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The Adventures of
TJ and Cody

Cody Taronto

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!


Cody woke up and looked around. He was lying half way across TJ. He looked across to the other bed. Stian and Mark were gone. Jeez, they musta got an early start thought Cody.

 He looked down at TJ. TJ had a morning piss boner that was lifted up from his stomach. Cody moved his fingers to under TJ's balls and tickled - he watched as the boner bounced from excitement. He gently ran his fingers between TJ's pecs and down his flat stomach to his pubes. Then he circled his thumb and index finger around the base of TJ's boner and lifted it.

TJ's boner was a perfect 6 and a half inches. It was straight and smooth. The head was perfectly round and slightly wider than his shaft. Cody traced the muscle that ran underneath the boner. TJ's nuts had pulled up tight into his crotch. Cody went down and took his nuts in his mouth. Cody's nose sniffed the smell of TJ's pubes. His tongue went slowly around TJ's nuts tasting them. Smooth - he could feel the two balls on his tongue.

Then he put his mouth over TJ's cockhead - it bounced in his mouth. Cody started to suck on it gently. He started to stroke his own piss boner and wonder who would come first - him or TJ. He pushed his mouth down until he felt TJ's boner right in the back of his throat - he let his tongue slide down the rest of the way. He was stroking himself faster now. He sucked harder and harder on TJ's boner - he could taste the precum running into his mouth. TJ's boner was doing a little dance in his mouth now - he felt it thicken and lift and then he felt the thick white juice erupt into his mouth. He didn't swallow right away - he wanted to taste TJ's juice before he swallowed.

He felt his own boner stiffen and he erupted. His juice landed on TJ's stomach. He went down and licked it up. His tongue went into TJ's belly button to remove the bit that had gone in there.

TJ opened his eyes. "That was fuckin awesome Cody. What a way to get woken up in the morning. You want to live with me forever?"

Cody smiled at TJ and then kissed him. He got off the bed and went to the shower.

After breakfast they climbed into TJ's truck.

Cody looked over to him, "So, where we goin?"

"We're going to the Corvette plant. Where all the Corvettes are made."

"Hey, way damn cool." Cody smiled. He knew that TJ loved motor cars. The Corvettes were great and Cody looked forward to seeing them.

They spent the whole morning going through the visitor's section of the Corvette assembly plant. Cody's eyes almost popped out of his head. The cars were fantastic.

On the way from the plant, they stopped at a local burger joint. Cody ran inside to fetch a couple of burgers. A car pulled up next to TJ's truck.

Daniel climbed out of his car and walked to TJ's window.

"Hey hot shot! I've got something for you."

TJ turned around to look at Daniel and the pipe that Daniel was carrying hit TJ on the side of the head. TJ's lights went out and he passed out.

A friend of Daniel's came around to join him and they took TJ out of his truck.

A woman walking passed wanted to know if there was a problem.

"No ma'am - he's just not feeling well. We're taking him to the doctor."

Cody came out of the burger place as they were putting TJ into the car. He ran out but they pulled off before he got there.

"Oh Fuck!" said Cody.

He jumped into the truck. The keys were still in it. He started the truck and followed the car, keeping a safe distance.

Daniel's car left town and went out on to a country road. Cody kept him in sight but at a safe distance to avoid being seen. He needed to call someone but he dare not lose sight of them.

They turned down a dusty road and Cody followed. They stopped next to an old house. Cody drove the truck under some trees and threw branches over it. He carefully made his way through the bushes until he could see the house. The car was outside but there was nobody around. They must be inside, he thought.

Cody crept quietly up to the house. He couldn't hear anything. He found an open window and looked inside. The room was bare. He climbed in slowly, so as not to make a noise. He tiptoed across the room to the open door and looked around - nothing - there was absolutely nothing. He couldn't even hear anything.

He went into a passage and found a stairway. Slowly, one step at a time, he climbed to the top. There were three rooms at the top of the landing and all of them were empty. He walked to a window and looked outside. The car was till standing down there.

"Where the fuck are they?" Cody wondered.

Cody went back downstairs and searched further. He could find no trace of anybody.

The basement. He hadn't searched the basement. He looked around and found the door that led down to the basement of the house. He looked down and it was dark. He felt for a light switch and turned it on. The basement was bathed in an eerie yellow glow. Cody felt his stomach turn into knots.

"Maybe I should just turn around and call the cops or somethin." he thought.

But his curiosity got the better of him and he continued to walk to the bottom of the stairs. The basement was empty.

He was about to start back up the stairs when a portion of the basement wall suddenly opened.

"Hey, who left the light on in here?" He was a big brute of a guy but young, probably about 18 or 19 years old. He looked like he could have been a football quarterback.

"I switched the lights off," a shout from inside, wherever inside was.

"Well the fuckin things are on now."

Cody was shitting himself. He was pressing as hard as possible against the wall, in the shadows.

Three other guys came out. They were all young - around the same age 18 or so, but big - like teenage Arnold Schwarzeneggers.

"I switched the lights off." said one.

The one who came out first, called to one of the others. Cody couldn't hear what was being said. He saw the first one point down to the floor. Then he saw them spread out and start searching the basement.

"Get out of there you little fucker." He had piercing blue eyes, even in the darkness of the basement. He was wearing no shirt and his body was covered in sweat - he looked directly at Cody.

Cody stepped out of the shadows. The others came up to him.

"Hey, isn't this the other alien swimmer?"

"Yeah, get him into the dungeon."

They pushed Cody through the door in the basement wall. The walked down a long narrow passage for what seemed ages, before getting to another door. They went through this door and into a small room.

"Strip off," the blonde shouted at him.

Cody hesitated and one of the others hit him in the stomach. He went down on his knees, winded. "You heard him - STRIP OFF!"

Slowly, Cody started getting undressed. When he was standing naked, the blonde looked at him and walked up to him. He grabbed Cody's cock in his hand. "Nice, we're gonna have us some fun."

Cody felt his hands being tied behind him and then he was pushed towards another door. It opened into a huge room. The door was about 30 feet up from the floor. The walked down the steps leading to the floor. Huge flaming torches lighted the room.

As Cody got to the floor area he looked to the one wall and saw TJ, Mark, Stian and two other teens from school. They were naked and shackled to the wall, they had gags in their mouths. Cody had seen the other two before - they were also on the swim team. The one was about 16 and the other about 14.

Cody was taken to the wall and he was shackled next to the others - a gag was stuffed into his mouth.

He slowly looked around the room, as his eyes grew accustomed to the light. In the center there was a sandy area in the shape of a circle, with torches around it. At various places around the room there were some strange devices - like they came out of an old dungeon. Cody recognised the rack, amongst other things.

Just then, Daniel stepped out of the shadows.

"Aaah - excellent, a whole lotta fun to be had. Hi TJ, remember me." He walked right up to TJ and grabbed TJ's nuts and squeezed them. TJ tried to struggle and the sweat started running off his body. The gag in his mouth silenced his screams.

Daniel lifted TJ's cock and then made a fist with his other hand. He hit TJ in his balls with his fist. TJ sagged as he fainted from the pain.

Then he went to the 14-year-old. He grabbed his cock and started stroking it.

"Feels good huh." he said to the boy as he stroked faster and faster. The tears were running freely down the boy's face and dripping on to his chest. Daniel's fist connected him just below the rib cage. The boy arched back from the pain.

Cody looked at what was happening and said to himself, "We are in deep deep shit here - oh fuck!"

Daniel came up to TJ with a bucket of water and threw it over him. TJ slowly opened his eyes.

Daniel walked up to him. "You're dead, fucker. No way you're leavin this place - except in a bag maybe." He laughed.

The blonde Arnold walked up to TJ. He had a tube of cream in his hands and put some on his hand. He slowly started to massage the cream into TJ's cock. Cody watched as TJ's cock got harder and harder.

"That stuff will keep you hard forever." Daniel laughed as he watched TJ's boner getting bigger.

Cody watched. He had never seen TJ's cock so big before. The skin was stretching and shiny and the veins were popping out. His nuts were pulled up tight into his crotch - they were swollen from having been hit.

One of the other guys pulled the ropes attached to TJ's wrists and TJ's feet were pulled off the ground. His eyes were big and his body was covered in sweat. By now his cock was pointing up and almost touching his gut.

Daniel came up to him and took a boxing stance. The blonde removed the gag from TJ's mouth. TJ gasped in big gulps of air. Then Daniel started boxing TJ's nuts like they were a boxing bag.

TJ's screams filled the dungeon. He felt the pain from his crotch as it crept up into his gut, like an electric shock. The most unbearable pain he had ever felt. With his cock hard and up, Daniel had a clear shot at his nuts. He carried on hitting TJ's nuts until TJ passed out. His nuts were starting to swell huge. The skin was stretched tight and they were turning blue and purple.

The door at the top of the steps opened and they all looked up. It was Ross.

"Oh no," thought Cody, "I thought we'd solved all our problems with Ross."

"What the fuck is goin on here?" Ross shouted.

Behind Ross there was an older person who Cody didn't recognize.

Daniel looked at the old man, "Hi dad!"

Daniel's dad pushed Ross forward, "I'll tellya what's going on here boy. All these boys here," he pointed to the boys strung up on the wall, "they have all looked for trouble with Daniel. Or they have interfered with him."

Ross looked at the old man, "You're crazy - what is this place and why have we all been brought here?"

Daniel laughed, "Well I know you've had a little problem with this alien here, " he pointed at Cody, "and now you can sort him out for good. He's not gonna walk outta here."

Ross walked up to Daniel. "You're fucking insane. You need to let these guys go - NOW!"

Daniel grabbed another bucket of water and threw it over TJ. "Insane? I'll showya who's fuckin insane buddy."

TJ opened his eyes slightly - his whole body was in pain - his arms felt like they were pulling out of their sockets.

Daniel signaled to blonde Arnold. The blonde took out his tube and started on the 14-year-old. They all watched, as the boys cock grew hard.

Then he went to the 16-year-old, then Stian and then Cody.

They all had roaring boners. Stian's foreskin was stretched all the way back the way his cock was fighting to get out of there.

Then he went to Mark. The blonde lifted Mark's cock and massaged the head in his fingers. Then he went down and play with the head with his tongue. Mark's cock stayed limp. Blonde Arnold then started to massage some of the cream into Mark's cock and put the cock in his mouth again. This time Mark's cock grew.

"Swallow him Zack." Daniel shouted.

Cody looked at the blonde Arnold, "Zack, so that's his name. Damn if he wasn't such a cunt, he would be pretty damn hot."

The boys watched as Zack started to swallow Mark's cock. His cock had gone rock hard and thick. The skin had also gone shiny from being stretched as far as it could. Mark's stomach was going in and out fast, as he was breathing. Zack swallow Mark's whole boner - all six and a half inches. Then he moved his mouth closer and he started to swallow Mark's balls as well. Mark closed his eyes and every muscle in his body tensed.

"Bite it all off Zack." Daniel laughed.

Mark winced as he felt Zack close his mouth tighter around his nuts. He got a dull ache that started from the bottom of his stomach.

Then Zack slowly let Mark's balls and cock slide out of his mouth. There was a thick string of precum, which stretched from the end of Mark's cockhead to Zack's lip.

Ross shouted at Daniel's dad, "You've got to let everyone go now. This is insane."

Daniel's dad looked at Ross. "Insane? Nope. Totally sane - and dead serious. That kid over there - " he pointed to the 16 year old, "that boy was overheard callin my boy a faggot. Well, he needs to be taught a lesson. And you, Ross, are the guy that's gonna teach him."

Ross looked at the old man, "How?"

The old man grinned, "You gonna fuck him."