Cody News Number 5 - September 1999

This dude looks like he's ready for business.

Awesome combo - good bod with loaded jeans :)

Surfer dude checkin to see if he's got a rash from not wearing a wettie - he hasn't - I checked.


I know that this newsletter is super late but it's been a busy month for me. Hopeya understand. The next one should come out pretty soon after this one - I hope. We are on Spring Break at the moment.

Happy Birthday Mr. B
Mr B had a birthday on Sunday 29 August. I'm sure that a lottaya would like to visit his site: and send him some good wishes for his birthday - even if you are late. I think the cool thing about gettin email like that is cos it letsya know that there are people out there in Cyberworld who care.

Other birthdays at the end of August and September were my friends Steve and Wingnut.

In October this year, TJ turns 18.

I haven't had anymore grief from the bullyboys at school since the incident I mentioned in the last news. So, at least my teeth are still intact.

I met a girl and we've been seein each other. She surfs as well which is pretty damn neat - NO WE HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHIN YET!!! Just in case you were wonderin. Her name is - shit! I can't give her name here can I. Anyway she's got pretty cute tits - just thought I'd share that withya. And no - I haven't told Steve to take a hike and he knows about her. It's Steve's 16th birthday on 1 September - reckon I'm gonna haveta give him somethin special.

We have had some really super storms here and while it brings up some really good surf, a lotta people are havin a hard time. We even had a "twister" go thru some of our suburbs leavin hundreds of people without homes and shelter.

Hey Cody, hurry with the camera - these speedos are givin me a damn headache.

Most of the pics on this page are thumbs, so you just needta click on them to get the larger, clearer pic. Some of the pics have mouseover captions. I've put some of my fav sportin pics on this page - hopeya enjoy them.

Cody's Special - Jackin' Part Three

My morning routine
Some ofya have asked about my mornin routine so - for those ofya who are bored enuf to be interested:

0530: Wake up. (Jack off, dependin on how horny I am :) In summer I would slip on somethin quick and go and check out the surf and see if it's worthhile doin a dawn patrol. Pack last minute school things, Shower, Have a cereal breakfast with some juice, brush teeth, get dressed into school uniform, brush hair.

06:30 Leave for school.

07:00 Arrive at school. Go to comp lab and logon to net, Check email and reply to some. (Unless I'm doin a dawn patrol then I check email l8er)

07:30 Meet my friend Mark in the gym and join him for his boxin trainin - hit a punch bag, hold the bag for him, spar. Durin Summer I normally swim laps in the pool around this time. Durin August went to a boxin tourney to support Mark - he was shittin himself cos the dude he was fightin had beaten him a few times before - my dad said somethin to him and then he goes and wins by a ko in the second round :)

08:15 Shower and get back into school uniform and then report to first class.

Okay so at last I've got the September news out of the way. I'll get the next one movin as soon as possible.

Loveya guys - thanks for all the e-mail and I'm sorry if I'm not replyin to everyone but I answer my e-mail from school and it gets really hectice in the morning and it's difficult to answer all of them - I do try tho - promise.

So thereya have it.

Cya L8er


Swap drugs for sport!

This guy reminds me of someone on the school swim team - mmm - now I'd probably recognise him in the showers.

Totally a hunk

Makes me kinda dizzy watching this guy lift his vest.

Okay Cody - wanta come and play with my ball :)

Now I know why I joined the swim team.

Hey Cody, you can train with me but, if you hit me below the belt one more time, I'm going to clobber you.


Jaysee's Gallery

WOWWWWW!! er ... I mean wow!

'til next time - CYA!


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