Cody’s Diary

This is a true story and happened in December 1997. I was 15 years old. I will never forget it.

Summer Hike

by Cody

December 1997

This was gonna be one of the best trips ever. I was goin on a hike with my best friend and five other guys from the school swim team. We had been planning it for ages. It took a lotta convincing for our parents to agree. Eventually they relented, provided Darren took charge - hehehehe. Darren was captain of the school swim team and the hottest dude in school. Things were lookin up even before the hike started.

I first unpacked all the crap my mom thru into my rucksack - like a change of jocks for each day of the week. That was really a bit much. Most of the time when Im hikin I like to swing it anyway otherwise it gets as sweaty as hell in there.

I was sleepin over at Paul's house on the Friday night. His folks chased us to bed early cos it was gonna be an early mornin to pick up the other guys, and for Paul's dad to take us to the start of the hike.

When I slept over at Paul's place we always shared his bed, somethin which my folks wouldn't normally allow - if he sleeps over, then he has to sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor (not for too long tho - hehehe).

Anyway, in no time Paul had jumped on top of my chest and sat there pinnin my arms back.

His iron hard buns on my chest felt quite rad tho, and I started gettin this boner. I couldn't help it. In any case, his boner was right in front of my face and gettin harder all the time. It was supper time for me. Paul said that he would get off my chest if I finished my dessert. It was cool tho, cos I just pretended to try and fight him off. I hoped like hell that he wouldn't give up - but I knew he wouldn't cos we had done this so many times before. He was a little stronger than me nowadays anyway.

He let my arms go and pushed his neat boner down so I could get to it a bit easier. Oh jeez! Just the sight of that thing made me so damn hard I felt like I was gonna burst. I could feel the precum from my own boner drippin on my stomach. I held his throbber with my one hand and aimed it into my mouth.

I must tellya - Paul's boner would have to be one of the best in the whole world! It is six inches long, straight and smooth like silk. He has this muscle runnin all the way underneath that is like a steel rod. As soon as my tongue touches his head it starts to go crazy in my mouth.

I first put the head in my mouth and ran my tongue all around the rim of his head. I could taste his precum mixin with my spit. That drove me wild! While I was doin his head in my mouth, his hands had moved behind him. He had got hold of my boner and was rubbin my precum all over it. I thought I would shoot my load right there and then.

I carried on suckin. I was lookin up at him at the same time. He was archin back and I could see his muscles and his great chest - smooth and hard. He knew that he drove me mad, especially when he arched like that. I let my one hand glide over his stomach and chest, and played with his nipples. They were rock hard under my fingers.

It didnt take too long with my tongue ridin his boner. I felt it stiffen against the top of my mouth. Then all of a sudden, I got this hot jet of lava shoot right into the back of my throat. I've always liked the taste of Paul's cum. The power of it shootin into my mouth was too much for me. I told Paul that I needed him to suck me.

He was startin to get hard again. I slid down the bed while he twisted around so we were in a 69. Then he went down on my achin boner. I felt his tongue glide down it.

There isnt a better feelin in the whole damn world than someone's wet tongue glidin down your shaft. Oh shit! It didnt take too long. I was shootin load after load down his throat while Paul's rock hard balls pumped my nose. It was makin me crazy! I sucked harder on his throbber until he gave me a second helpin.

We laid there for a few with our throbbers gettin lazy in our mouths. Then Paul rolled over on his back, just groaning and sighing about how fantastic that was. Of course it was! It was a Cody blowjob - hehehe.

I looked at him lyin there all sweaty. I rolled on top of him and we lay like that for ages, just smellin each other and enjoyin bein close. It was a way cool way to fall asleep with our dicks between us.

Darren was 17 years old and a senior in our school. He was also captain of the school swim team. This guy was built like a Greek god - 6 feet 2 inches tall, blonde and tanned. His whole body was in perfect proportion - wide swimmer’s shoulders, narrow waist, a great sixpack and muscular legs and arms - but athletic, not like a body builder. He also looked like one of the Brewers when they were 17 years old (a set of my favourite pics from the net are the 17 year old Brewer twins). I have seen Darren’s furniture in the shower. I knew that he musta been first in the queue when they were handin those things out. He was leading the hike and was going to be the main man for the week.

Darren is one of those dudes that, if he sneezes or coughs or somethin - then all the girls wet their panties - well some of us end up with sticky briefs - hehehe.]

He was leadin the hike. I walked behind him. I couldnt see his buns cos they were hidden by the huge backpack that he was carryin. But I could see these muscular legs of his under the pack and I coulda followed those to Timbuktu if I hadta.

It was hot and the guys shirts were stickin to them. That was cool cos it gave me an excuse to look around every now and again to see these heavin stomach muscles as the guys were walkin. I knew that Paul was watchin my legs from the back as well. Made me feel kinda good.

You know us guys are all vain anyway - if Darren knew I was lookin at him he woulda put on a bit of a show for me - that is if he didn't beat my brains out first.

The mountain scenery was spectacular as usual. I love the outdoors. But the scenery that caught my attention on this hike didn’t have anything to do with trees or rocks. Well, rocks maybe hehehehe

At lunchtime we stopped at a pool which was filled with crystal clear water. Darren asked if anyone wanted to swim. Of course, the whole lot of us did. We jumped into the pool in our birthday suits. The water was the icy cold mountain variety, which was just as well cos with all those hot dudes around I woulda had a huge boner. As it was, even the coldness couldnt get rid of my semi.

There was this one dude, Kevin who was the youngest outta all of us. He decided to swim with his briefs on. Well, this was no damn good cos I knew that if he was shy he was gonna have a helluva time with us for a whole week. I knew what the guys on the swim team were like when we travelled away and this dude was gonna have a helluva time if he was gonna run to hide every time he wanted to pee.

So I thought I would do him a favour. I swam underwater to where he was - actually his briefs fitted him quite snug. I thought about just waitin for him to come out of the water so I could see his bulge thru his wet briefs, but then I decided to hell with it. I swam up to him and pulled his briefs down. He got a shit of a fright and jumped a bit. That gave me the chance to take them right off.

It started off by being a not so clever thing to do. Kevin shouted and screamed at me to give his briefs back. Shit, we were gonna have a fuckin sissy with us for a whole week! But I felt kinda sorry for him cos he was close to cryin. Then Darren said for me to give them back and I did. I was a bit embarassed and got outta the water. Paul followed me. We just laid on the bank enjoyin the sun.

Shit! I looked at Paul's tanned bod lyin there with his cock resting across his stomach and the water running down his chest. I hadta be careful tho, cos only Paul and myself know about each other. If any of the other guys found out that Paul and I sucked each other our lives would be shitty as hell.

Anyway, Darren was chattin to Kevin in the water. After a while, the two of them walked out. Kevin was carryin his briefs. Darren musta spoken to him about the guys teasin him if he was gonna be shy. I looked at his furniture and I could see why he didnt wanna show anybody. He had this little weenie thing and absolutely no pubes.

I made a joke about him wankin to get the thing to grow. The other guys laughed, even Kevin. So that was cool. I knew all the guys wanked and no one was shy about speakin about it, so it was okay.

Darren asked me I was gonna give wankin lessons on the hike. Hehehehehehe if only he knew.

So we ate our lunch. It was packed sandwiches, which we had all brought with us for our first lunchtime. Then we were on our way again and, if anythin, the afternoon part of the hike was even hotter than the mornin. I think the swimmin didnt help cos I was as sweaty as a pig. I could feel my briefs chafing and knew that at the next stop they would come off and stay off for the rest of the hike.

That evenin we stopped at a really nice clearing, surrounded by trees. We found places where we were gonna bed down and a coupla the guys started makin a fire. Fires at night when ya hikin must be the absolute best. We were just sittin around and talkin and stuff. All of us were pretty damn bushed. There was a stream nearby and we all went there to wash. There was one place that was deep enough so ya could just sit on the bottom, and the water would come up to ya chest. The water was icy cold so everybody decided that they would leave the pool til the mornin.

We spent the evenin sittin around the fire and tellin jokes.

"So Cody, you going to give us wanking lessons tonight?"

I looked at Darren and wondered how serious he was. The other guys were laughin and definitely thought it was a big joke.

"Well, I seen you guys in the shower and I know ya dont need wankin lessons, except maybe Kevin." I shouldna said that cos I could see Kevin start lookin down at his feet.

"Hey Kev, its okay - all the guys here wank. Jeez you wouldnt be normal if ya didn't."

That kinda helped cos he just laughed and said nothin, but at least he started lookin and listenin again.

"I dont need to wank. My girlfriend sorts that problem out for me."

I looked at Darren lookin all smug. "Yeah well she's not here is she, so whatya goin to do about it?"

"It's only a week, I can wait"

"Yeah, well just don't drown us with cum when you have a wet dream". I was waitin to see when Paul would finally back me up in this. As usual I didn't have to wait long.

"Wet dreams are for you little wankers - I haven't had a wet dream since I was thirteen."

Paul looked at me and winked - hehehehehe - I knew that Darren was definitely gonna have a wet dream before this week was finished.

It was still early when we decided to hit the sack cos we were all pretty tired from the first days walkin. Paul put his sleepin bag next to mine. The other guys sorta spread out, sleepin in pairs. Darren put his sleepin bag quite close to me on the other side. He was pretty cool, everybody liked him and I felt kinda good cos he chose to sleep where me and Paul were.

It didn't take too long before we heard deep breathin and some snorin comin from the other guys.

"You gonna milk your lizard tonight Cody?"

"You've really got a fucked up brain Darren." Paul looked across at him. "Is that all you're thinking about?"

"Yeah well, I know if I was your age I would've changed my oil and been asleep already."

"What? In front of all these guys?"

Listenin to Paul and Darren talk about wankin was makin me really hard. I could see my sleepin bag start bulgin. I knew Paul’s did as well.

"Shit, all you guys are wankers, so what if you wank in front of them - you never wanked in front of anyone before?"

I felt my neck start goin red. "Shit Paul, dont say anythin, please!" I was lookin at Paul and hoped that he could read my mind.

"Ive wanked in front of a lot of people before, even you - in the school showers"

"Fuck you didn't"

Paul laughed, "I did too and you were showering next to me - guess where some of it landed?"

"Fuck off - I would've beaten your brains in if youd did that."

Paul just carried on laughin.

"Goodnight Darren"

"Night guys"

"Hey Cody." Paul was whisperin next to me. "You want to come and sort me out?"

I just giggled at him. "Piss off - goodnight Paul"

"Night buddy."



I woke up early and got outta my sleepin bag.

"You could kill someone with that thing Cody."

I had this beautiful hard, morning glory and my shorts were being pushed straight out. The elastic had come down and my pubes were showin.

"You wanna jerk it for me?"

"No ways do I touch that thing with my hands. You goin to wank?"

"Why Darren, you wanna see me cum?"

He just laughed.

I went down to the stream and had a beautiful piss. Jeez, it felt good not to have to break your neck to have a leak in the mornin, and just let it stream straight up in the air. I was standin there pissin for ages when I heard Darren come. He next to me. He also had a terrific hardon. He whipped his shorts down and started pissin. I couldnt keep my eyes offa that prize that he had.]

"What the hell are you staring at Cody?"

"Jeez, that is a monster cock you've got!" I hadta say it.

"Yeah well, my girlfriend likes it too."

"Yeah I bet." I was thinkin just how cool it would be to get that whopper in my mouth. I bet I coulda given him a better damn job than his girlfriend any day.

After I finished pissin I just stood there, still hard. Darren started shakin his cock to get rid of the drops while my boner just decided to give my a stomach hug.

"Hey Codeman, lets get back and get some breakfast huh?"

Darren and I started the fire, then took bets on who would have the biggest boner when the guys woke up. I won cos I knew that Paul would. Id seen that thing in the mornin before. One by one, the guys wenta piss and then we had breakfast.

It was a hot day and I decided not to put briefs on and just swing it. I put on my real baggy shorts and it was great feeling free.

"Anybody going to swim?"

We had come to this small waterfall with a pool. It really was a cool place. Darren had decided that he wanted to swim anyway so we all dived in. The water felt really great. Even tho it was icy cold, I still got a nice semi. Water just does that to me.

Darren went and stood under the waterfall. I couldnt keep my eyes offa him - his hands were up and water ran thru his hair as he tilted his head back. I could make out every muscle in his body. He had strong arms from swimmin and his pecs were really well shaped. My eyes moved down and yep! there was a perfect six pack. His lats joined the muscles above his legs and went down into his crotch. His beautiful boymeat was hangin down in a perfect straight line. The water was running down it and off the head. His legs were powerful and muscular. His whole body was tanned except where his speedo went. When he turned around you could see these perfect round muscular buns - aaaaaagggggghhhhhh! Watchin him was drivin me crazy.

"Don't even think about it codman."

I didnt see Paul until he was right next to me. My hand reached under water and felt that he had this semi which quickly started gettin hard when my hand touched it.

"Fuck Cody, are we going to get a chance on this trip?"

"Doubt it. Darren seems to be watchin me like a fuckin hawk."

"Think he's gay?"

"Not in a million years - but he does wank, thats for sure. And I tellya what - I am goin to see him wank before this trip is out."

We laid on our backs on the bank of the pool and let the sun bake us. Darren had pulled his t-shirt over his dick to stop it from gettin sunburnt.

"How many people use this trail Darren?"

"Mmm, not too many this time of the year because its just too damn hot. Why?"

It looked hilarious. There we were, all seven of us, with our rucksacks on our backs walkin down the trail with absolutely nothin on except our socks and boots. We walked like that for the rest of the afternoon without seein anyone - either that, or they saw us and ran like hell!

Canya imagine seein seven naked teens walkin on a mountain trail? We found two more pools on the way where we swam.

The clouds came over. We decided to stop at an overhanging rock which would provide us with some shelter. Then the rain came. As hot as it was durin the day, the temperature dropped quickly and it became helluva cold. We made a small fire and sat around it and yakked until late.

"Hey guys!" Darren was finishin his hot chocolate drink. "I think its going to get pretty damn cold thru the night. I think we should double up on sleeping bags. Choose a partner and then you zip your bags together and sleep two up. Kevin I think you can share with Paul and Ross...."

"No fucking way! I'm sharing with Cody." Paul stood up and looked at Darren.

"No, youre not because I'm sharing with Cody"

My heart skipped a beat. "Shut up Paul", I wanted to say, "and leave Darren to sleep with me, please".

The two of them argued a bit. Then Paul decided that maybe Darren was right, cos he was the biggest and I was the smallest. At least it would make things comfortable.

Darren zipped our sleepin bags together and laid them down on a ground sheet. I started undressin.

"What are doing, Cody?"

"Gettin undressed, why?"

"You are not sleeping next to me naked."

"Darren, I cant sleep with bloody clothes on, you know how I always sleep."

"You are not fucking sleeping naked next to me. Put your jocks on or something."

I put on my briefs. I could see that Darren was gonna have a baby if I climbed in next to him naked. I watched as he put on his tracksuit to sleep in. I also noticed that he didnt put any briefs on - hehehehehehehe.

The two of us squeezed into the giant double sleeping bag, but it was still a tight fit. We made ourselves comfortable. Darren was on his back. I was on my side, right up close to him. I could feel his one hand on the top of my leg. He moved it away quickly.

"Darren, this is not the most comfortable thing in the world - can I just put my arm over you?"

"Yeah, go for it - I just want to sleep."

I put my arm over his chest and could feel his muscles through the tracksuit. I could feel myself gettin hard. I moved my crotch a bit away cos I didnt want him to feel me gettin a boner. I lay like that for about two hours. Then I heard his breathin - real heavy. I could feel his stomach rise and fall under my hand.

I slowly moved my hand down, makin sure to move slowly so he didnt wake up. I put my hand over his dick and could feel this perfect shape under his tracksuit pants. My fingers moved to his balls and slowly rubbed them. I could feel his dick come to life under my hand. Then I moved his tracksuit top up a bit so I could get my hand in under the elastic of his pants.

I raised the elastic carefully and slid my hand in. His cock head was right there. I rubbed my hand down his hard smooth meat and it lifted under my hand. I almost shat myself! I thought he was gonna wake up.

After a while I carried on strokin it. It felt smooth hard and muscular. The skin was like silk. My own breathin was goin fast and I hoped that I wouldnt wake him up.

Then I moved my hand under his top and felt his stomach muscles. Even as he slept, I could feel each and every muscle as his stomach was risin. My hand sensed every muscle while my own boner was risin too. I could feel my precum juicin up my briefs.

It seemed like hours that I was feelin him, but it was probably only about five minutes. I decided to stop in case I woke him up. I took a long time to go to sleep. What a fuckin waste havin the best lookin guy in the whole school in my sleepin bag and I couldnt do anythin with him.

It rained the whole damn night and it was cold. I shoulda put on my tracksuit as well.

When I woke up in the mornin Darren had rolled on his side. I was on my hand, and his arm was across my stomach. It was way cool. I just laid like that for a while before I decided to get up. My briefs had this huge wet spot and I couldnt let the guys see it.

"Yeah, like I believe you did fuckall in your sleeping bag!" Paul was really pissed. It was still drizzlin. We had put on our shorts and t-shirts and a windbreaker to walk in.

"Hey if I tried somethin with him you think my legs would still be fixed for me to walk - huh?"

It was a great day for walkin cos even tho it was drizzlin it wasnt that cold. We didnt swim tho cos it wasnt that hot either. The sky cleared up just before we got to our overnight stop.

"Put up your hands if you don't wank."

Without thinkin, Kevin put up his hand and we cracked.

"Okay Kevin we believe you." Darren was gettin something going here and I didnt wanta stop him.

Kevin put his hand down and his face looked like a beacon in the night. I could almost feel the heat from his ears where I was sittin.

"Well I er..." Kevin was really nervous.

"Hey Kev, its alright, all guys wank. Dont let them tell you anything else okay?. Some guys say they dont because they think its a gay thing."

Kevin relaxed a little a smiled nervously around.

"Okay we're going to have a competition to see who can cum the furthest and the most." Darren stood up and dropped his shorts and his briefs.

Fuck! I got hard as soon as I saw it! It was semi and he began strokin it. It started comin to life. One by one, the guys all dropped their shorts and we stood in a line. Kevin was the last one to join us. I felt really sorry for him cos he was so damn shy.

"Okay, lets go for it!"

hehehehe If anybody had walked into us at that moment they woulda fuckin died! There we were, our shorts around our ankles and our cocks in our hands. All the guys with Chinese eyes jerkin off. My right hand was doin the Indy 500 on my boner. It felt so good, and I was starin at the other guys to the side of me. Darren was holdin his tshirt in his left hand and fuckin his right hand. I heard Gareth groan. Then he shot a helluva load, followed by about seven more shots. It went quite far but he was shakin it and it was sorta spreadin out all over the place so you couldnt see how much there was.

Darren was the next to shoot. I wished I coulda got my mouth around it right then. It was like one long sticky ball of white sauce as it exited at full speed. I wish I coulda measured that thing with my throat. The next shot was the same, long and slimy. Most of it landed in one place in front of him, like a dyin alien.

The guys finished one by one.

The last one to shoot his load was Paul and I knew that I wasn't the only one with bulgin eyes. Even Darren, who was tryin not to stare, couldn't help it. It was like slow motion as it left the end of Paul's boner and shot like it was out a cannon. It flew into the air and did a somersault and landed far away from him. The next shot followed, and the next - IT WAS FUCKIN AWESOME! Now I knew why it felt like a milk train when it hit the back of my throat.

The guys were all quiet.

"Yeah Paul, wayta go." What the hell, he was my friend and I was allowed to give him a big head.

Before the last shot left him, he put both hands on his hips. It was fantastic the way his boner sorta shot straight up and then, his almost last shot of boijuice, flew out of the end and traced the same line as the others.

"Okay, so what do I win?"

Darren laughed, "By the look on your face you've already had your prize."

Everyone cracked - it was way cool. All the guys were goin on about how great Paul was.

"Paul, does your girlfriend dribble that stuff out of her mouth when ya finished?"

"Why don’t you ask her Ross."

"Yeah, right."

The weather durin the afternoon was hot and all of us were hikin without shirts on. Every now and again the conversation would go back to Paul winnin the competition. I felt quite proud cos he's my friend.

"Cody, what’s wrong?"

"It's okay, I've got a stone or somethin in my boot, I just needta get it out. You guys can carry on, I'll catch up."

Paul came up to me. "It's okay Darren, I'll wait with him, you guys can go on so long."

"Stone in the boot? Right on, why the fuck didn't I think of that?"

"Cos you don't need to be serviced as much as I do."

Paul laughed.

"You want to?"

"Why not? We might not get another chance on this trip."

I could see that Paul had already developed a boner and it shot out as he pulled his shorts down. I musta been like a rabbit on to that thing. I pulled it down and got the head between my lips and slowly sucked it in. Oh jeez, it was awesome to feel that hard muscle in my mouth again. I could hear Paul take a breath and I looked up at him. From where I was his bod looked even more awesome cos it was sweaty and his muscles were shiny. My nose was buried in his pubes and it smelt real cool, all sweaty and like boymeat.

He grabbed the sides of my head with his hands and started goin in and out of my mouth slowly. I let my tongue ride all the way down his shaft. I cupped his nuts in my one hand and tickled the back of them. It wasn't long when I felt his nuts tighten in my hand and his boner lifted into the top of my mouth. This time I wanted to feel those shots that I had seen. I was more aware of how powerful it was this time. His first shot went almost right down my throat. He was groanin and he moved my head faster.

"Oh fuck Cody, that was fantastic!"

I finished lickin his boner clean and then it was my turn.

I lost my breath when his tongue wrapped around my head and he started doin the rim. I bent down over his head while he was busy. His hair against my stomach felt great. It didn't take long before I filled him up with my load.

When he got up I just stood there with my shorts around my ankles.

"So Codman, when are you going to get another stone in your boot?"

"I think I feel one."

Paul gave me a smack and we trotted up the path at a slow run to catch up with the others. They had stopped on a peak overlookin a beautiful valley. Far below we could see a farmhouse.

"I wonder if the farmer has daughters?"

I looked at Darren and could see that he had a semi just thinkin about it. Another cold night comin up. This dude was gonna blow his load all over me tonight.

"Look, it works like this, when it's cold ya have to take ya clothes off so that the body heat from your bodies can warm up the sleepin bag. If I'm the only one without clothes it means that I'm warmin up the bag and you just getting warm."

"Cody there is no fucking way that I am climbing into a sleeping bag with you naked."

"Cody's right though." It was Paul. I coulda kissed him right then.

"Look, Kevin - you and Ross get naked and into that big bag. Cody's right we'll be a lot warmer."

Paul stripped and got into their big bag. I watched as Ross joined him. Kevin wasn't so sure but he got naked like the other two and climbed in anyway.

I stripped and climbed into our bag.

"Oh fuck it." Darren took off his tracksuit and put it into his rucksack.

I hadta lie on my stomach cos I got hard as soon as he slid in and I felt his skin next to me. He woulda belted me if he knew.

"So, you fucking happy now?"

I giggled at him. "You think I'm gonna rape ya or somethin?"

"Shit Cody, I think you know better than that. Anyway I hear at school that the girls have the hots for you, so I'm safe."

I felt like burstin out laughin but I didn't. "You wanna cuddle?"

"Fuck off and go sleep." Darren turned his back on me and I felt his buns up against my hips. This was gonna be a great night.

I could hear Darren's heavy breathin. I slowly put my hand on his stomach. Even totally relaxed I could feel his stomach muscles were hard. I slowly moved my flat hand down over his sixpack. It became flat as I got near his pubes and then my hand felt his bush of curls.

My breathin was loud in my head and I hoped that I wasn't makin a lotta noise. I moved my hand to the top of his leg and then slowly to the inside of his thighs. I felt his balls. They felt huge and smooth. I could feel them gettin hard and liftin. I slowly moved up his balls and on to his shaft, which was already quite hard. Then I wrapped my whole hand around his shaft, coverin only half of it. I could feel his pulse as it jerked slightly in my hand.

Suddenly he groaned and I almost shat myself. He moved his arm over his chest and then rolled on to his side, facin me.

I waited a long time before movin my hand back to his boner. It was even harder than before. He musta been havin a damn good dream or somethin. I didn't wrap my hand around it this time, I just slowly stroked the underneath of it. Every now and then, I moved my hand to his nuts and then slowly traced a path to his cut head.

I heard him groan again and I felt his boner go stiff under my hand and then it happened.

His cum shot out of his boner in one long stream, all over my stomach and on to the sleepin bag. What a mess, it was fantastic. I thought he was gonna wake up then but he didn’t. I took a little of it on my finger and tasted it. It tasted a lot different to Pauls but it still tasted great.

I fell asleep covered in Darren's boijuice.

I woke up with a hand on my stomach.

"Cody, Cody - wake up!"

I slowly opened my eyes. "Huh?"

"Cody, listen, I'm sorry but I had a wet dream and my cum is all over you and the sleeping bags."

"Shit Darren, I'm a mess." I really hadta struggle to control myself. Cody you are damn wicked.

"Listen, I don’t want the other guys to know about it okay?"

"Well, they won’t hear it from me, that's for sure."

We both got outta the sleepin bag and Darren gave me his towel to clean myself. I didn't realise just how much gasoline he had in that engine. I was covered in it. While I cleaned myself Darren turned the sleepin bags inside out and wiped them as best he could.

"What now Cody, we can't get back in here until this stuff dries. And it's not going to dry now."

"Hey, it's almost time for the sun to come up anyway. Whatyasay we make a fire and some coffee."

We sat on a log quite close to the fire. It was just startin to get light and the coffee tasted good.

"Hey Codman, I'm really sorry. That is why I organised that jacking competition. I was worried about having a wet dream on this hike and that was one way to stop it. Get everyone to jack off and then it just becomes a routine thing. But I did anyway."

It felt cool havin Darren talk to me like I was his age.

"Musta been a damn good dream, what was it about."

"I don't know, I just can't remember."

"Well, it musta felt damn real huh." I gulped some coffee to stop myself from burstin our laughin.

We talked for a long time before the others woke up. Darren told me about what I need to do to improve my swimmin and then we spoke about him and his girlfriend.

I'd seen her with him and I knew she was hot. They musta been the hottest couple in town.

"Okay, I'm going to go first. You guys just be careful how you land in the water - feet first, no fancy stuff."

We had got to Suicide Gorge. It was a whole series of high rock jumps into deep, dark pools. The one jump is about forty-five feet. The water in the pools is icy and it gets colder with each jump. The folk, who normally do the gorge only, normally bring wetsuits but it woulda meant too much to carry in our kit, so we just jumped in our shorts. We put speedos on underneath tho otherwise you would ruin ya furniture as ya hit the water. It took us the whole day to go thru the gorge and it was a total rush - WAY COOL!! Ross got a bit scared on the last, very high jump but he did it. Once you start the gorge there is no turnin back, so once you take that first jump you have to go all the way, and it gets more hairy as ya go further down.

The days seemed to fly by too damn quickly. The weather was sunny and hot for the rest of the hike and the scenery was breathtakin all the way. Yeah, we had another jackin off competition and Paul won again and I did get another stone in my boot.

The second last day would be a short hike so we spent some time in a small pool, well it was like a miniature lake. The water was ice cold and we were playin around duckin each other. I couldn't bear the thought of the hike comin to and end. It had been so fantastic up to now.

"Hey, let's play Battle of Trafalgar." I had a brainwave.

Darren looked across at me. "How do you play it?"

Well, it's the same as piggyback fights, except that we sit on each other’s shoulders and then have to get the other guys off. The last one still on a shoulder wins.

"Okay, but one person has to stand out for the first game then."

Kevin decided that he didn't wanta play, so he just stood in the water and watched us. I teamed up with Darren, who else. He bent down so I could get sittin on his shoulders.

"Codman, if you piss on my head you're dead."

It felt wild, I got a boner right away and his thick blonde hair was makin me as horny as hell and it was getting wet with my precum. All the other guys got boners, probly cos of the same thing.

I knew Paul would go for me first. He put his arms around me to pull me off but I managed to slip outta them. Then I got him in a back to front headlock and pulled him down - he looked awesome bein bent all the way backwards and his boner huggin his hard, stretched stomach. My next victim was Ross and I got him the same way.

We played in the water for hours. Paul and I were still in the water when the others went to the bank. He dived under the water and a few seconds later I felt his mouth around my dick. I wished he coulda held his breath longer tho.

Before we got to the last overnight stop we came to a small village. We bought some cold drinks and I bought myself a chicken pie and ate it while we were relaxin outside the shop.

It was about an hour after we started walkin again that my stomach started crampin up real damn bad. I knew we couldn’t stop tho cos we had to get to the last overnight stop if we were gonna make up the right time tomorrow. I got the runs so damn bad and I was pukin as well. When we got to the stop the guys were startin to get really worried about me. I just felt sick the whole time and I couldn’t stop pukin and shittin. Darren gave some rehydration stuff to drink but it just came right out as soon as I took it. He also gave me some stuff to plug up my ass but that also didn’t work. Darren and Paul stayed awake with me the whole night, feedin me with rehydrate and more ass pluggin medicine.

As it started getting light Ross and Gareth went down the mountain for help. I was really sick now and I couldn’t even stand. I felt like I was dyin. About two hours later, a mountain rescue team arrived and they quickly tied me to a stretcher. The guy in charge of them was worried that it was gonna take a long time to get me down the mountain so they radioed for a medical helicopter. The helicopter arrived pretty damn quick.

I don’t remember too much about the ride in the helicopter cos I still felt damn sick and I could hardly keep my eyes open. On top of that I was still pukin and shittin myself but hardly anythin was comin out now.

I woke up in hospital with needles stickin out of everywhere. My folks were there and Paul and they really carried on when I opened my eyes. I was feelin a helluva lot better but weak as anythin.

I stayed in the hospital for two days while they fed me rehydration medicine and all sorta other stuff. It was a really shitty end to what had been a way cool hike.


A lot has happened since then. Paul, his brother Mark, and their family moved to England. I have since met Steve but as long as we live, Paul and me will always be the best of friends.


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