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Author's Note:

If you are offended by material involving sex between a man and an adolescent boy or between teen boys then read no further. If you are under eighteen then also, please read no further. This story is purely fictional and exists only in the mind of the author.

AUTHOR: (TeenTales)

It was this story of Cody that first gave me the idea to write "The Adventures of Cody and TJ".   It has everythin that you want in a story and I hope thatya enjoy it.

The story is printed with permission of TeenTales.

You can write to him at:

Chapter Four

It was a long hard day on the road. I had at least a dozen stops before we finally reached Billings in the early evening. Cody had managed to get in a quick nap but I was totally exhausted. I swung by the airport and picked up a second ticket for him on the early morning flight. I'm not sure that he really thought I was serious about taking him with me until I handed him the ticket. I could see the emotion in his mysterious eyes as he looked at me in what appeared to be genuine gratitude.

We checked into a motel, two beds of course, then went scavenging for something to eat. Another coffee shop with the standard fare but I was so tired, I just wanted to get dinner over with and go to bed. Believe it or not, although I still couldn't take my eyes of the boy, I was even too whipped to think of enjoying an intimate evening with him.

We got back to the room about eight o'clock and I instantly headed for the shower then flopped on my bed to watch TV until I fell asleep. Cody grabbed a shower as well and then came back into the room. I was almost asleep but couldn't help opening my eyes just for a squint when he emerged. He stood between the beds totally naked in all his glory and his beautiful, not yet fourteen year old cock was solidly erect. I instantly became hard under my Jockeys.

"Damn you, Cody," I said with a grin. "I'm fuckin' exhausted here and you come out with a boner."

"I want to try it," he said sitting down on the bed next to me.

"Try what," I said.

To my surprise, the gorgeous boy yanked my shorts down below my knees and grabbed my hard cock. If I had been almost asleep before, I was wide awake now. I propped my head up and watched his shining hair covered his face as he lowered his head to my loins. I felt the head of my cock slide into his young mouth and his tongue begin to explore around it. Shivers ran up and down my spine. I have had blowjobs from women before but I can tell you there is nothing more sensuous than having a naked young boy explore your manhood with his innocent mouth. I wanted to watch but his gentle sucking and licking made me close my eyes and wallow in his service. I stoked his hair as he gradually took more and more of my meat between his lips. There could never be anything better than this if I lived to be a hundred.

Cody adjusted his position on the bed so that he could look up at me while he was sucking. I brushed his bangs away from his eyes and now did, in fact, watch his finely chiseled face as he sucked up and down on my raging erection. At one point he lifted up off my dick, his lips, covered with his own saliva and my pre-cum, parted in a broad smile. "Is this okay?" he asked.

"Incredible," I said, again petting his hair.

My shaft was returned to his mouth and his tongue was working miracles, flitting all over the head in unpredictable sequences. I watched at least half of my cock disappear inside his sucking lips then gradually reappear. His long fingers grasped my shaft so that every now and again he could just rub the head all over his glistening mouth and suck it back in again. I wasn't going to last much longer.

I ran my fingers through his soft mane. "Cody, that is the most awesome thing anybody's ever done to me but you'd better back off now. I'm just about ready to cum." I said warningly but not yet urgently. He kept on sucking.

"I'll tell you just before and you can back away quickly," I said as I could feel the beginning of my final glide path. "Gawd, that feels so good Cody!" His tongue fluttered right at the underside of my cockhead.

"Oh fuck, Cody. I think you'd better get off it now.....I mean it Cody, I'm gonna shoot my wad here any second... back away!" I commanded.

The boy forced more of my cock into his mouth than he had been able to a couple of minutes ago. His tongue circled my shaft. I realized that he had no intention of backing off.

"Ahhh, kid you asked for it! I am soooo close. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..."

I know for a fact that I unloaded the biggest wad of my life. Wave after wave of my juice vaulted from my cock into this beautiful boy's tightly sucking lips. My cock was so deep within his mouth that I could feel his throat contract as he swallowed the first few rounds of my cum. When I kept spewing more and more, he swallowed a second and a third time, never once allowing any of the cream to escape his lips. At last I was done and he slowly backed his way up my shaft making sure that every drop of cum was cleaned away until at last my spent meat flopped onto my stomach. He looked up at me and smiled. He didn't look the least bit repulsed by what he had just done or by the taste of my love juice.

"Cody you are the most incredible kid I've ever met! Thanks."

I pulled the naked boy up toward me and kissed him. I could taste the last remnants of my cum in his mouth. Our tongues danced and then I just held him to my chest breathing hard thinking how lucky I was to be with this young teen. I loved the feeling of his smooth skin against mine. The last sparkles from my blowjob subsided and I raised his head up to look at my face. "Straddle my chest," I said.

Cody smiled. "That was just for you Jeff. You're tired. Just go to sleep. I bet we do this again sometime."

"Boy, I couldn't go to sleep right now if my life depended on. Straddle my chest get your dick in my face!" I commanded.

Cody laughed and did as he was told, one firm long leg on each side of my chest. I propped my head up on both pillows. His beautiful meat was just inches from my mouth, a long silvery strand of pre-cum dangling from the head. I twirled it around my finger and licked it off. It was then I realized there were two dressers in the room and both had mirrors. I was beginning to become hard again as I glanced at the profile of this perfectly proportioned boy, cock at attention, positioned to put his dick in my mouth. Even more awesome was the mirror behind him where I could see his tight flawless ass. No boy could be this beautiful.

"Put your hands on the wall and fuck my mouth," I ordered him.

He didn't need any encouragement. His hot meat was quickly thrust forward into my eagerly awaiting mouth. Again, he tasted delicious. Since I have never sucked another dick before I had no way to compare but I couldn't imagine anything more delectable than boycock, especially this boycock. I grabbed those beautiful ass globes and helped him move back and forth, pressing his meat into my mouth and then withdrawing. His flat stomach was heaving as the rocking motion continued. His nipples were wondrously hard. Hard, velvety smooth adolescence pumped away. I could feel his ass cheeks tighten with each forward thrust. My tongue was exploring every part of his boymeat with each drive. I knew he was just about to cum.

"Oh Uncle Jeff, I can't hold out any longer. Uhhhhh, uhhhhh, ahhh..."

For the second time in as many nights, my mouth was flooded with this young boy's love potion. I sucked up every shot as he spilled his joy down my throat. I don't know if cum is an acquired taste but the taste of his loins was better than all the desserts I had ever had. Wave after wave of the hot milk rolled out of the head until at last he pushed back and pulled his cock out from between my lips. He rolled over to my left and lay beside me breathing heavily, his tight young chest heaving in spent ecstasy.

"Night, Jeff," he said slipping his body under the covers.

"Night, nephew," I said as I watched him turn on his side away from me.

I too got under the blankets and snuggled up next to him, my flaccid cock gently cradled by his ass. I put my right arm around his waist and my hand on his firm chest. We drifted off into a calm, peaceful sleep which lasted until the first hint of sun came through the drapes.

As the day before, Cody came in while I was showering and joined me. I washed every inch of his body but I didn't bring him off. He returned the favor.

"Are you feeling guilty?" he asked.

"Not any more!" I said. "You are one horny dude. I've decided that all of this is your fault anyway. You seduced me not the other way around. You sure you've never done any of this before?"

"Nope, just jackin' off. This is better!" he laughed.

"No shit!" I said laughing as well.

We both dressed and packed our bags. "You ready to go flying?" I asked him.

He looked a little nervous. "I've never been on a plane before."

"Piece of cake," I lied. I was terrified of flying but I didn't want my fear to put him off. I usually had a couple of stiff drinks before getting on the damn things. I guessed I'd sneak them today. "We hop a puddle jumper here and then switch planes in Salt Lake City. Two hours latter, we're home in SanĘDiego."

Cody seemed to relax. We went out to the airport, turned in the rental car then grabbed a quick bite of breakfast before we boarded the small plane. I excused myself and found a private place where I could down three airline bottles of vodka and then came back. "Okay, let's do it," I said.

I watched my beautiful boy climb the stairs of the plane and prayed that the flights would be good. It was a beautiful early fall afternoon in San Diego as the plane barely missed the Laurel Travel parking structure at the east end of the glide path and touched down with a thump. Within a half an hour, my newly adopted nephew and I were heading north on Interstate 5 toward Del Mar. I wondered where all of this would take us. A simple drug pushing trip had netted me a good bit of business and a young Adonis who would stay with me who knew how long. Cody was beaming at the new sights, the bay, the hills, the Mormon temple. He was a flurry of questions and I answered them all as best I could. We exited the freeway and headed west toward the beach, passing the race track. I drove up to the wrought iron gate and pushed my gate opener.

"Are you rich?" Cody asked.

I smiled at the gorgeous boy. "You've made me as rich as I've ever been," I answered.

I drove up the hill and parked in front of the old house.

"We're home," I announced.

Cody looked at me gratefully again and just smiled.

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