My Best Friend

It's a year since Cody left the planet and even now it is so incredibly hard to write those words. Those who knew him will remember him with a smile that he always, unwittingly, brought to a person's face. Those who only started to know Cody after the event have also come to love him as much as we all do.  Cody brought a touch of humanness, if that is the right word, into every conversation and action with anyone he met. He made it "okay" to be close to a friend. He made it "okay" to make mistakes. In the last news page that Cody put together, he wrote about contacting a friend and just letting them know that you thought of them, even for an instant. It would be very cool if you did that now, in his memory. Contact a bud and say "Hi, howzit going?" 

I think my coolest memories of him are when we shared quiet times together and shared surf stories or he would tell me about some of his hiking stories. And we would laugh. He would start giggling and before long we would be holding our stomachs cos we were laughing so much.  I remember when we hiked to JBay like it was yesterday. We went up to watch the Billabong Pro Classic. It was a total rave trip. The surfing, the laughter, the fun, the knowing that I was in the company of someone who thought the world of his friends and his folks.Cody loved JBay.

One evening we were surfing a place called "Cemetry". It was one of those magical evenings when the air was warm and the water felt great. No wind, just a really nice swell, about 3 feet and glassy. The sky looked stormy and there was lightning about. About 200 meters away there was a whale in the water and its tail came out, like a gigantic fan and it looked like it was right next to us. We stopped and I'll never forget the look on Cody's face. It was like he was in another world, Cody's World. A world of nature, sea and magic.

You would've read about the rule in Cody's house. Whenever him or his mom or dad went out, they would give the person staying behind, a huge hug because anything could happen and you may not see them again. It's a good rule. Cody would've hugged his folks before going to work that morning.

A lotta guys who have signed the guestbook have asked "What happened?" Well, Cody was killed in a car wreck when he hitched a ride home after having a few drinks with the guys that he worked with. 

I made the above 800x600 wallpaper for you to use, even if just for a day. 

Ride the peak my friend, always! 



I'm bushed Cody. Can't you read?

One of Cody's favourite net art works.

Cody loved being in the water, whether he was surfing or swimming.  The one day when they were having an inter-house swimming gala at his school, I thought I would surprise him and go there to support him. He looked so damn hot in his speedos and he was like a fish when his body hit the water. 

Cody loved special moments with his friends.

No homework after school? Cool, let's practice our biology.


To say that Cody affected a few lives would be an understatement. He had an enormous impact on anyone that he came into contact with. Around the world there are mini shrines to my friend who taught the world to love, he taught the world about tolerance, he taught the world about friendships without boundaries. Cody wrote quite a bit while he was at school. It was the time that he could get into the computer lab and do his own thing. He carried a box of diskettes in his school bag with all his web information and he would get to school before anyone else to work on his web pages and write his e-mails. Then he still had time to swim laps or train with Mark in the gym. He had a wicked sense of humour and you had to have your wits about you not to be the target of his jokes.

For those of you who have not yet gone through some of the very first Cody News pages that he put together, do yourself a favour and go there. On some of the pages are links to the Cody Jacking pages where he has a few good things to say, not to mention the in-depth instruction on a certain cool subject.


For those of you who are wondering what I might look like on my 60th birthday, thought I'd give you a sneak peak.

Now that looks like a pretty neat fit, and the Tommy Hilfiger's don't look that bad either.

I was almost positive that I saw a 'glow in the dark' angel butt the last time I went to a club, except that Cody never carried a comb in his back pocket. But damn, those buns looked familiar.

Cody News Number 26 - November 2002

I hope you enjoyed my tribute to my special friend. I've tried to reflect the fun that he brought into so many of our lives and the love that he radiated to everyone. So what's up in this issue of the news? The big thing is probably the results of the Tarzan competition and a new one. Reader's Tarzan Selection. What the hell I'm just having fun, so read on. Around the page you'll find some fun I had with Tarzan dudes that weren't entered or who might have lost if they had been. Like I said, I'm just having fun here.

I had this page pretty well wrapped until a fucking shit thing happened early in October. Gary, MrB, had a heart attack. I really thought my world was shattering and it was gonna be November 2001 all over again. But he is out of hospital and back at the keyboard and doing okay. He stopped smoking a few weeks before the attack...go fucking figure! Anyway I lambasted him for riding his bicycle when his car "Tough Titties" is standing outside getting rust :)

Summer is officially here and I'm not sure yet what my plans are for the break but I think I'm gonna have to try and find some work to make some extra pocket money. My pocket money dried up when I was on the binge and I've got a way to go to prove myself before that comes my way again. In the meantime I don't reckon it'll kill me to work for a change.

Had some drama that saw me taking on a dude that has been giving me a fucking hard time. Who won? Fuck knows, are there ever any winners?

Might go up to Johannesburg for a while and work with Mark. He is ready to launch that mother that he's been busy with and there's another one coming into the yard, so there's plenty to do there, besides yacht building :) Yeah right!! Hey what the hell I can just stare at him while he's having a shower every morning and night. But that is still a few weeks away and I've got time to figure out exactly what I want to do before then. I know what Fingers would want me to do. Lost? Well the Mr B readers will catch on what I'm talking about. Fingers is Mark's boss and the owner of the house where Mark has a small apartment.

Enjoy the page.


Sweet my Bro!

I don't have a frigging clue who this dude is but if anyone out there has, then let me know. And if you have any cool pics of him, then send them to me :) Well, only if you wanta. But damn I would make this guy win any Tarzan comp with the right bribe!


Watching a guy with a muscular back in the shower will be enough to start a good evening. Of course it always helps when the V shaped back is on top of a pair of really kewl drum buns.

When you're that close to your friend that you can enjoy an intimate kiss that means nothing more than, "I loveya bud!" then you know that you friendship is real.


Ever been in a situation when you're really desperate and then that's the time your bud decides to have problems with the buttons on your Levis?
Tarzan Loser One

I don't give a shit what you say, I am not coming out of this damn tree until you promise to enter me into the next Cody Tarzan competition.

Tarzan Loser Two

Hey bud, don't hassle. I promise that I won't be late with your entry the next time. 

This is to help the guys who are stopping smoking. Put it on your desktop!

Cody used to tell me that I had those really cool, cute, horny lines that run from your hips to your pubes and they're like an arrow, pointing the way to the treasure chest.

Blondes do it in style!

This dude looks like he could be a lot of fun. Wonder if he's ticklish?

Having one cut bud for the night is pretty damn kewl but just imagine if he bring HIS cut bud as well :)

Tarzan Loser Three

That's what he said mom. He said I had too many bumps all over and that my mommy dressed me funny.

Tarzan Loser Four

Look, the rules said that you had to be covered. I don't give a shit that you might've won the thing for me but if you call me jelly belly just one more fucking time ...... 

Hey, you've got such a big mouth, you gonna keep me hanging here all day?

I'm not sure what it is, but us blondes have definitely got something going for us, and it's not always the hair. Now I've seen a different pic of this cute little hunk and maybe I should be calling him a cute little hungk.

Damn, you just can't help it when you know what's waiting under the wrapping.

The Results

Not bad for my first attempt at Flash huh?  Bet a lot of you would've fancied Tim over here but unfortunately he wasn't a contender. There is another competition gonna start with the next news, where readers can submit a pic of the guy they think would make a good teen Tarzan and then the following month I will put them up and everyone can vote for the one they think would be the best.

So the results? Yeah I know I must shuddup but I'm enjoying myself here. To have another look at the dudes you'll need to go to the previous news page and check them out in some more details but the results are:


1st Place
 (Winner of the Cody Banner)
2nd Place 3rd Place

This is what the Winger is gonna turn out to be, judging by the way his bod looks already.

The two banners on the right can be copied and used by the Webmaster of:

rsc.originalboys who host the winner of the Tarzan Competition
Egor: Teen Tarzan

Click on the banner for a larger version

That's it guys (and gals). Until the next time, keep your stick wet. 

"Peace, Love, Respect"



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