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The Adventures
TJ and Cody

These stories were written by, and are the property of Cody Taronto. You may post them and link to them but you may not edit them or change them in any way.

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!

Chapter 1

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to land at Miami International Airport. Please fasten your seatbelts, make sure your seat backs are in the upright position and that your tray tables are folded away."

Cody's palms were sweaty. It had been a fourteen-hour flight from Cape Town but he hadn't slept a wink. He was too excited about meeting TJ and being in the United States for the first time.

The plane touched down. Cody got up out of his seat and reached in the overhead stowage for his bag. A voice came over the loudspeaker, "Will that young man please sit down until the aircraft is stationary."

Cody felt his neck and ears go red as he blushed. He sheepishly sat down in his seat. "Bitch," he though to himself. He looked down at himself. Damn, what would TJ think. Would TJ even recognize him. Would he recognize TJ? Questions, questions, questions.

The plane stopped and Cody got up with the other passengers and he got his tog bag out of the stowage. It seemed like ages before the passengers started leaving the aircraft. Cody got stuck in amongst some tall guys and tried to jump up and see if he could see his friend.

He cleared customs and then walked to where all the people were waiting. Then he heard something that sounded familiar.

"Cody! Hey Cody Martian!"

Hehehe. TJ had often called Cody a Martian because when Cody first went on the net he said that he was from the USA because he wanted the guys in the chat to accept him. When he found that he was becoming too close to TJ and Jag (another very close net friend), he decided to tell them the truth. From then on TJ used to call him a Martian.

Cody recognised TJ right away. They both had huge smiles on their faces. TJ was exactly like his picture. Blue, perfect blue, eyes. He was wearing a T-shirt, hanging loose over his Levi’s. Cody went up to him and gave TJ a huge hug. They both started talking at once.... They had been waiting years to meet. Cody was a bit nervous but TJ seemed to totally handling the situation.

They walked out to the parking lot and Cody couldn't wait to see THE VAN!

"It's a fuckin TRUCK Cody" TJ laughed.

There it was, exactly like the pics that TJ had sent on the net. The white Dodge Ram. Cody felt so damn excited that he was going to sit in the thing.

TJ climbed behind the wheel. Cody felt warm inside. He had never believed that he would ever meet the best friend he ever had on the net.

As they rode out of the airport complex TJ gave Cody a friendly pat on his leg. It was like a jolt of electricity goin through him. Here was his best friend in the whole world and they were actually allowed to touch each other without any one of them thinking the other was weird.

Cody rested his hand on TJ's leg as they rode. It felt good.

"Hmmm, the legs huh Cody?"

Cody giggled - he had always been goin on about TJ's great legs - he never in a million years thought he would ever feel them.

"Hungry?" TJ looked across at Cody.

"Yeah, a bit"

"Cool, there's a Tacos Bell just down the road."

Cody took some getting used to the cars driving on the wrong side of the road and the driver sitting on the left instead of on the right. He couldn't stop looking around at all the people and the shops and everything.

Cody couldn't believe it - he was in America - with his best friend.

He was close behind TJ as he walked into Tacos Bell - he watched his friend as he followed. Just as he had always imagined - broad shoulders, strong arms, and cute butt - GREAT LEGS.

They ate and then were on the road again.

"We're gonna stop at a motel on the road. It's too long to just drive all the way."

"That's cool." Cody smiled.

Cody's hand moved up TJ's leg as they drove - until he could feel TJ's crotch.

TJ felt the stirring in his jeans. "Hey Cody, you're bad - can't even wait till we stop."

"I've been waiting too damn long." Cody smiled.

It was starting to get dark when TJ drove the Ram into the parking lot of the Bates Motel. It was a pretty rundown place and the neon lights were flickering like they were ready to give up the ghost.

They got out of the truck and grabbed their bags. There was nobody at the desk when they walked in and TJ rang the bell. An old woman came out to the desk.


"Hi, a room for the night?"

The old woman looked at TJ, almost like she was summing him up.

The room looked reasonably clean.

"Hey TJ, I think that woman wants your bod." Cody smiled.

"Yeah fuckin right - so do you."

TJ pulled off his T and Cody watched as the covers started coming off of that body he had dreamed about for so long. TJ had his back to Cody and Cody admired the strong arms and shoulders. TJ's back muscles contracted as the T went up over his head. His Levi’s sat snug around on his narrow hips and hugged his butt, the jeans nicely shaping TJ's crack.

TJ turned around to see Cody staring at him. He could see the bulge in Cody's jeans fighting for air.

"You gonna shower?" TJ asked.

Cody woke up out of his daze, "Yeah - I haveta. I feel really grubby."

"OK then, go shower, I'll go after you."

Cody could just about hide the disappointment on his face. He was hoping that they would shower together.

TJ pulled off his boots, "Want to give me a hand gettin these jeans off?"

TJ sat on the bed and Cody went around to his feet and grabbed the jeans and pulled. TJ was wearing CK boxers and Cody saw his enormous boner - TJ was as hard as he was, and there was a wet spot on his CKs.

Then TJ stood up and faced Cody. Cody slowly slipped his fingers into the elastic of his CKs and slid them down. His boner shot up and smacked him in the stomach. Cody couldn't keep his eyes off of it and his own boner was protesting even more about being cramped up in the jeans.

TJ lay down on the bed on his back, his hands behind his bed. Cody felt like jumping on him.

Slowly Cody started undressing. He felt TJ watching him.

TJ turned on to his side and watched Cody, "Hey Cody, you're just as hot as I thought you'd be."

Cody turned and saw TJ stroking his boner; the precum was glistening on his head.

When Cody had undressed he sat on the bed and put his hand on the inside of TJ's leg and slowly moved it up towards his crotch. TJ rolled over on to his back and closed his eyes. "Fuck Cody, I've been trying to put this off till later but I can't wait anymore."

"Neither can I." said Cody as he moved up and straddled his friend.

Cody laid on TJ, their boners touching. He held TJ’s head and felt TJ's strong arms wrap around him. Their faces got closer together and their mouths met.

BANG BANG BANG. A loud knock on the door saw them both diving for their jeans.

"Open the fuckin door." It was a guy’s voice.

TJ looked at Cody and shook his head. He put his finger to his lips to indicate for Cody to be quiet.

They quickly finished getting dressed and packing their stuff in their bags.

"Open the fuckin door or I'll break the fuckin thing down", came the voice from outside.

TJ moved towards the back window and showed for Cody to follow him.

TJ slowly opened the window and threw his bag out. He whispered to Cody, "As soon as I'm out, throw your bag and climb out, as quick as possible. I don't know what's going on but I don't think that dude wants to have tea with us."

TJ looked out of the window and didn't see anybody - it was pretty dark and a dull flickering light from the neon sign was thrown around the area. He threw his leg over and slowly climbed out. He picked up his bag and held it on his shoulder.

"OK Cod....." TJ didn't see it coming. He just felt the sharp jolt on the side of his head and his legs collapsed from under him and it went dark.

Cody looked out the window and saw the biggest guy he's ever seen standing over TJ, who was lying unconscious on the ground. He quickly made for the door and opened it. He moved around the side of the motel and then he saw the brute carrying TJ over his shoulder. He was walking towards a really old dilapidated house on a hill. It looked like a comic book haunted house. Cody followed.