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Im gonna put this dude into my Christmas stocking
and then .... Well - I'll leave that up to your imagination :)

My Special Christmas Wrapping :)

(A note from John)

Cody slipped two disks to me and asked me to please put together this newsletter for him.   I have included everything that Cody told me to - bossy bugger.   But I have included something of my own - a poster that I made which I think depicts a typical Cody - one that most of his friends know.    I'd like to dedicate this "not so work of art" to a friend of Codes who has been an incredible light in his life - Gary, in Oz.   I have only put in the captions that Cody gave me because I cannot pretend to have Cody's naughty sense of humour.   I hope that I have done him some justice and that this is what he wanted.   I don't know Cody as well as I should, seeing that he lives in the neighbourhood - but I have had my share of watching him and his friends as they walk by with their surfboards - always laughing.   Other than that, I know Cody as well as you do.   If you let your pointer hover over the pics - some of them have got Cody's comments.


Cody News

Number 18 - December 2000


Sorry for not having a November news page, but with exams and everything I hadta set my priorities str8.

I've tried to make up for it with this page, so I hopeya enjoy it.   Lots of pics and a coupla graphics that I'm really proud of.   One or two of the pics are large - so be patient while they load.   Some of the graphics will take you to other web sites - so when you've been there, get your ass back over here - especially if it's cute :)

It looks like I'm gonna be working for a year before going to college.   At least to try and get as much of the cash I need as possible.

The one dilemma I have is that I don't have use of the comp lab at school any more - that sucks ass - big time!  So if these news pages aren't as regular as they should be - check with my headmaster why they didn't fail me to stay there for another year - hehehehe.   Hey, that could happen - we only get our exam results at the end of December - I know I did okay tho - shit I put in enuf work.

I know that my time on the net is gonna be seriously curtailed, but I want to stay in touch when I can and I will keep an eye out for your e-mail.   I really love you all and thanks for keeping me company through my years at school.    I think I'm in love with one of my best friends - and he's str8 - BUT HE KISSED ME!   His name is - oops can't tellya - and he'll knock the socks off of most net models.    So there's a challenge for me for the future.    Steve is going overseas for the hols - going to Brazil - probably to screw the girls from Ipanema ..... and their moms if he had his way.

For those of you who have been following the Wingnut saga on Mr.B's web page, you'll be glad to know that it looks like he's kicked the drugs shit - for good?  who knows - I hope so - but I wont judge him either.    He's a strong dude and I know that he's gonna try his best to kick it forever.   I know that he's got a lotta you out there rooting for him.

I want to say a special thanks to someone here and I hope he has a really special Christmas.   Mr.B is a fossil from Oz and he's been one of my very best friends for three years now.   He's been kinda looking after me and keeping me outta shit much the same as I've been trying to do for Wingnut.   He's been a shoulder to lean on when I've had things on my mind that I could never speak to anyone else about.   He's gonna be getting less and less mail from me now that the comp lab is outta the picture, but I want him to know that I will always think of him and will always drop him a line when I can - before anyone else.   I don't think anyone in cyber world could ever realise what Mr.B has done for me.   Thanks B - for everything - I hope that this is a really special Christmas holiday time for you.

To all of my net friends - thanks for everything you've done thru the year and will probably do in the future just by being out there.   I love all of ya - even if I don't always answer your mail.  Have a great holiday and all the greatest for the new year.  I'll letya know in the next news how the exams went.

Loveya all
Your friend



This series of six pictures were taken about a kilometer out to sea from where
we surf.    It's a great white - and the thing in it's mouth is a Cape Fur Seal.
It's because of the large seal population that there haven't been that many
shark attacks in our waters.   Scarey son of a bitch - but he's got more right to be there
than we have.   Bet you never thought the thing could jump like this.

This is a special mockup I made for a bit of a giggle.
Hopeya enjoy the pic - another Christmas pressie
from me.

Being a statue aint so bad.   
All those dudes scratching youre ass - mmmmm


A tropical island populated by these dudes - aaaagghhhh!



Cody's Holiday Gift to YOU!

Click on the graphic and go to Boy Festival - HOT and really CUTE!!


Hot Site of the Month

German site - you need to look around for the good stuff



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