Cody News Number 7 - November 1999

Mr.B wrote this story for me. Like he thinks I would be able to control myself if I was on the movie set of Blue Lagoon with Chris Atkins. Yeah RIGHT!!

Check the link to the story on the Adventures of Cody and TJ Page.

I lent this dude's speedos to a coupla the other guys - he was pissed off.

Hey Code, these speedos you lent me sure give me some colour.

These speedos fit great Cody, thanks.


Well we're into the month of Thanksgivin - well in the USA anyway, but I think it should probably be an international holiday, maybe even bigger than Christmas - why? Well, I think somethin like Thanksgivin goes beyond things that stop us from sharin completely, like religion, sex, politics, sport and probably hundreds of other things.

For me, well, thanksgivin would be to say thanks for havin friends and family that care a stack for me and that I care for as well. Thanks for bein healthy and be able to do the things I do, like swim, surf, hike, camp - things that millions are unable to do. Thanks for the lessons Ive learnt over the last year - some of them pretty hard. Wierd but, thanks to Bill Gates - probly wouldnt've met most ofya if not for him or guys like him who have given us the net. Thanks for givin me folks who are strict but also understandin and who I can talk to. I know there are a lotta teens out there who say they can't talk to their folks about stuff - why not give it another try - and then another. If that doesn't work, give your folks a huge hug and surprise the crap outta them. Also, send email to your friends and all it needs to say is "Hey - just wanted to letya know, I'm thinkin aboutya."

Click on the pic to see how happy Kot was to see me.

Most of the pics on this page are thumbs, so you just needta click on them to get the larger, clearer pic. Some of the pics have mouseover captions.

Cody's Friendship Special

Well, I'm full on back into swim trainin and trainin mornin and afternoon. Hasn't been much surf at the local beach cos the crappy South Easterly wind that's been blowin but it's just as well cos I'm also studyin for end of year final exams.

Had a wicked Halloween Party. The head turner was my buddy Steve. He came to the party dressed in a torn shirt and torn shorts and his whole bod painted with green body paint. He looked damn wicked - hadta try hard to control my boner.

My net buddy Alan who runs Alan's Webland (Beachboys), has had his page trashed my multimania. It's always a hassle to find a site to host a teen pic web but I hope Alan finds one soon.

Another net buddy, Feracer, has sent me some wicked jokes that I was gonna put on the page, but Ive lost them or filed them where I cant find them - thats the prob of keepin everythin on diskette.

My best ever buddy TJ, has been hard at work cuttin the grass at their place - you don't wanna hear the names he gives to the grass - I think it grows just to piss him off. His back seems to be a lot better - which is cool.

I've put a page together about friends - just a change from jackin :) Guess one of the best things friends can do is jack together :)

To all ofya - have a Happy Thanksgivin - and think about the million things and people you can be thankful for.

Cya L8er


Swap drugs for sport!

Hey - Lift that damn camera higher!

Nope - I am not lending you my tank top.

This tank top? You really want it?

That was a mean swim Cody.

C'mon Cody, my boardies aren't THAT loud!

Okay, you can give my speedos back now, this damn water's cold.

Whatdya mean - further?

There's the dude that stole those speedos officer.

Cody - you come down from there you little shit - and bring that oil can with you.


Chance - always hunky!

'til next time - CYA!


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