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The Adventures
TJ and Cody

These stories were written by, and are the property of Cody Taronto. You may post them and link to them but you may not edit them or change them in any way.

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!


It was almost midnight when TJ turned into the parking lot of a motel, its neon lights flashing brightly.

"Hey Cody, wake up dude." TJ lifted the shoulder, which had Cody's head resting on it.

"Huh?" Cody lifted his head and looked bleary eyed around him. "Where are we, Hollywood?"

TJ was busy signing the motel guestbook. Cody was standing looking at a magazine rack and he heard the roar of a Greyhound bus at it pulled in and stopped outside. He looked to see if any passengers were going to get off.

TJ came up behind him. "Hey Cody, this place is neat huh? Our last night before we get to Bowling Green. Hey, you want to get somethin to eat first?"

Cody realized how hungry he was. "Yeah, but where?"

"There's a diner down the road."

"Cool, let's just put our bags away first."

They were still watching the bus. A blonde guy got out - he looked about 14 years old. The driver got out behind him and it looked like the boy and the driver were arguing. Then the driver got into the bus and it roared off.

The teen leaned against a street lamp and dropped his bag next to him.

Cody and TJ walked outside.

TJ looked at the boy. "Hi, you gotta problem?"

The mop of blonde hair lifted and piercing blue eyes looked at TJ, "Well if getting thrown off of the bus is a problem, then yep I reckon I've got a fuckin problem. What's it to you anyway?"

He spoke with a bit of a foreign accent that neither TJ nor Cody could place.

"Well look, me and my friend are going for a bite, you wanna join us?"

"I've got fuckall cash. That is why I was put off the bus."

TJ smiled "Hey that's okay, I'm sure we can spring you a burger or somethin. What's your name?"


Cody looked at the boy "What sorta fuckin name is that?"

"I'm Norwegian. I've lived in USA for seven years in California. I've been touring for a few weeks and now I'm going back."

"Fuckin hell, you a viking?" Cody laughed

Stian laughed, "Not quite."

TJ slapped Stian on the shoulder, "Hey come on and eat with us. You can even sleep in our room if you want - what the fuck, it's paid for."

Stian smiled at TJ "That will be nice, yeah. Where you guys going?"

"Kentucky. Hey you can ride with us for a while if you want."

Stian picked up his pace next to TJ, "That would be nice."

TJ laughed at Stian's accent. Cody was walking in front.

As they went into the diner TJ told Stian and Cody to find a table. They sat down.

"What is your name?" Stian asked.

Cody stared out of the diner window "Cody."

"And where are you from. You're not speaking like an American."

"I'm from South Africa." Cody carried on staring out of the window and wishing that Stian would shut the fuck up.

"Nice, where in South Africa are you from?"

Cody got up. "I'm goin for a piss."

He walked past TJ who was busy paying for the burgers and Pepsi. "Hey Code, give us a hand."

Cody just carried on walking towards the mens room. TJ left the tray and followed him. He walked through the door and saw Cody leaning against a wash basin.

"Hey Cody, what's wrong bud? You OK?"

Cody glared at TJ, "No, I'm not fuckin okay. How canya go and invite the fuckin viking to spend a night in our motel room and then tell him he can join us on the road? HUH?"

TJ looked at him, "What the fuck has got into you Cody? I think you would've done the same thing. And if it was you that was put off the bus without any money? Huh? You reckon I must just fuckin leave you standing there? Like a fuckin lost fart in a thunderstorm?"

Cody looked at his feet "I was kinda hopin that tonight would be special, y'know."

TJ went up to Cody and put his hands on his shoulders. "Hey Cody, here, look at me."

Cody lifted his face, there were tears running down his cheeks.

"Hey, you're very special to me and we've just had the most awesome adventures. Things were boring before you got here. Don't get me wrong - I quite enjoyed boring compared to the last few days adventures. But you've made it very special." TJ put his arms around Cody and brought him closer.

Cody hugged his friend, " Hey TJ?"


"Do vikings still tear their meat apart with their hands and shovel the food into their mouths?"

TJ giggled, "Let's go and find out huh."

Stian was sitting at the table staring out of the window. The two friends arrived with the grub.

Stian grabbed his burger and coke from TJ "Thanks."

"Right, let's eat then."

Stian was hungry and almost shoved the whole burger in his mouth. A bit of salad hung from his lips. Cody cracked, "He does eat like a fuckin viking."

TJ looked at Stian. The ketchup was all over his lips and bits of food were stuck to it. TJ laughed, "Hey Stian, you should see yourself."

Stian looked at his reflection in the window and he burst out laughing, spraying bits of food against the glass. The three of them laughed even more.

The motel room had two beds in it.

"Hey Stian, you can take the one bed, Cody and I will share the other one."

"OK" What TJ had said hadn't fazed Stian in the least. "You guys going to shower?"

Cody sat on the bed "I'll shower in the mornin, I'm fucked and tired."

"Me too. You can go ahead and shower if you wnat tho Stian." TJ fell backwards on the bed.

"OK." Stian took off his windbreaker. His T-shirt was loose fitting but hung over a nicely developed chest. It hung away from his flat stomach. He pulled the T-shirt out and up over his head.

Both TJ and Cody were watching him get undressed. His pecs were great and he had a well developed, flat six-pack stomach, his belly button was a slight inny. From the back, his wide shoulders tapered down to narrow hips. His jeans clung to his round butt. He undid his jeans and let them fall to the floor. He was wearing boxers. TJ and Cody were staring. They wanted to see his weapon.

"I go shower now."

Stian walked into the bathroom wearing his boxers. He had strong muscular, smooth legs.

"Damn." sighed cody.

"Yeah, I wanted to see it too. He's got a fuckin hot bod tho huh."

"Yep." Cody moved over and climbed on top of TJ. He lifted TJ's T-shirt off. "Now, this is what I call a hot fucking bod."

Cody's hands gently ran along TJ's chest and his stomach. He put his head down and they kissed. TJ pulled Cody's T-shirt off, his hands running up Cody's lats.

Cody's hand slipped into TJ's Levis as they kissed. He felt the head of TJ's boner. They heard the shower stop running and the shower door opening. They sat up.

Stian came into the room with a small towel wrapped around his waist. He looked even hotter with his skin wet and shiny and his blonde hair laying over his forehead. "You guys not going to bed?" He sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Yeah, er - sure." TJ got up and felt Stian's eyes staring at him and Cody. He took off his boots and then his jeans and his CK's. Cody had given him a fucking boner but what the fuck. If Stian hadn't seen it before he was now. Cody was undressing at the same time and he also couldn't hide his boner.


"Huh?" TJ asked Stian

"Both of you have got woodies. Hard cocks."

TJ and Cody both cracked laughing when they heard him say that.

"Me too." Stian got up and dropped the towel, revealing his totally hard, smooth uncut cock, the foreskin pulled back over the head.

Cody and TJ's mouth fell open as they stared. "Hey Stian," asked TJ, "How old are you huh?"

"Me? I'm 16, why?"

"Just wonderin."

Stian knew that he had their attention so he sat on the bed and laid back on his elbows. His fully erect cock bouncing as he laid back.

He lifted off his one arm and grabbed his cock, "You guys jack it before you sleep?"

Both TJ and Cody burst out laughing.

The three boys lay next to each other, each with his boner in his hand. They were staring at each other as they jerked off. Three athletic, muscular teens - it was heaven.

It wasn't long before three jets of boy juice left their cannons and went flying on to chest and stomachs.

Cody's finger scooped up some of Stian's juice and he put it in his mouth, "mmm - tasty"

TJ did the same "Mayo!!!"

Stian laughed at the two of them. "You guys are pretty cool - fucking crazy - but cool."

The early morning sun came streaming into the room window. Three naked bodies lay on one bed in a mass of arms and legs and early morning piss boners.

TJ was the first to wake up. He went to the window and looked out at the beautiful countryside.

"Whatsup?" It was Cody, trying to untangle himself from one of Stian's legs.

TJ looked at him, "Your cock, for one thing."

Cody looked down. The skin of his boner was pulled tight as it hugged his gut. "Cool huh." He smiled.

Stian rolled over on to his back. Cody and TJ stared at him. His stomach pulled flat and his boner at an angle slightly away from it, his nuts pulled up hard and tight.

Cody leaned over and pulled Stian's foreskin all the way down. "Cute head."

TJ laughed. "He's gonna fuckya up if he wakes up now."

Cody bent down as was just about to put his tongue on Stian's cockhead when Stian stirred.

"Good morning guys. What is up?"

Cody giggled and grabbed Stian's boner, "This is."

"Oh, my morning woody." Stian smiled.

"I'm going to shower." TJ walked into the bathroom, followed by Cody.

The hot water was running down their bodies and running in little rivers down their pubes and off of their nuts.

The door opened and Stian joined them. "Is it okay if I shower too?"

They soaped each other up, both Cody and TJ getting a good wad of soap around Stian's boner and up his crack. "This is too cool." smiled Stian.

"Hey Stian, you ever been blown by a guy?"

"No way, my girlfriend back home would not like that."

Oh fuck, thought Cody. Now he turns out to be a fuckin straight.

"But I would like to blow you and TJ. I've always wanted to feel a boys woody in my mouth."

Stian went down and took TJ and Cody's boners - one in each hand. His tongue worked magic on their hard muscular boners and both of them started groaning.

"Hey Stian, do you like guys?" TJ asked.

"Well guys always make me hard but I've never been able to touch one like this. And you two guys are like hot like fuck."

Cody arched back, "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum - aaaggghhh."

Stian was to slow and taking Cody's boner out of his mouth and he swallowed some cum. The rest landed in his hair and on his face. TJ warned Stian that he was going to shoot his load and this time Stian kept his boner in his mouth and as TJ offloaded Cody could see Stian's mouth and throat working as he swallowed TJ's juice.

"Way fuckin cook." said Cody and slapped Stian on the back.

"It tastes good but, Cody I got the fright the first time or else I would have swallowed you too."

"Hey you want us to do you now?"

Stian shook his head, "No, I might like it too much and there is no boy at my home to do that. They are all straight up."

The truck headed down the interstate towards Kentucky.

"Hey Stian, when do you need to get home?" asked Cody.

"No time really, I've got all Summer as long as I phone my dad and tell him know where I am."

TJ looked across at him, "Hey maybe my folks will let you stay with us for a few days before you go on."

Stian looked at the two of them, "That would be too cool."

"Way to fuckin go." screamed Cody.