it down for Christmas but he's busy so he's not sure. That would be such a cool Christmas pres!

Here I am boyo - HIT ME! Give it all you've got wussy!  Nope I never said that. Really. Would I say something like that to you?

Well I'm gonna phone this dude on Christmas day and my pres will be the sound of his voice telling me what a shit I am. 

This is my special gift to all my buds. It's a 301kb Wallpaper for your computer. Loveya all and I hope you have a totally outasight 2002.


More Sprouting.. 

I wish that we could all go into next year thinking about all the fantastic things that happened in 2001 but theres only one thing that we will remember. The attack on WTC in New York. Im not a pro at what happened and I know what I say wont mean a lot to most people but I want all my buds to know that Im thinking of you and if you lost someone in that cockup then my heart is right there with you and I hope that you go into the next year thinking about the happy times that you shared with those friends or family. I watched what was happening more like it was a movie and not real. And I ask the same question that everyone does. Why? Peace bro - I loveya!

If I hadta form a boy band then it would be - from left to right: Mark, Steve, Winger with  his hair dyed (heheheh) and me.

I'm gonna end off here and wish you all a great Christmas and I hopeya have a totally outasight 2002.

For my friends in the USA, I found this graphic on webshots. Its a wallpaper and I hopeya like it. I could never have done somethin so great .

Peace in 2002. My next news will probly go up just before I start varsity. Keep your stick wet and - seeya in the surf!





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