Dare to Dream

I think it was summed up at the closing ceremony - "The greatest Olympics ever."   Congratulations to Australia on givin the world a fantastic spectacle of sportsmanship from around the world.   Congratulations to everyone who won medals and most of all - congratulations to everyone who took part - whether it was sitting at home watching on TV or being a part of the great Olympic party.   I once wrote a story about myself swimming at the games at finally meeting Mr.B, who came to the Sydney Aquatic Centre to watch me swim the 200m butterfly, which I won - hehehe of course - or did I come 3rd - I can't remember - I remember earning a medal tho.    Well, an Aussie teen wrote me a letter which I've put somewhere on this page - with my reply - to me that mail was my medal.

The South African team didn't win too many medals.  In fact, we won only five.    Penny Heyns has retired after a disappointing performance for herself - but Penny has given South Africa some wonderful memories and she has put SA swimming on the international stage.    She has and I guess always will be a great influence on all of us with aspirations to become world class swimmers one day.

The one medal which we won - and which made all the guys at school go totally ballistic - was the silver medal won by Terence Parkin, the deaf South African swimmer in the 200m breast stroke final.   Terence is really an inspiration for all of us to dream and to turn those dreams into reality.   He has overcome his personal handicap to fly with the best in the world and prove that he can.   Congrats Terence - from the world - we will always remember your fantastic smile when you got your medal.

I guess we all have our own personal memories of the Sydney Olympics and I hope they stay with you all forever.   For all those teens out there who are trying so hard and feeling like there's no light at the end of the tunnel - please - dream on and persevere.   Dreams can't come true, unless you have them.

For those of you who were there, if you saw an old guy with white hair sitting in the stands.   That was Mr B - screaming and shouting encouragement to everyone.   That pink thing you saw sitting on his lap?   That was his pink fairy getting ready to sprinkle some fairy dust on you - win or lose - to let you know that win or lose - you've dared to dream - and that dream has come true.

This will teach you to come home without any medals.

If I had a medal - I will give it to that dude who couldn't even swim 50 meters when he got to Sydney and then went and swam 100 in the longest time ever.   He dreamt!

Cody News
Number 17 - October 2000

So Cody, I hear that you went horse riding on your break.  Want to come and ride my bucking bronco?

Oh, you're awake - cool - Cody's come to visit.

Love is a special thing.  So bugger off Cody - and stop staring.

You better move with that camera dude or I'm gonna cream you.

I should be safe here without Cody hassling me.  YEAH RIGHT!

Yeah, it is neatly wrapped - Want to unwrap it?

Hey - you can hit them as hard as you like - those are rock sol..... OOOMPH!

Yeppo - this is the latest in Xmas wrapping.

Ok - well if he said that you could open this before Xmas then it should be ok.

No - that top button is closed.

Damn - where the hell is he hiding?

So - how long must I keep my arms up like this?

Hurry up Cody - you gonna come over here and take them off or not?


Hi buds

Knuckling down as we head towards our final exams of high school.    A lot of you know what that feels like and you know whats involved.   So if you don't hear from me for a while - you know why.

I have just got back from the most amazing Spring Break.   I spent it with a friend of mine up on the Garden Route of the southern Cape, here in SA.  Mr.B wil no doubt fill you in on all the details on his Mr B site - so you can pay him a visit and get - D O W N !

I hope that everyone who managed to see the Olympics managed to get as much enjoyment out of it as I did.   I've got a special column on some of my thoughts and I hope that you enjoy it - even if you don't agree with all of it.   I've also enjoyed putting a coupla olympic graphics together with all the stuff I've stolen off of various olympic sites.  If anyone is not happy, please let me know and I'll remove the pics.

Once again I've received a mountain of e-mail and I must apologise to everyone for not replying.   Being away for the break and getting down to some serious studying, there isn't much chance that I'm gonna get a chance to reply to everyone but I loveya for sending mail to me.

Hang on a sec - I'm gonna go make myself a peanut butter toasted sarmie.

Check this out while you're waiting - 

OK - that's better - now that I've got somethin in my gut I can carry on.    

Do you care for your friends?

Now that's a really stupid question right?    OK so then let me ask it this way - do you care enough about your friends to really piss them off big time - in the hope that they'll realise just how much you care for them later.  I've got a little guy who lives next door - goes by the nick of Wingnut.   A while ago he started hanging out with this new friend of his who is totally into drugs - and not just weed.   He's a sporty dude as well - they go surfing together and skate together and do the sorta things young teens get up to.   The prob I have is that this friend has got loads of cash and seems to have a never ending supply of heavy shit that he's got Wingnut into.   Along with the drugs Wingnut has created this attitude, which I think is from his bud - it's like a "fuck everyone" type attitude - I guess a lot of you at school know exactly what I'm talking about.   The biggest problem is that Wingnut has tried to kick it already - and is having a hard time cos every time he connects with his bud he gets back into it.    What I don't want is for him to feel that I'm gonna judge him all the time and that he can't speak to me.    So - instead of losing him completely - I try not to focus on his bud which I have been doing and rather try and get him involved in more positive stuff - like staying in the surf and keeping busy.    My other friend Mark has got him in the gym every morning - teaching him some boxing.   The worst times are the weekends when the two of them connect - it's hard for me to actually stand back and watch.   But at the same time he needs to know that I'm there - so when he falls I can pick him up and hopefully he'll turn around.

So - do you love your friend enuf for them to know that you care?

On the other foot - I get a lotta mail from guys who are feeling down about one thing or another.   There is always someone out there who cares enuf to helpya - don't carry such a load on your shoulders alone - speak to someone.   The net has made this a small small world - so out there - somewhere - is someone who really cares.

Well - that's me for this month.   Hey - enjoy Halloween and watch out for those witches that come out in the night.   Anyway - I'm almost sure that for those of you who can - you're gonna be a goblin - hehehehe.

Cya guys (ooops & gals)



There's that damn Safrican tourist dude again.
Click on each of the four pics of him.

Mail from a friend:


This is Tinker.  Remember me?  I'm from the sunshine coast in Oz.    I haven't written to you in ages dude - so why am I writing now?  Well, cos I want to.  Seriously - we've just had the olympics here in Oz - DUH - like you don't know that.   You wrote a story a few years ago about you swimming in the 2000 Games here in Sydney and I've just read it again.   So here I am wondering - why the fuck weren't you here dude.   I went all the way to Sydney to cheer you on.   SERIOUSLY I WAS AT THE SWIMMING !!!!!   I was watching some of the guys and wondered who was you - nope - not really.   What I was wondering tho is - what would Cody have been feeling if he was here - to feel all this excitement and everyone cheering and carrying on and just shouting for everyone who was in the pool.   Fuck bro - it didn't matter which country the guys were from.   Saw some of the South African swmmers and most of them ended in the finals - CONGRATS!   I just pretended that they were you.   Hey Code - I just wanted to let you know that I guess a lot of us in cyberworld were thinking of you during the games cos I know that it was a dream of yours to get here - even if it was just to see me - hehehe YES PLEASE!   I guess you saw all of it on telly over there when you werent too busy playing with Mister Snake - hehehehehe.   So I'm gonna try and get to Athens and watch you there.


Hiya Tinker

Hehehehe - yeah I do remember you.   And I've still got that pic of your face that you sent me - WHERE'S THE PIC OF THE OTHER END :)  I remember that story well and I guess I should post it on my own site.   Just need to find the damn thing.   I remember I was 15 when I wrote that and I really dreamt of doing well enuf to get into the Safrican team to swim - but it's hard work and I guess I realised a year ago that I wouldn't get there.    Dreams change tho and all sorta things start to happen where youve gotta change ideas and dream different dreams.   I guess the trick is to not stop dreaming.    When I watched the swimmin on telly I could almost feel myself in that pool and the water flying behind me - along with all the competitors watching my ass :)    So youre gonna be in Athens?  Well now - there's another dream.   Hopeya get there and maybe - just maybe I'll cya there.

Loveya dude 
Your friend


How's this for a good scene.  Low lighting - soft music - nice lats - nice smile - mmmm - reeeellaaaxxx! Click on each of the three pics of him.




Cody - I toldya that your speedos are way too small dude - I'm getting a headache.

What was that?  What did you say is showing?




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'til next time - CYA!


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