foreignttl.jpg (15316 bytes) The Adventures of Cody and TJ

By Cody Taronto


WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!


Saturday morning and everyone was up early. Because of the long program, the events were starting at 7am, which meant that they had to be at the pool by 6.30am. Cody and Stian swallowed their cereal and ran to fetch TJ. He was really battling to get up and still in bed. They pulled the covers off of him and he swore at them. They ignored him and dressed him - Cody giving his cock a kiss as he tucked it into TJ's jeans.

"What about my CK's guys?

Cody smiled at him, "Fuck that, there's no time - come on TJ you've gotta get us to the pool."

By the time they arrived at the University pool, there were already hundreds of swimmers. The smell of food being cooked drifted through the air.

"Cody, Stian - Hi TJ." the shout came from across the pool - it was Timmy, waving like crazy.

The waved back at him. He was getting ready for his first semi final, the 100m freestyle for 13 years olds. They watched. Cody enjoyed watching Timmy swim. He had a strong solid body and to watch every muscle move in the water was exciting. Cody saw that Timmy still had his morning semi - the shape was clear through the swim briefs. Cody felt himself getting hard.

Timmy finished the race in joint second place. The three boys watching went ballistic - he was the first member of their team to go through to the finals. They watched as Ross ran out and gave his little brother a big hug.

Everyone was there as Cody and Stian got to their first events of the day.

The semi finals went without a hitch and people were going crazy as the Bowling Green swimmers succeeded in their attempt at the finals.

"Hey Cody, keep your butt warm on this seat huh - I'm going for a piss." TJ got up and walked towards the change rooms.

While he was standing at the urinal he heard whispering coming from one of the toilet cubicles. He finished his piss and then followed the direction of the sound.

"I don't wanna Daniel." It was Timmy's voice.

Daniel could be heard whispering back to Timmy, "Well, listen up you little cunt. What will your brother say when I tell him that I caught you jacking off with one of your little class friends huh? Now open your mouth and suck this thing."

Timmy could be heard whimpering and then TJ heard the sucking sound. Timmy must have done what Daniel asked. Damn. TJ thought for a while. If Daniel knew that he was there he would be mad enough to almost kill him. But Timmy was in trouble.

TJ grabbed the hosepipe that the caretaker uses for hosing out the showers. He connected the one end to the cold water tape and then put the other end of the wall of the cubicle where Timmy and Daniel were. The he turned the tap open full blast.

"WHAT THE FUCK?" Daniel's voice bellowed as the water sprayed him and Timmy. The door of the cubicle burst open. Daniel charged out, tucking his cock back into his pants. There was nobody to be seen. TJ had long gone.

TJ stood at the Pepsi vendor and watched as Timmy came out of the change rooms shortly afterwards.

"Hey Timmy, want a Pepsi?"

Timmy was looking miserable and he didn't say anything to TJ - he just carried on walking.

TJ watched as Daniel came out of the change rooms - he must have got a tracksuit from one of the swimmers because he had changed. TJ saw the huge bulge in his track pants. He could have killed Timmy with that thing, and how much further was that going to go.

The finals - the first event was the 100 yard finals freestyle for 13 year old boys. All eyes were on Timmy. He was in every single event for his age group and it would be good for him to win the first one.

The race started.

"Something's wrong." Cody said to TJ. "Timmy's not even tryin to do anythin out there - he's fuckin losing."

TJ knew that he would have to do something. He told Cody and Stian what had happened in the change room.

Cody looked at him, "You tell Ross?"

"Not yet."

"Well, we're gonna have to."

Ross was talking to the school swim coach. Cody walked up to him, "Got a minute Ross?"

"What the fuck now Alien?"

"It's about Timmy."

"What about him? He just lost a fucking race he should have walked."

"I think I know why." Cody said

Ross left the coach and walked with Cody. "What the fuck do you know Cody."

Cody smiled at him, "Thanks Ross, that is the first time you've ever been civil to me, you know that?"

"Cut the bullshit, what's the problem with Timmy?"

Cody looked at him seriously, "Don't take me wrong but I needta askya a personal question. Do you ever jack off?"

"What the fuck," Ross stopped and stared at him , "What?"

"You heard me Ross, I needta know."

"Well, I'm a fucking guy right? Guys jack off right? So, yeah, I jack off. I don't see what the fuck that has to do with Timmy."

Cody stared at him again, "You ever jack off another guy? Another guy ever jack you off?"

Ross stopped dead in his tracks, "Hey fucker - I don't know where you're leading with these questions - what's next - have I ever sucked a guy? Huh?"

Ross grabbed a fistful of Cody's T-shirt and pulled it up to Cody's throat and pushed him with his back against the wall. "Has someone been at Timmy? Huh? You? TJ? Has someone been at Timmy's cock?"

Cody struggled for air. "Answer my question first."

Ross put his face right next to Cody's ear. "Yes," he whispered, "I have jacked a dude off and he has jacked me off. Now tell me what the fuck this has to do with Timmy, or you'll not be fit enough to swim today."

Cody could see that Ross was mad crazy. "One of your bully boys caught Timmy and a friend jackin. Now he is using that to bribe Timmy and he's havin Timmy blow him. That happened just before Timmy's race just now."

Cody watched was the red sheath of total rage started spreading up Ross' neck and to his face. His fingers closed in a fist.

"Who?" he asked Cody.

"I can't tellya right now cos he's gonna deny it. Timmy's been through a rough time just now, I think you needta speak to him."

Cody looked at Ross and he almost thought he saw the tears welling up in Ross' eyes but he couldn't be sure. Ross turned and walked away from him.

Timmy was sitting on one of the benches. He was looking at the activity around the pool but not really seeing it.

"Hey Timmy." Ross sat down next to his brother.

Timmy stared ahead.

"Bummer race huh. Want to talk about it?"

Timmy shook his head slowly and looked down at his feet. A tear ran down his cheek.

Ross felt like he wanted to hug Timmy so badly just then but he thought he better not - just yet. "Well I hope I do better than you, else I'm going to have my fist full of dick."

Timmy turned to look at his older brother, "Huh?"

Ross smiled at him, "It's a bet I've got with Craig. If I win, he jacks me off - If he wins, I jack him off."

Timmy was sniffing, "But, but I thought it was just gay guys that do that stuff."

Ross smiled at him, "Well little bro - you know I'm not gay - that's for sure. Mostly the guys do it for fun and cos it feels good. All straight guys jack off and a lot of them jack guys off and let guys jack them off."

Timmy was all ears, "Really?"

"Yep, really. You never been jacked off by - say - mmmmm, your best friend even?"

Timmy looked down at his feet, "Yeah - but I always thought that what we did was bad."

Ross grabbed Timmy and hugged him, "Hey little bro, next time you're not sure of something - you come and speak to me huh. Nobody's gonna hurt you. Not while I'm around."

Cody, Stian and Ross were on the line up for the 100-yard final for the 16-year-olds. The buzzer went and the ten swimmers entered the water. It was like a washing machine as the ten lanes exploded into action. Cody swam faster than he had swum the whole week.

TJ, Mark and the rest of the Bowling Green supporters watched as Cody and Ross accelerated away from the rest of the swimmers. The two of them reached the turn at the same time. Ross came out of the turn faster than Cody but Cody managed to catch up to him. Four of the other swimmers, including Stian were less than a body length behind them.

The crowd in the stands was erupting as the wall loomed closer for the swimmers. Cody and Ross touched the wall at what seemed to be the exact same time. A swimmer from another school touched third and Stian was in 4th place.

The noise from the crowd was deafening. The swimmers remained in the pool, waiting for the results from the electronic timer to be posted. They flashed up and the roar from the crowd was overwhelming. All the swimmers looked at the board.

1st place - Ross Maguire

2nd place - Cody Taronto

TJ, Mark and old man Kennedy went crazy on the stands. Cody was one hundredth of a second behind Ross. They watched the action in the pool.

Ross turned to Cody and shook his hand. Cody gave him a hug.

TJ smiled. "I wonder if Cody got an erection while hugging Ross." he thought to himself.

Timmy ran up to Cody when he came out of the pool and gave him a big hug, then he ran to Ross and did the same. Ross looked down at him, "You like that alien dude huh."

"For sure!," Timmy smiled at him.

During the supper break, everyone was sitting eating burgers. The entire town had turned out for the evening's swimming events. TJ watched as Timmy went into the change rooms. A few seconds later he saw Daniel walk in.

TJ passed his burger to Stian, "Here - hold this for me." Stian grabbed the burger and TJ ran down the bleachers.

Daniel had cornered Timmy in a cubicle again. He had pulled down Timmy's Speedo's and was busy licking his nuts. Timmy's erection was at 45 degrees and hard, pointing to the ceiling. Timmy was sniveling.

TJ ran into the change room and looked under all the cubicle doors. He found the one with Daniel and Timmy and put his boot into it. The door flew open, hitting Daniel off his feet. Timmy stood there and pulled his Speedo up over his boner.

TJ grabbed him and told him to get out of there. As TJ turned around to face Daniel, a fist hit him on the right side of his face and he saw stars. He went flying across the change room. He stood up and faced Daniel. He ran and his shoulder went into Daniel's chest and the two of them crashed into the wash basins. The both fell to the floor. TJ got up quickly and pulled Daniel to his feet.

TJ swung his fist towards Daniel's head but he hit fresh air as Daniel ducked under it. TJ felt like a train hit him as Daniel's sledgehammer hit him in the stomach, under the rib cage. TJ's knees collapsed under him as Daniel hit him again. He looked and saw Daniel's foot coming towards him and he quickly rolled out of the way.

TJ got up on to his feet and ducked, just too late, as Daniel's fist caught him above the eye. TJ rammed him with his shoulder again and Daniel went falling backwards.

TJ jumped on top of him and started hitting him with both fists - Daniel's head was rolling from side to side as TJ was hitting him.

TJ felt himself being lifted into the air as Daniel pushed him off of him. TJ put his two hands together and formed a huge double-handed fist.

Daniel charged towards him. TJ swung around with all the power he had left and the double fist caught Daniel firmly on the cheek. TJ heard bone crack. Daniel stopped dead in his tracks. His knees buckled and his eyes glazed over. He fell on to his knees and from a kneeling position fell on to his face on the tiled floor.

TJ stood there, breathing hard. He looked into the mirror - his face was covered in his own blood and he had a cut across one cheek. He cleaned himself up as best he could. In the mirror TJ saw Timmy come out from behind the lockers - he had been watching the whole time. TJ smiled.

"Hey Timmy, want to give me a hand here?"

They stripped off Daniel's clothing and tied his hands together and then suspended him from an overhead water pipe. TJ eyed him - he was very muscular and powerfully built. Even with his stomach stretched, his six-pack was clearly defined. TJ grabbed Daniel's nuts and pulled his dick up.

"You still want this thing?" he asked Timmy.

"Hell yeah," said Timmy. The 13-year-old grabbed Daniel's nuts in both hands and TJ winced as he watched him squeeze as hard as he could. Daniel was going to be in a bit of pain when he woke up from this.

Timmy went on to win all of his remaining races and he claimed the 13-year-old championship trophy.

Stian went on to win the 50m-breast stroke. Cody and Ross had their private competition with Cody just not able to catch Ross in any of the races - the results all being too close to call. Ross won the 16-year-old championship trophy.

Daniel was found by his friends from the football team - his nuts were swollen and blue by then. When asked what had happened, he said he didn't know. He had a distinct cowboy gait when he walked out of the change rooms.

"Hey TJ, you guys want to join us for pizza. I owe you." It was Ross.

The evening ended on a high note. Old man Kennedy joined the boys. Timmy was there as well as Ross' friends from the swim team. Daniel didn't show - wonder why. After stuffing themselves with pizza, the boys went home.

The four of them sat on TJ's bed. Stian and Mark had just showered. Mark moved across to Stian's bed and asked Stian to come on over.

TJ and Cody got undressed and got into the shower. The water felt great on their bodies. TJ had a few bruises from the fight. Cody wrapped his lips over TJ's nipples and his tongue caressed them, one at a time. His flat hands moved slowly down TJ's stomach and to his hips. He felt as TJ's hands moved around him. TJ's fingers, covered in soap moved into his crack - he spread his legs some more.

Cody's hands moved under TJ's nuts and he felt that muscle get hard and rigid in his hands. Cody soaped it up and felt it glide between his fingers like soapstone.

They felt each other's hot breath on their necks as they held each other close - their chests touching, their arms encircling each other.

On Stian's bed, Mark got off of Stian and slowly went down on the Viking boner. His tongue went the whole thing before he sucked it into his mouth. Stian arched back, his stomach muscles going taut as he offloaded his juice into Mark's mouth.

Then Mark straddled Stian's chest and Stian started to lick his boner. Mark leaned back and lifted Stian's legs and his fingers found the crack and went into him.

Mark got off and then to the end of the bed. He went down and explored Stian's pink hole with his tongue, using his finger to push the spit deep inside of him. Then he stood up. Stian grabbed his own ankles and he pulled his legs back. Mark pushed his boner down and aimed it for Stian's pink hole. He slid it in slowly. Stian gasped as he felt Mark's dick slide slowly into him. It felt huge.

Very soon Mark was fucking him like a steam train. His balls were slapping into Stian with each thrust.

Inside the shower, Cody had his one leg lifted and wrapped around TJ's hips. They kissed deeply, their tongues exploring each other's mouths. TJ's finger was still slowly massaging Cody's hole.

TJ grabbed Cody's legs and slowly lifted his friend. Cody wrapped his arms around TJ's neck and his legs around TJ's waist. He felt TJ's strong grip under his legs and then slowly he started to slide down.

He felt as TJ's cockhead slowly inserted into his wet pink hole.

Cody breathed heavily into TJ's neck, "Fuck TJ, that feels so damn good."

"I've waited forever for this Cody, like a whole lifetime."

Cody felt as TJ's boner went deeper and deeper into him. It felt thick and hard and the feeling was like nothing Cody had ever felt before.

TJ turned around and Cody's back was against the shower wall. Cody felt himself sliding down all the way and he felt TJ's nuts up against him. TJ held him like that. Cody felt the deep pulsating of TJ's boner like a massive pulse inside of him. They held each other tight. TJ felt Cody's boner tight up against his stomach.

Mark groaned and pushed in as deep as he could. His nuts forcing themselves as tight as possible against Stian. Stian cried out with the increase in pressure. He felt as Mark's boner seemed to grow even bigger inside of him as he tightened his ass muscles.

Mark grunted once more and shoved and he felt his juices exploding into Stian. Stian felt the warm rush of juice as it entered inside him. His chest and stomach were heaving. The perspiration was running down Mark's muscular chest and stomach. He leaned forward and tightened his cock and ball muscles to release the remaining juice into Stian.

Cody had gone down on all fours and TJ had entered him again from behind. Cody felt TJ's strong arms encircling his own gut and chest as his friend started riding him, faster and faster. Cody could feel some pain but the pleasure was far greater as he felt his friend swell inside of him with each thrust.

"Aaaaaggghhh...!!!" TJ screamed as he tightened his grip around Cody. Cody felt the warm juice explode inside of him. It was like nothing he had ever experienced before - he wanted it to last forever.

Cody felt as TJ slowly withdrew his hard muscle. He turned around to face TJ and took TJ's boner in his mouth, to suck out the remaining juice. TJ grabbed Cody's head and held him as close as he possibly could.

The four boys fell asleep, Stian and Mark and Cody and TJ - wrapped into each other.

What a day it had been.



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