I can feel It

a though for the millennium -

by Cody Taronto

Bright orange

Over a golden flat sea,

A gentle swell rolls towards shore.

Nothing's changed -

It's the same - but somehow -


What is it?

My mind wonders.

I can't touch it,

But -

I can feel it.

I need to know.

The damp white powder beneath my feet.

It's the same - but...

There's something -

I can feel it.

I pick up my stick and head to the shoreline -


There's definitely something,

I can feel it.

It's different -

But how?

Everything is still the same...

As I paddle out over gentle rollers,

I can feel it.

There is a new power and

Excitement in the air.

Why can't I see it?

I know it's there.

I can feel it.

A friendly wave from a distant friend.

That is the same - but somehow.....

Why am I confused?

It's so different -

I can feel it.

There's a new energy around me,

Yes - that is part of it

For sure, 'cos -

I can feel it.

I wish I knew what it was -

Damn! I hate not knowing.

I feel so good - but what is it?

I can feel it.

A seal gently pops up his head -

Bright brown eyes stare at me.

He rides the wave next to me -

Allowing me to share his world.

It is so strong now -

But what is it?

Damn - I wish I knew..

I can feel it.

Could it be?

Nope - not possible.

But - could it?

Can it really be this different?

There's a brand new aura -


I can feel it.

But - surely not because of that.

A century change?

Not just a century - a millenium..

In MY lifetime.

Could it be?

Glassy reflections changing colour,

As the golden ball gets higher and higher.

It's a brand new day -

Definitely different.

I can feel it.

I feel new

I feel ---

What do I feel?

I'm not sure,

It's like a brand new me.

I smile - I'm not sure why.

Something has happened,

Something incredible -

I can feel it.

A fin -- big, dark, menacing,

breaks the surface.

I see it -

Another of nature's miracles.

The shark, the seal and the surfer,


There is no menace here,

Just the pure ecstacy and joy of life.

I can feel it.

For a fleeting moment

I can almost understand.

Past prejudices faded into a mist of time.

Acceptance not because of similarities,

But because of differences

and challenges,

Which make this new world so exciting.

I can feel it...


More importantly, dear friend ..

Can you?

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