Did I tellya that I met Santa - Wish I had a pic autographed with his ink.

It's torn where?

So - Cody, what happens once I've taken my top off?

A graphic I did of Marky Mark.

You want YOUR hand where MY hand is? hehehe YEAH RIGHT!

A very special moment.

Want to come hiking with me?

A message to a friend!

Hey bud, I know that you're not gonna ever read this - you'd probably beat me up if you ever saw it :)

Thanks for making everything so special and for not judging me.   We've been through one helluva rocky friendship and I hope that I see you again soon.   This pic is not of you - close tho - but as soon as I saw it - I remembered the feel of you - the smell of you - and that rare smile under that macho facade.



Kiss me.

Your top button's bust - DAMN!

You got what it takes dude?

OK - So Kostik had an exciting Christmas.

Cody News
Number 19 - January / February 2001

Hi buds

I want to thank all ofya for being so patient with me.   I know that this news page is way overdue but I've had a lot on my plate recently and I hope that you understand.   Well I hope you all had a totally cool holiday - that the Christmas and New Year holiday that I'm talkin about.   I also hope that you all have a totally peaceful and happy (and hard?) 2001.

I've combo'd the January and February news page together and I've tried to make up for it with this page, so I hopeya enjoy it.  

Last news page I toldya about my str8 buddy who I've fallen in love with.   My bud has gone to Johannesburg to get away from various situations that are going on here and I think also to clear up his head.   The two of us made love and I think it really screwed up all the conceptions he ever carried about same sex relationships.   I think about him all the time and he has taken time out to phone me from Johannesburg and keep me up to date with whats happening with him up there.   Have you ever loved someone so much that it drives you crazy when they're not around and you get real downers when you think that you might not see them again?  Yeah well - thats me at the moment.

Before I forget I want to thank John for putting the last news page up for me and for the awesome graphic - I really appreciate it.    I also want to thank Mr.B for keeping me on track with my mind.    TJ?  Hehehehe we keep missing each other on the net - the glory of time zones around the world.

Work is going pretty cool - just in case you're interested.   And the surfing is still going.   Wingnut and Steve are keeping me in the water and it helps to clear the cobwebs.   Steph?  Well Steph and me are still together - I think she understands how much I miss my bud which is pretty cool.

A load of you have written email to me and please accept my apologies for not writin back.   The only chance I get is from an internet cafe near where I work or sometimes over a weekend when the folks are out and I can do some work on the comp - but then I try and work on graphics and shit like that.

I get the opportunity every now and again to do some scuba diving with my boss and his boys and some friends of theirs.    Only been out once on to the reefs but I'm sure theres gonna be other opportunities coming up.

I am also working on a new Cody TJ Adventure.   This time we travel to Singapore to track down the guys that supply junior swimmers with amphetamines.   Gonna be a good story - mmmm - maybe.   Thanks to Curtis for giving me the idea - its gonna take a while to complete tho.  Still stacks to do on it.

I've added a few new teen warriors to Cody's Universe.   If you haven't seen them yet.   I know that a coupla the links aren't working on the friends and links pages - I'll get them sorted as soon as I've got time to go through the whole site.   I've had a coupla guys from South Africa write me - one or two of them have asked to meet - sorry guys can't do that - hopeya understand.

There are a coupla pics that can't be enlarged but I thought I'd put them up anyway - they're cool.   If you hold you cursor over some of the pics you can see what these dudes are thinking.

Loveya all
Your friend

C'mon and make yourself comfortable.

I really like these floral briefs.  I like the smooth dude wearing them as well :)

He told me he'll meet me at the beach.

If you like them so much you can have them bud.

Love is a very special thing. 

The beach has always been a very special place for me - I call it my happy place.


Hope you guys have enjoyed this page - keep it hard and wet.  Till next time - LOVEYA!


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