This story was sent to me by Bob.

Peter had been working with me in the plant for about 3 months. We were both working in a steel mill in the heartland for the steel industry. The heavy industrial scene called for full clothing to be worn i.e. long pants
and long sleeve shirts, eye protection and hard hats. Not a very sensuous scenario for scoping a guy out if you thought he might have a nice body. Well there was the shower. But the shower is completely taboo, as steelworkers are known as a very homophobic bunch - what a way to have your career ruined! Yes, you can look slyly or wonder but "never to touch" or indicate in any way that you're interested.

Peter was about 20 years old, 5' 8" and maybe 150 lbs. He had a very cute boyish face with a beauty spot next to his chin, shoulder length brown hair which he sometimes tied back into a mini ponytail, and as far as I could
tell by the oversized work clothes a decent body.

One day I mentioned to Pete about his great tan and how he got the time for it. He told me that he went up to the roof of the factory during his lunch break and caught a few rays up there. I had forgotten that the roof was about 90 feet up and it was above everything in the whole industrial area.

A few days later at lunchtime I spotted Pete heading for the stairwell at lunch ---- I thought I might follow. After about 5 minutes I started the long climb - indeed I counted 93 steps to the enclosed top landing. I stopped at the summit to catch my breath and could see that the door was ajar an inch or two with bright sunlight streaming in. 
Through that space I saw a very appealing sight. Pete had put layers on tarpaper on the stony surface of the flat roof to make himself a tanning bed. And there he was, tanning face up to the brilliant midday sun. Naked from the waist up with arms resting at his side. No chest hair at all. Very defined abdomen and 2 very dark nipples. Just a slight line of fine hair running from the cute coil of navel down to and into the top of his work pants was visible. I thought I would just wait a minute and drink in the sight of his lovely, youthful body before announcing myself! 

A few seconds passed with no movement and then slowly his right hand came up to his waist and undid the top button of his pants. He then dragged the zipper down with an almost audible buzz revealing very tight black bikini
underwear. He had been thinking things over as I could make out a nice sized bulge in the material - even from about 10 feet away. He gave himself a few little strokes over the cock bulge with the palm of his hand and then gave it a prolonged squeeze. 

My own rod was stiffening as I watched this little show - my hand had gone to caress my own love muscle through my jeans. Pete then slowly raised his hips off the mat and lowered his pants to just below his knees. His legs were incredible for a guy. They were muscular but not overly so. Long and nicely sculpted as an athletes, swimmer or figure skater. The skin was smooth, nut brown and hairless above the knees. His thighs seemed to go on forever. It was most likely the high cut of his bikini that made this scene appear so provocative to me. He turned to reach into his pack for something and revealed a great set of buns tied into that tight cloth. He brought out some tanning lotion and squirted a bit onto his stomach and chest. Slowly he spread the lotion over his belly around his navel and then higher. When he got to his tits he made circles around each one with his fingers. Around and around they went gradually getting closer and finally pinching and teasing each one in turn. By this point I was very hot and had lowered my zipper so I could get closer to my own source of pleasure. His hands were moving again, this time under his ribcage and back into the coil of navel and a bit lower. His fingers were just brushing the top waistband of his bikini which was almost pulled away from his waist by his enraptured love muscle trying to break out of it's cloth prison. I could see it quiver a few times and I could certainly almost taste it through the thin, tight material. A dark wet spot was forming near the top of his underwear - I knew Pete was
going to have to take this a bit further now. Pete reached down, lifted his buns and the bikini was now with his pants around his knees. As he lay back down my heart almost came in my throat as his cock was now in full view to me and I had never seen a cock like this up close in all my life. First it wasn't really big around but it was pretty long, over 7 inches and cut with a huge bold, bright purple mushroomed head. The amazing feature was the very dramatic upward curve it had. If he were to stand up I'm sure that it would point right into his navel. Also I noticed that most of the hair had been shaved and that the skin around his cock was just about as brown as the rest of him! 

It was throbbing and bobbing up and down but he chose to ignore it for the moment, instead applying some of the lotion to his lovely thighs. Slowly and carefully Pete rubbed both legs, moving into the inner thigh area as though it was another guys body. Gradually his left hand worked its way to that long curved shaft and with tight thumb and forefinger he started to stroke it. His right hand had gone to caress his almost hairless nuts and from what I could see one finger had gone to stroke behind the ball sack. As his left hand continued to take care of business his right hand flew over his belly and alternately stoked and tweaked first one nipple and then the other. They were now very pronounced, standing out from his chest like little bullets. His jacking intensified, more work was going into the hand job, his legs were straining and his pelvis was tilting to the sky. His chest was heaving with the strain and his eyes were tightly squeezed shut.

I heard a low moan come from his lips and then his whole body suddenly tensed.

With the high angle of his cock the first splash of cum erupted onto his chest squarely between his tits, the second and longest hot stream roared long, thick and white over his left shoulder and onto the mat, the third caught under his chin and chest and the next few onto his belly. He finally ran out only after about 10 or 11 good spurts but continued to jack until his body was shaking with the satisfaction and his breath was coming in huge gulps.

Slowly the tension oozed out of his muscles as he relaxed into the mat. I left at this point with wonderful visual memories and plans to return again on another sunny day. 

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