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I got these links while searching for my favourite movies. music. sport and pics. I hope that you have a lotta fun looking at them and I hope that you find your fav link here. If you come across a link that you think should be on this list, then tell me about it.

If any of these links don't work then let me know and I will change them or take them out - POW!

If you have a really cool HOMEPAGE, then let me have the addy and I will include it in the list.

I wanted to put up links to some surfin' homepages. I've updated Cody's links below with local sites with pics of places that Code and I used to surf together and where Winger and I still go.

Up to date surf reports and stax of linx and up to date competition and other news

Zig Zag Surf Mag
Online version of South Africa's surf mag

Greg Chapman's Cool Surf Site
Chappy is a awesome Cape Town based surf photographer.

This is the site where I found some awesome ideas for Java script - and I didn't know a thing about Java before gettin there.



Daniel's Diary is probably one of the best teen stories on the web - what am i sayin probably! They are the best stories on the net. You will find other cool stories on Mr. B's site, as well as some pics and links to way cool sites.

Steve is a really good friend and runs a tight website.



The "Caring for Cody" Original stories

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