Check out my special feature this month on one really ass kicking website.   They have some really hot free G rated pics.   I have posted some of their free pics below - just to get your furniture dripping :)  Click on their banner above to start exercising!

Cody News Number 21 - July 2001

Check out my graphic for the month - had some fun stealing that guys bod.

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Total passionate lovemaking - this pic says it all.   I don't think there can be much better than two dudes making totally raw love to each other.   These moments make for incredibly special times to remember when you're feeling lonely or down - or just if you need some reminder about why you've got a dick.

The Story on the Stone

How many of you have managed to make your dreams come true?  Well, it doesn't always mean havin' a stack of cash or the larniest motor car or the best of the best of everything.

What it means is:  What picture of yourself have you given to others?   How do others see you?  Have you managed to touch someone in a special way? Not that way - pervert!

There are two important things on a stone:
19xx - 2xxx

Most people will see your year of birth and the year that you died.    What you would want people to say is that the most important part of that is the line between the years.  How is your line goin?

Cody, the Story

For those of you who have read "Caring for Cody" and "Cody's Companions", you will be stoked to know that the writer, John, now has a web site and I'm hoping that he will write another Cody story, to like finish off the trilogy - maybe.   He has a gallery of cute little dudes too.   Check it out - click the pic.


Cody's words to "If you're happy and you know it...."

If you wake up with a boner, user your hand;
If you wake up with a boner, user your hand,
If you wake up with a boner
Use your hand and be a loner.
If you wake up with a boner
Slide your hand ....

Up and Down :)

There are a few sites on the net which I make a point of checking out regularly. First of all cos they're quality sites and secondly cos some really hot web sites around at the moment. 

Of course the site that I check in regularly is Mr.B's and now he's even started a Cody feedback page which makes me feel pretty good.   Mr.B has been writing Daniel's Diary for almost four years now and of course he has been writing about me and my buds in the Mark and Wingnut stories.   For the guys who like to ogle, he puts up a weekly page of Rude Dudes which are really high quality good lookin dudes.   Mr.B is really into pecs, go figure.   Click on the link to Mr.B's at the bottom of the page.

Following on from Mr.B check out the WorldBoys super site of Russian teens, the stars being Kostik and Egor, among others.   I know that Kostik has a huge following so you'll enjoy the pics.   A huge selection of free pics in their Park area, but the juice is in the Paradise area.   Link at the bottom of the page.

A site that I stumbled on to a while ago was East Boys.   Well, what can I say, they have a humungous collection of really cute and good looking teens guys and some of them are built to absolute perfection.   Check out their link all over this news page.   They have a large collection of free pics as well oooer!

Boy Festival is another site that has a collection of good free pics but their juicy bits are also in the member's gallery.   Pay them a visit and enjoy a surf thru paradise.

Oh, for my Portuguese friends, the Cody stories have been translated to enable you to read and enjoy.   Check the translated stories out at:

That's a wrap for the web sites for now.  Next news I hope to surf thru Williams page of absolutely cute young Aussie teens and twinks in speedos and other tight lycra.

Enjoy surfing and like we say in the surf - keep your stick wet!

OK, let me introduce you to Jirka, one of the Eastboys.   This dude has got muscles where I don't even have body parts.  He's cute and he fills those jeans in all the right places.   Now how would you like to have your hands where his are right now?   

You can see Jirka working out at Eastboys.  Click on his pic.


Bet this pic shocked your pants off.   What the hell is a chick doing on Cody's page?  Well - I saw this pic and thought that she looked a lot like my girl Steph - so there she is.  Okay, so her jugs are a bit bigger than Stephs and she's obviously older - but hey - she's cute.

Also, there are a coupla cute girls that read this news, so this is for them too.

It's amazing, I've never really taken a helluva lot of notice of Tay Hanson - until I saw these two pics.  Now I'm taking notice for sure.

Mr. B Feedback Answers 

In future I will probably just write these answers for Mr.B to put on the feedback page but these two particular questions I thought I would just answer here.

The first one was, what were my thoughts on Mr. Nelson Mandela, more affectionately known in SA as Madiba.

I guess, if there is one person in the whole world that I admire, after those that I love dearly, then it would be Madiba.   He spent 27 years in a shithole jail and I will not debate the reasons for that here, but he came out of there, to be president of the greatest country on the continent of Africa and did not bear a single grudge to his jailers and in fact encouraged reconciliation amongst all the people of this country.   In his 80s, Madiba continued to promote these ideas of peace and living together, not only in SA but throughout the world.   He is an example to every leader throughout the world and an example to every person that you can become whatever you want if you aim high and work hard.

The other question was about Affirmative Action and what it means to me.  Well, in a phrase: Affirmative Action sucks ass!   If there has ever been a legislation that is going to crucify the economy of a country, it is the one of affirmative action which, as I understand it, means employing people of colour above the white people of this country, purely to make up the demographics of the country, not because of the qualifications of the people applying for the job.   White men, particularly middle aged are the worse off and can be retrenched and their jobs retitled to make way for someone of colour.   As a result, families are leaving the country to go overseas mainly to ensure that their children have a future and a chance of work.

South Africa is such a beautiful country and I hope that things will turn out for the better. 

One of the things I really enjoy when putting the news pages together is stuffing about with graphics.   I enjoy doing graphics for Mr.B and I've got a really special one set up for his 100th birthday.    Hehehehehehe.  I guess it might just have to sit on the disk for a "little" while longer. Anyway this graphic I did is titled just right "Cody Dreaming".  Click on the image for a larger, clearer version.


Hey Cody, Why don't you come here and undo the rest of these buttons.  Unless of course it's a hassle :)  A nice warm fire, a coupla beers and just the two of us -together!

What's that?  Egor's coming around as well?  Hey man -that is so damn cool.   Then I can go through that analysis that you put together and make sure all the bits and pieces are there.  Oh!  you want that piece for yourself huh?  Oh well, I can do the other bits.  Oh!  Mr.B wants the pecs?  Damn Code, what's there for me?

What can I say?  I saw this pic and I loved this dude's natural toned bod.  All his bumps are in the right places and that stomach and those pecs - aaaaagghhhh!!!

He fell asleep on your bed after a party.  Now you need to practice self control - SELF CONTROL?  YEAH RIGHT!!

Mark was down for my 19th birthday and that was pretty damn awesome.   He is totally into the whole yachting thing.   He crewed on a yacht from Durban to Cape Town and has now flown back to Johannesburg.

He gave me a lot to think about and I guess I'll do some serious brain surgery and check out where I'm headed.   He's given me a lot of food for thought.

The news pages aren't as regular as they used to be but I hope you understand.

Listbot has been discontinued so those of you on the list might just want to click the top of the news index page to get advice on updates and shit like that.

Till next time.  Cheers.  Loveya.



Enjoy the analysis of Egor, he laid pretty still while I was doing it :) 





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