An Earthboys Adventure  by TJ

LOS ANGELES, CA. Today is Saturday, 2:30 AM. Damian Smith puts his head down on his goose-feathered pillow for some much needed sleep. At 4:00 AM, he awakens from a dream he has been having for three days in a row. The dream comes over and repeats itself as Damian is sleeping.

The boy gets up and goes to the kitchen for a tall glass of milk. He sits down at the kitchen table and thinks about his dream. In his mind, he hears that he must go to Glenn Springs, Colorado, and look for a nearby nature campground. He would normally just forget about the dream, but this particular dream has been coming over and over again.

Knowing he has accumulated vacation time, Damian decides to heed the call since he is in need of rest and relaxation, and has never visited that area. Morning comes. Damian packs his camping gear aboard his 1998 Toyota Four Runner, and he is off. After one hour of Los Angeles traffic, Damian gets on Highway 50 .Two hours later, he is on Highway 70, heading east. After driving about 60 miles on Highway 70, Damian catches sight of a hitchhiker along the road.

The boy is about 17, and he is blond. Damian pulls his truck over to see where the young blond is going. As he pulls over, he notices just how sexy this boy is. Damian gets a throbber as the truck comes to a stop. As luck has it, the boy tells Damian that he is going about 300 miles down the road.

Damian invites him to hop aboard. "Come on in; I'm heading out that way."

As the boy steps aboard, Damian thinks that maybe his dream talked about meeting this hunk. Still, deep in his mind he knows there has to be more to it, much more.

The first fifteen minutes wear out pretty quietly, none of the boys saying much. Then the boy tells Damian that his name is Jack, and he asks whether it's all right to have a smoke. Damian, who is normally against smoking, agrees that the boy can have one as long as he keeps the window down. The day is sunny and the temperature is about 80 F.; there should be no problem if the window is down.

After Jack puts out the smoke, he looks over at Damian and notices Damian's bulge. Jack suddenly can't keep his eyes off Damian's crotch. Damian notices Jack and asks him if he seen something he likes. Jack looks at Damian in the eyes, and he smiles as he reaches down to the bulge in Damian's pants.


T J Elliott clicks off his computer after three hour of chatting and writing letters to his friends . As he is about to walk away, he notices a blinking on the right-hand side of the screen. Fascinated, he stares at it for 2 hours, but in his mind he thinks it's only been a few minutes. As he walks away, he goes to the phone and calls work to tell them he has a family emergency and will need two weeks off. He hangs up and walks over to the family room and tells his mom that he is going on a camping trip and will be away for a week or so. TJ's mom agrees with the project, saying that he does indeed need some rest since school will be starting in a month and that he's been working ten-hour days since summer vacation started. Within an hour, TJ is packed and is driving out the driveway to a destination unknown.

TJ gets on Highway 94 and heads west till he reaches Chicago. He then takes Highway 80 westbound. Of a cautious nature, TJ usually doesn't go anywhere without studying the road maps ahead for weeks, This time, he acts differently. Without being really aware of where his destination is, he seems to know every turn . As soon as he drives across the Iowa border, he notices a blond boy who is hitchhiking by the side of the road. TJ thinks to himself that maybe he should stop and pick the boy up.

After driving about two miles past the boy, TJ takes an off-ramp, and he then starts back the other way. As he comes back down the ramp in the westbound direction, TJ notices the boy rubbing his crotch. TJ smiles as he pulls his Dodge Ram pickup over to the side of the road.The boy steps aboard, and the first words he utters are a bold, "Are you as horny as I am?" TJ's jaw about drops open, and his head moves up and down in a vague nod of acquiescence .


Jack's hand moves Damian's zipper down as Damian tries to pull the car over to the shoulder.

Damian cannot believe this is happening to him. He heard about such things happening to some of his cyber friends, but never in his life had anyone come on this fast to him. Most of his sexual friends took months before anything sexual happened, and now, he just meets this boy and he's going down his pants like there is no tomorrow. Damian is shyer then his cyber friends, but he is going all out this time.

Damian steers the truck over to the shoulder, and, getting Damian's cock out through the fly, Jack begins to stroke it. Damian sits back in his seat and kinda puts his head back as he gets the best hand job he ever had. Just about the time that he thinks he is in heaven, he sees Jack move his head down to his crotch. Damian smiles as pre cum starts to flow through his slit . Damian moves his hand over to Jack's bulge and starts to stroke the monster between Jack's legs. Whatever doubts Damian might have had about this trip are now gone. He even thinks that this trip is probably the best thing that ever happened to him.

Damian unzips Jack's fly and reaches in to feel the most perfect cock he's ever felt. Jack takes Damian's pants off as Damian removes Jack's. Sprawled out in the front of the Toyota, Damian and Jack suck each other in a 69 position. After sucking and fingering each other for what seems to them like hours, they both blow there wads at the same time, both swallowing and licking every last drop.

Damian looks over at Jack who's just getting his pants back on, and he asks him what he is doing for the next week or two. Hoping to hear that he is doing nothing, Jack looks over at Damian and says quite bluntly that he is planning on sucking and fucking him. "That's what I have in mind," Jack adds. What do you think!"

"Great!" Damian exclaims. Great. I am going on a camping trip in Colorado, and we sure can have a great time together.

"Let's go," Jack bursts out. "Sounds like fun."

Damian is all smile as his trip is off to a real good start.".


TJ looks over at the blond boy and thinks that this boy has to be the prettiest boy he has ever seen. The boy reaches his hand out to TJ and says, Hi, my name is Jack. TJ takes the boy's hand and says, "Hi, I'm TJ."

TJ starts to pull away from the shoulder as Jack's hand reaches between TJ's legs.

TJ already has the biggest and hardest throbber he's ever had. But, as Jack's hand touches his crotch, TJ thinks he may blow his wad right there and then.

Jack pulls down TJ's shorts. He reaches in and starts to stroke.

As TJ tries to keep the truck in one lane. Jack moves his head over to TJ and slides his head between the steering wheel and TJ. He then opens his mouth and takes all TJ's manhood in. TJ reaches over to Jack and starts rubbing Jack's own huge throbbing bulge through his pants.

Within minutes, they both have pre-cum that just won't stop. Jack pulls his pants down to his knees so that TJ can get his hand stroking easier.

As TJ is driving, Jack tastes TJ's bOIjUICE and feels his own ready to explode. For the next fifteen minutes, Jack keeps sucking and stroking TJ, and TJ is stroking Jack to the point of both of them cumming within seconds.

TJ is the first to shoot his load, and Jack is right behind, shooting his cum on the dashboard as he swallows every drop of TJ's love juice. Jack suddenly looks over at TJ and asks him where he is going.

"I am going on a camping to Colorado," TJ replies.

Hey, listen," Jack says. "I am not doing anything! Mind if I come? "

TJ smiles. "Sure," he replies. "I'm by myself and the company would be great."

As TJ drives down highway 80, he keeps wondering why of all places he picked Colorado as a camping spot. Well, he thinks to himself, I have Jack now, and that will be great.


It's 12:00 hours Mars time as Cody Marsh leans back in the pilot's high-back captain chair of his planet's most modern starship, ready for takeoff. He looks through his monitor screen as some of the events he has been setting up for well over a year now unfold in front of his eyes. Cody starts to laugh as he watches his cyber buddies TJ and Damian having the time of their lives.

He has thought a lot about how he was going to make his meeting with his buddies more interesting, and the two Jacks are just what he thought would work.

Cody has been trying to get together with his Earthboys bros for a year now--well, ever since he started chatting with them from his planet. He feels bad that he lied to them twice about were he lives, but he knows in his mind that if he told them the truth they would laugh at him and not believe him anyways.

Cody thinks back at the first time he chatted with TJ and Damian. He knew right then that there was a connection between them all. He just wasn't sure what it was until about a month ago when the admiral in charge of his unit brought him pictures of the two earthlings. The picture showed two cute Earth boys who had no idea what the people of Mars had in store for them.

Cody looks at the pictures and smiles as he sees his Earth bros having the time of there lives in different parts of the country known as the United States of America. He cannot wait for his first meeting with them.


Damian and Jack pull into a service station about 30 miles into Colorado so they can fuel up the Toyota and get some munchies. Damian runs to the restroom as soon as the truck stops and Jack fuels up the truck. They are back on the road within 15 minutes.

Damian looks over at Jack, and he notices that Jack is rubbing himself. Damian tells Jack there will be plenty of time for such things after they set up camp. Jack smiles and rubs himself even more! Damian shakes his head and keeps driving as Jack relieves himself.

Damian looks over every few minutes to peck over at Jack and smiles. He thinks to himself how lucky he is to have picked up Jack on the road.

Damian wants more than anything to go over to Jack and help, but he knows it is getting dark right now, and that they have to set up camp. About twenty minutes after Jack gets off, they pull down a two-track road in the White River National Forest. Damian seems to know where to go even if he's never been close to this place in his life.

They get out of the Toyota and start setting up camp as the sun goes down over the mountains. After 30 minutes of setting up camp, Jack and Damian look for firewood. They want to make a fire they will use for cooking.


Shortly after crossing the Colorado border, TJ and Jack shoot off from highway 80 and engage on highway 76. They have less then 3 hour of driving before they reach their intended destination, but TJ is still not sure how the hell he will get there. He has so far followed some vague inner sense of direction, and it seems he is not doing that bad.

About an hour into Colorado, TJ inquires whether Jack is hungry "Hell yeah," Jack replies. "I'm starving. TJ pulls off the highway at exit 72 and heads right out to Burger King. As he pulls in the lot, he tells Jack to remind him that they need gas.

"We need to full up before getting back on the highway," TJ says as he gets out of the Dodge pickup and stretches out while Jack is fumbling with his pants, trying to button them up. They both order Whopper combos, and they are back in the truck within minutes. They gulp the burgers, fries and soft drinks briskly, and they drive across the street to a Mobil station for a fill up.

As Jack is fueling the truck, TJ reaches behind his seat and grabs his laptop computer, which he took it along to keep in touch with his best cyber buddies, Damian and Cody. After a few minutes of hooking up the cell phone to the laptop he is on line.

TJ starts up PAL, a real-time chat software he uses to keep in touch with his two best friends. He checks to see if his buddies are online, and he notices that Cody is on.

TJ writes him a short letter, and he informs Cody that he is on his way to a camping vacation. Cody instantly answers back that he's on a trip too, and he wishes TJ the best of times. They then chat for a few minutes, and, after exchanging greetings and saying each other good-bye, they both disconnect from PAL.

TJ pulls out of the service station with a smile on his face. He is happy he got to talk to at least one of his cyber buddies. Two hours and several miles later, TJ pulls down a two-track road that winds up the side of a small mountain range. Feeling suddenly tired, he pulls the truck over to a clearing and tells Jack that maybe they should just sleep in the truck for the nite.

"That's cool," Jack says, and he tells TJ that he will look around for firewood before hitting the sack. "A nice little fire will help us doze off," he says.

TJ replies that's fine with him, adding he will move some of the gear around so that they can both sleep in the cab.

"Cool," Jack says, his voice thinning as he takes off.


Cody switches off his basic Earth computer and smiles. He cannot wait to see his cyber buddies for the first time. Sure, he has seen many pictures of them, but he has wanted to meet them and hold them for such a long time.

Cody tries to think of what he is going to say to them when he meets them in less then twenty-four Earth hours. He is not sure whether they will be mad at him for not telling them the truth about who he is and where he is from. He suspects that they won't be mad at him and will not even believe the story he has to tell them.

Who the hell would believe a story like his anyway. Cody knows TJ and Damian like brothers, and he thinks there will be no problems.

Looking over at his monitor, he again checks how things are progressing on Earth with his two friends. He smiles broadly, and uttering a sonorous, "YES," rejoices that things are going according to plan.


TJ starts to move to the back of the pickup the gear that was in the cab. Jack is still out in to the forest, looking for firewood. TJ thinks that making a small fire is a good idea.

Jack comes to a clearing, and he suddenly realizes that he is not alone.

Two guys are over by the hot springs. He knows who they are, and he was even expecting he would find them there. Hence his little plan of looking for firewood.

He recognizes the other Jack easily, and the other boy is Damian.

Hiding behind a tree, he observes Damian as the pretty boy takes his clothes off with the obvious intention of taking a dip in the spring. When the two boys are both wading in the clear water of the spring, Jack takes from behind the tree, and he runs back to TJ with the news that he has seen two naked guys bathing in a spring.

Wondering how could bring TJ to meet with the other two, Jack asks him bluntly whether he wouldn't mind going with him and meeting them.

"They're naked," Jack says. "Maybe we could even get with them."

He hopes the lure will convince TJ.

"Sure," TJ says, a wide smile brimming across his face.

They both head over the to the area were the spring is located and where Damian and the other Jack were last seen..

"Let's walk up on them and see what happens," TJ suggests.

Jacks walks right behind TJ, rubbing his cock with his hand. As TJ and Jack walk up to him and the other Jack, Damian notices their shadows coming up his way. The moonlight allows him to see that much. As he sees them approaching, he gets a little scared, wondering who these people might be. Fully aware that himself and his buddy Jack are pretty tough and fully capable of fending off for themselves, he manages to quelch his fear quite easily. As he approaches, TJ yells out a friendly hello to Damian and Jack.

Damian says HI!

As TJ and Jack walk up to the spring, they are both starting to get very hard.

"You guys want to join us," Damian says.

"Sure," TJ replies, accepting the invitation.

As TJ and Jack walk into the spring TJ and Damian stare at each other.

"I know you from somewhere," Damian says, perplexed.

"You look like my buddy Damian from the chat room," TJ remarks

Damian smiles. "Would you be TJ Elliot by any chance?" he asks.

TJ smiles broadly. "NO SHIT!" he bursts out. "What the hell are you doing up here?"

Jumping in each other's arms, TJ and Damian both give each other a big hug, and they kiss. As they are kissing, they cannot help but notice how similar the two Jacks look. What the fuck, they both think to themselves. These guys must be twins.

The two Jacks just smile back at them.


Sitting in his captain chair, Cody smiles with satisfaction. His plan is working ever so nicely. He unzips his space suit and pulls his hot throbbing cock out.

Images start flashing in his mind, which feature his upcoming meeting with his two cyber buddies. Cody grabs his cock and starts to stroke it, slowly at first, and then, faster. As he is stroking his cock, he closes his eyes and leans his head back and fantasizes about making love to his two Earth bros. His pace picks up rapidly, and he starts getting pre-cum. Within a few minutes, he is on the verge of cumming, and he shoots his Martian wad all over the monitor that he uses to watch his buddies on. As Cody is busy, cleaning up the cum on the monitor, he gets a call on the radio. Mission control is calling. Cody picks up the microphone and tells mission control that everything is going as planned.

Mission control responds by confirming that he should be landing in a little more then 16 hours.

Cody smiles. No shit, he thinks to himself. Like I didn't know when I am going to land.

Cody thanks mission control and sits back in his chair, bringing his attention back on the monitor. On the full-color screen now unfolds the action that is going on at the spring.


As TJ and Damian look over at the twins, they quickly forget why they were looking at them in the first place because the Jacks are now starting to kiss and feel each other' s bodies. Now hard and excited, Damian strokes his own cock as TJ moves over to the twins. TJ reaches his hand down to one of the Jacks and undertakes to stroke his cock as the second Jack moves over to Damian and does the same.

TJ climbs up on the ledge of the spring and Jack moves his mouth up to take TJ in. Seeing that TJ has moved up to the ledge, Damian decides to join him.

Damian looks over at TJ and gives a smile as they are both getting the best head they ever had. TJ smiles back at Damian, but he can't help but wonder what is going on. Coming across Damian here in the middle of nowhere is already unlikely, but having these two Jacks around is more than puzzling. How the hell can Damian and I have found ourselves with these two guys who not only look exactly alike, but who also have the same name?

TJ and Damian move on their backs on the sandy ledge of the spring, and the Jacks also move around in a complete circle, each of the boys now sucking on each other. TJ feels a finger circling around his tight hole.

Getting inspiration from what TJ's Jack is doing to TJ, Damian fingers the Jack that is sucking TJ. They suck and finger each other for 10 minutes or so, and then, the Jack who is working TJ out suggests that him and his twin go for Damian's and TJ's asses. TJ smiles as he looks over at Damian, seeking his approval. Damian smiles back at TJ, and they both get on their backs and lift their legs up over the two Jacks' shoulders! Both Jacks lube up their hands with pre-cum, and they finger Damian and TJ to get them lubed for some serious fucking.

TJ feels the twin start to inch his thick head into his love hole, and he kinda arches back a little. Damian gives out a small whimper as the other Jack is pushing his cock into his own hole with much pressure.

The two Jacks humps for a least one hour as Damian and TJ take every inch the Jacks have. After the two Jacks come inside TJ and Damian, the boys all trade places, the two Jacks putting themselves at the mercy of Damian and TJ who are at this point hot as hell and need to blow their wads.

For the next two hours or so, the foursome traded positions three more times. After they become too pooped to move, they all fall asleep in each other's arms on the sandy ledge of the hot spring.


Cody, who is watching the action going on at the spring on his monitor screen, now looks over at the clock and realizes he has been watching his buddies fucking and sucking for over 5 hours non stop. Since he will land in less then 11 hours, now is time for him to start making landing preparations. He cannot wait to meet his best buddies in the universe.

Cody would rather land during nighttime hours, but he can easily land during the day with the cloaking device that has recently been added on the newer ships of the fleet. Once he is done with his duties, Cody closes his eyes and imagines his two Earth buddies running up to him and giving him hugs. Cody smiles as he falls fast asleep. Blissful scenarios play in his mind. He has been thinking for months about the moment he would meet with his two friends, and he feels elated as the hour is fast approaching. Even if the time they will end up spending together is limited, there is a lot of stuff he wants to do. Physical love is one of the things that's on his mind, and so is exploration.

Planet Earth is beautiful, and he wants his two friends to take him to nature areas where the three of them can hike for hours without coming across anybody. One thing Cody would also like to do is take his friends for a ride in his craft, Even if no humans have flown such craft before, he thinks the adventure and experience could yield interesting results.

Cody is well aware that he must act with caution though, no one knowing for sure how humans will react and adapt to a mode of transportation as unusual as his craft.

Cody examines a number of possible scenarios in his mind, and he keeps staring at the screen.

Eager to set himself on the same time frame as his Earthboy friends, Cody glances over at his Earth clock and notices that barely eleven Earth hours separate him from the moment he will meet his friends.

Dutifully, he starts checking his systems for the entry into Earth's atmosphere and for the landing. He goes through everything and fails to detect any problems. Little does he know there is one problem indeed with one of the engines that govern the pneumatic mechanism of the landing system, but the LCD screen and warning that are supposed to take effect and warn him of such problem are not working.

Cody feels safe and ready as his eyes lock on the monitor screen that shows his two Earthboy friends, now sleeping.


TJ wakes up at 9:30 the next morning, and he figures out that he had about 7 hours of sleep. As he looks around, he notices that Damian is staring at him. Damian smiles at TJ and tells him that he looks very hot when he is sleeping.

He then remarks that what is going on with the two Jacks is like a dream, and he wonders why that is all happening, "That kind of stuff just does not happen," Damian remarks. "That's way too freak."

TJ agrees, and the two boys talk between themselves about what has been going on over the last 3 days, recalling events and commenting on them.

They both seem to agree that there is something unreal about these twins. That two copycat boys find their way aboard their vehicles at about the same time and at different points of the US is very unlikely; that the two boys look the same and act the same is plainly suspicious; finally, that TJ and Damian suddenly find themselves together in some remote backcountry area, each of them in the company of his blond twin is plainly mysterious. As the two friends scratch their heads for answers,

Damian remarks jokingly that they must be playing in some X-Files episode without being aware of it.

"I don't think the sex scenes would make it to the screen, though," TJ says with a laugh.

The two Jacks then wake up, and they don't pay attention to TJ and Damian who are talking. The two Jacks look distant this morning. They mill about for a while, but they don't get anywhere close to the place where TJ and Damian are talking, as though purposely avoiding them.

"Maybe they can read our minds," TJ jokes.

"Let's think sex, then," Damian suggests. "That might bring them over."

"I don't feel like making out this morning. "I'm kinda worn out."

"Yeah, the last days have been sex intensive. I would gladly do something else for a change."

As he gawks at the Jacks from a distance, TJ suddenly frowns. "Maybe I should go and cook breakfast. They don't eat when we don't feed them."

"They're pretty bizarre if you ask me," Damian remarks. "But they're so gorgeous."

"Yeah, they're gorgeous," TJ concurs dreamily. "They're really pretty. But how can they look so similar. I still have problems telling one from the other."

Damian chuckles. "I stamped a deep kiss on the lips of your Jack yesterday, thinking I was kissing mine."

"Oh, I did that a few times also. But it's funny how we have come to think of each of them as ours--like if they were things more than people."

"Maybe they are," Damian exclaims.

TJ breaks out into laughter. "Things," he repeats. "I fucked a thing. You're funny."

Damian is about to tell TJ that the Jacks are inflatable dolls when something suddenly catches his attention. The two Jacks, usually so precise and somewhat mechanical in their demeanor, suddenly start wobbling and jerking, as if something was wrong with them.

"TJ," Damian says, touching his friend's arm. He gets no answer.

"TJ," Damian insists. "Check this out."

Again no answer.

Tilting his head in TJ's direction, Damian sees that TJ's head is up, as though he was looking at the sky, and that an expression of dismay is frozen on his face.


Damian hesitates a few seconds, his hand still on TJ's arm. He then follows TJ's gaze and finds himself gawking at a patch of blue sky.

"What's the problem, TJ?" Damian asks, now shaking his friend's arm forcefully.

TJ doesn't answer, his gaze still lost in the blue yonder..

Damian's eyes move nervously from TJ to the twins. At first, he doesn't find them. They have disappeared. He probes the area for a while, and he finally sees them. They are both lying on the ground, immobile.

"TJ," Damian yells out, now panicking. "Let's go. We have a problem."

Damian's nervousness draws TJ out of his frozen state. Pulling himself up, he takes off after his friend. He has no idea where Damian is taking him. When Damian reaches the first Jack, he notices that the boy is still breathing. He is lying down on the ground, with his eyes wide open, but he is still breathing.

"He's still alive," Damian mutters as he crouches to look at the Jack from up close.

"What's going on?" TJ asks anxiously, running up to Damian.

"The twin's behavior was hectic earlier, and I guess they fell."


"It looks like epilepsy to me."

"Damian..." TJ yells out, drowning his friend out."

Damian looks up at TJ, annoyed. "What's the matter? Why are you yelling?"

"Damian, I saw something in the sky."

Here we go again Damian thinks. "And what did you see in the sky? He asks with a trace of cynicism in his voice.

"I saw a ball of fire," TJ replies He hesitates for a second. "It was darn close to us," he adds. And it was coming towards us."

"A ball of fire," Damian repeats sarcastically as he examines the lying Jack for further signs of life.

"I'm not kidding, Damian," TJ insists. "That ball of fire was very close, and it scared the hell out of me. It was falling fast." He pauses. "I want to go and look for it."

Damian doesn't agree with his friend's plan. "But...we have these guys to take care of--"

"Fuck them," TJ replies curtly. "They're not real anyway. They're inflatables..."

"Have you ever seen an inflatable doll who breathes?"

"I've never seen any inflatable doll."

"Well, this one is breathing."

"Come with me, Damian. I want to look for that thing that crashed. I'm afraid to go by myself."

As Damian stands up and heads to the second Jack, he tells TJ that he wants to take care of the two Jacks first. Damian has barely completed his sentence when the to blond boys suddenly jump up to their feet and, like if nothing had happened, start walking toward the edge of the forest."

"Where are these morons going?" TJ asks, stunned.

"Hey, you guys," Damian yells out. "What's up? Where are you going?"

"They look like robots if you ask me," TJ remarks matter of factly.

"Hey, R2D2...," he shouts, now joining his voice to Damian's.

"We need you back," Damian insists, increasing the volume.

Totally oblivious to TJ's and Damian's calls, the blond twins keep walking in a zombie-like fashion, getting closer to the forest.

"Come on," TJ urges, taking off. "Let's get them back."


The two friends start off on the twin's heels, and they soon catch up with them. To their surprise, the twins do not respond to anything human anymore, and they keep heading out like if they had been programmed to do just that.

"Stupid zombies," TJ remarks as he stands across their way. When one of the Jacks steers out to avoid ramming into him, TJ grabs him into his arms and lifts him off the ground. The twin's legs continue to move while TJ is holding him in his arms.

"How dumb," TJ, says. "He thinks he's still walking."

When he sees that his friend's strategy is working, Damian interposes himself between the other twin and the forest. "Come to me, baby," he says as he lifts the second Jack off the ground."

"Let's carry them back to my car," TJ says.

"They're lighter than I thought they would be," Damian remarks as he carries his twin back to camp."

"Fucking airheads," TJ rails.

The twin-carrying friends reach TJ's RAM without any problems, and they stuff them both behind the seats--like cargo. "I'll keep an eye on them while you drive," Damian says.

Walking around the big pickup, TJ climbs aboard and starts the engine nervously. The beast roars to life, and TJ takes off in a cloud of dust.

"Easy now," Damian urges as gravity pulls him back into his seat.

"You'll collapse the inflatable dolls."

TJ steps on the throttle, revving the engine up. Looking at the Jacks, Damian notices that their feet and legs have stopped moving, and that there is now a strange glow in their eyes. Barely perceptible above the cockpit's noise, a din is coming out of them, which increases in intensity as they drive out of the camping area.


When they reach the county road and heads east, the noise increases.

"They babble," Damian tells TJ.

"What?" TJ asks, the cockpit noise deafening."

"They're wailing," Damian repeats. "Strange sounds come out of them."

TJ shrugs as he pulls the pickup to its limits. "I don't give shit what they do or don't." Coming to an intersection, TJ hesitates for a brief moment, and he makes a right-hand turn. As he engages in that new direction, heading blindly for a place he knows nothing about, he again stamps the throttle to the floor. "That's where the ball of fire was coming from," he mumbles, talking to himself.

"Hey, TJ, turn around. You're off."

"How do you know I'm off, smart ass? You did not even see what I saw."

"The twins--" Damian explains, "The sounds have faded out after you made the turn."

"What?" TJ yells out, perplexed.

"They're radar, or something. They're telling us where to go."

Coming to the full realization of Damian's words, TJ steps on the brake pedal, bringing the anti-lock braking system into action. The pickup comes to a halt within seconds, barely swaying in the narrow lane. With a couple of swift back-up maneuvers, TJ steers the truck around. As he drives toward the intersection, the wailing of the twin increases. TJ drives past the intersection, and he wailing increases spectacularly.

"I'll be darn," Damian says. "Their wailing increases as we head out this way."

A smile of victory lights up TJ's face. "Goddamnit, Damian. The ball of fire and these twins are related." He slaps the steering triumphantly with his hand..


The two boys and their strange cargo keep going for a few miles, and they suddenly catch sight of a column of thick black smoke that rises up above the forest's canopy.

As TJ defiantly steers his RAM truck toward the smoke, the wailing sounds of the Jacks reaches ear-splitting volumes. When TJ tells Damian to ring their necks and shut them up, Damian doesn't hear a word. The sound level is too high. They finally find a spot that looks close enough to where the smoke is coming from. They park the vehicle on the side of the road and decide they will cover the remaining distance on foot.

"Are we taking them along?" Damian inquires as he pulls one of the Jacks from behind the passenger's seat."

"Fuck them. They will slow us down. I'd rather take my fire extinguisher along."

As TJ unclenches the driver's seat forward to get to the extinguisher, the twin that is sitting behind his seat abruptly springs back to life and darts out of the truck through the passenger's door, still wailing deafeningly. Running at a speed that takes TJ and Damian by surprise, the now-free twin heads out to the forest in the direction of the column of smoke. More convinced than ever that the smoke and the twins might indeed be related, Damian releases the twin he is carrying, who instantly takes off behind the first one.


When they painstakingly reach the crash site--debris are strewn all over--Damian and TJ come across the surprise of their life. Bent over what looks like a human body, the Jacks are bustling frantically. When they reach the location, the two friends cannot believe their eyes.

Lying on the ground lifelessly is their cyber friend Cody, who looks exactly like the pictures they have seen of him.

Damian tries to get closer to Cody. eager to offer assistance, but one of the twins gently but firmly pushed him away. "Hey, you dick, Damian protests, slapping the twin's shoulder."

"Cool off, Dam" TJ urges. "They're working on him. They probably rescued him, and they're now trying to fix him up."

TJ's words hit Damian like a cold shower. "But, TJ," he bursts out. "That's Cody. And these fucking twins have to do with him. What the hell is going on?"


The answer comes up minutes later when the twin's mysterious work brings Cody back on his feet. "My beloved bros," Cody exclaims, human tears trickling down his cheeks. "I am so happy to be here with you. I found you. At last." And he breaks down into tears as he crashes into TJ's and Damian's arms.

"We're finally together."

Partially disbelieving this might be going on for real, the three boys keep hugging and crying for a while.

When TJ suggests that they drive out to camp before the authorities find out about the crash, Cody replies that he needs to take care of the debris before leaving. "I wouldn't want anybody to find out about me," he says. "Let me take care of that," he says. "That shouldn't take much time."

Pulling a hand-gun-like piece of equipment out of his flight suit, Cody targets the debris. As the orange beam that flashes out of the hand-held device hits the charred masses, they instantly pulverize and vanish. Less than five minutes is enough for Cody to take care of everything. When the three boys leave the site, they leave a patch of charred vegetation behind.

"Where are the twins?" Damian asks as the three friends set on their way.

Cody looks at Damian, an enigmatic smile flashing on his face. "Think of them as debris," he replies.

As they walk across the forest back to TJ's truck, Cody's mysterious words keep reverberating in Damian's mind. It's hard for him to think of the twins as debris after the cool time they had together.


TJ and Damian want to ask Cody a thousand questions as they drive to camp, but they abstain, out of concern for their friend's well-being. When they reach camp, however, they cannot hold any up longer.

As he dodges the questions off, Cody reminds his two friends that he has more pressing matters to take care off. Lunging for them, he starts kissing them as if they were gifts from heaven. TJ and Damian do not need more to spring into erotic action, all traces of the wear-out they had talked about earlier having completely vanished.

Soon enough, the three boys are stark naked out there in nature and involved in the wildest sexual encounter ever recorded in these necks of the wood. They eat each other out, drink to each other, feed on each other, and simply adore and worship each other through a most elaborate love ritual. As if that was not enough, they explore each other's nooks and crannies and get inside each other through every aperture and method they can think of.

Although Damian and TJ are not aware of it, this is an interplanetary love ritual, and it reaches levels of depth none of these boys has known before. At one point during their lovemaking, they are so tight together that they can read each other's minds, something like ESP. Actually, they do not read each other's minds, but see through them.


In that most privileged of moments, communication between the three friends, brothers and lovers occurs in its purest form, each individual being submerged in the group. What makes this possible is the fact that the three friends are innocent, candid, good-hearted, and loving beings.

No matter what planet or world they might be coming from, they belong to the same species of loving and trustful beings.

In full contemplation of the contents of Cody's mind, TJ and Damian eventually learn that their cyber friend is from Mars---a real Mars boy he is--that his expedition to Earth involved extensive planning and preparation, which encompassed the creation of the two twins, who were sent to Earth with the mission of pulling TJ and Damian out of their respective environments and send them out to this remote Colorado mountain area where a landing had been planned away from human settlements and installations.

The twins were in fact ultra-powerful organic computers whose shapes and functions had been inspired from humans. They were sent aboard a self-destructing craft and their mandate was primarily to synchronize the Earth part of the project, which primarily involved acting upon TJ and Damian and monitoring their behavior to make sure they would reach their intended destination. They had also been programmed to use sexual gratification as a lure to increase their chances of success with Damian and TJ. Knowing how sensitive and responsive TJ and Damian would be to erotic pleasure, the twins had been programmed to make ample use of it.

When he reads the part about sexual luring in Cody's mind, TJ gets reminded that the twins have almost worn him out. His laughter is registered by the other two. The twins had also been programmed to keep track of Cody's flight schedule and to respond in case of problems. The crash apparently knocked them down for a short period---a psychological impact so to speak--but they were then able to resume their mission. Finding Cody, rescuing him, and fixing him up was well within their programmations.

As Cody had anticipated, TJ and Damian do not react negatively to what they find out about him. Finding out more seems to be what they care about. For instance, they are both curious to find out what the twins have become.

An explanation soon flashes across Cody's mind, which TJ and Damian both read.

The twins have been destroyed alongside the debris. Cody specifies the he still has them as 'anamorphs,' but his two friends fail to understand.

Making complex matters simple, Cody sketches out a picture where forces transform into matter--electrons, particles, and atoms--which evolve into biological shapes like cells. From cells, matter grows and reproduces. Humans design and manufacture computers; Martians grows them. And Cody has control over the forces from which computers grow.

Satisfied with their friend's fantastic explanation, TJ and Damian sink deeper into the lovemaking with this beautiful and fascinating boy whose powers are outstanding and whose only aims are love and sharing.

When Cody's mind yields out the info that his primary motive for coming to Earth is not only to reunite with his friends but to enlist them into assisting the human species out of the destructive darkness that clings on to their lives, TJ and Damian immediately know that they have not only found their friend back but have acquired a mission statement that is likely to shape the rest of their lives.

And then, it becomes suddenly clear to TJ and Damian that the craft might not have accidentally crashed after all. The crash could well have been part of Cody's plan. He sure knew in advance that fulfilling his mission would take time.

That's not a problem to TJ and Damian. Their friend is kewl, and the lovemaking is so delicious.