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The Adventures of
TJ and Cody

Cody Taronto

WARNING: These fictional stories contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.. You should know whether you want to or should be reading this or not!


Ross turned and walked towards the stairs, "That's it, I'm outta here. I'm calling the fucking police. All of you are out of your fucking trees."

The third football player was standing at the stairs. He got the signal from Daniel. He stood in front of Ross.

"Get outta my fucking way moron - now."

Daniel's dad walked over to Ross, "Maybe you don't want to be in such a hurry." He nodded his head to Daniel.

Daniel disappeared behind a wall and then wheeled out a small platform. It had a huge X on it, made from logs. What horrified Ross was, strapped to the structure, spread-eagled and totally naked, was Timmy. He was gagged and perspiration was running down his muscular body.

Ross turned to Daniel, "Hey, what the fuck is going on here. If this is a joke it's gone far enough. Let's stop it now okay?"

Daniel walked up to Ross. "No joke," he started undoing Ross' shirt and taking it off. Then he undid the belt on Ross' jeans and slid them off. Before long Ross was standing naked in the firelight of the torches.

Cody looked at his magnificent body. His muscles, all well developed, started showing little beads of sweat.

"Stop this Daniel, stop this shit now okay?" Ross was pleading.

Daniel giggled at him.

Zack came over to Ross and grabbed Ross' cock. Cody watched it. It looked magnificent even when it wasn't hard. Slowly Zack massaged the cream into Ross' cock and everyone watched it grow. Soon, it was standing perfect hard and stretched. His balls had pulled up hard into his crotch.

"Come here." Daniel called Ross into the center of the sandy circle. Ross walked over to him.

Zack untied the 16-year-old and led him into the circle as well. His gag was removed. He was shitting himself, he was so scared.

Daniel looked at the two of them, naked, facing each other with their boners bursting. "Right this is the rundown. You guys are gonna wrestle each other. The winner is the guy that gets his cock up the other guys ass okay? The loser? Well, he's gonna die - but soooooo slowly." Daniel grinned at the two of them and then stepped out of the ring.

"You boys can start when you're ready."

Ross turned to Daniel, "I'm not doing this - I'm not fucking a guy."

"Oh yes, you will." grinned Daniel. He signaled to the third footballer standing on the platform where Timmy was tied up. He was standing behind Timmy. He reached between Timmy's legs and wrapped his hand around Timmy's nuts. He pulled Timmy's gag out of his mouth and then squeezed. Timmy's screams echoed around the huge dungeon.

Ross could feel the tears welling up in his eyes. He couldn't believe what was happening. Maybe he was going to wake up and this would all be a nightmare. Before he woke out of his trance he felt the 16-year-old jump on his back and he fell to the ground. The 16-year-old slid down Ross' back and Ross felt the head of his cock at his crack.

Ross quickly recovered and lifted himself off the ground. He turned around and his fist connected the jaw of the other boy. The 16-year-old's powerful arms shot out and a fist landed in Ross' gut.

Cody smiled - that gut could handle anything. It was made of steel.

Ross shot his arm out and pushed the 16-year-old down to the ground on his knees. Every muscle of the two boys was straining. Ross grabbed his own cock with his one hand and guided it to the boys crack. Without any hesitation he pushed his cock up the boys ass as hard as he could.

The boy screamed with the pain of Ross' hard entry. Ross pushed his cock in all the way to his nuts. He felt the boy's ass muscles tighten around his shaft and his cock thickened with the additional pressure.

"Fuck him now." Daniel screamed.

Ross slowly pulled his cock out of the boy's ass, "No, you fuck him."

The boy stayed there on his knees. He was crying - from pain and embarrassment.

Zack looked at Daniel, "I'll take him."

Daniel nodded.

All eyes turned to Zack. His cock was huge and thick. He went on his knees behind the boy. He put the head of his cock in the boy's crack and then held the boy's hips.

He shoved his hips forward and almost ten inches of cock disappeared up the boy's ass. This time the scream was one of total terror. Zack fucked the boy's ass like a steam train. Blood was running along his cock as he tore the boy's ass apart. After a few minutes, Zack roared like a lion and put his hands behind his head and arched back. He offloaded his juice into the boy for what seemed like ages. His stomach muscles contracted with each shot of juice. Then, without pulling his cock out of the boy's ass, he lifted the boy up by his arms. The full weight of the 16-year-old was now resting on Zack's cock, which was still buried deep inside of him. Zack wrapped his tree trunk arms around the boy's chest and started to give him a bear hug.

Everyone watched in horror as the boy started gasping for air. He couldn't scream. He felt his chest being crushed. Zack pulled the boy back. His still stiff cock was still halfway up the boy's ass. There was a trickle of blood running down the length of his cock, from the damaged ass ring.

His arms squeezed tighter and the boys struggled in vain.

"Stop that now." Ross screamed.

Slowly, Zack put the boy down on his feet. The only thing still holding the boy up was Zack's cock up his ass. Zack pushed the boy away and his cock came out with a popping sound. The boy collapsed on the ground, unconscious. Zack walked up to Ross - his tree trunk arm moved like lightning and the first slammed into Ross' stomach like a sledgehammer.

Ross fell backwards, winded. He had incredibly well developed abs - but even they couldn't stand the power of Zack's punch.

Zack looked down at him and smiled, "Next, I'm gonna fuck your little brother." He spat at Ross. The spit ran down between his pecs, down his six-pack and came to rest in his bush of pubes.

"Okay, Ross - who do you wanna fuck next?"

"Fuck you."

Daniel looked at Ross, "Fuck me? Hehehe no buddy. Fuck you." His foot shot out and caught Ross on the side of his head. The pain was instantaneous and Ross collapsed on the ground.

Zack picked the 16-year-old's limp body up and put it over his shoulder. There was blood all over his crack. Zack took the boy and threw it into a corner of the dungeon.

TJ squinted through his eyes at what was happening. He had to pretend to still be unconscious. The pain from his balls was unbearable. It felt like he had two oranges between his legs. He could feel his boner, which was still rock hard from the cream and dripping precum. It actually felt good, like he was desperate for a fuck.

"Right," said Daniel, "Next we'll have the alien, " he pointed to Stian, "and that dude." he pointed to the 14 year old.

The 14-year-old was crying when he was untied and his gag taken out. His cock looked like it was stretched to the limit. It had started to go bright red because it was so hard.

Stian and the boy stood in the ring and looked at each other. Stian looked across at Zack. He was stroking his monster cock. Stian decided that he didn't want either him or the boy to have that thing up their ass. He rammed his fist into the 14-year-olds stomach. It was rock hard but the boys collapsed on the ground, winded.

Before he had a chance to recover, Stian jumped on top of him and lifted his hips. Stian gently pushed his boner into the boy's crack. The boy felt the pain of Stian's rock hard cock as it slid in. His ass was dry and even the precum on Stian's cock couldn't lube him up enough.

Cody watched as Stian's cock slid in and out of the boy's ass. His precum was dripping freely off of the end of his cock as he watched.

As Stian fucked the boy, he reached under the boy's stomach and found his cock up against his gut. He grabbed the boys cock and started to stroke it. The boy didn't struggle.

"Hey TJ," Cody whispered over to TJ.

TJ turned and looked at Cody. Cody showed TJ that his hands were loose. His wrists were loose inside the rope rings. Everyone was focussing on the activity in the ring. Stian was reaching a climax and he was stroking the boys cock as fast as he could. The boy's back arched as he shot his own juice into the sandy floor. The sweat was pouring off of Stian as he humped the boy.

Cody slowly moved across to TJ. He saw that TJ's balls were swollen blue and like melons. He moved across to where the ropes were tied and slowly lowered TJ to enable his toes to touch the ground. Then he loosened the two ropes around the wrist, just enough for TJ to be able to slip out of them. He quickly moved back to his own ropes and pushed his hands through them.

Stian screamed as he offloaded his juice into the 14-year-olds ass. His stomach was contracting tight as his juice erupted. He was breathing heavily.

He slowly pulled his cock out and stood up, blobs of cum still dripping off his cock, which, because of the cream, stayed as hard as a rock.

Zack walked into the ring and turned the boy over on to his back. His grabbed the boy's head and tilted it back. He forced the boy's mouth open with the fingers of his one hand and with his other, he put the head of his cock in the boy's mouth. He held the boy's head with both hands as he started to slide his monster cock into the boy.

Stian watched as you could see the shape of the monster cock started going down the boy's throat. The boy was struggling, every muscle in the body tensed. His throat was totally expanded as Zack's cock started to tear into it. The boy's eyes started bulging as he struggled for air.

Stian's foot shot out and caught Zack on the side of his head. He fell backwards, his cock coming out of the boy's mouth. The boy just lay there, writhing on the ground.

Daniel came up behind Stian and grabbed him. Zack stood up and walked towards them. He started to use Stian as a punch bag. His fist ramming into Stian's stomach and crotch. Stian passed out after the second punch and didn't feel those that followed. Daniel just held his limp body while Zack continued to pummel it with his fists.

Daniel let go and Stian fell to the ground in a bloody mess.

"NEXT!" shouted Daniel.

He pointed to Cody and Mark.

"No - hang on a sec - I see our swimming hero is waking up."

Ross was slowly getting up off of the floor. Daniel walked up to him and helped him to his feet.

Daniel laughed, "Hehehe - I've got such a cool idea. I'm gonna put you in your little brother's place. Zack, take the swimming champ here and put him in Timmy's place."

Zack grabbed Ross and took him up on to the platform. He untied Timmy and then tied Ross to the structure. He pulled the ropes tight. Ross' muscles on his arms and legs were being pulled as far as they would go. His balls were tucked up tight in his crotch and his cock was pointing at a 45-degree angle from his stomach.

Daniel knelt next to Timmy. "Hey Timmy, hehehe - I know we've not fed you guys yet. But I've got somethin here for you to eat."

Daniel pushed Timmy in front of Ross. Ross' cock was at Timmy's head height. "Now, eat your brother, make him feel good."

Timmy shook his head, "I can't." he sniffed.

"Oh - but you can." said Daniel and nodded to Zack who was standing behind Ross. Zack grabbed hold of Ross' balls and squeezed them. Ross gave a little grown but he didn't want Timmy to see that he want being hurt. Zack pulled Ross' balls down and backwards through his crotch. His boner tilted downwards, his cockhead now facing Timmy's face.

"You see Timmy - Zack over there - well, he is gonna rip your big brother's nuts right out if you don't do what we tell you."

"Do it Timmy." Ross looked down at his little brother, "It's okay, buddy."