How many of your guys/gals are quite open about sex? I don't mean like bein disgustin about it - I mean like if it comes up as part of a normal convo.

I guess Im pretty lucky cos my dad's got no hangups about talkin about it with me. I suppose it's not everythin but I know once when he caught me jackin the first time (Yep he's caught me more than once). I remember I got total redfaced about it and I took my hand off, but I'm sure you know what it's like, once you reach a point and nothin can stop it - well there I was gettin redfaced, my cock was actin like an out of control firehose, my bod felt like it was goin into spasm - my legs were all stiff and it was like i was gettin an electric shock - and there was absolutely nothin i could do about it. When I think about it now - I'm sure my dad musta wanted to burst out laughin at my reaction.

A while later he spoke to me about it - YEAH he did. He said that if his dad had caught him like that he woulda got the beatin of his life and woulda been told about wankin makin you go deaf and blind and your teeth rot and then you grow hair on your palms - and after all that you go to hell forever.

Yeah well, he told me that it's all pretty normal stuff and that there probably isn't a dude on the planet who hasn't jacked himself off at least once. Prob is, once youve done it once, you do it a second, third and a whole lotta times - cos it feels so damn great.

Anyway - he asked me to make sure that my mom didn't catch me - not cos she'd freak - it would just be embarrasin for her. It's bad enuf she comes in, in the mornin and my covers are off and I'm sleepin there with a huge piss boner.

And also, don't wipe off with your bed covers - they stink like piss after a while. Use tissues or toilet paper that you can flush. If you do get off by rubbin yourself against the sheets, don't go sleep in it, clean it first or your sheets get all crusty. Same thing if you get off screwin your pillows.

All these things should probly go into a list of "Jackin' Etiquette."

I've got various ways of jackin off but there's nothin like goin to bed totally horny, lyin on your back with your hands behind your head and contractin your piss-stop muscle and watchin your hard cock bouncin up and down in front ofya, Then take your hand and stroke it gently, just barely touchin it, along the top - down to your nads, and back again.

With your other hand you can play with your nipples and stroke every inch of your bod, thinkin it's someone else, like the hunkiest dude in school.

Once you're outta control and the precum is soakin your abs, rub it all over your boner and then grab it tight with your fist.

Stroke it until just before you're gonna shoot your load and then stop, takin your hand away - DONT TOUCH ANYTHIN.

Then after about five minutes, you start strokin again - and then do the same thing.

After a while you'll have a boner like youve never had in your life - it will feel like your skin is splittin it is so damn hard - and your cock head will be rosy red from all the blood that's gone into it.

Eventually when you do offload - you're gonna have to bite on your pillow to stop yourself from screamin cos the feelin is so intense and then you're gonna have to use a box of tissues to clean up cos you're gonna shoot more cum that you've ever seen.

Try it out - and let me know. I've done that a few times and it is helluva intense, that is why you just can't do it every time - your cock just disobeys and offloads when you take your hands away - normally into your face :)

If you guys have go any good jackin ideas, let me know. I've got a fake fur hat that I've used before - you just gotta make sure you wash it - and hopefully without too many questions bein asked.

More in my next news page.


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