Cody News Number 8 - December 1999

Hope all you guys have a really great holiday season. Ho ho ho and all that.

Mmmm - so if I unbuckle the belt I'll drive Cody crazy.

These shorts of Codys are giving me a damn headache.

I hope this raft is big enuf for Cody and me.


Well the pressure is off for a while. Our end of year exams is finished and we're goin on Summer hols from Friday 3 December.

My plans for the hols? Well on Sunday we're leavin for a hikin trip into the mountains for about 8 or 9 days. It is gonna be a totally cool chill-out. What is totally gonna be a rave is that Steve, Mark and Wingnut are comin on the trip as well. Darren, who is on vac from college will be leadin us again - this time he might be suspicious if I ask to share is sleepin bag one nite tho :) Other guys comin - well just about half the swim team are gonna be up with us - pardon the pun - hehehe.

After the hike its gonna be a surfin holiday - but chances are we're gonna have to hike to Long Beach to get any decent Summer surf. The other prob is that Long Beach is like totally packed when the surf is workin.

I've made a lotta friends durin the year - those that signed my guestbook and put yourself on the mailin list.

If you guys see TJ walkin around - give him a fuckin HUGE hug for me. You can't miss him - he'll be the hunky one. Have a good holiday break TJ - remember to keep the grass cut - ehehehe loveya stacks buddy - but I guess you know that.

Mr.B who lives underneath the planet :) in Oz. Hey buddy - thanks for all the support thru the year and for all the cool stories.

Thanx to Jace and Ferracer for keepin the jokes comin. Just cool it while I'm away guys cos my mailbox will get full and I'll lose a lot of it. Young Nicky (Guttermouth) - well - I've tried to writeya but your mailbox is full and my mail keeps gettin returned. Sorry to hear that youre not well - Im thinkin of ya.

Jarrod (Lil Adonis) - you keep totally cool buddy and thanx for a brilliant web page.

Steve in Saskatchewan (jeez did I spell that rite?). You've got a good heart and its in the right place - hope you and Ally and your family have an outrageous holiday.

Kostik - hey - stay as cute as you are buddy.

Hein - thanx - youre a pretty genuine dude with a great taste in bods.

I know that I'm gonna forget a lotta people on this list - but thanx to all of ya. I hate leavin people off but I could take forever writin this thing - Mark & Adam - thanx for the mail.

To the thousands of you that have visited my site and said nice things - THANX. To those of you that didn't say nice things - HEY - BE NICE!

Last on my holiday wish list - hopeya end up with somethin hard and wet in your stockins and remember to eat slowly and to swallow. Hey why dont some ofya take a chance and hang a condom by the tree - I'll try and fill it :)

Oh - and did I remember to tell TJ I love him stacks? But - I guess he knows that already.

Here's somethin for your stockin' - Take a Chance!

Most of the pics on this page are thumbs, so you just needta click on them to get the larger, clearer pic.

Cody's Christmas Page

Two bonus pressies for you!

So thereya have it.

Cya L8er


Swap drugs for sport!

Chance is a total damn hunk!

Hey Cody, you finished yet? Let's get outta here buddy

So tell me again Code, what is it that you like about me?

Shuddup about my abs aready.

Cody, if you're lying about this being a screentest for Tarzan I'm gonna nail you

Okay so what's so special about the view anyway?

Hehehe and he believed you whenya told him that you wouldnt take a pic of him in his underwear? You mean, he trusted you?

OK, so those are my biceps. Now come down from there and wrestle - you chickenshit!

Ah, c'mon Code, the last time I took my jeans off you exhausted me.

I don't care if I do look like a waffle, get outta here with the ice cream!



Graydon - Follow the link to his rave site from Mark Hanter's home page.

Another pic of Graydon - oh jeez.

so 'til next time - CYA!


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