Cody News Number 12  - May 2000

A Cody graphic!

Johan Paulik - Aaaaaggghhhh!

So - if you want them off, come and take them off.

If you want my towel Cody, come and get it.

Right Cody - remember I'm new at this - what's next?

Yeah - so I look good in jeans. So, what's your point?

I know this is late, but a lot has been happening.   Last month my dog was put down cos she was too old and startin to suffer from all kinds of things.   I didn't go with my dad to the vet tho, I couldn't handle that.

After that we went on a family holiday and Wingnut and Mark came along with us.   It turned into one helluva cool holiday.   Read about the whole trip on Mr. B's site.   I can tellya that Wingnut got his first BJ - AND I WAS THERE :)

And school is gettin totally hectic with more and more work bein handed down to us every damn day of the week.

I've been playin around with the new logo on the news index page.   I've put a stack of stuff into that graphic so I hope you have some fun pickin out all the bits and pieces I've shoved in there.   Had quite a bit of fun doin it.

The winter swell is in the bay so we're gonna be in for some really good surf.   Once the north wind picks up hopefully the groundswell will play along and we'll be in for some awesome surf.     The weather is typical for this time of year.   One day it's icy cold and the next it's like mid summer again.   Like right now the temp is goin up to 30 C and Im sittin in my boxers cos it's so damn hot.    What type?  It's the cool silky kind and theres a carton strip on it.   And yes, I do have a boner - guess I must be thinkin about TJ :)  hehehehe.

A lot of you guys have been writin to find out if somethin is wrong cos I haven't posted the news for so long.   Life is just helluva hectic at the moment cos of the work they're pilin on at school so please just be patient.   I'm tryin - yeah I know - VERY TRYIN - hehehe.  But I appreciate the cool mail Ive received and thanx a stack.   

Oh!  I need a fav - check this dude out - he is one of the Belami boys but I don't know who he is - he is so damn cute and I'd love to see more pics of him - so if any ofya have pics of this cutie, send them to me:

His eyes are cute and he's got a totally hot bod as well - I'd really like to see if his other part are as good ;)

This dude could convince anybody to take up skateboardin ! :)

Most of the pics on this page are thumbs, so you just needta click on them to get the larger, clearer pic.

Hey Cody, want to give me a hand here?  My button's stuck


OK Cody, ready for your diving instruction?  Yeah yeah aaaggghhh! 

I've been playin around with Photoshop again.  I get asked a lot about the loin cloths that I put on guys and with Photoshop it's pretty easy.  Hey - I know you'd prefer them without - BUT ...... hehehehe

So thereya have it.


Cya L8er




Swap drugs for sport!


So what is this problem that you have with my pink briefs dude?

Cool lifeguard - HELP HELP!!

Hey Cody, this wrestling in the water with jeans on is hectic.

So hurry up and smell my bellybutton.

Nice shorts dude, it's just a pity you're wearin 'em.

Piss off - I'm not fat.

I don't care - I am not gonna shower naked with you watching.

Are you sure this is a screentest for a Roman movie Cody?

Oh cool, my lifesaving buddy again.

No, I'm not getting up until you give my clothes back Cody.

Nope you can't borrow my speedos.

Is that enuf skin for you Cody?

You want to what?


True friends leave footprints on your heart.

'til next time - CYA!


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