This is me Cody

What did Cody NOT say about himself?  Well, I've taken the liberty to add some of those at the bottom of this page.


Okay, so I guess you came to this page 'cos you're somehow interested about what makes me tick.    Like I said, my name is Cody - yeah I know you're not thick, but some people but have come straight to this page from a search engine or somethin. The pic up there is me.

I'm 19 (well I was on July 1, 2001), I am 5 ft 10 inches tall and have been since about the age of 16, I weigh 145 pounds

Where do I live - on planet Earth, just recently come from Mars.   Mars is quite a cool place to live but Earth is really interesting. I mean, here you have people who are supposed to be smart and brilliant - hehehe hohoho hahaha - what a joke.    You earthlings spend so much time worried about other people that you never give yourself a chance to chill.    A typical example of this is what some people write in my guestbook - and talk about dead from the neck up.     I'm not referring to most of you - I really enjoy getting your entries - but other dudes who even dare to stick their red necks out and criticise me and then don't even have the guts to put their e-mail addies down.   Okay, okay, so I'm getting carried away - just a little.

I guess a lot of you are wondering what my sexual preferences are.   When I was a lot younger I gave myself a gay label because I guess it's something we do when we haven't thought things through and when we haven't had anyone to talk about it to.   If I had to fill in a form now and fill in the section for SEX, then I would put:  "Yes, please!"    I've dropped the label.    I've got a girlfriend and we are mad about each other and yes, I've had a few boyfriends who would rather that I just call them friends.    Sex with them has been more of a desire to be close to each other, rather than a desire for the sex itself.   The sex is something that happened along the way.   Oh yeah, I can hear the do-gooders now - girlfriend?  Yeah right - you're a faggot!   Well, the choice to give me a label would be theirs, not mine.   I actually think I'm probably more normal than most.    The critics are those who got a guilt conscience when their dads kissed them when they were little and they still haven't sorted themselves out sexually.    My feelings about guys?  Well, I'd much rather be feeling them than feeling about them.    I turn my head when a cool young stud walks by - you don't? Yeah, right.   Why is it so normal for girls to stare at girls and even pass comments, but guys aren't allowed to do that - I guess it's an image thing.   I've chatted and written to friends on the net, like Mr.B and TJ and they've really convinced me about my normality.    I think it's really harder for the really young guys to come to grips with.    One day they're at a swim team meet and they suddenly crack a boner because they're staring at the captain of the swim team and his bod.    They freak, cos they don't know why it's happening.   Next thing, they go home, jack off and label themselves gay.    Wrong move bud.   Your feelings are totally normal - any psychoanalyst would tell you that, but not in front of your folks, cos they would have a damn nappy rash at the thought.   As you get older you'll sort your feelings out and who knows where it will go.   But to bang yourself up because of something that you've got no control over is not worth it.    I learnt that from Mr.B.   TJ and me have the greatest sex ever - but in the stories that I write.   Although we've never met we have really deep feelings for each other.   Having said all that, if you guys want to see a nudie pic of me - CLICK HERE.

One day I would like to have a career that involves the sea, like Marine Biology.    At the moment I'm working to save up for studying further.   Probably not next year though, but soon - the savings are getting there :)    My passion for the sea is almost like my passion for my friends - I live for it.   Cody couldn't afford the university fees so he decided to work during 2001.   During that time he saved enough money for his first year at university and he was busy with the enrolment process, something which most of his friends never knew about. It was going to be his surprise to everyone.

My favourite sports/activities:

Surfing: No, not net surfing - surf riding. A coupla friends and me grab our sticks as often as we can and we hit the surf at the local beaches. There wasn't a lotta surf on Mars, so bein on Earth is coooool!    This is one kick ass sport that tests your patience, stamina and it also sorts out the shit in your head.   It was while surfing that I met Cody and little did I realise the huge influence that he was going to have on my life during the short time that we were friends.

Swimming: I was on the school swim team.    My best and favourite stroke was butterfly.   I was one of the best swimmers on the team but out there, there are always guys better than you.    I still swim quite a bit and now go down to the school after work to help the coach out with the juniors.  Cody underrated himself as a swimmer.  I could never swim ten meters fly never mind the 100 and 200 that he used to do.  He had a typical swimmer build too but without the six-pack.  That was cool though cos he could always play with mine :)

Blading and Skateboarding: The only way to travel around the neighbourhood.  Cody kind of stopped blading and walked or ran just about everywhere.  It was his way of keeping fit.  He would run to the beach to go and surf.

Hiking and Camping: I love being outdoors. And I love being with nature. Theres nothing better than being up in the mountains and feeling like youre a zillion miles away from the city.  

My favourite music

Alanis: I love her no shit attitude and listen to her lyrics.

Just Jinger:  Totally cool South African group.   Good lyrics, good music.

Springbok Nude Girls:  Another kickass SAfrican group.

Live:  Laid back and great.

Offspring: Wild.

NYCC: Fight for your right to do what the hell you want.

Jazz: Yeah I know it sounds crazy after the first three, but my dad got a double Jazz CD called Eastwood. And I love it.

My favourite movies:

Star Wars: The best movie ever made. TJ sent me this movie ticket stub - cool huh.

Titanic: Mine and TJ's fav movie.

Wild America: TJ's family album - hehehe.

Horror movies: I enjoy all horror movies - especially the Halloween series.

Surf movies: Endless Summer I & II, Big Wednesday, Biggest Wednesday.

My favourite books:

I read a helluva lot. My fav author is Clive Cussler - I've read all of his books and I love Dirk Pitt.   On Cody's bedside cupboard is the last book he was busy reading by Clive Cussler, called "Valhalla Rising."   The only book that Cody read that I could not fathom out is a book called "A Town Like Alice" by Neville Shutte.

My contact details:

My e-mail addy is:  I have removed Cody's email address. You can leave tribute messages on his Guestbook.  Don't freak out if I don't answer every e-mail.    I get a lot and answer them when I get a chance.   Cody used to receive between 20 to 40 emails per day.

Another way to send me messages is to leave them in my guestbook.   Guys (and gals) who sign my guestbook will receive notices about updates to my site.    I used to do that through ListBot, but they dropped the free service and the guestbook email serves the same purpose, so what the hell.

Okay, so what else is there to tell you about Cody?

Well for the sceptics out there, Cody did have a girlfriend.  Steph is a total beaut and turns heads wherever she goes.  They shared a great loving relationship but Steph was also realistic about the bond that held him to the many friends that he had.

Cody treated each one of his friends as if he was the only friend he had.  Many of those, including myself, are only realising now exactly what that meant.

His passion was the sea.  I was gonna say surfing, but it was the sea.  Cody called the beach and the mountain his "Happy Places" where he could go and sit and think and clear the cobwebs.  He would paddle his board out on a day when the sea was flat, just to sit at the back and think.   

Although he had his favourite music, he could sit and listen to Frank Sinatra with his dad just as easy as listen to Offspring.  There was always music playing at his house and often you could walk from the den to Cody's room and listen to three different types of music.

Cody's room was not untypical of a lot of teen surfers, but when you walked into it, it was like you were walking into a comfort zone.  It was neat with a poster of Endless Summer on the wall alongside his surfboard.

The only thing that Cody could not tolerate was intolerance.  At the same time, if he latched on to a friend he would go out of his way to make the friendship work.  Like a dog with a bone.

He was also a grafter (hard worker).  He would do chores around the neighbourhood, mainly for the older folk, and earn pocket money to see his way clear to movies or to a club or to buy his friends gifts.

He used to love writing stories and often got me involved to help him. Those were special moments that the two of us enjoyed, writing the Adventures of Cody and TJ.  Cody met TJ on the net and they were as close to each other as Cody was to his friends in the neighbourhood and at school or work.

Cody was also a great lover.  Whether with Steph or me or another friend, he would take ages to explore your body and caress you and encourage you to do the same.  You never felt uncomfortable and he was incredibly gentle.   He would pay you compliments and whisper in your ear and make you feel like you were on top of the world, Cody's World.  Sometimes he would just lay on his bed, on his stomach, and I would caress his back and butt and legs.  I loved the feel of him, soft skin covering hard muscle, and he would close his eyes and just enjoy the closeness.

He never thought of himself as good looking or hunky but Cody was like a boy god and only his friends know why.

A few days after Cody's memorial service, friends gathered at his local beach with his ashes and we paddled out to the back line, with his dad.   His ashes were scattered on "his back line" on his beach, below his mountain. 

Rest in peace dear friend.