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Chapter Nineteen
The Final Chapter

The boys moved quickly to the barn door.

"I've been waiting for you." Asato had an evil grin on his face.

The boys moved backwards into the barn. Asato walked into the barn followed by four of the guards, all holding guns pointed at the boys.

"Ah, a new one." Asato looked at Casey. Then he looked at Jensen and the other guard tied to the posts.

"Tell Sarkis the get the cameras set up. We are finishing this film tonight. Fetch my boys."

Asato made the boys strip and stand on the side of the sand pit. Cody had a cold feeling in the pit of his stomach. 

"Cody, that is your name isn't it? Good. I have someone who needs to finish something with you."

Cody glared at Asato.

"The last time I saw you, you didn't appear so arrogant."

Asato stroked Cody's cock and felt it come to life. Asato wished that he could suck and fuck the boy but it wouldn't be appropriate.

"Just in case you boys are thinking of something sinister, I want to assure you that these guns are real."

Asato lifted his pistol and shot the guard next to Jensen in the chest. His body slumped down, only the ropes holding him against the pole. A river of blood pumped out of the hole and ran down his chest and stomach.

The boys were horrified.

"That was a gunshot," TJ said to Cal.

"Was that a fucking shot I heard?" Butch said as he came up to Cal and TJ.

"We need to move quickly," TJ said and they started running faster towards the buildings, still more than a mile away.

"We should have gone all the way with the trucks," Butch panted and puffed.

"If they heard the trucks they would just kill everyone and run. It's just thanks to the boys that we found this fucking road," Cal said, now more worried about his brother than he was before.

Sarkis came into the barn and his grin grew huge when he saw Cody.

"Cody, my friend, you've come to complete your obligations."

"Fuck you." Cody sneered at him.

Then Cody saw the two oriental teens come in. The older boy smiled when he saw Cody. He was dressed in only a pair of tight gym shorts. His muscular body shone in the light. Under different circumstances him and Cody could have had some really wild sex.

Three video cameras were positioned around the pit and the extra floodlights were turned on.

Asato walked up to Cody, "Now, my star is going to fuck you and then kill you. Who knows - you might even win an Academy Award for seeming so convincing." His laugh echoed around the barn, like an evil cackle.

Cody watched as the older oriental teen took his shorts off. He was well endowed and his cock grew even bigger and thicker as it stiffened. The boy was looking forward to burying his manhood into Cody. Cody felt himself stiffen as well, his cock getting thicker and longer. Then he felt a hand push him into the sandpit. He stood staring at the other teen. The boy stepped into the sandpit and gave Cody a slight bow and a smile, his muscles contracting with each movement.

The boys moved around the pit in a half crouching position, summing each other up. The previous time they had met, Cody was in a half drugged state. This time things were more even.

The other teens watched, almost holding their breath. The excitement in the barn was electric. Asato had his hands in his pockets, stroking himself. He hoped it wouldn't be over too soon, he would like to cum two or three times before he heard Cody's neck snap.

Cody saw the leg lift but he was too slow and he felt the teen's foot crack into his chest, sending him flying backward in the sandpit. He shook his head and caught his breath. He jumped to his feet and the oriental boy backed off slightly. 

Out of the corner of his eye Cody looked at Casey. Casey was pointing to his balls. 

The teen came at Cody again, again lifting his leg to kick. Cody went down on one knee and sent his fist into the boy's groin at full force. The boy collapsed on the ground holding his groin. Cody was on him. His fist caught the boy on the side of his head and he rolled on to his back, arching with pain. Cody dived on to him, sending his elbow into the boy's solar plexis. He lay on top of the boy, the sweat from the two bodies sending heat waves through him.

Cody felt the blow on the back of his head as the younger oriental boy dived on top of him. The boy was also strong, but he was easier to handle. Cody lifted his knee as the boy took another dive and he landed spread legged - and collapsed on top of him. Cody pushed the boy off of him, he laid on his back sleeping like a baby.

"Enough of these games," Asato shouted. He looked horried at his two stars lying in the middle of the sandpit. Cody stood up, his sweaty body covered in sand. Asato's fist sent him sprawling on to the ground. 

The other boys watched as Asato undressed. His cum covered erection pointed straight out from his body. He was very muscular and looked powerful. His biceps and his pecs bulged, his definition emphasised by his flat sixpack abs. He lifted Cody up and hit him again. Then he jumped on Cody and turned him over, lifting Cody's ass up in the air. He aimed his cock at the teen's crack and then put his one hand on the side of Cody's head and the other on the other side of his neck. Cody couldn't move his head. He felt the pressure on his neck and knew that he would feel it snap any second from now.

"Say goodbye," he sneered.

A shot echoed around the barn. 

"Get off of him," TJ shouted.

Asato looked as Butch, Cal, TJ and the others entered the barn.

"Get away or I'll kill him," Asato said.

The bullet went right through Asato's arm, missing Cody's head by less than an inch. Asato fell off of Cody, holding his arm.

Michael had taken one of the guard's guns as Butch and the other came in. It was still smoking in his hand.

Cody stood up, "Fuckin hell dude, you coulda killed me."

"I know how to handle a gun." Michael smiled at him.

"Matt?" Chance walked over to Matt, "What the fuck are you doing here?"

Matt tried to smile. Him and Chance had been friends for a short while. They met while Chance was on a photo shoot near his home town.

"Trying to be a movie star." Matt joked. He grimaced as Chance hugged him. "Hey, gently - gently."

Matt was admitted to the local hospital. He would spend a few days there before joining up with Butch. Butch offered him a contract to do a photo shoot. 

The other boys were given air tickets back to their homes - they refused to be involved in the investigation. 

Sarkis was arrested, along with his crew and his henchmen. 

Asato escaped from the hospital and made his way to the nearest airport and out of the country. His two "stars" were put on a plane, under escort and sent back home.

Matt smiled as Cody and TJ entered his hospital room.

"Hey," Cody smiled back.

"Hey Cody, hey TJ."

TJ smiled at him, "So, how are you feeling?"

"A lot better. I'll be leaving here tomorrow and joining Butch. Fuck I don't know how to thank you guys enough. Cody ... I'm sorry ... I didn't mean to cause you so much grief."

"Hey, it's cool. We woulda all been in the shit if TJ didn't rock up there with the others."

"I wish there was a way to thank you though. I feel like a real jerk."

Cody smiled at TJ, "Want to see if the coast is clear?"

TJ moved to the door and opened it slightly. He smiled and nodded at Cody.

Cody pulled Matt's covers off. He was naked.

"I swear Cody, if you touch me, I'll ring for the nurse. I'm injured. Cody .... CODY - Oh jeez."

Matt went weak as he felt his boner being taken in my Cody. 

Cody felt his own cock harden as he took Matt's furniture into his mouth. 

Matt looked down and saw the black spiky hair bobbing up and down as Cody sucked his cock. He admired his smooth cock as it slid in and out of Cody's mouth.

Cody's hands explored the hard muscular chest and abs as his mouth rode up and down. Cody's hand travelled up the inside of Matt's thighs.

Matt looked at TJ through half open eyes, "Hey TJ, you look like you're desperate dude. Come here."

TJ dropped his pants and then straddled Matt's chest. He leaned back as Matt took him in. 

Matt gasped as he felt his juice leave his cock. Cody's mouth worked faster and he swallowed every drop. Then it was TJ's turn.

Cody and TJ had just got dressed when the male nurse walked into the room. Matt was still uncovered, some juice hanging from the end of his cock, trailing down to his stomach.

"Oh my," the male nurse said, "you're going to catch the death of a cold."

He made to move the covers over Matt and then stopped.

"Maybe I need to wash you first." he smiled at Matt.

"Time for us to leave," Cody smiled at TJ.

Cody and TJ each gave Matt a kiss on the lips.

Matt whispered in TJ's ear, "You guys can't leave now. You can't leave me with this dude."

"Oh, I don't know," TJ whispered back, "make his day."

Cody and TJ both saw the massive erection in the male nurse's pants. Hey, he couldn't help it. With a hunk like Matt, lying there - all helpless and all.

"Hey," Matt called, as they opened the door to leave, "I love you guys. Have a safe trip home Cody. And TJ ....."


"I really hope I see you again."

"Me too buddy, me too."

Casey was on his back with his legs spread apart. He held Cody's head in his hands. Cody had Casey's nuts in his mouth, savouring each one individually. Then his tongue slowly cruised up the teen's erect shaft, stopping at the lip of the head. Slowly Cody took Casey's cockhead into his mouth and let his tongue explore the pisshole. Cody's fingers explored each muscle of Casey's chest and sixpack as if each one was unique. He moved his hands behind Casey's thighs and to the crack. He pushed his finger in slowly until he hit the spot. He felt the muscular body arch and then....

Casey felt the juices rise and he arched his back as he offloaded down Cody's throat. Cody felt the muscles of the teen's stomach tighten even more as he arched. Then it was Cody's turn. Casey made him lie on his back and then took Cody's boyhood into his mouth, caressing each inch with his tongue. 

Casey stood up and then straddled Cody. He put his hand behind him and lifted Cody's stiff cock. He slowly slid his crack down on to it. He grimaced slightly as he felt Cody fill him. He felt his ass stretch as Cody's thick, stiff cock entered him. He slid all the way down and then slowly rode his new found friend.

With Cody inside of him, Casey leaned forward and the two boys kissed, passionately. Casey had tears in his eyes, "I'm gonna miss you Cody. You're the best friend I've ever had."

"I'm gonna miss you too Case. I'm gonna remember you forever."

It was a huge feast. Butch and the gang had gone all out to make their last evening as special as possible. A lot of fun was had as Chance and Lukas did a striptease for the crowd, making everyone as horny as possible, and ensuring a night of good sex for everyone there.

TJ had promised that he would spent the night with the two hunks. Cody and Casey had made special plans as well.

Early the next morning, as the sun was peeping over the distant hills, Cody and TJ stood in front of Butch. "Thanks Butch," TJ smiled, "for everything."

"Well, if you two boys ever want a job as models, you give me a call. and oh," Butch pulled and envelope out of his back pocket, "you can have a good look at these and then throw them away, or burn them."

It was the photo shoot of TJ with Lukas and Chance.


Everyone was out to wave goodbye to the two boys as they left the canyon. TJ drove slowly as Cody waved out the window.

Back on the highway, Cody leaned back and sighed.

"What's up buddy, you sound kinda sad."

"I am. In a coupla days I'll be flyin home and I wonder when I'll see you again."

"Hey Code, friends forever. Right? We'll meet again, someday, somehow."

"I guess."

TJ burnt up the hardtop and they drove through a number of small towns. As they left one town, there was a young teen standing on the side of the road, hitching a ride.

"Well, do we stop?"

They looked at each other.

"Nah." They said in unison. The teen gave them the finger as they drove past, laughing. "Cunts!" he shouted.

Bowling Green was bathed in darkness when they arrived. Houses had their lights on. TJ drove through the town and then on to the smallholding where his family lived.

All his brothers were there, and his cousin Mark, and his folks. They greeted the boys as if they had been away for years. Hugs, kisses and tears all around. The told their stories of meeting Brad Renfro and JTT and Arnold, leaving out the obvious details. TJ's cousin would want to hear all those details much later. Cody was catching a plane back to South Africa the next morning, changing flights at Miami.

Cody laid on the bed, waiting for TJ to come out of the shower. His mind went back to the wild adventures that the two of them had shared. Maybe too wild, they had almost got themselves killed.

TJ was quiet when he came back into the room and climbed into the bed next to Cody. "Don't worry, the door's locked."

Cody rolled over on to TJ and they kissed, their tongues exploring deep into each other's mouth. TJ lifted his legs up and he felt Cody's hard cock at his crack entrance. Cody knew what his friend wanted and he grabbed his cock and aimed it at TJ's rosebud. Slowly he pushed his hips forward, pushing his teen meat all the way, until his nads pushed up against TJ. He rhythmically made love to his friend, their lips never parting.

TJ felt the warm rush of Cody's juice inside of him. He tightened his butt muscles to keep Cody there as long as possible. 

"My turn," Cody smiled as he rolled off of TJ, on to his back.

Cody gripped his ankles and pulled his legs all the way back. He closed his eyes as he felt TJ's huge cock enter his crack. TJ filled him. Then they kissed again. TJ's breathing sounded like a steam train as he reached his climax and Cody felt the warm glow inside of him as his friends juices entered his body.

They talked for hours, holding each other, their legs intwined. They fell asleep in their lover's embrace.

Early the next morning the whole family was up to say goodbye.

TJ's mom had tears in her eyes as she hugged Cody and asked him to come back soon.

Cody struggled to hold back his own tears.

Even Mark hugged Cody tightly, in spite of everyone watching and Cody felt his boner up against him. "Stay out of fights dude," Mark whispered to him.

The airport was a madhouse with people rushing everywhere. Cody and TJ were both quiet, each wrapped up in their own thoughts. Cody was wearing a pair of Levi's and a Corvette Stingray top that TJ had bought him. 

"All passengers on the Miami flight, please make your way through gate 3."

The announcement was like a jolt through Cody's body and almost immediately he felt the tears come to his eyes.

"Oh fuck Code, please don't do that," TJ asked. But the tears were already brimming in his own eyes.

They walked slowly to the gate. Cody put his hand luggage through the x-ray scanning machine and then turned to his friend. His chest was wracking with sobs.

"I love you Teej."

Then they held each other tightly, both of them with tears streaming down their cheeks.

"When will I see you again?" TJ asked.

"I dunno buddy, but I hope it's soon."

They gave each other a quick kiss on the lips and Cody walked towards the entrance. As he passed through the scanner he turned to look at TJ. He lifted his hand to wave.

TJ lifted his hand and mouthed, "I love you."

"I love you too." Cody whispered to himself.



The Adventures of Cody and TJ

A note from Cody:
"I started writing these stories when I was 15 and I will be 18 in less than a month. During these years TJ and me have become the best of friends on the net. We don't E-mail each other as much as when we first met - but we always keep in touch and we still love each other as much as ever. I hope that one day we will meet - and TJ, I promise not to cause as much shit as in the stories. I love you!"
9 June 2000




Lukas Ridgestone



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